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    • Fluvial transport as a natural luminescence sensitiser of quartz 

      J. Pietsch, Timothy; M. Olley, Jonathan; C. Nanson, Gerald (Quaternary Geochronology, 2008)
      The optically stimulated luminescence (OSL) sensitivity of quartz sampled from the bed of the Castlereagh River in inland New South Wales increases linearly with distance downstream, through both a proportional increase ...
    • The Flux Of Oxygen Within Tissues 

      McCabe, Michael; Bourgain, Renaat; Maguire, David (Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology, 2003)
      The literature of physiology contains a number of measurements for the diffusive flux of oxygen through a variety of systems and tissues. At first sight there seems little agreement between measurements made by different ...
    • Fly-ash bricks: from wastes to resources 

      Fragomeni, Sam; Nataatmadja, Andreas; Chester, Matthew (The eighth east asia-pacific conference on Structural Engineering and Construction, 2001)
    • Flyboy: Using the arts and theatre to assist suicidal adolescents. 

      A. Mullen, Carol; Buttignol, Margie; Patrick Diamond, C. (International Journal of Education and the Arts, 2005)
      This article integrates story and the form of qualitative methodology known as arts-based inquiry. The authors use this approach to provide a case study of Kal, a 15-year-old boy who had unsuccessfully attempted to end his ...
    • "Flying Under the Radar" - The Use of Lethal Force Against Hijacked Aircraft: Recent Australian Developments 

      Bronitt, Simon; Stephens, Dale (Oxford University Commonwealth Law Review, 2007)
      The use of lethal force to prevent terrorist attacks raises a range of legal, moral and policy challenges. This note examines recent legislative changes in Australia which empower the military to use lethal force against ...
    • Foarging by suburban Australian magpies during dry conditions. 

      O'Leary, Rebecca; Jones, Darryl (Corella, 2002)
      The foraging activities of ten Australian Magpie Gymnorhina tibicen were observed during an unusually dry three month period in July to September 2000, in southern Brisbane, Queensland.
    • Focal adhesion dynamics are altered in schizophrenia 

      Fan, Yongjun; Abrahamsen, Greger; Mills, Richard; C. Calderon, Claudia; Tee, Bernard; Leyton, Lisette; Murrell, Wayne; Cooper-White, Justin; J. McGrath, John; Mackay-Sim, Alan (Biological Psychiatry, 2013)
      Background Evidence from genetic association studies implicate genes involved in neural migration associated with schizophrenia risk. Neural stem/progenitor cell cultures (neurosphere-derived cells) from olfactory mucosa ...
    • Focus group exploration of firm-employee relationship strength 

      Herington, Carmel; Scott, Don; W. Johnson, Lester (Qualitative Market Research: an international journal, 2005)
      Purpose - To present the results of exploratory research which analysed firm-employee relationship strength from the employee perspective. Three main research questions were explored: What indicators should be used to ...
    • Focus group interviews 

      St John, Winsome (Research methods for nursing and health science, 2004)
    • Focus Group Interviews 

      St John, Winsome (Handbook for research methods in Health Sciences, 1999)
    • A focus on communication in the regulation of professional conduct 

      Creedy, Debra; Swendson, C.; Gamble, J.; Bowman, D.; Meeha, T.; Hudson, L. (23rd Annual Conference of the ANZCMHN, 1997)
    • A focus on students’ use of Twitter- their interactions with each other, content and interface 

      Prestridge, Sarah (Active Learning in Higher Education, 2014)
      In their advertising campaigns, universities depict students using computers, laptops, mobile phones, iPads and tablets as learning devices. Regardless of the marketing used, there is value in enlisting the advantages of ...
    • Focus on the beat: current fetal monitoring practice in low risk labour 

      Lewis, Lucy; Rowe, Jennifer (Australian Midwifery, 2004)
    • Focus on the Outback: Australian Rural Young People's Diverse Experiences of Physical Activity 

      Lee, Jessica (Young People, Physical Activity and the Everyday, 2010)
    • Focused Random Walk with Configuration Checking and Break Minimum for Satisfiability 

      Luo, Chuan; Cai, Shaowei; Wu, Wei; Su, Kaile (CP 2013: Principles and Practice of Constraint Programming, 2013)
      Stochastic local search (SLS) algorithms, especially those adopting the focused random walk (FRW) framework, have exhibited great effectiveness in solving satisfiable random 3-satisfiability (3-SAT) instances. However, ...
    • Focusing on first year assessment: Surface or deep approaches to learning? 

      Donnison, Shan; Penn-Edwards, Sorrel (The International Journal of the First Year in Higher Education, 2012)
      This paper investigates the assessment and learning approaches that some first year students employ to assist them in their transition into their first year of study and extends our previous work on first year student ...
    • Focusing on Genomic and Phenomic Aberrations in Non-Melanotic Skin Cancers 

      Lintell, Nicholas; Maguire, David; Griffiths, Lyn; McCabe, M. (Oxygen Transport to Tissue XXVII (Series: Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology), 2006)
    • Focusing on RISC assembly in mammalian cells 

      Hong, Junmei; Wei, Na; Chalk, Alistair; Wang, Jue; Song, Yutong; Yi, Fan; Qiao, Ren-Ping; L.L. Sonnhammer, Erik; Wahlestedt, Claes; Liang, Zicai; Du, Quan (Biochemical and biophysical research communications, 2008)
      RISC (RNA-induced silencing complex) is a central protein complex in RNAi, into which a siRNA strand is assembled to become effective in gene silencing. By using an in vitro RNAi reaction based on Drosophila embryo extract, ...
    • Focusing on the Focus Group 

      Cameron, Jenny (Qualitative Research Methods in Human Geography, 2005)
    • Focusing the gaze: teacher interrogation of practice 

      M. Nayler, Jennifer; Keddie, Amanda (International Journal of Inclusive Education, 2007)
      Within an Australian context of diminishing opportunities for equitable educational outcomes, this paper calls for teacher engagement in a 'politics of resistance' through their focused gaze in relation to the ways in which ...