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  • A systematic quantitative review of volunteer management in events 

    Kim, Eunjung; Cuskelly, Graham (Event Management, 2017)
    Most event organizations rely on the commitment of volunteers to prepare for and stage events. An attempt to understand factors that affect volunteers' engagement and retention has received much attention from a substantial ...
  • Strengths and resources used by Australian and Danish adult patients and their family caregivers during treatment for cancer 

    Coyne, Elisabeth; Dieperink, K. B.; Ostergaard, B.; Creedy, Debra (European Journal of Oncology Nursing, 2017)
    Purpose: Family plays an essential role in supporting the patient with cancer, however, relatively little attention has been given to understanding the strengths and resources of the family unit across different settings ...
  • Synthesis, biological characterisation and structure activity relationships of aromatic bisamidines active against Plasmodium falciparum 

    Sauer, B.; Skinner-Adams, Tina; Bouchut, A.; Chua, MJ; Pierrot, C.; Erdmann, F.; Robaa, D.; Schmidt, M.; Khalife, J.; Andrews, Katherine; Sippl, W. (European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, 2017)
    Malaria is one of the most significant tropical diseases and remains a major challenge due to the lack of a broadly effective vaccine and parasite resistance to current drugs. This means there is a need for new drug ...
  • Synthesis and biological evaluation of a new class of benzothiazines as neuroprotective agents 

    Mancini, Alessandra; Chelini, Alessia; Di Capua, Angela; Castelli, Loretta; Brogi, Simone; Paolino, Marco; Giuliani, Germano; Cappelli, Andrea; Frosini, Maria; Ricci, Lorenzo; Leonelli, Erminia; Giorgi, Ginaluca; Giordani, Antonio; Magistretti, Jacopo; Anzini, Maurizio (European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, 2017)
    Neurodegenerative diseases are disorders related to the degeneration of central neurons that gradually lead to various, severe alterations of cognitive and/or motor functions. Currently, for no such diseases does any ...
  • Screening for alcohol and drug use in pregnancy 

    Seib, Charrlotte; Daglish, Mark; Heath, Renee; Booker, Catriona; Reid, Carol; Fraser, Jennifer (Midwifery, 2012)
    Objective: this study examined the clinical utility and precision of routine screening for alcohol and other drug use among women attending a public antenatal service. Study design: a survey of clients and audit of ...

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