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  • Developing a Tertiary Course in Music Theatre 

    Sabey, Paul (Teaching Singing in the 21st Century, 2014)
    So you want to develop a tertiary course in Music Theatre? There is a common misconception that by offering some singing, dancing and acting classes you have provided all it takes to produce a successful performer in Music ...
  • More than Just Style: A Profile of Professional Contemporary Gig Singers 

    Bartlett, Irene (Teaching Singing in the 21st Century, 2014)
    Professional contemporary gig singers (PCGS) - you've heard their voices and watched their performances in restaurants, at corporate events and conference dinners; at social functions such as weddings and parties; in bars ...
  • The Conservatorium Environment: Reflections on the Tertiary Vocal Setting Past and Present 

    Schindler, Margaret (Teaching Singing in the 21st Century, 2014)
    The change in governance, which came about in Australian institutions of higher education in the early 1990s and gradually throughout much of the world, led to the amalgamation of a majority of independent conservatoires ...
  • Pathways for Teaching Vocal Jazz Improvisation 

    Hargreaves, Wendy (Teaching Singing in the 21st Century, 2014)
    This chapter will present three common educational pathways used by teachers of vocal jazz improvisation. In the first approach, teachers immerse students in the sounds of jazz. Like a child learning to speak, students ...
  • The Role of the Speech and Language Therapist - Speech Pathologist - In the Modern Singing Studio 

    Morris, Ron (Teaching Singing in the 21st Century, 2014)
    Speech and Language therapists are holders of a large body of knowledge that can assist the singing pedagogue. They are usually part of the multidisciplinary team that assist in the remediation and rehabilitation of singers ...

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