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  • 'Mind your Moles' study: protocol of a prospective cohort study of melanocytic naevi 

    Koh, Uyen; Janda, Monika; Aitken, Joanne; Duffy, David; Menzies, Scott; Sturm, Richard; Schaider, Helmut; Betz-Stablein, Brigid; Prow, Tarl; Soyer, H; Green, Adele (BMJ OPEN, 2018)
    Introduction: Having many melanocytic naevi or ‘moles’ on the skin is the strongest predictor of melanoma; thus, much can be learnt from investigating naevi in the general population. We aim to improve the understanding ...
  • Community knowledge of law at the end of life: availability and accessibility of web-based resources 

    White, Ben; Willmott, Lindy; Tilse, Cheryl; Wilson, Jill; Lawson, Deborah; Pearce, Angela; Dunn, Jeffrey; Aitken, Joanne; Feeney, Rachel; Jowett, Stephanie (AUSTRALIAN HEALTH REVIEW, 2018)
    Objective: The aim of the present study was to identify online resources community members may access to inform themselves about their legal duties and rights in end-of-life decision making. Methods: Resource mapping ...
  • Organs-on-a-Chip Module: A Review from the Development and Applications Perspective 

    Sosa-Hernandez, Juan; Villalba-Rodriguez, Angel; Romero-Castillo, Kenya; Aguilar-Aguila-Isaias, Mauricio; Garcia-Reyes, Isaac; Hernandez-Antonio, Arturo; Ahmed, Ishtiaq; Sharma, Ashutosh; Parra-Saldivar, Roberto; Iqbal, Hafiz (MICROMACHINES, 2018)
    In recent years, ever-increasing scientific knowledge and modern high-tech advancements in micro- and nano-scales fabrication technologies have impacted significantly on various scientific fields. A micro-level approach ...
  • Advancements and Potential Applications of Microfluidic Approaches-A Review 

    Ahmed, Ishtiaq; Akram, Zain; Bule, Mohammed; Iqbal, Hafiz (CHEMOSENSORS, 2018)
    A micro-level technique so-called “microfluidic technology or simply microfluidic” has gained a special place as a powerful tool in bioengineering and biomedical engineering research due to its core advantages in modern ...
  • Guidelines for the Diagnosis and Management of Familial Long QT Syndrome 

    Skinner, Jon R.; Semsarian, Chris; Fatkin, Diane; Sullivan, David; Ades, Lesley; Hamilton-Craig, Ian; Ingles, Jodie; French, John; Davis, Andrew; Weintraub, Robert; Crawford, Jackie; Macciocca, Ivan; Vohra, Jitu; Horowitz, John; Jeremy, Richmond; Richmond, David; Kirk, Edwin; Ryan, Mark; West, Malcolm; Atherton, John (Heart, Lung and Circulation, 2007)
    Definition and Prevalence Long QT syndrome (LQTS) is a familial condition causing syncope and sudden death through rapid ventricular tachycardia (torsade de pointes), which can deteriorate to ventricular fibrillation, in ...

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