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    • Applying the Theory of Planned Behavior to Physical Activity: The Moderating Role of Mental Toughness 

      Hannan, Thomas E.; Moffitt, Robyn; Neumann, David; Thomas, Pat (Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology, 2015)
      This study explored whether mental toughness, the capacity to maintain performance under pressure, moderated the relation between physical activity intentions and subsequent behavior. Participants (N = 117) completed the ...
    • The effects of the presence of others during a rowing exercise in a virtual reality environment 

      Murray, Edward; Neumann, David; Moffitt, Robyn; Thomas, Pat (Psychology of Sport and Exercise, 2016)
      Objectives The aim of the study was to test the performance, motivational, and affective impact of aerobic exercise within an immersive virtual reality environment experienced alone or with another individual. Design Sixty ...
    • A systematic review of the application of interactive virtual reality to sport 

      Neumann, David; Moffitt, Robyn; Thomas, Pat; Loveday, Kylie; Watling, David; Lombard, Chantal; Antonova, Simona; Tremeer, Michael (Virtual Reality, 2017)
      Virtual reality (VR) technology is being increasingly used by athletes, coaches, and other sport-related professionals. The present systematic review aimed to document research on the application of VR to sport to better ...