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    • A note on financial risk, return and asset pricing in Australian modern and contemporary art 

      Worthington, A.; Higgs, Helen (Journal of Cultural Economics, 2006)
      In this note, 30,227 paintings by fifty well-known modern and contemporary Australian artists sold at auction over the period 1973-2003 are used to construct a hedonic price index. The attributes included in the hedonic ...
    • A note on hotspot identification for urban expressways 

      Qu, Xiaobo; Meng, Qiang (Safety Science, 2014)
      Hotspot identification (HSID) is of great importance to land transport authorities (e.g. the Land Transport Authority (LTA) of Singapore) in their efforts to improve the safety of highways. According to a survey of experienced ...
    • A note on households’ choice of emergency finance 

      Worthington, Andrew (Economics Bulletin, 2005)
      This note examines demographic and socioeconomic characteristics as predictors of emergency finance in Australian households. The data is from the Household Expenditure Survey Confidentialised Unit Record Files and relates ...
    • A note on income converge effects in regional integration agreements 

      Carmignani, Fabrizio (Economics Letters, 2007)
      This paper investigates the extent of per-capita income convergence in regional integration initiatives. Panel unit root testing is performed on 28 regional groupings. There is evidence of convergence in South-South ...
    • A Note on Non-Walrasian Macroeconomics 

      Fitzgibbons, Athol (Methodology, Microeconomics and Keynes, 2002)
    • A note on Perry’s reconsideration of macroeconomic evidence from New Zealand 

      Dalziel, Paul; Peetz, David (Australian Economic Review, 2008)
      Perry in this journal draws on two new sources to challenge claims by Dalziel (2002) and Peetz (2005) about relatively weak labour productivity growth in New Zealand after the introduction of its Employment Contracts Act ...
    • A note on spurious regressions between stationary series 

      Su, Jen-Je (Applied Economics Letters, 2008)
      This article examines if the convergent t-test suggested by Sun (2004) is able to solve spurious regressions with stationary series. In brief, we find that the convergent t-test does provide better control over size compared ...
    • A note on the credit crisis, time and social order 

      Horton, Stephen (Journal of Australian Political Economy, 2009)
      The materialisation of space-time is a central project for capitalism. Within the finance sector, the relationship between the (exchange) value of money now and the (capital) value of money in the future is a central ...
    • A note on the error analysis of time compression approximations 

      Hogarth, William; Parlange, Y.; Ross, P.; Parlange, M.; Sivapalan, M.; Sander, G.; Liu, M. (Water Resources Research, 2000)
    • Note on the Kaplan-Yorke dimension and linear transport coefficients 

      Evans, D.; Cohen, E.; Bernhardt, Debra; Bonetto, F. (Journal of Statistical Physics, 2000)
      A number of new relations between the Kaplan-Yorke dimension, phase space contraction, transport coefficients and the maximal Lyapunov exponents are given for dissipative thermostatted systems, subject to a small but ...
    • A note on the propagation of water table waves: dual length scale considerations 

      Cartwright, Nick; Nielsen, Peter; Callaghan, David; Li, Ling (Groundwater: Modelling, Management and Contamination, 2009)
      The problem of a coastal aquifers forced by oscillations in an adjacent sea and/or estuary across a sloping boundary has recently received considerable theoretical attention. Despite such a wealth of mathematical advancements, ...
    • A note on the rising cost of education in Australia 

      Valadkhani, Abbas; C. Worthington, Andrew; P. Layton, Allan (Economic Papers, 2005)
      Human capital, or a better educated labour force, is a major determinant of economic growth and productivity. However, recent trends in the cost of education in Australia may cause growth and productivity to suffer. For ...
    • A note on the size of the KPSS unit root test 

      Su, Jen-Je; Amsler, Christine; Schmidt, Peter (Economics Letters, 2012)
      The KPSS unit root test with lags is asymptotically valid and the fixed-b asymptotic distribution predicts its critical values well. A small positive number of lags improves the size of the test, without much loss in power.
    • A Note on the ‘Linsanity’ of Measuring the Relative Efficiency of National Basketball Association Guards 

      L. Lee, Boon; Worthington, Andrew (Applied Economics, 2013)
      This note examines the productive efficiency of 62 starting guards during the 2011/12 National Basketball Association (NBA) season. This period coincides with the phenomenal and largely unanticipated performance of New ...
    • A note on withdrawal from a two-layer fluid through a line sink in a porous medium 

      Hocking, G.; Zhang, Hong (The ANZIAM Journal, 2008)
      The steady response of the free surface of a fluid in a porous medium is considered during extraction of the fluid through a line sink. A conformal-mapping approach is used to derive exact solutions to a family of problems ...
    • A note on work-related values, budget emphasis and managers’ organisational commitment 

      Subramaniam, Nava; Mia, Lokman (Management Accounting Research, 2003)
      Managers' work-related values (WRVs) have important implications for designing appropriate management accounting systems (MAS) in organisations. This paper examines the effect of the interaction between managers' WRV for ...
    • Note sequence morphing algorithms for performance of electronic dance music 

      Wooller, Rene; Brown, Andrew (Digital Creativity, 2011)
      This paper describes algorithms that can musically augment the realtime performance of electronic dance music by generating new musical material by morphing. Note sequence morphing involves the algorithmic generation of ...
    • Notebooks as memory aids: precepts and practices in early modern England 

      Yeo, Richard (Memory Studies, 2008)
    • Notebooks, English Virtuosi, and Early Modern Science 

      Yeo, Richard (2014)
      In Notebooks, English Virtuosi, and Early Modern Science, Richard Yeo interprets a relatively unexplored set of primary archival sources: the notes and notebooks of some of the leading figures of the Scientific Revolution. ...
    • Notes on breeding behaviour, ecology, taxonomy and vocalisations of satanic Nightjar Eurostopodus diabolicus in central Sulawesi 

      Yong, Ding; Harris, J.; C. Rasmussen, Pamela; Noske, Richard; Putra, Dadang Dwi; Rutherford, William; Tinulele, Idris; M. Prawiradilaga, Dewi (Kukila, 2012)
      The Satanic Nightjar Eurostopodus diabolicus, rediscovered in 1996, is a hitherto poorly known nocturnal bird endemic to Sulawesi's hill and montane forests with only two documented nest records to date. Here, we describe ...