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  • Whale optimization approaches for wrapper feature selection 

    Mafarja, Majdi M.; Mirjalili, Seyedali (Applied Soft Computing, 2018)
    Classification accuracy highly dependents on the nature of the features in a dataset which may contain irrelevant or redundant data. The main aim of feature selection is to eliminate these types of features to enhance the ...
  • Temporary migration of Cambodians into Thailand: A study of repatriated workers in Siem Reap 

    Fraser, Campbell; Howard, Paul (South-South Migration: Emerging Patterns, Opportunities and Risks, 2017)
    This chapter reports on the findings of interviews with 247 Cambodian temporary labour migrants upon repatriation from Thailand. The chapter first discusses the socio-political context that has created the conditions that ...
  • Binary Dragonfly Algorithm for Feature Selection 

    Mafarja, Majdi M.; Eleyan, Derar; Jaber, Iyad; Mirjalili, Seyedali; Hammouri, Abdelaziz (ICTCS 2017, 2017)
    Wrapper feature selection methods aim to reduce the number of features from the original feature set to and improve the classification accuracy simultaneously. In this paper, a wrapper-feature selection algorithm based on ...
  • Autonomous Particles Groups for Particle Swarm Optimization 

    Mirjalili, Seyedali; Lewis, Andrew; Sadiq, Ali Safa (Arabian Journal for Science and Engineering, 2014)
    In this paper, a modified particle swarm optimization (PSO) algorithm called autonomous groups particles swarm optimization (AGPSO) is proposed to further alleviate the two problems of trapping in local minima and slow ...
  • Development in Jinghong, Xishuangbanna: 1990-2012 

    Howard, Paul (International Journal of Development Management, 2014)

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