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Recent Submissions

  • Applications of Microbial Biopolymers in Display Technology 

    Rehm, Fabian B.H.; Grage, Katrin; Rehm, Bernd H.A. (Consequences of Microbial Interactions with Hydrocarbons, Oils, and Lipids: Production of Fuels and Chemicals, 2017)
    Microorganisms produce a variety of different polymers such as polyamides, polysaccharides, and polyesters. The polyesters, the polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHAs), are the most extensively studied polymers in regard to their use ...
  • Effect of Boron-doped Goethite on Soil Acidity, Different Forms of Manganese in Red Soil and the Growth of Rape (Brassica napus L.) Seedlings 

    Cui, Jingzhen; Zhu, Duanwei; Liao, Shuijiao; Liu, Guanglong; Ren, Liying; Zhou, Wenbing; Hamilton, David P. (Journal of Plant Nutrition, 2012)
    Rape (Brassica napus L.) seedling pot experiments were performed with a red soil treated with goethite which had boron (B) either adsorbed (ad-B-goethite) or occluded (oc-B-goethite). Soil acidity, different forms of ...
  • Defining pulmonary exacerbation in children with non-cystic fibrosis bronchiectasis 

    Kapur, Nitin; Masters, Ian Brent; Morris, Peter S.; Galligan, John P.; Ware, Robert S.; Chang, Anne B. (Pediatric Pulmonology, 2012)
    Rationale: Exacerbations in non-cystic fibrosis (CF) bronchiectasis are associated with worsening lung functions and quality of life. A standardized definition of exacerbation could improve clinical care and research. Objective: ...
  • Structural feature ions for distinguishing N- and O-linked glycan isomers by LC-ESI-IT MS/MS 

    Everest-Dass, Arun V.; Abrahams, Jodie L.; Kolarich, Daniel; Packer, Nicolle H.; Campbell, Matthew P. (Journal of the American Society for Mass Spectrometry, 2013)
    Glycomics is the comprehensive study of glycan expression in an organism, cell, or tissue that relies on effective analytical technologies to understand glycan structure–function relationships. Owing to the macro- and ...
  • Levels of empathy in undergraduate midwifery students: An Australian cross-sectional study 

    McKenna, Lisa; Boyle, Malcolm J.; Brown, Ted; Williams, Brett; Molloy, Andrew; Lewis, Belinda; Molloy, Liz (Women and Birth, 2011)
    Objective This exploratory study investigated empathy and attitudes towards specific medical conditions, two important aspects of the midwife–woman relationship, amongst undergraduate midwifery students at one ...
  • "C'est pas ma faute": Analyse ethnophraseologique 

    Peeters, Bert (Du sens à la signification De la signification aux sens: Mélanges offerts à Olga Galatanu, 2014)
    "C'est pas ma faute": analyse ethnophras鯬ogique Native speakers of English visiting France have often noted that phrases such C'est pas ma faute, C'est pas de ma faute, Ce n'est pas ma faute and Ce n'est pas de ma faute ...
  • Logic and The Open Society: Revising the Place of Tarski’s Theory of Truth Within Popper’s Political Philosophy 

    Naraniecki, Alex (Rethinking Popper, 2009)
    This chapter retraces the way in which the Austrian philosopher Sir Karl Popper came to accept a Correspondence Theory of Truth from the work of the Polish logician and mathematician Alfred Tarski. It is argued that Popper's ...
  • A comparative assessment of two conservative methods for the diagnosis of catheter-related infection in critically ill patients 

    Gowardman, John; Jeffries, Paula; Lassig-Smith, Melissa; Stuart, Janine; Jarrett, Paul; Deans, Renae; McGrail, Matthew; M. George, Narelle; Nimmo, Graeme; Rickard, Claire (Intensive Care Medicine, 2013)
    Purpose To assess the utility of two in situ techniques, differential time to positivity (DTP) and semiquantitative superficial cultures (SQSC) for diagnosing catheter-related bloodstream infection (CR-BSI) in critically ...
  • Orofacial complications amongst children undergoing cancer therapy in Hong Kong 

    Chu, Chun-Hung; Nair, Raj; Chan, Godfrey Chi-Fung (Hong Kong Dental Journal, 2005)
    Objectives. To investigate the orofacial complications in children undergoing cancer therapy and to increase their awareness of oral health. Methods. A randomly selected convenient sample of 46 children aged below 18 years ...
  • Reinsurance under Stress - Constructively Addressing the Regulatory Problems of Financial Reinsurance Following the AIG/Gen Re Debacle 

    Dew, James (Fifth IIDS International Conference on Governance and Development, 2006)
  • Class, Attitudes and the Climate Crisis 

    Peetz, David; Murray, Georgina (Public Opinion, Campaign Politics & Media Audiences: New Australian Perspectives, 2017)
    There is a widespread scientific consensus on the dangers posed by climate change to human societies and the role of humans in causing the great majority of those climatic changes. 1 Yet action on climate change has been ...
  • Social Geography, Space, and Place in Education 

    Baroutsis, Aspa; Comber, Barbara; Woods, Annette (Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Education, 2017)
    Society is constituted by both historical and spatial elements; however, education research, policy, and practice often subordinates the spatial in preference for the temporal. In what is often referred to as the “spatial ...
  • Learning, loving and living at the Australian Country Music Hall of Frame 

    Baker, Sarah (Participatory Heritage, 2017)
    This chapter explores the work of volunteers at the Australian Country Music Hall of Fame (ACMHF), an enthusiast-run archive and museum located in the regional city of Tamworth, Australia's self-proclaimed 'Country Music ...
  • Deliberating Federalism: Can the Australian Public Help Resolve FederalismⳠTriple Challenge? 

    Deem, Jacob (A PeopleⳠFederation, 2017)
    On 28 June 2014, then Prime Minister of Australia Tony Abbott announced the Terms of Reference for a White Paper on Reform of the Australian Federation, triggering a year of intense intergovernmental and official engagement ...
  • Understanding the Policy Realities of Urban Transitions 

    Bettini, Yvette; Arklay, Tracey; Head, Brian W. (Urban Sustainability Transitions, 2017)
    The global process of urbanization has left environmental, economic, and social consequences yet to be understood. One concern of scholars and urban administrators is the resilience of cities; how urban activities can ...
  • Beyond ᓯvereign Spheres⺠Public Officials⠖iews on Allocating Policy Responsibilities in the Australian Federation 

    Smith, Rodney; Brown, A J (A PeopleⳠFederation, 2017)
    The logic of any federal system - not only at point of creation but in its ongoing operation and evolution - rests on having an agreed understanding of the roles and responsibilities of its constituent governments. Little ...
  • Practitioners⠏pinions on Barriers to Reforming the Federal System 

    Bruerton, Mark; Kildea, Paul (A PeopleⳠFederation, 2017)
    Reforming the federal system has been an ongoing policy challenge in Australia. Over the last 40 years, there have been close to continual calls for reform of the federation, and governments have made several specific ...
  • Working Together: Policymakers⠏pinions on Improving Intergovernmental Collaboration in Australia 

    Arklay, Tracey; Bruerton, Mark; Hollander, Robyn (A PeopleⳠFederation, 2017)
    In the current climate of collaborative federalism, where the roles and responsibilities of sovereign entities intersect and overlap, cooperation between governments across different jurisdictions is essential. As successive ...
  • Resilience, Tourism and Disasters 

    Becken, Susanne; Khazai, Bijan (Tourism and Resilience, 2017)
    Natural and man-made disasters, including the impacts of geological events, climatic disasters, terrorism and war, have the potential to severely affect tourism. The Arab Spring, for example, in 2011 saw a decrease in ...
  • Generating Intersections between Music and Technology 

    Hitchcock, Matt (The Oxford Handbook of Technology and Music Education, 2017)
    This chapter, drawing on the author’s background as a professional performing musician, recording studio owner, record producer, recording engineer, software programmer, and music teacher in Australia, discusses the ...

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