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    • Application of process philosophy with organization and management science in pharmacy and health services research 

      Woods, Phillip (Contemporary Research Methods in Pharmacy and Health Services, 2022)
      This chapter seeks to illuminate pathways for “thinking differently” about research approaches for pharmacy practice, social pharmacy, and health services research by leaning on theoretical advances made in organization ...
    • Opportunistic Infections, Neoplasms, and Other Oral Lesions in HIV/AIDS 

      Sprague, S; Fan, H; Johnson, NW (Sexually Transmissible Oral Diseases, 2022)
      Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)-related opportunistic infections are defined as infections that are more frequent or more severe because of immunosuppression mediated by a patient's HIV infection. These include infections ...
    • The Global Market for Management Education 

      Wood, G (The Future of Management Education, 2022)
      For many years now, there has been a boom in demand for management education, with the entrance of new players at all levels of the market, and many existing players raising their game. At the same time, events showed that ...
    • India's Democracy Assistance: Not Promoting and Not Exporting 

      Hall, I (India and Global Governance: A Rising Power and Its Discontents, 2022)
      This chapter observes that even though India remains wary of democracy promotion, it has engaged in “democracy assistance,” and its approach to the support of democracies is evolving. It argues that India’s approach to ...
    • Complexity and Simplicity: Framing the Work 

      Geelan, David; Nichols, Kim; McDonald, Christine (Complexity and Simplicity in Science Education, 2022)
      Science education is a complex undertaking, on a range of levels and dimensions, and poses challenges in developing abilities on the part of students to engage with global challenges including climate change, water shortages ...
    • Rheumatic Foot Disease 

      Woodburn, J; Barn, R; Hendry, G (Foot and Ankle Biomechanics, 2023)
      This chapter explores the biomechanics of the foot and ankle across important adult and childhood rheumatic diseases including rheumatoid arthritis, the seronegative spondylarthropathies, connective tissue disease, and ...
    • Epilogue: Some Concluding Thoughts 

      Hellman, Anette; Garvis, Susanne (Local Childhoods in Global Times, 2022)
    • Indigenous Sentencing Courts 

      Marchetti, Elena; Ryle, Linda M (Australian Courts: Controversies, Challenges and Change, 2022)
      Involving Indigenous Elders or community representatives in sentencing has been an informal aspect of the criminal justice process in Australia for some time. However, such practices have never been as far reaching nor ...
    • Changing the context of Australian Indigenous education through leadership for learning “both ways” 

      Johnson, G; Flückiger, B; Dempster, N (International Encyclopedia of Education, 2022)
      In this article we discuss the findings from a narrative literature review inquiring into factors influencing outcomes in Indigenous Australian schools and communities. We asked, “What does (not) work and why?” in a range ...
    • Research in Crisis: COVID-19 and Methodological Adaptation 

      Jung, Jaewoo; Koli, Margaret K; Mavros, Christos; Smith, Johnnel; Stepanian, Katy (Research in Times of Crisis: Research Methods in the Time of Covid-19, 2021)
      COVID-19 has generated unprecedented circumstances with a tremendous impact on the global community. The academic community has also been affected by the current pandemic, with strategy and management researchers now ...
    • Social tourism in later life 

      Morgan, Nigel; Siehoyono Sie, Lintje; Finniear, Jocelyn (Handbook of Social Tourism, 2020)
      Older people in affluent societies have been characterized by two mutually incon- sistent stereotypes. On the one hand they have been portrayed as a powerful lobby, growing demographically and able to command major economic ...
    • Understanding the Millennial tourist: Proclivities and penchants of indigenous Rastafarian cultural experiences among Generation Y 

      Smith, Johnnel (Millennials, Spirituality and Tourism, 2022)
      This chapter documents the experiences of Millennials in culturally immersive homestays, tours and excursions within indigenous spiritual communities in the Caribbean. The chapter validates that there is an increasing ...
    • Developing programme leadership in an Australian university: An institutional approach to professional learning and development 

      Maddock, Louise; Carruthers, Samantha; van Haeringen, Karen (Supporting Course and Programme Leaders in Higher Education: Practical Wisdom for Leaders, Educational Developers and Programme Leaders, 2022)
      This chapter outlines the Building Programme Leadership Strategy employed by an Australian research-intensive university. The strategy had two desired outcomes: for programme leaders (PLs) to see themselves as leaders of ...
    • Whither Designed Landscapes inside the World Heritage Programme in the Asia-Pacific Arena 

      Jones, DS (The Routledge Handbook of Cultural Landscape Heritage in the Asia-Pacific, 2022)
    • Tourisms impact on global climate change 

      Loehr, Johanna (Handbook of Tourism Impacts: Social and Environmental Perspectives, 2022)
      Various observers agree that tourism contributes significantly to global greenhouse gas emissions. Under the Paris Agreement, countries around the world committed to reducing emissions to net zero by 2050, to limit global ...
    • Environmental monitoring and membrane technologies: a possible marriage? 

      Li, T; Zhou, M; Wang, Z; Xing, C; Zhang, S (Current Trends and Future Developments on (Bio-) Membranes: Membrane Technologies in Environmental Protection and Public Health: Challenges and Opportunities, 2023)
      For decades, the incorporation of membrane technologies into modern environmental monitoring technologies has significantly promoted the progress of research and development of remote sensing, data sciences, artificial ...
    • Innovations and learning at work: Local factors and contributions 

      Billett, S; Yang, S; Chia, A (Workplace Learning for Changing Social and Economic Circumstances, 2023)
      Learning through work is viewed primarily as individuals’ learning and development, albeit often directed towards their workplace purposes and needs. That learning is often linked to changes in their workplaces and ...
    • Utilising pedagogically rich activities to meet emerging workplace learning challenges 

      Billett, S (Workplace Learning for Changing Social and Economic Circumstances, 2023)
      This chapter discusses the use and efficacy of pedagogically rich work activities as means to assist individuals to learn through their everyday work tasks and interactions. These activities are important because they ...
    • SAPHO Syndrome 

      Truong, S; Nash, P (Rarer Arthropathies, 2022)
      Synovitis, Acne, Pustulosis, Hyperostosis, Osteitis (SAPHO) syndrome is a rare and complex multisystem autoimmune condition with a unique clinical presentation. It typically starts in the young to middle aged, causing ...
    • Under the Bridge 

      Weaver, Rose (2022)
      This research involves the production of a documentary film and accompanying exegesis about gender non-conforming (GNC) middle-aged lesbian women (European descent and Aboriginal) and examines cultures of belonging and ...