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    • Automatic feedback control of an Er-doped fiber laser with an intracavity loss modulator 

      Gopinath, J.; Grawert, F.; Ilday, F.; Ippen, E.; Kartner, F.; Kielpinski, D.; Kolodziejski, L.; Petrich, G. (Optics Letters, 2005)
      Suppression of Q-switching instabilities with an actively controlled intracavity loss modulator is demonstrated in an Er-doped waveguide laser that is mode locked with a slow saturable absorber at repetition rates of as ...
    • Automatic Grain Texture Analysis Using Integral Transforms 

      Hall, Wayne; Palmer, Stuart; Seagar, Andrew (Holzforschung, 2011)
      A novel two-step combined treatment of poplar wood was developed to improve its dimensional stability. Maleic anhydride (MAN) was first employed to swell and bond to the wood cell wall, and then mixed monomers of glycidyl ...
    • Automatic Layout of concept lattices using force directed placement and genetic algorithms 

      Cole, Richard (23rd Australasian Computer Science Conference, 2000)
    • An Automatic Lipreading System for Spoken Digits With Limited Training Data 

      Lau, W.; Leung, S.; Liew, Alan Wee-Chung; Wang, S. (I E E E Transactions on Circuits and Systems for Video Technology, 2008)
      It is well known that visual cues of lip movement contain important speech relevant information. This paper presents an automatic lipreading system for small vocabulary speech recognition tasks. Using the lip segmentation ...
    • Automatic Lipreading with Limited Training Data 

      C Liew, A.; Lau, W.; Leung, S.; Wang, S. (18th International Conference on Pattern Recognition, 2006)
      Speech recognition solely based on visual information such as the lip shape and its movement is referred to as lipreading. This paper presents an automatic lipreading technique for speaker dependent (SD) and speaker ...
    • Automatic network reconstruction using ASP 

      Durzinsky, Markus; Marwan, Wolfgang; Ostrowski, Max; Schaub, Torsten; Wagler, Annegret (Theory and Practice of Logic Programming, 2011)
      Building biological models by inferring functional dependencies from experimental data is an important issue in Molecular Biology. To relieve the biologist from this traditionally manual process, various approaches have ...
    • Automatic Off-line Signature Verification Systems: A Review 

      Blumenstein, Michael; Pal, Umapada; Pal, Srikanta (IJCA Proceedings, 2011)
      The use of biometric technologies for human identity verification is growing rapidly in civilized society and showing its advancement towards the usability of biometrics for security. Off-line signature verification is ...
    • An Automatic On-Site Fire Ant Screening System 

      Bracco, Fabian; Caelli, Terrence; Gao, Yongsheng; Zhao, Sanqiang (DICTA 2012, 2012)
      This paper proposes the first attempt for semi-automatic screening and identification of red imported fire ants (Solenopsis invicta) in Australia. As an exotic ant species to Australia, fire ants were imported from South ...
    • Automatic record linkage of individuals and households in historical census data 

      Christen, Peter; Fu, Zhichun; M Boot, H.; Zhou, Jun (International Journal of Humanities and Arts Computing, 2014)
      Linking historical census data is an important task for the study of the social, economic, and demographic aspects of families and society in the past. Although various (semi-) automatic linking methods have been proposed, ...
    • Automatic segmentation of molecular pathology images using a robust mixture model with Markov random fields 

      Lam, Alfred; Ng, Shu-Kay (DICTA 2013, 2013)
      The segmentation of molecular pathology images is important for the assessment of clinical behaviour of disease conditions. We consider a robust mixture model-based approach to segment pathology images into different tissue ...
    • Automatic Texture Synthesis for Face Recognition from Single Views 

      Gao, Yongsheng; K. H. Leung, Maylor; Zhang, Paul (The 18th International Conference of Pattern Recognition (ICPR), 2006)
    • Automatic tracking of medial gastrocnemius fascicle length during human locomotion 

      Barrett, Rod; Carty, Chris; Cronin, Neil; Lichtwark, Glen (Journal of Applied Physiology, 2011)
      During human locomotion lower extremity muscle-tendon units undergo cyclic length changes that were previously assumed to be representative of muscle fascicle length changes. Measurements in cats and humans have since ...
    • Automatic Video Object Segmentation and Tracking from Non-Stationary Cameras 

      Gonzalez, Ruben; Le, Xuesong (ICSPCS'2007, 2008)
      This paper presents a robust algorithm for segmentation of moving objects in video, that first solves the global camera motion estimation problem and then processing the local object motion using the global motion parameters. ...
    • Automaticity and sport performance: Emotion, attentional focus and automatic skill execution 

      Thomas, Pat; Vast, R.; Young, R. (27th International Congress of Applied Psychology, 2010)
    • Automating the Analysis of Mammograms:A supervised learning approach to sensor movement 

      Hintz, Tom; Sheridan, Phillip (CISST'2001, 2001)
    • Automating Vendor Fraud Detection in Enterprise Systems 

      Best, Peter; Mula, Joseph; Singh, Kishore (29 World Continuous Auditing and Reporting Symposium, 2013)
      Fraud is a multi-billion dollar industry that continues to grow annually. Many organisations are poorly prepared to prevent and detect fraud. Fraud detection strategies are intended to quickly and efficiently identify ...
    • Automating Vendor Fraud Detection in Enterprise Systems 

      Best, Peter; Mula, Joseph; Singh, Kishore (Journal of Digital Forensics, Security and Law, 2013)
      Fraud is a multi-billion dollar industry that continues to grow annually. Many organizations are poorly prepared to prevent and detect fraud. Fraud detection strategies are intended to quickly and efficiently identify ...
    • Automobility and ‘My Family’ stickers 

      Doyle, Kylie; Tranter, Kieran (Continuum, 2014)
      In this paper we explore the phenomena of 'My Family' stickers; the growing trend of stick-figure decals affixed to the rear window of motor vehicles. We suggest that the 'My Family' equipped vehicle generates excessive ...
    • Autonomic effects of some scorpion venoms and toxins. 

      Nirthanan, Niru; Gwee, M. C. E.; Khoo, H. E.; Gopalakrishnakone, P.; Cheah, L. S.; Kini, R. M. (Clinical & Experimental Pharmacology and Physiology, 2002)
      1. The autonomic effects of venoms and toxins from several species of scorpions, including the Indian red scorpion Mesobuthus tamulus, the Chinese scorpion Buthus martensi Karsch and the Israeli scorpion Leiurus quinquestriatus ...
    • An autonomous and intelligent expert system for residential water end-use classification 

      Nguyen, Khoi; Stewart, Rodney; Zhang, Hong (Expert Systems With Applications, 2013)
      Intelligent metering technology combined with advanced numerical techniques enable a paradigm shift in the current level of water consumption information provision that is available to the customer and the water business. ...