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  • Ecotoxicity thresholds for ametryn, diuron, hexazinone and simazine in fresh and marine waters 

    Warne, Michael; King, Olivia; Smith, Rachael (Environmental Science and Pollution Research, 2018)
    Triazine and urea herbicides are two groups of photosystem II inhibiting herbicides frequently detected in surface, ground and marine waters. Yet, there are few water quality guidelines for herbicides. Ecotoxicity thresholds ...
  • An investigation of coastal climate change risk assessment practice in Australia 

    Tonmoy, Fahim; Wainwright, David; Verdon-Kidd, Danielle C.; Rissik, David (Environmental Science and Policy, 2018)
    Local government organisations in coastal Australia have historically commissioned studies aimed at understanding risks in their locality to future sea level rise as a starting point for developing adaptation strategies ...
  • Adaptation to climate change in perennial cropping systems: Options, barriers and policy implications 

    Gunathilaka, R P Dayani; Smart, Jim; Fleming, Christopher (Environmental Science and Policy, 2018)
    Plantation crops are likely to be highly vulnerable to climate change because of their long economic life span, their typically non-irrigated cropping pattern and the inability to easily switch crops due to high upfront ...
  • A global map of mangrove forest soil carbon at 30 m spatial resolution 

    Sanderman, Jonathan; Hengl, Tomislav; Fiske, Greg; Solvik, Kylen; Adame Vivanco, Fernanda; Benson, Lisa; Bukoski, Jacob J; Carnell, Paul E.; Cifuentes-Jara, Miguel; Donato, Daniel; Duncan, Clare; Eid, Ebrahem M; zu Ermgassen, Philine; Ewers Lewis, Carolyn J.; Macreadie, Peter I.; Glass, Leah; Gress, Selena; Jardine, Sunny L; Jones, Trevor G; Nsombo, Eugene Ndemem; Rahman, Md Mizanur; Sanders, Christian J.; Spalding, Mark; Landis, Emily (Environmental Research Letters, 2018)
    With the growing recognition that effective action on climate change will require a combination of emissions reductions and carbon sequestration, protecting, enhancing and restoring natural carbon sinks have become political ...
  • Concentrations of organophosphate flame retardants and plasticizers in urine from young children in Queensland, Australia and associations with environmental and behavioural factors 

    He, Chang; English, Karin R.; Baduel, Christine; Thai, Phong; Jagals, Paul; Ware, Robert; Li, Yan; Wang, Xianyu; Sly, Peter D.; Mueller, Jochen F. (Environmental Research, 2018)
    In recent years, the production and usage volumes of organophosphate flame retardants (OPFRs) has increased substantially. Certain OPFRs are suspected reproductive toxins, carcinogenic, and neurotoxic. Insufficient information ...

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