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    • Evaluation of an intervention to improve nutrition intakes among elective colorectal surgery patients: a mixed-methods pilot study 

      Rattray, Megan; Desbrow, Ben; Marshall, Andrea P; von Papen, Michael; Roberts, Shelley (Nutrition, 2020)
      Background: Timely and adequate nutrition after surgery is important. The aim of this study was to evaluate the effects of an intervention, developed using an integrated knowledge translation (iKT) approach, designed to ...
    • Police Officers' Perceptions of a Sex Offender Registration Scheme: Identifying and Responding to Risk 

      Masters, Kindalin Brooke; Kebbell, Mark Rhys (Psychiatry, Psychology and Law, 2019)
      This article reports on interviews with 17 participants responsible for managing sex offenders on a sex offender register scheme. Semi-structured interviews were conducted that covered the topics of the participants' ...
    • Innovation and transparency in the recruitment of women in Australian policing 

      Ward, Aiyana; Prenzler, Tim; Drew, Jacqueline (Police Practice and Research, 2020)
      This paper reviews developments in gender equity-oriented recruitment policies in Australian policing between 2015 and 2019. Findings cover the six state, one federal and one territory police departments. The study was ...
    • A principled approach to equipment scaling for children's sport: A case study in basketball 

      Gorman, AD; Headrick, J; Renshaw, I; McCormack, CJ; Topp, KM (International Journal of Sports Science and Coaching, 2020)
      The aims of this research were to (a) demonstrate how a principled approach using anthropometric measures of the hand can be used to identify the most appropriate basketball size for junior basketball players and (b) examine ...
    • Biliverdin and bilirubin sulfonate inhibit monosodium urate induced sterile inflammation in the rat 

      Shiels, Ryan G; Hewage, Wenu; Pennell, Evan N; Vidimce, Josif; Grant, Gary; Pearson, Andrew G; Wagner, Karl-Heinz; Morgan, Michael; Bulmer, Andrew C (European Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, 2020)
      BACKGROUND: Biliverdin, a by-product of haem catabolism, possesses potent endogenous antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Bilirubin-C10-sulfonate (BRS), an active metabolite formed after enteral administration of ...
    • Beat Machine: Embracing the Creative Limitations and Opportunities of Low-Cost Computers 

      Brown, Andrew R; Ferguson, John R (Leonardo Music Journal, 2020)
      The Beat Machine is a handheld music synthesizer and sequencer. The authors discuss the development of the Beat Machine and how creative constraints and opportunities were introduced by the particularities of low-cost ...
    • Call to increase statistical collaboration in sports science, sport and exercise medicine and sports physiotherapy 

      Sainani, Kristin L; Borg, David N; Caldwell, Aaron R; Butson, Michael L; Tenan, Matthew S; Vickers, Andrew J; Vigotsky, Andrew D; Warmenhoven, John; Nguyen, Robert; Lohse, Keith R; Knight, Emma J; Bargary, Norma (British Journal of Sports Medicine, 2020)
      Statistical errors are common in many biomedical fields.1–5 We believe the nature and impact of these errors to be great enough in sports science and medicine to warrant special attention.6–14 Poor methodological and ...
    • ‘I’m over it . . .’ 

      Jordan, Peter J (How to Keep Your Research Project on Track: Insights from When Things Go Wrong, 2018)
      Many research students and junior staff claim ‘they’re over it’. This is a common refrain and the author asks those who are ‘over it’ to think deeply about what it is that you are over. This is a career riddled with ...
    • Azithromycin Prescribing by Respiratory Pediatricians in Australia and New Zealand for Chronic Wet Cough: A Questionnaire-Based Survey 

      Chellew, Naomi; Chang, Anne B; Grimwood, Keith (Frontiers in Pediatrics, 2020)
      Aims: To determine how respiratory pediatricians across Australia and New Zealand prescribe azithromycin for children with chronic wet cough, including recurrent protracted bacterial bronchitis, chronic suppurative lung ...
    • ‘. . . Just one goat’: the importance of interpretation in qualitative data analysis 

      Townsend, Keith; Loudoun, Rebecca (How to Keep Your Research Project on Track: Insights from When Things Go Wrong, 2018)
      Events can be interpreted many ways, and sometimes we don’t always like the ways things are interpreted. This chapter tells of an attempt to design a longitudinal research project with qualitative data when the authors ...
    • An empirical examination of the dark side of relationship marketing within a business-tobusiness context 

      Baker, BL; Dant, RP; Weaven, SK (Handbook of Research on Distribution Channels, 2019)
      There is a preponderance of research documenting the benefits associated with adopting a relationship marketing (RM) strategy. However, there is a nascent stream of literature which suggests the adoption of an RM strategy ...
    • Environmental assessment of development assistance projects should include all crosscutting issues 

      Brown, Alan (Impact Assessment in the Development Process: Advances in Integrating Environmental Assessment with Economic and Social Appraisal, 1998)
      This paper concerns international development assistance, or international cooperation, and the desire amongst countries and agencies providing this assistance to ensure that its outcomes are sustainable, that activities ...
    • Importance and challenges of vaccination in older people 

      Van Buynder, P; Woodward, M (Medicine Today, 2019)
      Infectious diseases contribute significantly to morbidity, ongoing functional decline and mortality in older people. Several of these diseases are preventable by vaccination, but vaccine coverage is suboptimal for all of ...
    • Review of the effect of transport noise interventions on human health: policy implications and future research 

      Brown, Alan; van Kamp, Irene (12th ICBEN Conference on Noise as a Public Health Problem, 2017)
      A systematic literature review (1980-2014) of evidence on the effects of transport noise interventions on human health was performed in the framework of preparation of the WHO Environmental noise guidelines for the European ...
    • Reducing pneumococcal risk in people aged 65 years and over 

      Van Buynder, P (Medicine Today, 2019)
      Disease due to pneumococcus (Streptococcus pneumoniae) remains a major source of illness in older people. Conjugated pneumococcal vaccines are used extensively in national paediatric programs, whereas a 23-valent polysaccharide ...
    • Enhancing influenza vaccination in older people 

      Van Buynder, P (Medicine Today, 2019)
      Seasonal influenza disease can be particularly severe in older people, but conventional trivalent and quadrivalent inactivated influenza vaccines can be ineffective in this age group when influenza A(H3N2) strains predominate. ...
    • Effects of traffic Noise: South-East Freeway, Brisbane 

      Brown, Alan; Law, HG (8th Australian Road Research Board (ARRB) Conference, 1976)
      A survey was conducted of 288 residents living within 100m of the South east freeway, Brisbane, to determine the magnitude and distribution of the effects of the freeway traffic noise. Respondents were asked to self report ...
    • The intra- and inter-annual responses of soil respiration to climate extremes in a semiarid grassland 

      Li, Linfeng; Qian, Ruyan; Wang, Weijin; Kang, Xiaoming; Ran, Qinwei; Zheng, Zhenzhen; Zhang, Biao; Xu, Cong; Che, Rongxiao; Dong, Junfu; Xu, Zhihong; Cui, Xiaoyong; Hao, Yanbin; Wang, Yanfen (Geoderma, 2020)
      Increasing frequency and magnitude of climate extremes could fundamentally affect terrestrial carbon (C) cycling. However, as the second-largest terrestrial C flux, soil respiration (SR) responses to climate extremes are ...
    • Improving the quality of neonatal care in Nigeria through the education of maternity health workers 

      Emmanuel, A; Kain, VJ; Forster, E (Journal of Neonatal Nursing, 2020)
      This study was undertaken to determine the impact of an educational intervention on health care workers' level of satisfaction with the training and the new knowledge gained regarding newborn care. A pre- and post-training ...
    • Alpha-Synuclein Aggregates Associated with Mitochondria in Tunnelling Nanotubes 

      Valdinocci, Dario; Kovarova, Jaromira; Neuzil, Jiri; Pountney, Dean L (Neurotoxicity Research, 2020)
      The interaction of α-synuclein with mitochondria in both typical and atypical Parkinson's disease is a critical component of degeneration. The mechanism of cell-to-cell propagation of pathological α-synuclein in synucleinopathies ...