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  • Quality assurance, benchmarking, assessment and mutual international recognition of qualifications 

    Hobson, Ross S.; Rolland, Sarah L.; Rotgans, Jerome; Schoonheim-Klein, M.; Best, Helen A.; Chomyszyn-Gajewska, Maria; Dymock, David; Essop, Rashid M.; Hupp, James R.; Kundzina, Rita; Love, Robert M.; Memon, R.A.; Moola, MH; Neumann, Laura M.; Ozden, N.; Roth, Kathleen J.; Samwel, P.; Villavicencio, J.; Wright, Peter C.; Harzer, Winfried (European Journal of Dental Education, 2008)
    The aim of this report is to provide guidance to assist in the international convergence of quality assurance, benchmarking and assessment systems to improve dental education. Proposals are developed for mutual recognition ...
  • Genome Sequence of Stenotrophomonas maltophilia Strain AU12-09, Isolated from an Intravascular Catheter 

    Zhang, Li; Morrison, Mark; Cuiv, Paraic; Evans, Paul; Rickard, Claire (Genome Announcements, 2013)
    Stenotrophomonas maltophilia is an opportunistic nosocomial pathogen that is characterized by its high-level intrinsic resistance to a variety of antibiotics and its ability to form biofilms. Here, we report the draft ...
  • Cloud-based safety information and communication system in infrastructure construction 

    Zou, Patrick; Lun, Percy; Cipolla, Dean; Mohamed, Sherif (Safety Science, 2017)
    This research aims to develop a cloud-based safety information and communication system for improving safety performance of infrastructure projects. To achieve this aim, firstly, current traditional paper-based construction ...
  • A labour of love: the affective archives of popular music culture 

    Long, Paul; Baker, Sarah; Istvandity, Lauren; Collins, Jez (Archives and Records, 2017)
    This paper outlines the prodigious field of public history preservation practice prompted by popular music culture, exploring the relationship of affect, history and the archive. Framing this exploration with a concept of ...
  • Forensic applications: Fluorescence properties of tooth-coloured restorative materials using a fluorescence DSLR camera 

    Kiran, Ramya; Walsh, Laurence J.; Forrest, Alex; Tennant, Marc; Chapman, James (Forensic Science International, 2017)
    The objective of this study was to compare the fluorescence properties of dry and wet samples of contemporary tooth-coloured restorative materials using a fluorescence based DSLR camera and a variety of LEDs emitting ...

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