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    • Review article: Identifying occupational violence patient risk factors and risk assessment tools in the emergency department: A scoping review 

      Cabilan, CJ; Johnston, ANB (Emergency Medicine Australasia, 2019)
      Occupational violence (OV) is a daily risk for ED staff. It contributes to staff stress, sick leave, turn‐over and burn‐out, and limits the capacity of staff to provide unimpeded quality care to patients and their families. ...
    • Recombinant Human Bone Morphogenetic Protein 7 Exerts Osteo-Catabolic Effects on Bone Grafts That Outweigh Its Osteo-Anabolic Capacity 

      Lahr, CA; Wagner, F; Shafiee, A; Rudert, M; Hutmacher, DW; Holzapfel, BM (Calcified Tissue International, 2019)
      This study aimed to investigate the effects of recombinant human bone morphogenetic protein (rhBMP-7) on human cancellous bone grafts (BGs) while differentiating between anabolic and catabolic events. Human BGs alone or ...
    • The Cardiac Society of Australia and New Zealand Position Statement on the Diagnosis and Management of Arrhythmogenic Right Ventricular Cardiomyopathy (2019 Update) 

      Hamilton-Craig, Christian; McGavigan, Andrew; Semsarian, Chris; Martin, Andrew; Atherton, John; Stanton, Tony; La Gerche, Andre; Taylor, Andrew J; Haqqani, Haris (Heart, Lung and Circulation, 2019)
      Key Points: 1. Arrhythmogenic right ventricular cardiomyopathy (ARVC) is a disease affecting the right, and/or the left ventricle, and commonly presents as an electrical disorder with ventricular arrhythmias and increased ...
    • Bidirectional relationship between methamphetamine use and positive psychotic symptoms in regular methamphetamine users: Evidence from a prospective cohort study 

      Hides, Leanne; Chan, Gary; Dawe, Sharon; McKetin, Rebecca; Kavanagh, David J.; Young, Ross McD.; Teesson, Maree; Saunders, John B. (The British Journal of Psychiatry, 2019-08)
      Background: Methamphetamine (MA) has been consistently associated with positive psychotic symptoms, but little is known about whether the reverse also occurs. Aims: This study determined whether the relationship between ...
    • Self-regulation, behaviours and learning among children: An evaluation of the Journey to the Island of Calm programme in Australia 

      Cartmel, J; Udah, H; San Gil, O; Prause, A (Children Australia, 2019)
      In this article, an evaluation of the Journey to the Island of Calm programme in three sites in Queensland is presented. The evaluation examines the change in children’s sense of agency and capacity to manage their social ...
    • Inhibition of Diverse DsbA Enzymes in Multi-DsbA Encoding Pathogens 

      Totsika, Makrina; Vagenas, Dimitrios; Paxman, Jason J; Wang, Geqing; Dhouib, Rabeb; Sharma, Pooja; Martin, Jennifer L; Scanlon, Martin J; Heras, Begona (Antioxidants & Redox Signaling, 2018)
      Aims: DsbA catalyzes disulfide bond formation in secreted and outer membrane proteins in bacteria. In pathogens, DsbA is a major facilitator of virulence constituting a target for antivirulence antimicrobial development. ...
    • Ceramide Synthase 6: Comparative Analysis, Phylogeny and Evolution 

      Holmes, Roger S; Barron, Keri A; Krupenko, Natalia (Biomolecules, 2018)
      Ceramide synthase 6 (CerS6, also known as LASS6) is one of the six members of ceramide synthase gene family in humans. Comparisons of CerS6 amino acid sequences and structures as well as of CerS6 gene structures/locations ...
    • Patient-Derived Stem Cell Models in SPAST HSP: Disease Modelling and Drug Discovery 

      Wali, Gautam; Sue, Carolyn M; Mackay-Sim, Alan (Brain Sciences, 2018)
      Hereditary spastic paraplegia is an inherited, progressive paralysis of the lower limbs first described by Adolph Strümpell in 1883 with a further detailed description of the disease by Maurice Lorrain in 1888. Today, more ...
    • Scaling biodiversity responses to hydrological regimes 

      Rolls, Robert J; Heino, Jani; Ryder, Darren S; Chessman, Bruce C; Growns, Ivor O; Thompson, Ross M; Gido, Keith B (Biological Reviews, 2018)
      Of all ecosystems, freshwaters support the most dynamic and highly concentrated biodiversity on Earth. These attributes of freshwater biodiversity along with increasing demand for water mean that these systems serve as ...
    • A Ring-Distortion Strategy from Marine Natural Product Ilimaquinone Leads to Quorum Sensing Modulators 

      Evanno, Laurent; Lachkar, David; Lamali, Assia; Boufridi, Asmaa; Seon-Meniel, Blandine; Tintillier, Florent; Saulnier, Denis; Denis, Stephanie; Genta-Jouve, Gregory; Jullian, Jean-Christophe; Leblanc, Karine; Beniddir, Mehdi A; Petek, Sylvain; Debitus, Cecile; Poupon, Erwan (European Journal of Organic Chemistry, 2018)
      We report herein a ring‐distortion strategy applied to marine natural substances ilimaquinone and 5‐epi‐ilimaquinone. A chemically diverse library of molecules was synthesised that included rearrangements of the sesquiterpene ...
    • Design interventions to repair migrants’ mental well-being: The ‘Culture in Mind’ healing space 

      Kalantidou, Eleni (Crossings: Journal of Migration & Culture, 2018)
      The intention of this article is to present the transformation of a space that houses a migrant-oriented community service with a focus on mental health and well-being (Culture in Mind) into an inviting milieu, which fosters ...
    • Reconstruction of a Signal from the Real Part of Its Discrete Fourier Transform 

      So, Stephen; Paliwal, Kuldip K (IEEE Signal Processing Magazine, 2018)
      In this tutorial, we present a procedure for reconstructing a complex-valued, discrete-time signal from only partial Fourier transform (FT) information, more specifically, the real part of its discrete FT (RDFT). By applying ...
    • Colony formation in the cyanobacterium Microcystis 

      Xiao, Man; Li, Ming; Reynolds, Colin S (Biological Reviews, 2018)
      Morphological evolution from a unicellular to multicellular state provides greater opportunities for organisms to attain larger and more complex living forms. As the most common freshwater cyanobacterial genus, Microcystis ...
    • Survive and Thrive: Field Research in Authoritarian Southeast Asia 

      Morgenbesser, Lee; Weiss, Meredith L (Asian Studies Review, 2018)
      The literature on field research methods has focused almost exclusively on the strategies available to scholars working in democracies. By comparison, there has been scant guidance for those working in authoritarian regimes. ...
    • Phyto-cover of landfill sites: a sustainable alternative to conventional clay cover 

      Ghadiri, H; Benaud, P; Greenway, M; Yuen, S; Zhu, G (Environmental Pollution and Public Health (EPPH 2011), 2011)
      A large scale field research was carried out in five active landfill locations across Australia to investigate the viability and sustainability of a new phyto-capping system of landfill final cover as a replacement for the ...
    • Employability and Labour Under-utilization in Non-Metropolitan Labour Markets 

      Baum, Scott; Bill, Anthea; Mitchell, William F (Regional Studies, 2009)
      This paper addresses labour under-utilization and considers the factors that are associated with under-utilization risk of individuals embedded in diverse non-metropolitan labour market regions. Taking survey and census ...
    • Virtual geographic environments for water pollution control 

      Rink, Karsten; Chen, Cui; Bilke, Lars; Liao, Zhenliang; Rinke, Karsten; Frassl, Marieke; Yue, Tianxiang; Kolditz, Olaf (International Journal of Digital Earth, 2018)
      Due to extensive water pollution in Chinese rivers and lakes, large efforts have to be made to improve the quality of drinking water and manage the sewage water treatment process. We propose a general workflow for integrating ...
    • Ants are the major agents of resource removal from tropical rainforests 

      Griffiths, Hannah M; Ashton, Louise A; Walker, Alice E; Hasan, Fevziye; Evans, Theodore A; Eggleton, Paul; Parr, Catherine L (Journal of Animal Ecology, 2018)
      1. Ants are diverse and abundant, especially in tropical ecosystems. They are often cited as the agents of key ecological processes, but their precise contributions compared with other organisms have rarely been quantified. ...
    • Doxorubicin resistance in breast cancer cells is mediated by extracellular matrix proteins 

      Lovitt, CJ; Shelper, TB; Avery, VM (BMC Cancer, 2018)
      Background: Cancer cell resistance to therapeutics can result from acquired or de novo-mediated factors. Here, we have utilised advanced breast cancer cell culture models to elucidate de novo doxorubicin resistance ...
    • Modelling of flow around hexagonal and textured cyiinaers 

      Karampour, Hassan; Wu, Zhuolin; Lefebure, Julien; Jeng, Dong-Sheng; Etemad-Shahidi, Amir; Simpson, Benjamin (Proceedings of the ICE - Engineering and Computational Mechanics, 2018)
      The flow regime around a hexagonal polygon with low Reynolds numbers Re < 200 is numerically investigated in two different orientations namely face- and corner oriented. The basic flow characteristics, including drag ...