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  • High Resolution Ocean Modelling for South-east Queensland 

    Kobashi, Daijiro (2014)
    This data set contains research conducted by Dr. Daijirro Kobashi for the period of Jan 2011 to Jan 2014. The dataset contains a series of files containing modelling data pertaining to ocean readings from the South-East ...
  • Asthma, allergic rhinitis and BVOCs from plants 

    Gibbs, JEM (2001)
    Project data from Asthma Foundation of Qld grant 2000-2001; Asthma and allergic rhinitis symptoms and various BVOCS, pollution, pollen, fungi, and meteorological variables.
  • Flower, air and thunderstorm sampling methods and some results 

    Gibbs, Jane EM (2001)
    This file contains the air, flower and thunderstorm sampling protocols for the related data sets - Asthma and BVOCs. It also contains some flower and thunderstorm results and graphs. Air sample results are in the associated ...
  • Nanostructured mesoporous gold biosensor for microRNA detection at attomolar level 

    Masud, MK; Na, J; Lin, TE; Malgras, V; Preet, A; Ibn Sina, AA; Wood, K; Billah, M; Kim, J; You, J; Kani, K; Whitten, AE; Salomon, C; Nguyen, NT; Shiddiky, MJA; Trau, M; Hossain, MSA; Yamauchi, Y (Biosensors and Bioelectronics, 2020)
    Advances in nanoarchitectonics enable a wide variety of nanostructured electrodes with tunable shapes and surface for constructing sensitive biosensors. Herein we demonstrate the fabrication of a mesoporous gold (Au) ...
  • Emergence, transmission and evolution of an uncommon enemy: Tasmanian devil facial tumour disease 

    Jones, Menna; Hamede, Rodrigo; Storfer, Andrew; Hohenlohe, Paul; Murchison, Elizabeth; McCallum, Hamish (Wildlife Disease Ecology: Linking Theory to Data and Application, 2019)
    Since its emergence, devil facial tumour disease (DFTD) has spread throughout most of the geographic range of the Tasmanian devil, causing >90% local population decline, >80% overall decline and cascading effects on the ...

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