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    • Eye drops for collective myopia? 

      Woods, Phillip (Australian Journal of Pharmacy, 2010)
      Pharmacy needs to move from a short term reactive approach to meeting the challenges it facesto one that learns from past actions and leads to fundamental redesign of its business model paradigms.
    • Eye extraction using spatial fuzzy clustering method 

      Tse, K.; Lau, W.; Leung, S.; Liew, Alan (The IEEE Region 10 Conf. on Computers, Communications, Control and Power Engineering, TENCON'02, 2002)
      Facial features extraction and tracking are crucial steps for many multimedia communication applications such as automated visual interpretation, human face recognition, and development of high quality model-based coding ...
    • Eye movement correlates of younger and older adults' strategies for complex addition 

      Green, Heather; Lemaire, Patrick; Dufau, Stephane (Acta Psychologica, 2007)
      This study examined performance measures and eye movements associated with complex arithmetic strategies in young and older adults. Participants added pairs of three-digit numbers using two different strategies, under ...
    • An Eye-Tracking Study of Tourism Photo Stimuli: Image Characteristics and Ethnicity 

      Wang, Ying; Sparks, Beverley (Journal of Travel Research, 2014)
      As tourism's intangibility leads tourism marketers to rely heavily on visuals such as photographic images, the selection of visual stimuli that attract the target audience's attention is critical. This study used a ...
    • Eyes on Our World: An Interdisciplinary Approach 

      Tourky, Afaf; Bartlett, Brendan (2nd Annual International Conference on Cognition, Language and Special Education Research, 2004)
      There has been a worldwide trend recently for universities to reduce their traditional focus on separate disciplines and to encourage interdisciplinary research and teaching. This interdisciplinary collaboration tends to ...
    • Eyes On Our World: Assessment of Children and Adolescents Who Are Congenitally Vision Impaired in Orientation and Mobility 

      Tourky, Afaf; Bartlett, Brendan; Thompson, Patricia (1st Annual International Conference on Cognition, Language, and Special Education Research, 2003)
      It is a twenty-first century belief with which we concur that the emerging global world requires learners to be problem solvers i.e., that it promotes and requires proactive and reactive learners. Passivity, rote learning, ...
    • Eyes on Our World: Can Technology, Aids and Devices Enhance the Life and learning of People with Vision Impairment? 

      Tourky, Afaf; Bartlett, Brendan (Reimagining Practice: Researching Change, 2003)
      It is a twenty-first century belief with which we concur that the emerging global world requires learners to be problem solvers i.e., that it promotes and requires proactive and reactive learners. Passivity, rote learning, ...
    • Eyes on Our World: Enhancing Literacy Skills for Students with Low Vision 

      Tourky, Afaf; Bartlett, Brendan; Hill, Vikki (3rd International Conference on Cognition, Language, and Special Education, 2005)
      Students with low vision who participate in inclusive programs in primary, secondary, or tertiary education can use optical devices for near and short-term distant tasks. Sustained use of these devices, however, can be ...
    • The Eysenckian personality factors and their correlations with academic performance 

      Poropat, Arthur (British Journal of Educational Psychology, 2011)
      Background. The relationship between personality and academic performance has long been explored, and a recent meta-analysis established that measures of the fivefactor model (FFM) dimension of Conscientiousness have ...
    • The F word (s): A five part conversation by Gen-X feminists 

      EmmaCunliffe, None; Kelly, Fiona; R. Llewellyn, Kristina; Riley, Tasha; Wall, Sharon (Atlantis: A Women's Studies Journal, 2005)
    • The F-BAR protein NOSTRIN participates in FGF signal transduction and vascular development 

      Kovacevic, Igor; Hu, Jiong; Siehoff-Icking, Ann; Opitz, Nils; Griffin, Aliesha; Perkins, Andrew; Munn, Alan; Muller-Esterl, Werner; Popp, Rudiger; Fleming, Ingrid; Jungblut, Benno; Hoffmeister, Meike; Oess, Stefanie (The EMBO Journal, 2012)
      F-BAR proteins are multivalent adaptors that link plasma membrane and cytoskeleton and coordinate cellular processes such as membrane protrusion and migration. Yet, little is known about the function of F-BAR proteins in ...
    • F9 fimbriae of uropathogenic Escherichia coli are expressed at low temperature and recognise Galβ1-3GlcNAc-containing glycans 

      J. Wurpel, Daniel; Totsika, Makrina; P. Allsopp, Luke; Hartley-Tassell, Lauren; Day, Christopher; M. Peters, Kate; Sarkar, Sohinee; Ulett, Glen; Yang, Ji; Tiralongo, Joe; A. Strugnell, Richard; Jennings, Michael; A. Schembri, Mark (PloS One, 2014)
      Uropathogenic Escherichia coli (UPEC) is the leading causative agent of urinary tract infections (UTI) in the developed world. Among the major virulence factors of UPEC, surface expressed adhesins mediate attachment and ...
    • Fa'afaletui: A Famework for the Promotion of Renal Health in an Australian Samoan Community 

      McCarthy, Alexandra; Shaban, Ramon; Stone, Cassandra (Journal of Transcultural Nursing, 2011)
      Purpose: Samoan communities in Australia exhibit a disproportionate rate of kidney disease compared with other Australians. This article describes a research project that used a culturally sensitive framework, Fa'afaletui, ...
    • Fable and fantasy : justice, governance and the nightwatchman state in Le Guin's Earthsea trilogy 

      Whincop, Michael (Griffith Law Review, 2004)
      This article studies the conceptions of governance that appear in the fantasy literature. Although these works often alternate between monarchical governance (along medieval European lines) and hieratic governance (by ...
    • Fabricating an identity in neo-liberal times: performing schooling as 'number one' 

      Keddie, Amanda; Mills, Martin; Pendergast, Donna (Oxford Review of Education, 2011)
      This paper presents interview data from a case study of 'Lemontyne College'; a large government school situated in a 'master planned community' (MPC) in Australia. The paper draws on Ball's (2003) theorising of performativity ...
    • Fabrication and analysis of high-performance piezoelectric MEMS generators 

      Tang, Gang; Liu, Jing-quan; Yang, Bin; Luo, Jiang-bo; Liu, He-sheng; Li, Yi-gui; Yang, Chun-sheng; He, Dan-nong; Dao, Viet Dzung; Tanaka, Katsuhiko; Sugiyama, Susumu (Journal of Micromechanics and Microengineering, 2012)
      In this paper, we have designed a fabrication process for microgenerators by bonding a piezoelectric ceramic Pb(Zr,Ti)O3 (PZT) plate to a silicon on insulator (SOI) wafer. The key techniques of the process include the ...
    • Fabrication and characterisation of microscale air bridges in conductive gallium nitride 

      Xiong, Chang; Massoubre, David; Gu, Erdan; D. Dawson, Martin; M. Watson, Ian (Applied Physics A: materials science & processing, 2009)
      Fabrication and electrical characterisation of microscale air bridges consisting of GaN heavily doped with silicon is described. These were made from GaN-AlInN-GaN epitaxial trilayers on sapphire substrates, in which the ...
    • The Fabrication and Characterization of 4H-SiC Power UMOSFETs 

      Qing-Wen, Song; Yu-Ming, Zhang; Han, Jisheng; Tanner, Philip; Dimitrijev, Sima; Yi-Men, Zhang; Xiao-Yan, Tang; Hui, Guo (Chinese Physics B, 2013)
      The fabrication of 4H?SiC vertical trench-gate metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistors (UMOSFETs) is reported in this paper. The device has a 15-?m thick drift layer with 3ױ015 cm?3 N-type doping concentration ...
    • Fabrication and Characterization of a PMMA Capacitive Micro accelerometer based on Thermal Imprint Method 

      Amaya, Satoshi; Dao, Dzung Viet; Sugiyama, Susumu (the 28th Sensor Symposium, 2011)
    • Fabrication and Characterization of Silicon Micro Mirror with CNT Hinge 

      Tung, B.; Dau, V.; Dao, D.; Yamada, T.; Hata, K.; Sugiyama, S. (24th International Conference on Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (IEEE MEMS2011), 2011)
      This paper reports the fabrication and characterization results of a silicon micro mirror fabricated by integrated of top-down fabrication of CNTs thin film and conventional micromachining. The silicon mirror is suspended ...