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Recent Submissions

  • Exploring cultural tourist towns: does authenticity matter? 

    Xu, Xueyan Even; Le, Truc H; Kwek, Anna; Wang, Ying (Tourism Management Perspectives, 2022)
    This study applies various conceptualisations of authenticity to explore to what extent tourists appreciate the authenticity of cultural tourist towns. Using the visitor-employed photography (VEP) method, this study collected ...
  • The State of Micro-Credentials Implementation and Practice in Australasian Higher Education 

    Selvaratnam, Ratna; Sankey, Michael (Open Praxis, 2021)
    Micro-credentialing is rapidly growing globally as learning that is both life-long and life-wide and this has only accelerated due to COVID-19. To understand what this means for higher education, The Australasian Council ...
  • The Potential Impact of Adjunct Digital Tools and Technology to Help Distressed and Suicidal Men: An Integrative Review 

    Balcombe, Luke; De Leo, Diego (Frontiers in Psychology, 2021)
    Suicidal men feel the need to be self-reliant and that they cannot find another way out of relationship or socioeconomic issues. Suicide prevention is of crucial importance worldwide. The much higher rate of suicide in men ...
  • ‘Every Move You Make … Every Word You Say’: Regulating Police Body Worn Cameras 

    Blewer, Robyn; Behlau, Ron (University of New South Wales Law Journal, 2021)
    The death of Minneapolis man, George Floyd, at the hands (or, knee) of a police officer in May 2020 appears to have set a nation, indeed the world, alight with outrage at ongoing, systemic racism and brutality by police ...
  • Integrating Safety-I and Safety-II: Learning from failure and success in construction sites 

    Martins, JB; Carim, G; Saurin, TA; Costella, MF (Safety Science, 2022)
    Like other sectors, safety management in the construction industry is still mostly aligned with the Safety-I approach, which is based on learning from undesired events. The Safety-II approach, which emphasizes improving ...
  • Festivals, 'Funerals and Circuses': The impact of space and design in the construction of meaning and audience experience 

    Lazaroo, Natalie; Penton, Jennifer (Australasian Drama Studies, 2020)
    This article examines an archived Theatre for Young People (TYP) performance, Funerals and Circuses, by Magpie Theatre from South Australia. Details of this performance were included as part of a research project that ...
  • Circulating biomarkers in patients with glioblastoma 

    Bark, Juliana Muller; Kulasinghe, Arutha; Chua, Benjamin; Day, Bryan W; Punyadeera, Chamindie (British Journal of Cancer, 2020)
    Gliomas are the most common tumours of the central nervous system and the most aggressive form is glioblastoma (GBM). Despite advances in treatment, patient survival remains low. GBM diagnosis typically relies on imaging ...
  • The incidence of peripheral nerve injuries related to patient positioning during robotic assisted surgery: An evidence summary 

    Oblak, T; Gillespie, BM (Journal of Perioperative Nursing, 2021)
    Objective: To describe the incidence and anatomical locations of peripheral nerve injuries (PNIs) related to patient positioning during urologic, gynaecologic and colorectal robotic-assisted surgery (RAS). Background: ...
  • Medium of instruction issues in trilingual Hong Kong primary schools 

    Lixun, Wang; Kirkpatrick, Andy (Multilingual Global Cities: Singapore, Hong Kong, Dubai, 2021)
    As a multilingual society, three major languages co-exist in Hong Kong: Cantonese, English, and Putonghua. After the political transition to Chinese rule in 1997, the Hong Kong government adopted the Biliterate and Trilingual ...
  • Toward Climate-Smart Hospitals Taiwanese Experience 

    Gan, Connie Cai Ru; Song, Hong-Fang (Clinical Health Promotion, 2019)
    Hospital must become "climate-smart" in the era of extreme climate patterns because they generate massive and harmful environmental footprints that worsen climate change; and they need to avoid interrupted health services ...
  • Building boundary extraction from LiDAR point cloud data 

    Dey, Emon Kumar; Awrangjeb, Mohammad; Kurdi, Fayez Tarsha; Stantic, Bela (2021 Digital Image Computing: Techniques and Applications (DICTA), 2021)
    Building boundary extraction from LiDAR point cloud data is important for urban planning and 3D modelling. Due to the uneven point distribution, missing data, and occlusion in LiDAR point cloud data, extraction of boundary ...
  • Establishing a supportive environment for elderly to delay and reverse frailty – a case study of hospital-community collaboration 

    Gan, Connie Cai Ru; Chen, Ching-Yuan; Lai, Yi-Ling; Lin, Jin-Ding; Hsu, Lin-Ying (Health Promotion Research and Practice, 2019)
    Introduction: According to Taiwan's Ministry of Health and Welfare, in March 2018 those over 65 years old among the country's population hit 14%, thus meeting the designation of being an aged society as defined by the World ...
  • Assessing global kidney nutrition care 

    Wang, Angela Yee-Moon; Okpechi, Ikechi G; Ye, Feng; Kovesdy, Csaba P; Brunori, Giuliano; Burrowes, Jerrilynn D; Campbell, Katrina; Damster, Sandrine; Fouque, Denis; Friedman, Allon N; Garibotto, Giacomo; Guebre-Egziabher, Fitsum; Harris, David; Iseki, Kunitoshi; Jha, Vivekanand; et al. (Clinical Journal of the American Society of Nephrology, 2021)
    Background and objectives Nutrition intervention is an essential component of kidney disease management. This study aimed to understand current global availability and capacity of kidney nutrition care services, interdisciplinary ...
  • Conformity and diversity in budgetary systems: Aspirations, routines, and recalibration 

    Wanna, J (Handbook of Public Administration, 2021)
    In modern democratic regimes the authorization and use of public resources involves forms of representation, consultation, degrees of transparency and accountability; in authoritarian or absolutist regimes these attributes ...
  • Attributes of effective collaboration: insights from five case studies in Australia and New Zealand 

    Butcher, John R; Gilchrist, David J; Phillimore, John; Wanna, John (Policy Design and Practice, 2019)
    Developing and implementing social policy aimed at resolving wicked problems has occupied governments and not-for-profit organizations for decades. Such problems are enduring due to their complexity, resulting in a need ...
  • Temporal changes in chemical contamination of green turtles (Chelonia mydas) foraging in a heavily industrialised seaport 

    Finlayson, KA; Limpus, CJ; van de Merwe, JP (Science of the Total Environment, 2022)
    Port Curtis, a major shipping port, has undergone significant expansion in the last decade, with plans for further development into the future. These activities may result in an increase of contaminant concentrations, ...
  • Clinical Opinion: The diagnosis and management of suspected fetal growth restriction: an evidence-based approach 

    Lees, C; Romero, R; Stampalija, T; Dall'asta, A; DeVore, G; Prefumo, F; Frusca, T; Visser, GHA; Hobbins, J; Baschat, A; Bilardo, CM; Galan, H; Campbell, S; Maulik, D; Da Silva Costa, Fabricio; et al. (American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology, 2021)
    This article reviews the literature about the diagnosis, antepartum surveillance, and timing of delivery of fetuses suspected to be small for gestational age/growth restricted. Several guidelines have been issued by major ...
  • Remembering Nurreegoo: Language, lineage and legacy 

    Hurley, Angelina (Griffith Review, 2021)
    This is a story about my father, Ron Hurley, the first Aboriginal artist to graduate from the Queensland College of Art. With the upcoming anniversaries of his birthday (19 October 1946) and passing (3 November 2002), I ...
  • A Brief History of Anti-Americanism : From Cultural Criticism to Terrorism 

    O'Connor, Brendon (Australasian Journal of American Studies, 2004)
    This article provides an historical examination of anti- Americanism from its beginnings to the current day. I argue that anti- Americanism is not a comprehensive or coherent belief system or ideology, but rather a series ...
  • Beyond the Bush Doctrine: American Hegemony and World Order 

    Griffiths, Martin (Australasian Journal of American Studies, 2004)
    This article elaborates the changing nature of American hegemony in international relations, and assesses the Bush Administration's determination to change the basis of US hegemony in the context of its proclaimed 'war ...

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