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    • Exploring the barriers to palliative care practice in neonatal nursing: A focus group study 

      Kain, Victoria (Neonatal, Paediatric and Child Health Nursing, 2011)
      Palliative care for the neonatal population has become more topical in recent years given the escalation of technological and medical advances and higher neonatal survival rates. Some newborns, however, will still die in ...
    • Clozapine and shared care: the consumer experience 

      Murphy, Kate; Coombes, Ian; McMillan, Sara; Wheeler, Amanda (Australian Journal of Primary Health, 2018)
      Clozapine is a high-risk medication with restrictions that may increase consumer treatment burden. Shared care may improve access, reduce burden and promote primary care management. However, knowledge about the consumer ...
    • The tale of two (very different) cities - Mapping the urban transport oil vulnerability of Brisbane and Hong Kong 

      Leung, Abraham; Burke, Matthew; Cui, Jenny (Transportation Research Part D: Transport and Environment, 2017)
      The volatility in oil prices has been a major concern to car dependent cities, in particular the period of higher oil prices circa 2005–2015. Higher transport costs could exacerbate transport disadvantage and cause social ...
    • Acquiring global footprints: Internationalization strategy of Chinese multinational enterprises and human resource implications 

      Cooke, Fang Lee; Wu, Gang; Zhou, Jing; Zhong, Chong; Wang, Jue (Journal of Business Research, 2018)
      The expansion of the Chinese firms' global footprints in recent years reveals their growingly evident strategic intent and emerging capability, and calls for the need to (re)examine how emerging multinational enterprises' ...
    • Anti-Human Trafficking Campaigns: A Systematic Literature Review 

      Szablewska, Natalia; Kubacki, Krzysztof (Social Marketing Quarterly, 2018)
      This study aims to systematically identify and review studies on anti-human trafficking campaigns published in peer-reviewed journals to determine the extent to which such campaigns have been critically and rigorously ...
    • Women opting in?: New perspectives on the Kaleidoscope Career Model 

      Elley-Brown, Margie J; Pringle, Judith; Harris, Candice (Australian Journal of Career Development (AJCD), 2018)
      This paper reports on findings of an interpretive study, which used the Kaleidoscope Career Model as lens through which to view the careers of professional women in education. The study used hermeneutic phenomenology, a ...
    • Fundamentals of charged particle transport in gases and condensed matter 

      Robson, Robert; White, Ronald D.; Hildebrandt, Malte (2018)
      This book offers a comprehensive and cohesive overview of transport processes associated with all kinds of charged particles, including electrons, ions, positrons, and muons, in both gases and condensed matter. The emphasis ...
    • How far has international HRM travelled? A systematic review of literature on multinational corporations (2000-2014) 

      Cooke, Fang Lee; Wood, Geoffrey; Wang, Meng; Veen, Alex (Human Resource Management Review, 2019)
      This article reviews the present state of research on multinational corporations (MNCs) in the international human resource management (IHRM) literature. Drawing on 342 articles from 39 English journals in the business and ...
    • Human resource management in Chinese multinationals in the United Kingdom: The interplay of institutions, culture, and strategic choice 

      Khan, Zaheer; Wood, Geoffrey; Tarba, Shlomo Y.; Rao-Nicholson, Rekha; He, Shaowei (Human Resource Management, 2018)
      This is a study of the challenges faced by Chinese expatriate managers and their strategic responses in securing a workable degree of alignment in UK subsidiaries, against a backdrop of competing home‐country and host‐country ...
    • Context, market economies and MNEs: The example of financial incentivization 

      Walker, James; Wood, Geoffrey; Brewster, Chris; Beleska-Spasova, Elena (International Business Review, 2018)
      This is a study of the relative utilization of reward systems within and between capitalist archetypes: the study includes not only a closer focus on diversity within and between coordinated market economies, but pays ...
    • Region-wide changes in marine ecosystem dynamics: State-space models to distinguish trends from step changes 

      Spencer, M.; Mieszkowska, N.; Robinson, L.A.; Simpson, Stephen D.; Burrows, M.T.; Birchenough, S.N.R.; Capasso, E.; Cleall-Harding, P.; Crummy, J.; Duck, C.; Eloire, D.; Frost, M.; Hall, A.J.; Hawkins, S.J.; Johns, D.G.; Sims, D.W.; Smyth, T.J.; Frid, Chris L. J. (Global Change Biology, 2012)
      Regime shifts are sudden changes in ecosystem structure that can be detected across several ecosystem components. The concept that regime shifts are common in marine ecosystems has gained popularity in recent years. Many ...
    • A MEMS Nanopositioner with Thermal Actuator and on-chip Thermal Sensor 

      Zhu, Y. (IEEE Sensors 2010 Conference, 2010)
      This paper describes the design of a micromachined nanopositioner with electrothermal actuation and sensing capabilities in a single silicon chip. The positioner has a dynamic range of 14.4 孠with a differential sensing ...
    • The Prophetic Reason for Religious and Cultural Understanding 

      Losada Sierra, Manuel; Mandalios, John (The International Journal of Civic, Political and Community Studies, 2014)
      Interreligious and intercultural dialogue is supposed to be the best way to solve the conflicts arising from rival religious hermeneutics and different modes to conceive the ideal of a good life in contemporary multicultural ...
    • Thin-walled timber structures 

      Gilbert, Benoit; Hancock, Steven; Bailleres, Henri (RILEM 2014: Materials and Joints in Timber Structures • Recent Advancement, 2014)
      Due to their efficiency, lightweight, ease of erection and low cost, steel and aluminium thin-walled structures have become very popular in the construction industry over the past few decades. Applications include roof and ...
    • Buying into ‘the good life’: The making of Gerotopia 

      Bosman, Caryl; Burton, Paul (2011 WPSC, 2011)
      Baby Boomers constitute a significant percentage of the global population and as they enter retirement their lifestyle preferences are beginning to have substantial impacts on housing landscapes. This paper examines the ...
    • 1000 Voices: Non-traditional narrative methodologies & people with intellectual disability 

      Robinson, Sally (Third International Conference of IASSID-Europe, 2010)
    • Facilitating reflective practice using journal writing in first year physiotherapy students: a qualitative study 

      M, Constantinou; S, Kuys (World Physical Therapy, 2011)
      Purpose: The aims of the study were firstly to evaluate physiotherapy students' perception of the reflective journal usefulness in developing reflective thinking and practice and secondly to identify the main concepts ...
    • Studio Teaching in Australian Planning Curriculum 

      Vella, Karen; Osborne, Natalie; Mayere, Severine; Baker, Douglas (ANZAPS: The Australian and New Zealand Association of Planning Schools Conference, 2014)
      Planning studio pedagogy has long been a part of planning education and has recently re-emerged as a topic of investigation. Scholarship has: 1) critically examined the fluctuating popularity of studio teaching and the ...
    • A bird in the hand: response to Franklin and Szabo 

      Tacon, Paul; Langley, Michelle; May, Sally K.; Lamilami, Ronald; Brennan, Wayne; Wesley, Daryl (Antiquity, 2011)
    • Using crowd-sourced photos to assess seasonal patterns of visitor use in mountain-protected areas 

      Walden-Schreiner, Chelsey; Rossi, Sebastian Dario; Barros, Agustina; Pickering, Catherine; Leung, Yu-Fai (Ambio, 2018)
      Managing protected areas effectively requires information about patterns of visitor use, but these data are often limited. We explore how geotagged photos on Flickr, a popular photo-sharing social-media site, can generate ...