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dc.contributor.authorBoonsaner, Maliwan
dc.contributor.authorHawker, Darryl W
dc.description.abstractLittle is known regarding the potential for pharmaceuticals including antibiotics to be accumulated in edible aquatic plants and enter the human food chain. This work investigates the transfer of a widely used veterinary antibiotic, oxytetracycline (OTC), from swine manure to aquatic plants by firstly characterizing desorption from swine manure to water and fitting data to both nonlinear and linear isotherms. Bioconcentration of OTC from water was then quantified with aquatic plants of contrasting morphology and growth habit viz. watermeal (Wolffia globosa Hartog and Plas), cabomba (Cabomba caroliniana A. Gray) and water spinach (Ipomoea aquatica Forsk.). Watermeal and water spinach are widely consumed in Southeast Asia. The OTC desorption and bioconcentration data were used to provide the first quantitative estimates of human exposure to OTC from a manure-water-aquatic plant route. Results show that under certain conditions (plants growing for 15 d in undiluted swine manure effluent (2% w/v solids) and an initial OTC swine manure concentration of 43 mg kg 1 (dry weight)), this pathway could provide a significant fraction (>48%) of the acceptable daily intake (ADI) for OTC. While effluent dilution, lower OTC manure concentrations and not all plant material consumed being contaminated would be expected to diminish the proportion of the ADI accumulated, uptake from aquatic plants should not be ignored when determining human exposure to antibiotics such as OTC.
dc.subject.fieldofresearchEnvironmental Engineering not elsewhere classified
dc.titleTransfer of oxytetracycline from swine manure to three different aquatic plants: Implications for human exposure
dc.typeJournal article
dc.type.descriptionC1 - Articles
dc.type.codeC - Journal Articles
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gro.griffith.authorHawker, Darryl W.

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