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    • Is 'genocide' still a powerful word? 

      Glanville, Luke (Journal of Genocide Research, 2009)
      "Genocide" was once perceived to be a powerful word. In 1994, the Clinton administration feared using the word to describe violence in Rwanda. Officials believed that the use of this label would activate unwanted legal ...
    • Is 'local food' sustainable?: Localism, social justice, equity and sustainable food futures 

      Duell, Rebecca (New Zealand Sociology, 2013)
      Intensive agri-industrial food systems in facing old and new sustainability challenges are now confronted with emergent 'alternatives', particularly local food systems, that pose transformational pathways for strong ...
    • Is a large-scale DNA-based inventory of ancient life possible? 

      Baker, A.; Haddrath, O.; Hebert, P.; Huynen, L.; Lambert, D.; Millar, C. (Journal of Heredity, 2005)
      A complete DNA-based inventory of the Earth's present biota using large-scale high-throughput DNA sequencing of signature region(s) (DNA barcoding) is an ambitious proposal rivaling the Human Genome Project. We examine ...
    • Is a national framework for implementing early psychosis services necessary? Results of a survey of Australian mental health service directors 

      D.J. Frost, Aaron; Eadie, Kathy; G. Harris, Meredith; I. O⿿Toole, Brian; J. Carr, Vaughan; L. Neil, Amanda; Lewin, Terry; R. Crissman, Belinda; V. Catts, Stanley; W. Evans, Russell (Early Intervention in Psychiatry, 2010)
      Aim: Expert opinion holds that the rate of implementation of specialist services for first presentation psychosis in Australia is much too slow. We aimed to collect evidence regarding this view from the first national ...
    • Is a PhD the best career choice? Nursing employers' views 

      Borbasi, Sally Ann; Emden, C (Contemporary Nurse, 2001)
    • Is a sporting league a Natural monopoly? Extending Australian Sports Economics 

      Macdonald, Robert (6th Annual sport management association of Australia and New Zealand Conference, 2000)
    • Is a village a village if no one lives there? Negotiated histories on Mabuyagin the Western Torres Strait 

      Kod, Goemulgan; Wright, Duncan (Terra Australis 35. Pacific Island Heritage: Archaeology, Identity and Community. Terra Australis, 2011)
    • Is Achilles tendon compliance optimised for maximum muscle efficiency during locomotion? 

      Lichtwark, G.; Wilson, A. (Journal of Biomechanics, 2007)
      Tendon elasticity is important for economical locomotion; however it is unknown whether tendon stiffness is appropriate to achieve an optimal efficiency in various muscles. Here we test the hypothesis that the Achilles ...
    • Is adaptation a local responsibility? 

      C. Maloney, Megan; L. Preston, Benjamin; Nalau, Johanna (Environmental Science & Policy, 2015)
      Adaptation is now firmly embedded in the societal discourse regarding the management of climate risk. In this discourse, adaptation planning and implementation at the local level are seen as particularly important for ...
    • Is Agent-Based Virtue Ethics Self-Undermining? 

      Ransome, William (Ethical Perspectives, 2010)
      Agent-based virtue ethics strives to offer a viable account of both moral conduct and the source of moral value, independent of 'deontic' teleological and deontological characterizations. One of its chief proponents offers ...
    • Is an Innkeeper Her Brother's Keeper? The Liability of Alcohol Servers. 

      Orr, Graeme (Torts Law Journal, 1995)
    • Is Asian per capita GDP panel stationary? 

      Narayan, Paresh (Empirical Economics: a quarterly journal of the Institute for Advanced Studies, Vienna, 2008)
      The goal of this paper is to examine whether per capita GDP for 15 Asian countries is panel stationary. We apply a panel test for stationarity that allows for multiple structural breaks developed by Carrion-i-Silvestre et ...
    • Is Australia losing one manufacturing job every 19 minutes ? 

      Carmignani, Fabrizio (The Story of the 2013 Election: Insight and analysis from Australia's Leading minds, 2013)
    • Is Australia Ready to Move Planning to Online Mode 

      Yigitcanlar, Tan (Australian Planner, 2005)
    • Is aversive learning a marker of risk for anxiety disorders in children? 

      Bergman, R Lindsey; Craske, Michelle G.; Naliboff, Bruce; Ornitz, Edward; V. Lipp, Ottmar; Waters, Allison (Behaviour Research and Therapy, 2008)
      Aversive conditioning and extinction were evaluated in children with anxiety disorders (n=23), at-risk for anxiety disorders (n=15), and controls (n=11). Participants underwent 16 trials of discriminative conditioning of ...
    • Is central nervous system processing altered in patients with heart failure? 

      Adams, Lewis; Cunningham, Vincent; D. Rosen, Stuart; G. Camici, Paolo; J.S. Coats, Andrew; J.S. Wise, Richard; Murphy, Kevin; P. Leff, Alexander (European Heart Journal, 2004)
      Aims Breathlessness is a cardinal symptom of heart failure and the altered regulation of breathing is common. The contribution of abnormal central nervous system activity has not previously been investigated directly, ...
    • Is China’s Exchange Rate Policy a Form of Trade Protection? 

      Makin, Tony (Business Economics, 2009)
      This paper examines how China's heavily managed exchange rate contributes to its huge trade surplus with its major trading partners, most notably the United States. Based on the distinction between economies' aggregate ...
    • Is chytridiomycosis an emerging infectious disease in Asia? 

      A. Chong, Rebecca; A. McGuire, Jimmy; Anh Tran, Dao Thi; Brown, Rafe; C. Diesmos, Arvin; Cao, Trung Tien; D. Kusrini, Mirza; D. Schoville, Sean; G. Mulcahy, Daniel; Han, Ben; Hero, Jean-Marc; Hoang, Huy Duc; J. Briggs, Cheryl; J. L. Rowley, Jodi; L. Cheng, Tina; L. L. Diesmos, Mae; L. Stuart, Bryan; M. Reeder, Natalie; Meegaskumbura, Madhava; Min, Mi-Sook; Neang, Thy; Phimmachak, Somphouthone; Rao, Ding-Qi; Rödder, Dennis; S. Torres, Lilia; S. Tunstall, Tate; Sivongxay, Niane; Srei, Narin; Stöck, Matthias; Swei, Andrea; T. Vredenburg, Vance; Thuy Le, Duong Thi; Vieites, David (PloS One, 2011)
      The disease chytridiomycosis, caused by the fungus Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis (Bd), has caused dramatic amphibian population declines and extinctions in Australia, Central and North America, and Europe. Bd is associated ...
    • Is client participation an advantage or a disservice? 

      Corbin, Lillian; Robertson, Michael (The Queensland Lawyer, 2003)
    • Is clinically significant weight loss leading to longer-term health benefits? 

      Baines, Surinder; Capra, Sandra; Palmer, Michelle (Dietitians Association of Australia 26th National Conference, 2008)
      Clinically significant weight loss (=5%) to achieve health benefits is possible during a standard six-month dietary intervention. The impact of weight loss interventions requires ongoing assessment to ensure weight ...