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  • Impacts of feral horses in the Australian Alps and evidence-based solutions 

    Driscoll, Don; Worboys, Graeme; Allan, Hugh; Banks, Sam; Beeton, Nicholas; Cherubin, Rebecca; Doherty, Tim; Finlayson, C; Green, Ken; Hartley, Renee; Hope, Geoffrey; Johnson, Chris; Lintermans, Mark; Mackey, Brendan; Paull, David; Pittock, Jamie; Porfirio, Luciana; Ritchie, Euan; Sato, Chloe; Scheele, Ben; Slattery, Deirdre; Venn, Susanna; Watson, David; Watson, Maggie; Williams, Richard (ECOLOGICAL MANAGEMENT & RESTORATION, 2019)
    New evidence of impacts by feral horses in Australia's alpine parks systems confirms they endanger threatened species and extensively damage critically endangered bog communities that could take millennia to recover. These ...
  • Spatial Bayesian Network for predicting sea level rise induced coastal erosion in a small Pacific Island 

    Sahin, O; Stewart, R; Faivre, G; Ware, D; Tomlinson, R; Mackey, B (Journal of Environmental Management, 2019)
    An integrated approach combining Bayesian Network with GIS was developed for making a probabilistic prediction of sea level rise induced coastal erosion and assessing the implications of adaptation measures. The Bayesian ...
  • Implications of emergent risk for application of risk transfer mechanisms by local governments in Queensland 

    Edwards, I; Griffith, J; Burton, D; Mackey, B (Environmental Science and Policy, 2019)
    Insurance represents an integral part of local government risk management strategy. As climate change progresses, increased loss and risk related to extreme weather events such as tropical cyclones, could motivate insurers ...
  • A convenient tool for bivariate data analysis and bar graph plotting with R 

    Hofmann, Andreas; Cross, Megan; Karow, Malte; Straub, Jan; Clemen, Christoph; Eichinger, Ludwig (BIOCHEMISTRY AND MOLECULAR BIOLOGY EDUCATION, 2019)
    The Java software jBar consists of a graphical user interface that allows the user to customize and assemble an included script for R. The scripted R pipeline calculates means and standard errors/deviations for replicates ...
  • Comparative bioinformatic analysis suggests that specific dauer-like signalling pathway components regulate Toxocara canis development and migration in the mammalian host 

    Ma, Guangxu; Wang, Tao; Korhonen, Pasi; Nie, Shuai; Reid, Gavin; Stroehlein, Andreas; Koehler, Anson; Chang, Bill; Hofmann, Andreas; Young, Neil; Gasser, Robin (PARASITES & VECTORS, 2019)
    Background Toxocara canis is quite closely related to Ascaris suum but its biology is more complex, involving a phase of arrested development (diapause or hypobiosis) in tissues as well as transplacental and transmammary ...

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