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    Global E-waste Monitor 2024
    Baldé, Cornelis P; Kuehr, Ruediger; Yamamoto, Tales; McDonald, Rosie; D’Angelo, Elena; Althaf, Shahana; Bel, Garam; Deubzer, Otmar; Fernandez-Cubillo, Elena; Forti, Vanessa; Gray, Vanessa; Herat, Sunil; Honda, Shunichi; Iattoni, Giulia; Khetriwal, Deepali S; Luda di Cortemiglia, Vittoria; Lobuntsova, Yuliya; Nnorom, Innocent; Pralat, Noémie; Wagner, Michelle (2024)

    The Global E-waste Monitor 2024 is the fourth edition of the Monitor. It is an indispensable reference tool for both policymakers and industry that shows the position of the world in terms of the global e-waste challenge. Since 2014, The Global E-waste Monitor has been the foremost source of reporting on this pressing issue, and this Monitor provides the most up-to-date overview of global e-waste data, statistics, and progress in policy and regulation. It also provides an outlook of what the future holds if things change or stay the same.

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    Current Cancer Biomarkers
    -; Islam, Farhadul (2023)

    Current Cancer Biomarkers is a comprehensive review on the status of biological markers for various types of cancer. It aims to update readers on current developments on the subject. The contents are divided into 5 sections covering a wide range of biomarkers and their diagnostic applications. The range of tumour biomarkers referenced here gives insights into molecular mechanisms behind cancer, including initiation, development, progression, prognosis, response to the therapeutic modalities, recurrence, and point-of-care application to detect cancer. Key features - Introduction of the basic features of cancer markers - Comprehensive and updated coverage of potential and effective biomarkers including genomic, epigenomic, transcriptomic, proteomic, cellular and morphologic factors - Information on biomarkers in many types of cancers including breast cancer, colorectal cancer, skin cancer, leukemia, liver cancer and prostate cancer - Applications of biomarkers in cancer diagnosis - Structured contents with easy-to-understand sections and headings - References for advanced readers The updated information about different aspects of cancer markers in the experimental and clinical setting will enrich the reader's understanding of the disease. The information serves as a resource to help in better management of cancer patients and understanding cancer biology when planning medical research projects. The book is intended as a reference for a diverse audience: biomedical science students, medical students, academics, researchers, clinicians and multidisciplinary teams involved in cancer management and research.

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    Screamfeeder's Kitten Licks
    Green, B; Rogers, I (2024)

    Released in 1996, Kitten Licks catapulted Brisbane indie-rock three-piece Screamfeeder into the '90s alternative-rock boom alongside Powderfinger, silverchair, You Am I and Regurgitator. International tours, regular festival shows, and TV appearances followed. And yet, commercial success for Screamfeeder was comparatively short-lived. By the end of the decade, the band's outlook was bleak: at a career standstill and unable to record new music. Today, both Screamfeeder and Kitten Licks endure as fiercely loved cult icons. In its vitality and idiosyncrasy, Kitten Licks captures a moment of cresting change for a band, a city and a national scene, while continuing to delight and inspire those who discover it anew. This book tells the story of Kitten Licks in the words of those who lived it, and who still do. How it was made, how it was swept up into '90s mythology and what the journey tells us about the fickle nature of music production in Australia, namely: how to survive it.

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    Enhancing the Use of Products with Recycled Contents in the Australian Construction Industry
    Shooshtarian, Salman; Maqsood, Tayyab; Zaman, Atiq; Caldera, Savindi; Ryley, Tim; Wong, Peter SP (2024)

    This book presents an extensive review of various national and international literature, an analysis of relevant policies and guidelines, and an evaluation of key stakeholders’ sentiments. It provides valuable insights into five key areas: (1) analysis of national and jurisdictional policy frameworks that affect the creation and stimulation of end-markets for waste materials; (2) assessment of the operation of existing end-markets for five strategic construction materials; (3) exploration of the application of sustainable procurement policies and practices at state, national and international levels; (4) evaluation of impacts of COVID-19 on construction and demolition waste industry; and (5) identification of key factors affecting construction and demolition waste end-market creation and stimulation, and building a model for waste market development.

    Collectively, this book aims to boost business prospects, provide advantages to product manufacturers, and establish sustainable circular supply chains.

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    The Evolution of Authoritarianism and Contentious Action in Russia
    Mamaev, Bogdan; Meyer, David S; Staggenborg, Suzanne (2024)

    This Element examines the evolution of authoritarianism in Russia from 2011 to 2023, focusing on its impact on contentious action. It argues that the primary determinant of contention, at both federal and regional levels, is authoritarian innovation characterized by reactive and proactive repression. Drawing on Russian legislation, reports from human rights organizations, media coverage, and a novel dataset of contentious events created from user-generated reports on Twitter using computational techniques, this Element contributes to the understanding of contentious politics in authoritarian regimes, underscoring the role of authoritarianism and its innovative responses in shaping contentious action.

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    Critical Criminology
    -; DeKeseredy, Walter; Dragiewicz, Molly (2014)

    Critical Criminology is now a well-established—if heterogeneous and contentious—field of study. The work of critical criminologists supports numerous international journals, regional organizations, and global conferences. As the field continues to flourish as never before, this new title from Routledge, edited by two distinguished scholars, meets the need for an authoritative, one-stop reference work to make sense of the wide range of approaches, theories, and concepts that have informed Critical Criminology.

    In four volumes, the collection assembles the best and most influential empirical, theoretical, and political contributions made by critical criminologists from around the world, with special attention to new directions in the field—such as cultural criminology, masculinities studies, and feminist criminologies. The gathered works cover not only the history of Critical Criminology and cutting-edge theories, but also explore a variety of research methods used by leading scholars in the field and the rich data generated by their rigorous empirical work.

    With a full index, together with a comprehensive introduction, newly written by the editors, which places the collected material in its historical and intellectual context, Critical Criminology is an essential work of reference. The collection will be particularly useful as a database allowing scattered and often fugitive material to be easily located. It will also be welcomed as a crucial tool permitting rapid access to less familiar—and sometimes overlooked—texts. For researchers, students, and policy-makers, it is an essential one-stop research and pedagogic resource.

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    Lola's War: Rape Without Punishment
    Simic, Olivera (2023)

    This longitudinal study is based on the story of Lola, who was gang raped during the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1992. At the time, she was in a detention camp with her young children. Only one of Lola’s several perpetrators was convicted but his sentence of six years of imprisonment has never been actioned by the Bosnian judiciary. Lola’s rapist is still free and she lives in continual fear that he will retaliate against her and her children for her role in his trial.

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    Death by a thousand judgements
    Yang, Elaine Chiao Ling; Shah, Dhara; Rowan, Leonie; Alhadad, Sakinah; Donnellan-Fernandez, Roslyn (2024-06-11)

    This collection of stories without personal identifiers came from a Griffith research project, "Experiences of sexism, discrimination and inequity in Australian universities: Listening to the voices of diverse women and non-binary academics", led by Professor Leonie Rowan. A preliminary report of the project is available at

    Women and non-binary academics from diverse backgrounds across Australia were invited to share their stories as part of a larger survey. Their stories have left a deep impact on us, often moving us to tears. The pain, burden, and injustice these people have endured deserve a dedicated space where their voices can resonate, and their experiences can be visible and accounted for. It is this very notion that inspires the creation of this anonymous anthology.

    Our compilation of the stories is grounded in a profound sense of care. Care is "the proactive interest of one person in the well-being of another"1. It embodies a relational process rooted in empathy, compassion, and community building. Our aim is to carefully present the diverse array of experiences shared by our participants and to ensure their voices are authentically represented. This anthology seeks not only to provide a platform for these voices but also to reveal the persistent gender inequality prevalent in the Australian higher education sector.

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    Random Noise: Measuring your Company’s Safety Performance
    Poole, G; Dekker, S (2024)

    In the realm of safety management, this book embarks on a profound exploration of how the political economy was reshaped in the last two decades. Much like privatization, deregulation, and financialization altered the economic landscape, this narrative unveils how safety management has been affected by the intertwined dynamics of asset underinvestment, privatization, self-regulation, workplace flexibilization, and market-driven policies. This book, the second installment of a thought-provoking trilogy on the consequences of neoliberalism, mirrors the political economy's promotion of the private sector's role in the economy. Just as neoliberalism amplified and accelerated the mechanisms of human-made disasters in complex systems, this narrative lays bare the heightened potential for safety misfortunes when governed by market-driven principles. As the story unfolds, the book delves into the concept of 'synoptic legibility' in safety management, akin to how the political economy distilled its essence into privatization and deregulation. The authors scrutinize the consequences of translating safety measures into rigid targets, unveiling how this shift can distort the integrity of safety metrics and inadvertently harm individuals. Drawing parallels with historical blunders such as England's window tax, the book contemplates the precarious nature of equating simplified metrics with safety achievements. Much like the political economy's 'acceptable risk' renegotiations, it examines how the pursuit of safety through metrics and surveillance can lead to 'manufactured insecurity,' eroding trust, autonomy, and professionalism. In Random Noise, Poole and Dekker extend this reach once again, writing for all managers, board members, organization leaders, consultants, practitioners, researchers, lecturers, students, and investigators curious to understand the genuine nature of organizational and safety performance.

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    Routledge Handbook on Gender in Tourism: Views on Teaching, Research and Praxis
    -; Swart, Magdalena Petronella; Cai, Wenjie; Yang, Elaine Chiao Ling; Kimbu, Albert Nsom (2024)

    This comprehensive handbook delves into the multifaceted dimensions of the role of gender in tourism, spanning education, research, and practice.

    With 40 international contributions from leading thinkers in the field, this book brings together diverse themes such as entrepreneurship, mobility, sustainability, and sexuality. In doing so it shatters traditional boundaries and dissects how gender influences perceptions, experiences, and opportunities, advocating for equality and challenging entrenched power dynamics. Informed by the United Nation's Gender Equality goals, this handbook champions the potential of gender-aware tourism to reshape the world by fostering inclusivity, empowerment, and understanding. It adopts diverse insights, encompassing feminist and queer perspectives, challenging norms, and exploring marginalised voices. By dissecting gender in educational, entrepreneurial, and research contexts, it unveils hidden dynamics. This book empowers readers to grasp the breadth of gender's role and equips them with tools to foster equality and reshape the tourism landscape, while making suggestions for future research agendas.

    This book is intended for scholars, educators, researchers, government officials and practitioners in the fields of gender studies, tourism, education, entrepreneurship, employment, mobility, research, sustainability, and sexuality.

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    Elgar Encyclopedia of Occupational Health Psychology
    -; Cooper, Cary; Brough, Paula; Anderson, Vicki (2024)

    Occupational Health Psychology has emerged as a vital new field in its own right in recent years and its key areas of focus are occupational stress, work wellbeing, and work-life balance. This Encyclopedia is the godfather of this new discipline, defining the diversity of its concepts, theories and methods. It will be the essential resource for scholars, practitioners and students for years to come.

    The scholarly field of occupational health psychology has emerged from the broad study of worker health and wellbeing, mixing concepts, theories and methods from occupational/organizational/business psychology and health psychology. Authoritative and comprehensive in scope, the Elgar Encyclopedia of Occupational Health Psychology offers definitions from job crafting, organizational justice, employee voice, workplace bullying, workplace health and wellbeing strategy, and interventions – to gig work, the four-day working week, remote and virtual work, entrepreneurship, technostress, and AI and Cobotics. This Encyclopedia is breaking new ground in helping to define this new field for psychologists across the globe.

    Key Features:

    • 72 entries covering each of the central topics in occupational health psychology • Each entry provides a definition, key association, future directions and readings as a fundamental starting point for future research. • All entries written by experts on occupational health psychology from around the world

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    Routledge Handbook of Global Land and Resource Grabbing
    -; Neef, Andreas; Ngin, Chanrith; Moreda, Tsegaye; Mollett, Sharlene (2023)

    Global land and resource grabbing has become an increasingly prominent topic in academic circles, among development practitioners, human rights advocates, and in policy arenas. The Routledge Handbook of Global Land and Resource Grabbing sustains this intellectual momentum by advancing methodological, theoretical and empirical insights. It presents and discusses resource grabbing research in a holistic manner by addressing how the rush for land and other natural resources, including water, forests and minerals, is intertwined with agriculture, mining, tourism, energy, biodiversity conservation, climate change, carbon markets, and conflict. The handbook is truly global and interdisciplinary, with case studies from the Global South and Global North, and chapter contributions from practitioners, activists and academics, with emerging and Indigenous authors featuring strongly across the chapters.

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    Child Labor in the Developing World: Theory, Practice and Policy
    -; Posso, Alberto (2020)

    This book provides new evidence of the theoretical and empirical causes and consequences of child labor. In so doing, the chapters provide a unique set of policy prescriptions that are applicable to both the developing countries that make up the case studies of the volume, as well as other countries more broadly. The volume is constructed to inform policy with rigorous analysis. However, unlike most academic studies, the language and flavour of the volume is largely non-technical, while the policy recommendations are practical. The volume is made up of three sections. The first section builds on the existing literature and provides new theoretical insights into child labor. Section 2 provides empirical evidence from both quantitative and qualitative case studies on child labor from across Asia, Africa and Latin America. This section provides information from studies conducted in Brazil, Cameroon, the Dominican Republic, India and Vietnam. Section 3 provides policy recommendations.

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    Alternative Educational Programmes, Schools and Social Justice
    McGregor, Glenda; Mills, Martin; Thomson, Pat; Pennacchia, Jodie; McGregor, Glenda; Mills, Martin; Pennacchia, Jodie (2018)

    Alternative education caters and cares for students whose regular schools have failed and excluded them. Fifty years of international research reports that alternative settings are characterised by close and powerful staff-student relationships, a curriculum which is relevant, engaging and meaningful, and the strong sense of agency afforded young people by the opportunity to make decisions. Together, these three practices produce increased life chances for alternative education participants.

    However, despite these apparent successes, alternative education seems to have had little impact on mainstream schools. This collection of papers addresses the important question - what might regular schools and teachers learn about socially just pedagogies from alternative education practices? In providing answers to this question, authors interrogate the taken-for-granted wisdom about alternative education while also taking account of ongoing policy shifts, differing locations and populations, and persistent and intersecting patterns of raced, classed and gendered inequalities. They draw on a range of theoretical and methodological approaches to interrogate the ways in which alternative schools and alternative education both challenge and legitimate the kinds of schooling most of us expect for our own and other people's children.

    The chapters in this book were originally published as a special issue of Critical Studies in Education.

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    Handbook of Technical and Vocational Teacher Professional Development in the Digital Age
    -; Han, Xibin; Zhou, Qian; Li, Ming; Wang, Yuping (2024)

    This is an open access book. Covering both theories and practices in Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) teacher development, this book provides up-to-date discussions and recommendations on issues relating to TVET teacher development in the digital age. It caters for the needs of in-service teachers and trainers, as well as TVET leaders who want to upscale their professional learning and development in terms of vision, knowledge, expertise, and industry skills needed in the transition to the digital era.

    What is particularly useful to TVET teachers/trainers are the proposed competency development framework, competency indicators, and the assessment instrument. Drawing on extensive research regarding TVET teachers’ competency development and today’s industry needs, the proposed framework and indicators can be readily used to inform the self-assessment of one’s professional competency level, so as to plan one’s career trajectory accordingly.Teachers and trainers may also find the exemplary cases of teachers’ professional development from various countries inspiring and motivating. The book also serves as a useful reference for TVET leaders, administrators and teacher trainers. The book's competency framework, indicators, and strategies are an adaptable reference for planning professional development policies, evaluation mechanisms, and programs for teachers.

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    Critical Studies and the International Field of Indigenous Education Research
    -; Vass, Gregory; Hogarth, Melitta (2024)

    This book focuses on three broad and intertwined concerns in Indigenous education across several settler-colonial settings such as Australia, New Zealand and Canada.

    Within these settler-colonial contexts, many Indigenous learners continue to be failed by education policies and practices, while teaching and learning – all too often concomitantly – reproduce and maintain deficit perspectives and expectations from those in the wider community towards Indigenous Peoples. The contributions presented in this book seek to interrupt this cycle in some way and share three broad and intertwined areas of focus:

    Holistic and more-than-human view of the world and knowledge making practices

    Critical engagement with the ongoing legacies of colonial institutions, practices and histories

    And efforts that seek to reveal and address social injustices, inequities and discrimination. The book highlights the work of scholars who are actively working to privilege Indigenous ways of working and/or recognising the resilience of Indigenous peoples in all aspects of education.

    Critical Studies and the International Field of Indigenous Education Research offers inspiration, hope and practices to learn from and with. In doing so, a wider community of researchers and professionals can draw on the ideas and strategies to help inform their efforts within the settings they work and live. This book was originally published as a special issue of Critical Studies in Education.

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    Forest Valuation under Carbon Pricing: A Real Options Approach
    Meade, Richard; Boyle, Glenn; Evans, Lewis (2009)

    Emissions trading schemes are increasingly being adopted to combat climate change. New Zealand created the world?s first ?all sectors all gases? such scheme in 2008, awarding tradable credits for carbon sequestration and imposing liabilities for emissions (i.e. harvest or deforestation) from forestry. Adding carbon pricing as a decision variable complicates forest and forest land valuation, highlighting the real options available to foresters (i.e. to defer harvest or to change land use). Standard forest valuation methodologies do not properly capture the value impacts of carbon pricing on forestry. This book was commissioned by the New Zealand Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, and develops a new approach ? bootstrapping real options analysis (BROA) ? to address this shortcoming. The BROA approach is rich enough to capture the complexities of forest valuation under carbon pricing, while remaining tractable enough to find practical application. It should be useful to academics interested in valuing complex real options, as well as to academics, practitioners and policymakers interested in evaluating the impact of carbon pricing on forestry and forest land use.

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    Climate Politics in Oceania: Renewing Australia-Pacific Relations in a Warming World
    Harris Rimmer, Susan; Byrne, Caitlin; Morgan, Wesley (2024)

    Australia's ambitions for global climate policy leadership have been seriously undermined in recent years, its reputation reduced by political inertia, policy blind spots and diplomatic isolation. At the same time, Pacific Island nations have gained global traction, their leaders recognising the influence of their regional voice and collective action in the drive to shape international law. These nations have called out Australia's poor performance and questioned its credibility within the Pacific family. The climate crisis now demands a new approach to regional cooperation in Oceania, and a fundamental re-ordering of strategic priorities. It may also require a new set of diplomatic skills and tradecraft. Until Australia demonstrates that it is serious about tackling the climate crisis, it will struggle to pursue strategic interests in the Pacific. Bringing together diverse Australian and Pacific Island voices and perspectives, Climate Politics in Oceania reflects on the shifting debates, and highlights the potential for Australia to engage constructively with regional partners to secure Oceania's interests now and in the future. Canberra must embrace the opportunity while it still can.

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    Power System Frequency Control: Modeling and Advances
    Mishra, DK; Li, L; Zhang, J; Hossain, MJ (2023)

    Power System Frequency Control: Modeling and Advances evaluates the control schemata, secondary controllers, stability improvement methods, optimization considerations, microgrids, multi-microgrids, and real-time validation required to model and analyze the dynamic behavior of frequency in power systems. Chapters review a range of advanced modeling and analytical considerations for single to multi-area networks using traditional and hybrid sources, including renewable sources, FACT devices and storage. The work also considers broad aspects of upstream and downstream control mechanisms which enable novel solutions in the area of automatic generation control in power system networks. Highly recommended for power system engineers, researchers and practitioners with interests in load frequency control, automatic generation control, linearized models of isolated microgrid, and multi-microgrid, and hybrid LFC scheme, this book is an ideal resource on the topics discussed.

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    Challenging the Human Trafficking Narrative: Victims, Villains, and Heroes
    O'Brien, Erin (2018)

    What is the moral of the human trafficking story, and how can the narrative be shaped and evolved? Stories of human trafficking are prolific in the public domain, proving immensely powerful in guiding our understandings of trafficking, and offering something tangible on which to base policy and action. Yet these stories also misrepresent the problem, establishing a dominant narrative that stifles other stories and fails to capture the complexity of human trafficking.

    This book deconstructs the human trafficking narrative in public discourse, examining the victims, villains, and heroes of trafficking stories. Sex slaves, exploited workers, mobsters, pimps and johns, consumers, governments, and anti-trafficking activists are all characters in the story, serving to illustrate who is to blame for the problem of trafficking, and how that problem might be solved. Erin O’Brien argues that a constrained narrative of ideal victims, foreign villains, and western heroes dominates the discourse, underpinned by cultural assumptions about gender and ethnicity, and wider narratives of border security, consumerism, and western exceptionalism.

    Drawing on depictions of trafficking in entertainment and news media, awareness campaigns, and government reports in Australia, the United Kingdom, and the United States of America, this book will be of interest to criminologists, political scientists, sociologists, and those engaged with human rights activism and the politics of international justice