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    • Color image enhancement using correlated intensity and saturation adjustments 

      Kwok, Ngaiming; Shi, Haiyan; Fang, Gu; Ha, Quang; Yu, Ying-Hao; Wu, Tonghai; Li, Huaizhong; Nguyen, Thai (Journal of Modern Optics, 2015)
      The enhancement of digital color images needs to be performed in accordance with human perception in terms of hue, saturation, and intensity attributes instead of improving only the contrast. Two approaches were developed ...
    • Color me healthy: Food diversity in school community gardens in two rapidly urbanising Australian cities 

      Guitart, Daniela; Pickering, Catherine; Byrne, Jason (Health & Place, 2014)
      Community garden research has focused on social aspects of gardens, neglecting systematic analysis of what food is grown. Yet agrodiversity within community gardens may provide health benefits. Diverse fruit and vegetables ...
    • Colorectal Mucinous Adenocarcinoma: The Clinicopathologic Features and Significance of p16 and p53 Expression 

      Lam, Alfred; Ong, Kate; Ho, Yik-Hong (Diseases of the Colon and Rectum, 2006)
    • Colorimetric and electrochemical quantification of global DNA methylation using a methyl cytosine-specific antibody 

      Haque, Md. Hakimul; Bhattacharjee, Ripon; Islam, Nazmul; Gopalan, Vinod; Nguyen, Nam-Trung; Lam, Alfred; Shiddiky, Muhammad (Analyst, 2017)
      We report a simple colorimetric (naked-eye) and electrochemical method for the rapid, sensitive and specific quantification of global methylation levels using only 25 ng of input DNA. Our approach utilises a three-step ...
    • A colorimetric DET technique for the high-resolution measurement of two-dimensional alkalinity distributions in sediment porewaters 

      Bennett, Will; Welsh, David; Serriere, Antoine; Panther, Jared; Teasdale, Peter (Chemosphere, 2015)
      Measurements of porewater alkalinity are fundamental to the study of organic matter mineralization in sediments, which plays an essential role in the global cycles of carbon and nutrients. A new colorimetric diffusive ...
    • Colour Adjustment and Specular Removal for Non-Uniform Shape from Shading 

      Zhang, Paul; Gao, Yongsheng; Caelli, Terry (The International Conference on Digital Image Computing: Techniques and Applications (DICTA 2010), 2010)
      Surface colour changes and specular reflections are two major problems in 3D modelling using shape-from-shading (SFS). This paper proposes to pre-process the input image for a typical SFS algorithm, so that the resultant ...
    • Colour and Dynamic Symmetry 

      Cleveland, Paul (PCA/ACA 2011 Conference, 2011)
      Investigations into the aesthetics of web page design have tended to focus on layout, ease of navigation and interface design. This paper explores the concept of dynamic symmetry as proposed by Jay Hambidge in the 1920's ...
    • Colour and product choice: a study of gender roles 

      Funk, Debby; Ndubisi, Nelson Oly (Management Research News, 2006)
      Purpose - Research in to how colour can stimulate interest and subsequently increase the appeal power of products. There has been very little or no research in the colour-impact domain in Malaysia. Gender has also been ...
    • The Colour Card Game 

      Peacock-Smith, Robyn; Green-Armytage, Paul (AIC 2009: 11th International Congress of the International Colour Association, 2009)
      This paper is the outcome of a dialogue between two lecturers in the visual arts from universities in Queensland and Western Australia. The Colour Card Game is a tool for teaching creative colour exploration to a wide ...
    • Colour Chemigrams 

      Manietta, Siegfried (Leonardo, 2012)
    • Colour conductivity of hard spheres 

      Petravic, Janka; Jepps, Owen (Molecular Physics, 2004)
      We present an analytic solution for the d-dimensional (d > 1) hard-sphere free flight trajectories in a thermostatted colour field. The solution shows that particles can only reach a finite distance in the direction ...
    • Colour counts: Effects of aposematic colouration in chick learning 

      Johnston, Amy; Burne, Thomas (Avian brain and behaviour, 2007)
      Much has been written about the effects of bead colour and sheen on the consolidation of one-trial passive avoidance learning tasks in day-old chicks. Laboratories have adopted a variety of training procedures using beads ...
    • Colour expectations of fiction genre book covers 

      Wild, Francis; Wild, Clyde (AIC2013: Bringing Colour to Life, 2013)
      This research identified the colours people expected to find on the covers of three fiction genres: Romance, Science Fiction, and Mystery/Thriller. A survey of 180 participants assessed their colour expectations. The results ...
    • The Colour of Food and its Relationship to Appetite Appeal 

      Peacock-Smith, Robyn (AIC 2010 Color and Food: From the Farm to the Table, 2010)
      How important is the visual appeal of food we prepare for ourselves? Perhaps when our health is good the visual appearance of home-prepared meals is of little consequence, as long as the food tastes good and satisfies our ...
    • Colour Vision and Distant Visual Acuity of Elite and Junior Cricketers: Educational and Sporting Implications for Students 

      Tourky, Afaf; Bartlett, Brendan; Hill, Vikki; Jeh, Michael (3rd Snnual International Conference on Cognition, Language, and Special Education Research, 2005)
      Evidence suggests that male children and adolescents spend increasingly more of their leisure time engaged in indoor activities such as the viewing of computer or television screens which require near visual acuity. ...
    • Colour's Public Profile 

      Peacock-Smith, Robyn (The 2011 Colour Society of Australia conference, 2011)
      This paper reflects on the perceived evolution of colour's role in society. A comparison is made between the former and current ways that colour has been presented to the general public. These media include paint catalogues, ...
    • Colour-emotion association study on abstract art painting 

      Hibadullah, Fazilah; Liew, Alan Wee-Chung; Jo, Jun (ICMLC 2015, 2015)
      Most art paintings especially abstract art are created to evoke an emotional feeling in the viewer. Colour as a dominant low-level feature plays a significant role in visual perception. Colours can bring out different ...
    • Coloured People: A challenge to racial stereotypes 

      Ganter, Regina (Navigating boundaries: the Asian Diaspora in Torres Strait, 2004)
    • A column of one's own: putting women on the pages of the RAPI Journal, 1977–1982 

      Grant-Smith, Deanna; Osborne, Natalie (Australian Planner, 2017)
      Between 1977 and 1982, the Royal Australian Planning Institute (RAPI) Journal, the forebear of Australian Planner, featured a column dedicated to women and planning. The column, entitled Marion, sought to raise awareness, ...
    • A column test for leaching of organochlorines from soil by amphiphilic nonionic nanopolymers 

      Karnchanasest, Benjalak; Hawker, Darryl (Journal of Environmental Science and Health, Part B, 2011)
      Amphiphilic nonionic cross-linked nanopolymers (NPs) were synthesized to examine removal of five organochlorines (OCs), namely lindane, heptachlor, aldrin, dieldrin, endrin, and DDT, from a range of Thai agricultural soils. ...