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  • Research priorities and best practices for managing climate risk and climate change adaptation in Australian agriculture 

    George, David; Clewett, Jeff; Lloyd, David; McKellar, Richard; Tan, Poh-Ling; Howden, Mark; Rickards, Lauren; Ugalde, David; Barlow, Snow (Australasian Journal of Environmental Management, 2018)
    The challenges of climate change adaptation in agriculture are examined through the lens of priorities for research, and the use of best management practices (BMPs) to better manage climate risks. The methods and results ...
  • Sandwich-Like Reduced Graphene Oxide/Carbon Black/Amorphous Cobalt Borate Nanocomposites as Bifunctional Cathode Electrocatalyst in Rechargeable Zinc-Air Batteries 

    Sun, Jiqing; Yang, Dongjiang; Lowe, Sean; Zhang, Lijuan; Wang, Yun; Zhao, Shenlong; Liu, Porun; Wang, Yazhou; Tang, Zhiyong; Zhao, Huijun; Yao, Xiangdong (Advanced Energy Materials, 2018)
    The inhibitively high cost of the noble‐metal‐containing materials has become a major obstacle for the large‐scale application of rechargeable zinc‐air batteries (ZABs). To solve this problem in a practical way, a green ...
  • Metrics of progress in the understanding and management of threats to Australian birds 

    Garnett, S; Butchart, Stuart; Baker, G; Bayraktarov, Elisa; Buchanan, Katherine; Burbidge, A; Chauvenet, Alienor; Christidis, L; Ehmke, G; Grace, M; Hoccom, D; Legge, S; Leiper, I; Lindenmayer, David; et al. (Conservation Biology, 2018)
    Although evidence‐based approaches have become commonplace for determining the success of conservation measures for the management of threatened taxa, there are no standard metrics for assessing progress in research or ...
  • What were they thinking? Factors influencing police recruits' decisions about force 

    Hine, Kelly; Porter, Louise; Westera, Nina; Alpert, Geoff; Allen, Andrea (Policing and Society, 2018)
    Police officers are increasingly called upon to explain and defend their behaviour towards citizens, particularly where force is used. While there is a well-established body of research on factors that are associated with ...
  • Global Mortality From Firearms, 1990-2016 

    Naghavi, Mohsen; Marczak, Laurie; Kutz, Michael; Shackelford, Katya; Arora, Megha; Miller-Petrie, Molly; Aichour, Miloud; Akseer, Nadia; Al-Raddadi, Rajaa; Alam, Khurshid; Alghnam, Suliman; Antonio, Carl; Aremu, Olatunde; Arora, Amit; et al. (JAMA: The Journal of the American Medical Association, 2018)
    Importance Understanding global variation in firearm mortality rates could guide prevention policies and interventions. Objective To estimate mortality due to firearm injury deaths from 1990 to 2016 in 195 countries ...

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