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    • On modeling punishment in multi-agent systems 

      Thakur, Subhasis; Governatori, Guido; Sattar, Abdul (AAMAS 12 International Conference on Autonomous Agents and Multiagent Systems, 2012)
      In this paper we study isolation as a form of punishment. Although an isolated violator is punished as it can not benefit from the interactions with other agents, compliant agents may also suffer from not engaging with ...
    • On Moretti: Last of the Moderns 

      Leach, Andrew (Oase: tijdschrift voor architectuur, 2011)
    • On my shelf 

      Finger, Glenn (Inside Teaching, 2010)
      Glenn Finger explains what he's reading right now about the effective, creative and innovative inclusion of technologies in teaching and learning.
    • On n'est pas a vendre. L'economie politique du rap dans la Tunisie post-revolution 

      Golpushnezhad, e; Barone, Stefano (Politique africaine, 2016)
      “We’re not for sale”. The political economy of rap in post-revolutionary Tunisia The paper reconstructs the links between the rap scene and the post-revolutionary political environment in Tunisia. It shows how politics, ...
    • On nanoparticle surface growth: MgO nanoparticle formation during a Mg particle combustion 

      Altman, Igor; Agranovski, Igor; Choi, Mansoo (APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS, 2004)
      It is demonstrated that formation of MgOnanoparticles during a Mg particle combustion occurs in the vapor adsorption regime and the particle coagulation and coalescence do not play any significant role in the process in ...
    • On noise robustness of the Mexican-hat and hyperbolic wavelets with an experiment on chaos detection 

      Le, Khoa (Journal of Sound and Vibration, 2008)
      This paper studies the noise robustness of Laplace of hyperbolic (LoH) and Laplace of Gaussian (LoG) wavelets. A typical example of using the LoH and LoG to study Duffing oscillation under normal and noisy conditions is ...
    • On not talking to strangers: Researching the micro worlds of girls through visual auto-ethnographic practices 

      Bloustien, Gerry; Baker, Sarah (Social Analysis, 2003)
      How can visual ethnography help us to understand the nature and the complexity of the (ethnic/gendered/classed) experience of growing up? Drawing on two ethnographic projects, we discuss the purposes and the difficulties ...
    • On parameter values for a mahalanobis distance fuzzy classifier 

      Deer, Peter; Eklund, Peter (8th International Conference on Information processing and the management of uncertainty, 2000)
    • On Pervasive Healthcare Information Systems in the Internet of Things 

      M. ZdravkoviĿ, Milan; Noran, Ovidiu; TrajanoviĿ, Miroslav (ACIS 2014: Integral IS: The Embedding of Information Systems in Business, Government and Society, 2014)
      In the current quest for personalized and omnipresent healthcare required to address new emerging population health challenges, the localised legacy concept of healthcare information systems is no longer expressive enough ...
    • On Pinned and Collared Membranes 

      Gottlieb, Hans (Journal of Sound and Vibration, 1999)
    • On plexus representation of dissimilarities 

      Dale, Michael (Community Ecology, 2000)
    • On point-duration networks for temporal reasoning 

      Navarrete, I.; Sattar, Abdul; Wetprasit, R.; Marin, R. (Artificial Intelligence, 2002)
      We present here a point-duration network formalism which extends the point algebra model to include additional variables that represent durations between points of time. Thereafter the new qualitative model is enlarged for ...
    • On Practical, Safe, and Convergent Protocols for Agent Formations 

      Estivill-Castro, Vladimir; Fernandez, Esteve; Hexel, Rene (ACRA 2013, 2013)
      We investigate the current state of the art in terms of formally verifiable protocols to form a formation of robots under unreliable communi- cation. We show that in practical terms, it is possible to obtain more efficient ...
    • On prefabrication implementation for different project types and procurement methods in Hong Kong 

      Tam, Vivian; Tam, C.; Ng, C. (Journal of Engineering, Design and Technology, 2007)
      The use of prefabrication has been considered as one of the most effective waste minimization methods in the construction context; however, the industry has found difficulties to implement it. Contractors lack experience ...
    • On Re-engaging Asia 

      Elias, Juanita; Johnson, Carol (Australian Journal of Political Science, 2010)
      This collection of papers focuses on the domestic and international politics of Australia's recent engagement with Asia. The theme of Asian engagement appears to be of particular pertinence to the current study of ...
    • On Relative Constant-Weight Codes 

      Liu, Zihui; Wu, Xin-Wen (Designs, Codes and Cryptography, 2013)
      In this paper, relative two-weight and three-weight codes are studied, which are both called relative constant-weight codes. A geometric approach is introduced to construct and characterize relative constant-weight codes, ...
    • On Responding Hypnotically 

      Demosthenous, Hellene Theoti (CALLCS RHD Student Network Day, 2012)
      Informed by conversation analysis, this paper examines audiovisual recordings and transcripts of naturally occurring interaction in the hypnosis session. It focuses on the appropriateness of the hypnotist's lengthy vocal ...
    • On restlessness and patience: reading desire in Bruce Chatwin's narratives of travel 

      Fullagar, Simone (Tourist Studies, 2004)
      This article develops a post-structuralist analysis of Bruce Chatwin's famous travel narrative The Songlines (1987). This narrative is compelling because Chatwin positions his narrator as the cosmopolitan traveller moved ...
    • On ships and ice 

      Tedman, Raymond (Bulletin of the Australian and New Zealand Association for Health Professional Educators, 2012)