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  • The Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative: New Openings for Civil Society in Myanmar 

    Simpson, Adam (The Business of Transition: Law Reform, Development and Economics in Myanmar, 2017)
    Th e key challenges for the National League for Democracy (NLD) gov-ernment are to both manage a long- term political transition from mili-tary to civilian rule and initiate a durable economic transformation towards a ...
  • Transitions to energy and climate security in Thailand 

    Simpson, Adam; Smits, Mattijs (Handbook of Transitions to Energy and Climate Security, 2017)
    This chapter examines the transition of Thailand to energy and climate security as an energy consuming country. It explains the links between the historical and contemporary concepts of energy security, modernity and ...
  • Starting from year zero: Environmental governance in Myanmar 

    Simpson, Adam (Environmental Challenges and Governance: Diverse perspectives from Asia, 2015)
    Introduction Myanmar is a country of diverse ecosystems that traverse northern misty mountains with sub-alpine forests, the central dry zone alluvial plains and the southern coastal tropics. Mountainous borderlands, which ...
  • Democracy and environmental governance in Thailand 

    Simpson, Adam (Environmental Challenges and Governance: Diverse perspectives from Asia, 2015)
    Introduction The linkages between levels of democracy and effective environmental governance are suggested by observing their effects on a global scale over the last century. Despite the limited success of relatively ...
  • Environment and Natural Resources 

    Simpson, Adam (Routledge Handbook of Contemporary Myanmar, 2018)
    This chapter explores the dynamics of environmental and natural resource governance in Myanmar. It provides an overview of how corruption in Myanmar has impacted on its environment and natural resources. The chapter examines ...
  • Civil Society 

    Fink, Christina; Simpson, Adam (Routledge Handbook of Contemporary Myanmar, 2018)
    This chapter begins with an exploration of what constitutes civil society in the Myanmar context and discusses the historical development of civil society in Myanmar. It examines the reforms that have enabled civil society ...
  • Explaining Myanmar in Flux and Transition 

    Farrelly, Nicholas; Holliday, Ian; Simpson, Adam (Routledge Handbook of Contemporary Myanmar, 2018)
    This introduction presents an overview of the key concepts discussed in the subsequent chapters of this book. The book begins by considering the fundamentals of Myanmar life that provide the context for the analysis of ...
  • Myanmar Futures 

    Simpson, Adam; Holliday, Ian; Farrelly, Nicholas (Routledge Handbook of Contemporary Myanmar, 2018)
    This chapter provides an in-depth survey and analysis of the many cultural, political and economic shifts currently underway and the key challenges that the country faces. It considers what a successful transition in Myanmar ...
  • The Environment in Southeast Asia: Injustice, Conflict and Activism 

    Simpson, Adam (Contemporary Southeast Asia: The Politics of Change, Contestation and Adaptation, 2018)
    As demonstrated throughout this volume, the types and severity of dilemmas facing states within Southeast Asia can vary enormously depending on their history, culture, politics and level of social and economic development. ...
  • Comparative evaluation of zero deforestation governance 

    Cadman, Timothy; Maraseni, Tek; Sarker, Tapan; Ma, Hwan Ok (Zero deforestation: A commitment to change, 2017)
    This article assesses seven deforestation initiatives. The governance quality of a range of non-state zero deforestation initiatives, as assessed by stakeholder surveys, reveals a general level of satisfaction, but not ...
  • Indigenous Tourism in Australia History, trends and future directions 

    Ruhanen, Lisa; Whitford, Michelle (Indigenous Tourism: Cases from Australia and New Zealand, 2017)
    In Australia, Indigenous culture has long been thought to have the potential to provide the country's tourism industry with a key point of differentiation (Buultjens et al., 2005). Thus Indigenous experiences have consistently ...
  • Introduction to Indigenous Tourism in Australia and New Zealand 

    Whitford, Michelle; Ruhanen, Lisa; Carr, Anna (Indigenous Tourism: Cases from Australia and New Zealand, 2017)
    Our shared global history has been shaped by travel for a range of reasons, including trade, migration and/or the desire to explore. It was in the 19th century when the trend for adventure and to experience the 'exotic ...
  • Muslim Minorities in China 

    Mackerras, Colin (The Wiley Blackwell Encyclopedia of Race, Ethnicity, and Nationalism, 2016)
    There are ten Muslim minorities in China, of which the most populous and important (in terms of their impact on China's history, contemporary politics, and society) are the culturally Chinese Hui and the Turkic Uighurs. ...
  • Introduction: Employee Voice in emerging economies: Charting new territory 

    Pyman, Amanda; Gollan, Paul J; Wilkinson, Adrian; Xu, Cathy; Kalfa, Senia (Employee Voice in Emerging Economies, 2017)
    Within the industrial relations paradigm, employee voice is broadly defined as the ways and means through which employees attempt to have a say and potentially influence organisational affairs about issues that affect their ...
  • Supporting the M in STEM Using Online Maths Support Modules 

    Loughlin, Wendy; Johnston, Peter; Brown, Chris; Watters, Dianne (Blended Learning Designs in STEM Higher Education Putting Learning First, 2019)
    Recently, a range of mathematics support centres and online approaches have emerged in order to address the well-recognised limitations in the mathematical skills of STEM undergraduates (Jackson & Johnson, 2013). Whilst ...
  • Sociomaterial dimensions of early literacy learning spaces: Moving through classrooms with teacher and children 

    Kervin, L; Comber, B; Baroutsis, A (School Spaces for Student Wellbeing and Learning: Insights from Research and Practice, 2019)
    Classroom spaces are complex social worlds where people interact in multifaceted ways with spaces and materials. Classrooms are carefully designed agents for socialisation; however, the complexity and richness of learning ...
  • A case study of patriarchy and slavery: The hermeneutical importance of Qur'anic assumptions in the development of a values-based and purposive Qur'an-Sunna hermeneutic 

    Duderija, Adis (Maqasid al-Shari'a and Contemporary Reformist Muslim Thought: An Examination, 2014)
    When engaging in the process of developing a Qurʾānic hermeneutic1 and Islamic legal theory (usūl ul-fiqh), generations upon generations of Islamic legal theorists (usuliyyūn), jurists (fuqahāʾ), and exegetes (mufassirūn) ...
  • China's macroeconomic policy: A policy of ambition and pragmatism 

    Liew, Leong (Macroeconomic Policies in Countries of the Global South, 2019)
    The focus of the macroeconomic policy is often towards the short-run, implementing fiscal and monetary policies to minimise economic volatility by manipulating demand to counter unexpected demand and supply shocks. China's ...
  • Materialities, multiliteracies, and makerspaces: Design-based experiments in teacher/researcher collaborations 

    Baroutsis, Aspa; Woods, Annette (The Routledge International Handbook of Learning with Technology in Early Childhood, 2019)
    In a world of increasing digitisation and multimodality, writing, or more broadly text production, is a key element of what it means to be literate. Everyday practices now include interactions between children and young ...
  • Insights Into Chinese Diets: A Social Marketing Formative Study 

    Khan, J; Rundle-Thiele, S; Rivers, G (Handbook of Research on Social Marketing and Its Influence on Animal Origin Food Product Consumption, 2018)
    The rise in demand for beef in China is occurring at a time when red meat consumption is being discouraged by leading health authorities globally. Social marketing starts by understanding individuals and the social and ...

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