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dc.contributor.authorLowe, Ian
dc.contributor.editorMiller, C
dc.contributor.editorOrchard, L
dc.description.abstractWhile it is given relatively little attention, population policy is extremely important. Decisions taken now will have economic, social and environmental consequences for many decades. So policy decisions should be given very high priority. A consequence of federalism is that most decisions about population policy are made by the national government, for whom growth is at least a short-term benefit, whereas the social and economic costs of that growth are largely borne by state and territory governments. Refugees are a small fraction of the migrants coming to Australia and refugee policy is largely driven by international treaty obligations rather than government policies, but the heated debate about the treatment of ‘boat people’ has confused the broader issue of population. There is a broad consensus between the major Australian political parties that supports a high rate of population growth, mainly because of the belief that it has economic benefits. The consensus covers both explicit and implicit population policies. The differences at the margin only concern some relatively minor issues. Underpinning the consensus are shared values about the primacy of economic management over social and environmental considerations. While the Green Party differs significantly from the Australian Labor Party (ALP) and the coalition parties on those fundamentals, its policies still support a growing population (Lowe, 2012).
dc.publisherPolicy Press at the University of Bristol
dc.publisher.placeUnited Kingdom
dc.relation.ispartofbooktitleAustralian Public Policy: Progressive Ideas in the Neoliberal Ascendency
dc.subject.fieldofresearchPopulation trends and policies
dc.titlePopulation policy
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