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  • Artificial Intelligence in Global Health 

    Davies, Sara (Ethics & International Affairs, 2019)
    Artificial intelligence (AI) is reaching into every aspect of global health. In this essay, I examine one example of AI's potential contributions and limitations in global health: the prediction, treatment, and containment ...
  • Regulating Bulk-Heterojunction Molecular Orientations through Surface Free Energy Control of Hole-Transporting Layers for High-Performance Organic Solar Cells 

    Wang, J; Zheng, Z; Zhang, D; Zhang, J; Zhou, J; Liu, J; Xie, S; Zhao, Y; Zhang, Y; Wei, Z; Hou, J; Tang, Zhiyong; Zhou, H (Advanced Materials, 2019)
    Interface properties are of critical importance for high‐performance bulk‐heterojunction (BHJ) organic solar cells (OSCs). Here, a universal interface approach to tune the surface free energy (γS) of hole‐transporting ...
  • The APSA journal list: popularity, purpose and performance 

    McDonnell, Duncan; Morgenbesser, Lee (Australian Journal of Political Science, 2019)
    For over a decade, the Australian Political Studies Association (APSA) has maintained a list ranking journals into A*, A, B and C bands. However, we know little about how Politics scholars use and view the list. In this ...
  • Transcutaneous plasma stress: From soft-matter models to living tissues 

    Lu, X; Keidar, M; Laroussi, M; Choi, E; Szili, E; Ostrikov, Kostya (Materials Science and Engineering R: Reports, 2019)
    This review critically examines the multiple effects of low-temperature, atmospheric pressure plasma stress on the “on top” (collectively termed cutaneous) materials, to reveal the effects of this stress on the materials ...
  • Core–shell noble-metal@zeolitic-imidazolate-framework nanocarriers with high cancer treatment efficiency in vitro 

    He, Liangcan; Pang, Kanglei; Liu, Wenwen; Tian, Yue; Chang, Lin; Liu, Xu; Zhao, Meiting; Liu, Yong; Li, Yantao; Jiang, Xingyu; Song, Rui; Liu, Yaling (Journal of Materials Chemistry B, 2019)
    Core–shell Au@zeolitic-imidazolate-framework-8 (ZIF-8) nanostructures are reported as a nanocarrier with both a high drug payload and high cancer treatment efficiency in vitro. Impressively, when used as multifunctional ...

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