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  • A realistic (holistic) approach to climate mitigation 

    Taylor, Graeme (World Future Review, 2016)
    At this time, most climate researchers are only using a limited range of futures approaches: for example, Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) future scenarios have been developed primarily with empirical ...
  • A Win-Win Strategy for Fossil-Fuel Producers and Environmentalists 

    Taylor, Graeme (Journal of Futures Studies, 2016)
    Humanity now faces a dangerous dilemma: on one hand leading scientists predict that if we continue to burn coal, gas and oil the environmental consequences are likely to be catastrophic (e.g. Hansen et al., 2013); on the ...
  • The Association between Firm Characteristics and Corporate Financial Disclosures: Evidence from UAE Companies 

    Aljifri, Khaled; Alzarouni, Abdulkareem; Ng, Chew; Tahir, Mohammad (International Journal of Business and Finance Research, 2014)
    This paper provides empirical evidence of the impact of firm specific characteristics on corporate financial disclosures amongst UAE companies. A total of 153 public, joint-stock companies, listed and unlisted, were ...
  • Analyzing time–frequency relationship between oil price and exchange rate in Pakistan through wavelets 

    Shahbaz, Muhammad; Tiwari, Aviral Kumar; Tahir, Mohammad (Journal of Applied Statistics, 2015)
    This study analyzed the time–frequency relationship between oil price and exchange rate for Pakistan by using measures of continuous wavelet such as wavelet power, cross-wavelet power, and cross-wavelet coherency (WTC). ...
  • Minimising Exposure to Fund Management Fraud in Australia 

    Rajapakse, Pelma; Malaba, Nothando (Banking and Finance Law Review, 2015)
    This paper analyses the organisational and regulatory structures, policies and laws of the funds management industry and their effectiveness in the prevention of fraud. The allocation of legal liability between the various ...

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