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Recent Submissions

  • Human resource management practices and disability workers 

    Cavanagh, Jillian; Shaw, Amie; Bartram, Timothy (Hawaii Global Conference on Business and Finance, 2016)
    This study explores the human resource management (HRM) practices, in particular the training and development that impacts on students with intellectual disabilities enrolled in a registered training program. O’Brien’s ...
  • The Sustainable Development of Indigenous and non-Indigenous Men’s Sheds in Australia 

    Cavanagh, Dr Jillian; Shaw, Amie; Bartram, Prof Tim (Business and Social Science Research Conference, 2013)
    This study explores the sustainable development of Indigenous and non-Indigenous Men's Sheds in Australia. The phenomenal growth of Sheds now represents one of the largest men's social, health and well-being community ...
  • Priorities for vector-borne disease research under a planetary health framework: a scoping review and bibliometric analysis of climate change and aedes-vectored diseases in australia and indopacific region 

    Onyango, Esther Achieng; Mackey, Brendan; McCallum, Hamish (Annual Meeting of the American-Society-of-Tropical-Medicine-and-Hygiene (ASTMH), 2021)
    In recent years, three key arboviruses transmitted by Aedes mosquitoes, Zika, Chikungunya and Dengue have emerged and re-emerged in both hemispheres of the world to cause major human epidemics. The distribution if these ...
  • Orchestrating for Performative Resource and Capability Configurations 

    Schleimer, Stephanie; Knudsen, Mette; Faullant, Rita (Strategic Management Society (SMS) Special Conference, 2022)
    Value-adding orchestrations of resources and capabilities are at the heart of Penrose’s resource-base-view (RBV). However, while the management literature unanimously agrees on the im-portance of such resources and ...
  • Building Shared Knowledge: Research on the Health and Well-Being of Middle-Grades Youth 

    Main, Katherine; Whatman, Susan; Mertens, Steven B; Caskey, Micki M; Bishop, Penny; Nelson, Emily; Pettit, Stacie; Ziegler, Milisa; Brown, Margaux; Goree, Janeen; Akhavan, Nancy; Hammel, Kathleen; Truebridge, Sara (American Educational Research Association (AERA), 2022)
    International research about the health and well-being of middle grades youth has received heightened attention by teachers, administrators, policymakers, and researchers who recognize that students’ health and social and ...
  • Robotic technologies and well-being for older adults living at home 

    Schleimer, Stephanie; Ge, Gloria (The 82nd Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management (AOM 2022), 2022)
    The purpose of this study is to investigate the benefits for aged care providers to add affordable robotic technology in their services packages to enhance the well-being of older adults from culturally and linguistically ...
  • 57 Cool Running Water First Aid Decreases Skin Grafting Requirements in Pediatric Burns: A Cohort Study of 2495 Children 

    Griffin, Bronwyn R; Frear, Cody; Oakley, Ed; Kimble, Roy M (American Burn Association 52nd Annual Meeting, 2020)
    Introduction First-aid guidelines recommend the administration of cool running water in the early management of thermal injury. Our objective was to analyze the associations between first aid and skin grafting requirements ...
  • Attracting industry experts to become VET practitioners: a journey, not a destination 

    Tyler, Mark; Dymock, Darryl (2021)
    There is general consensus that the Australian (vocational education and training) VET sector faces a number of workforce issues including the aging of VET teachers, the high level of casualisation, industry currency and ...
  • Dreamtime Story Video: You are you and I love you 

    Shanley, Dianne; Hawkins, Erinn; Liu, Wei; Page, Marjad (2020)
  • The archaeobotany of Çatalhöyük: analysis of 2009–2017 material and synthesis of the whole assemblage 

    Bogaard, Amy; Charles, Michael; Filipovic, Dragana; Fuller, Dorian Q; Gonzalez Carretero, Lara; Green, Laura; Kabukcu, Ceren; Stroud, Elizabeth; Vaiglova, Petra (Peopling the Landscape of Çatalhöyük: Reports from the 2009-2017 Seasons, 2021)
    This volume reports on the ways in which humans engaged in their material and biotic environments at Çatalhöyük, using a wide range of archaeological evidence. This volume also summarizes work on the skeletal remains ...
  • Hindu nationalism and foreign policy 

    Hall, Ian (Modi and the reinvention of Indian foreign policy, 2019)
    Narendra Modi’s energetic personal diplomacy and promise to make India a ‘leading power’ surprised many analysts. Most had predicted that his government would concentrate on domestic issues, on the growth and development ...
  • Modi and the Reinvention of Indian Foreign Policy 

    Hall, Ian (2019)
    Narendra Modi’s energetic personal diplomacy and promise to make India a ‘leading power’, made soon after his landslide election victory in May 2014, surprised many analysts. Most had predicted that his government would ...
  • The standing of vocational education: a global concern with diverse meanings and implications 

    Stalder, Barbara E; Choy, Sarojni; Le, Anh (The Standing of Vocational Education and the Occupations It Serves: Current Concerns and Strategies For Enhancing That Standing, 2022)
    The low standing of vocational education (VET) and the occupations it serves is emerging as a concern in countries with both advanced and developed industrial economies. This issue manifests itself differently across ...
  • Perspectives on informing post-school pathways: a Vietnamese case study 

    Le, Anh (The standing of vocational education and the occupations it serves: Current concerns and strategies for enhancing that standing, 2022)
    In Vietnam, while the importance of vocational education and training (VET) is increasingly recognised in national discourse and policies, its standing continues to be low compared to other educational pathways, such as ...
  • Design and Implementation of Fractional Order Controllers Using Nelder-Mead Algorithm 

    Naithani, D; Chaturvedi, M; Juneja, PK; Kumar, P; Kapoor, S (2021 International Conference on Computational Performance Evaluation (ComPE), 2021)
    The idea of fractional order controller in combination with Nelder Mead algorithm is proposed in this paper for controlling a multivariable industrial scale polymerization reactor. The concept of decentralization is also ...
  • The experience of using an on-line virtual environment explorer tool to support nursing student orientation and preparation for work-integrated learning 

    Carmody, Cathy; Del Fabbro, Letitia; Brown, Lynne (World Association for Co-operative Education (WACE) Conference 2021, 2021)
    Work-integrated learning (WIL) is a key component of nursing degree programs, and simulated WIL clinical environments provide students with a safe setting to develop skills in preparation for practice. In this presentation ...
  • Finite Element Modeling and Statistical Analysis of Fire-Damaged Reinforced Concrete Columns Repaired Using Smart Materials and FRP Confinement 

    Hussain, Iqrar; Yaqub, M; Mortazavi, Mina; Ehsan, M Adeel; Uzair, M (10th International Conference on Fibre-Reinforced Polymer (FRP) Composites in Civil Engineering (CICE), 2022)
    Practical testing for observing the failure modes is expensive, time consuming and often limits the pace of research progress. Moreover, because of the limitations of equipment, the existing structures cannot be tested at ...
  • Where Can Objects Take You? The Case of the World War II Japanese Airman's Suit 

    Shaw, Madelyn; FitzSimons, Patricia (Textile Society of America Symposium, 2020)
    “Dad always said that ‘It's made out of Australian wool,’ and I thought that was just a joke because you couldn't see how the Japanese would get hold of Australian wool during the war …But it is a fine material… They weren’t ...
  • Predicting Unpanned Return to Hospital for Chronic Disease Patients 

    Khanna, Sankalp; Good, Norm; Boyle, Justin (24th Australian National Health Informatics Conference (HIC), 2016)
    Preventing unplanned returns, including readmissions and representations to the emergency department is increasingly becoming a performance target for hospitals across the globe. Significant successes have been reported ...
  • Smart Governance, Smarter Surveillance 

    Bernot, Ausma; Trevaskes, Susan (Contradiction, 2022)
    Xi Jinping’s 习近平 regard for socialist buzzwords and phrases is legendary. The China Dream 中国梦, the Four Comprehensives 四个全面, The Party Leads Over Everything 党是领导一切的, and, more recently, Common Prosperity 共同富裕 are a few of ...

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