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    • Rainfall induced chemical transport from soil to runoff: theory and experiments 

      Gao, Bin; Todd Walter, M.; S. Steenhuis, Tammo; L. Hogarth, William; -Yves Parlange, J. (Journal of Hydrology, 2004)
      Although both raindrop driven processes and diffusion play important roles in the transfer of chemicals from soil to surface runoff, current transport models either do not consider the two processes together, or use ...
    • A simplified hillslope erosion model with vegetation elements for practical applications 

      C.Siepel, Adam; S.Steenhuis, Tammo; Rose, Calvin; -Yves Parlange, J.; McIsaac, F. (Journal of Hydrology, 2002)
      Soil and water conservation practices are increasingly being considered for curbing non-point source pollution from agricultural land. Several studies have demonstrated that stream power is a simple and good predictor of ...