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  • An early modern human presence in Sumatra 73,000–63,000 years ago 

    Westaway, K. E.; Louys, J.; Due Awe, R.; Morwood, M. J.; Price, G. J.; Zhao, J.-x.; Aubert, Maxime; Joannes-Boyau, R.; Smith, Tanya; Skinner, M. M.; Compton, T.; Bailey, R. M.; van den Bergh, G. D.; de Vos, J.; Pike, A. W. G.; Stringer, C.; Saptomo, E. W.; Rizal, Y.; Zaim, J.; Santoso, W. D.; Trihascaryo, A.; Kinsley, L.; Sulistyanto, B. (Nature, 2017)
    Genetic evidence for anatomically modern humans (AMH) out of Africa before 75 thousand years ago (ka)1 and in island southeast Asia (ISEA) before 60 ka (93–61 ka)2 predates accepted archaeological records of occupation in ...
  • Assessing climate change risks and prioritising adaptation options using a water ecosystem services-based approach 

    Capon, Sam; Bunn, Stuart (Water Ecosystem Services: A Global Perspective, 2015)
    Climate change poses a significant threat to the capacity of the world's freshwater ecosystems to provide critical water ecosystem services upon which both human and non-human systems rely (Bates et al. 2008). High degrees ...
  • Institutions, entrepreneurship and co-evolution in international business 

    McGaughey, Sara; Kumaraswamy, Arun; Liesch, Peter W. (Journal of World Business, 2016)
    A recent and promising trend in international business and international management research has been to consider institutions not only as taken-for-granted constraints that need to be accommodated, but also the outcomes ...
  • Grand Challenge for the Future of Freshwater Ecosystems 

    Bunn, Stuart (Frontiers in Environmental Science, 2016)
    Our past approach to water management is unlikely to meet growing human water needs in the face of accelerated change to our freshwater ecosystems, let alone address the consequences of continuing environmental decline. The ...
  • Firm Bosses or Helpful Neighbours? The Ambiguity and Co-Construction of MNE Regional Management Mandates 

    Alfoldi, Eva A.; McGaughey, Sara; Jeremy Clegg, L. (Journal of Management Studies, 2017)
    As multinational enterprises (MNEs) increasingly disaggregate and disperse corporate headquarters (CHQ) activities, the allocation of regional management mandates (RMMs) to local operating subsidiaries is becoming more ...

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