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    • Enrichment for retail businesses: How female entrepreneurs and masculine traits enhance business success 

      Moudrý, Dann Vít; Thaichon, Park (Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services, 2020)
      Studies indicate that more male entrepreneurs are pursuing business ventures than their female counterparts. Latterly, there has been increased research interest in female entrepreneurs and their positive contribution to ...
    • Can a combination of average of normals and "real time" External Quality Assurance replace Internal Quality Control? 

      Badrick, Tony; Graham, Peter (Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine (CCLM), 2018)
      Internal Quality Control and External Quality Assurance are separate but related processes that have developed independently in laboratory medicine over many years. They have different sample frequencies, statistical ...
    • Comparative tolerance and phytostabilization potential of Conocarpus erectus and Eucalyptus camaldulensis grown in cadmium contaminated soil 

      Ashraf, Farah; Abbas, Ghulam; Murtaza, Behzad; Amjad, Muhammad; Imran, Muhammad; Naeem, Muhammad Asif; Saqib, Muhammad; Niazi, Nabeel Khan; Zakir, Ali; Hussain, Munawar; Shabir, Rahat (Pakistan Journal of Agricultural Sciences, 2018)
      Phytoremediation is the most promising approach for the remediation of Cd contaminated soils. In the present study, Cd tolerance and phytoremediation potential of Conocarpus erectus and Eucalyptus camaldulensis, was evaluated ...
    • Cadmium tolerance and phytoremediation potential of acacia (Acacia nilotica L.) under salinity stress 

      Shabir, Rahat; Abbas, Ghulam; Saqib, Muhammad; Shahid, Muhammad; Shah, Ghulam Mustafa; Akram, Muhammad; Niazi, Nabeel Khan; Naeem, Muhammad Asif; Hussain, Munawar; Ashraf, Farah (International Journal of Phytoremediation, 2018)
      In this study, we explored the effect of salinity on cadmium (Cd) tolerance and phytoremediation potential of Acacia nilotica. Two-month-old uniform plants of A. nilotica were grown in pots contaminated with various levels ...
    • Strengthening health technology assessment systems in the global south: a comparative analysis of the HTA journeys of China, India and South Africa 

      MacQuilkan, Kim; Baker, Peter; Downey, Laura; Ruiz, Francis; Chalkidou, Kalipso; Prinja, Shankar; Zhao, Kun; Wilkinson, Thomas; Glassman, Amanda; Hofman, Karen (Global Health Action, 2018)
      BACKGROUND: Resource allocation in health is universally challenging, but especially so in resource-constrained contexts in the Global South. Pursuing a strategy of evidence-based decision-making and using tools such as ...
    • NCD Countdown 2030: worldwide trends in non-communicable disease mortality and progress towards Sustainable Development Goal target 3.4 

      Bennett, James E; Stevens, Gretchen A; Mathers, Colin D; Bonita, Ruth; Rehm, Jurgen; Kruk, Margaret E; Riley, Leanne M; Dain, Katie; Kengne, Andre Pascal; Chalkidou, Kalipso; Beagley, Jessica; Kishore, Sandeep P; Chen, Wanqing; Saxena, Shekhar; et al. (The Lancet, 2018)
      The third UN High-Level Meeting on Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) on Sept 27, 2018, will review national and global progress towards the prevention and control of NCDs, and provide an opportunity to renew, reinforce, and ...
    • Historical development of the HTAsiaLink network and its key determinants of success 

      Teerawattananon, Yot; Luz, Karlena; Yothasmutra, Chalarntorn; Pwu, Raoh-Fang; Ahn, Jeonghoon; Shafie, Asrul Akmal; Chalkidou, Kalipso; Tantivess, Sripen; Santatiwongchai, Benjarin; Rattanavipapong, Waranya; Dabak, Saudamini (International Journal of Technology Assessment in Health Care, 2018)
      OBJECTIVES: The aim of this study was to describe the historical development of the HTAsiaLink network, draw lessons for other similar initiatives globally, and to analyze key determinants of its success and challenges for ...
    • FR171456 is a specific inhibitor of mammalian NSDHL and yeast Erg26p 

      Helliwell, SB; Karkare, S; Bergdoll, M; Rahier, A; Leighton-Davis, JR; Fioretto, C; Aust, T; Filipuzzi, I; Frederiksen, M; Gounarides, J; Hoepfner, D; Hofmann, A; Imbert, PE; Jeker, R; et al. (Nature Communications, 2015)
      FR171456 is a natural product with cholesterol-lowering properties in animal models, but its molecular target is unknown, which hinders further drug development. Here we show that FR171456 specifically targets the ...
    • Budgeting for a billion: applying health technology assessment (HTA) for universal health coverage in India 

      Dabak, Saudamini Vishwanath; Pilasant, Songyot; Mehndiratta, Abha; Downey, Laura Emily; Cluzeau, Francoise; Chalkidou, Kalipso; Luz, Alia Cynthia Gonzales; Youngkong, Sitaporn; Teerawattananon, Yot (Health Research Policy and Systems, 2018)
      BACKGROUND: India recently launched the largest universal health coverage scheme in the world to address the gaps in providing healthcare to its population. Health technology assessment (HTA) has been recognised as a tool ...
    • General synthesis of complex nanotubes by gradient electrospinning and controlled pyrolysis 

      Niu, C; Meng, J; Wang, X; Han, C; Yan, M; Zhao, K; Xu, X; Ren, W; Zhao, Y; Xu, L; Zhang, Q; Zhao, D; Mai, L (Nature Communications, 2015)
      Nanowires and nanotubes have been the focus of considerable efforts in energy storage and solar energy conversion because of their unique properties. However, owing to the limitations of synthetic methods, most inorganic ...
    • Reinforcement of hydrogels using three-dimensionally printed microfibres 

      Visser, Jetze; Melchels, Ferry PW; Jeon, June E; van Bussel, Erik M; Kimpton, Laura S; Byrne, Helen M; Dhert, Wouter JA; Dalton, Paul D; Hutmacher, Dietmar W; Malda, Jos (Nature Communications, 2015)
      Despite intensive research, hydrogels currently available for tissue repair in the musculoskeletal system are unable to meet the mechanical, as well as the biological, requirements for successful outcomes. Here we reinforce ...
    • Erratum: Single-band upconversion nanoprobes for multiplexed simultaneous in situ molecular mapping of cancer biomarkers 

      Zhou, L; Wang, R; Yao, C; Li, X; Wang, C; Zhang, X; Xu, C; Zeng, A; Zhao, D; Zhang, F (Nature Communications, 2015)
      Nature Communications 6: Article number: 6938 (2015); Published 24 April 2015; Updated 12 June 2015. This Article contains errors in the author affiliation 1 and in Figs 2 and 6. The correct details for affiliation 1 are ...
    • Single-band upconversion nanoprobes for multiplexed simultaneous in situ molecular mapping of cancer biomarkers 

      Zhou, Lei; Wang, Rui; Yao, Chi; Li, Xiaomin; Wang, Chengli; Zhang, Xiaoyan; Xu, Congjian; Zeng, Aijun; Zhao, Dongyuan; Zhang, Fan (Nature Communications, 2015)
      The identification of potential diagnostic markers and target molecules among the plethora of tumour oncoproteins for cancer diagnosis requires facile technology that is capable of quantitatively analysing multiple biomarkers ...
    • Uniform yolk-shell iron sulfide-carbon nanospheres for superior sodium-iron sulfide batteries 

      Wang, YX; Yang, J; Chou, SL; Liu, HK; Zhang, WX; Zhao, D; Dou, SX (Nature Communications, 2015)
      Sodium-metal sulfide battery holds great promise for sustainable and cost-effective applications. Nevertheless, achieving high capacity and cycling stability remains a great challenge. Here, uniform yolk-shell iron ...
    • Erratum: SC83288 is a clinical development candidate for the treatment of severe malaria 

      Pegoraro, Stefano; Duffey, Maelle; Otto, Thomas D; Wang, Yulin; Rosemann, Roman; Baumgartner, Roland; Fehler, Stefanie K; Lucantoni, Leonardo; Avery, Vicky M; Moreno-Sabater, Alicia; Mazier, Dominique; Vial, Henri J; Strobl, Stefan; Sanchez, Cecilia P; Lanzer, Michael (Nature Communications, 2017)
      Nature Communications 8 Article number:14193 (2017); Published 31 January 2017; Updated 6 Apr 2017 This Article contains errors in Figs. 1 and 8 that were introduced during the production process. The compound on the lower ...
    • Incidence of the adverse effects of androgen deprivation therapy for prostate cancer: a systematic literature review 

      Edmunds, K; Tuffaha, H; Galvão, DA; Scuffham, P; Newton, RU (Supportive Care in Cancer, 2020)
      Purpose: Androgen deprivation therapy (ADT) has broad application in the treatment of prostate cancer (PC) and is associated with numerous, debilitating adverse effects. Increasing use of ADT for PC, longer timeframe for ...
    • Exploiting a novel conformational switch to control innate immunity mediated by complement protein C3a 

      Lohman, Rink-Jan; Hamidon, Johan K; Reid, Robert C; Rowley, Jessica A; Yau, Mei-Kwan; Halili, Maria A; Nielsen, Daniel S; Lim, Junxian; Wu, Kai-Chen; Loh, Zhixuan; Anh, Do; Suen, Jacky Y; Iyer, Abishek; Fairlie, David P (Nature Communications, 2017)
      Complement C3a is an important protein in innate and adaptive immunity, but its specific roles in vivo remain uncertain because C3a degrades rapidly to form the C3a-desArg protein, which does not bind to the C3a receptor ...
    • Large-scale GWAS identifies multiple loci for hand grip strength providing biological insights into muscular fitness 

      Willems, Sara M; Wright, Daniel J; Day, Felix R; Trajanoska, Katerina; Joshi, Peter K; Morris, John A; Matteini, Amy M; Garton, Fleur C; Grarup, Niels; Oskolkov, Nikolay; Thalamuthu, Anbupalam; Mangino, Massimo; Liu, Jun; Demirkan, Ayse; Derave, Wim; et al. (Nature Communications, 2017)
      Hand grip strength is a widely used proxy of muscular fitness, a marker of frailty, and predictor of a range of morbidities and all-cause mortality. To investigate the genetic determinants of variation in grip strength, ...
    • Women's views about a free breast pump service: Online survey informing intervention development 

      McInnes, Rhona J; Gillespie, Nicola; Crossland, Nicola; Moran, Victoria Hall; Hoddinott, Pat (Maternal & Child Nutrition, 2019)
      Improving breastfeeding outcomes is a global priority; however, in the United Kingdom, continuation of breastfeeding remains low. Growing empirical evidence suggests a free breast pump service might be an acceptable and ...
    • Single-step ambient-air synthesis of graphene from renewable precursors as electrochemical genosensor 

      Seo, Dong Han; Pineda, Shafique; Fang, Jinghua; Gozukara, Yesim; Yick, Samuel; Bendavid, Avi; Lam, Simon Kwai Hung; Murdock, Adrian T; Murphy, Anthony B; Han, Zhao Jun; Ostrikov, Kostya Ken (Nature Communications, 2017)
      Thermal chemical vapour deposition techniques for graphene fabrication, while promising, are thus far limited by resource-consuming and energy-intensive principles. In particular, purified gases and extensive vacuum ...