Recent Submissions

  • The Death Penalty and Human Rights in China 

    Trevaskes, Susan (Handbook on Human Rights in China, 2019)
    This Handbook gives a wide-ranging account of the theory and practice of human rights in China, viewed against international standards, and China’s international engagements around human rights. The Handbook is organised ...
  • Socialist Law 

    Trevaskes, Susan (Afterlives of Chinese Communism: political concepts from Mao to Xi, 2019)
    Socialist law, both in the Soviet Union and in Mao’s China, emerged as a system of legal principles based on the historical realities of socialist revolution. The role of the Communist Party in both nations was to lead ...
  • Listening With Feeling: Emotional Labour and Digital Storytelling in Dementia Care Education 

    Matthews, Nicole; Sunderland, Naomi (Still Here: Memoirs of Trauma, Illness and Loss, 2019)
    In this chapter, the authors explore the emotional labor associated with listening to personal stories. They show that using stories of lived experience to change professional practice and service provision is a promising ...
  • People, Politics and Populism in International Criminal Law: The Mungiki as Kenyan Ethnos and Kenyan Demos 

    Bikundo, Edwin (Netherlands Yearbook of International Law 2018, 2019)
    Although democracy and democratic practices, in the form of both direct and indirect public participation in governance are axiomatically a cherished value of liberal democratic principles, populism is nevertheless treated ...
  • Introduction to the Research Handbook on Feminist Engagement with International Law 

    Harris Rimmer, Susan; Ogg, Kate (Research Handbook on Feminist Engagement with International Law, 2019)
    For feminist international law scholars, practitioners and advocates, the first two decades of the new Millennium have produced moments of elation and disenchantment. It has been the best and worst of times, in the truly ...
  • The Case of Australia: From "Culture" Reforms to a Culture of Rights 

    Harris Rimmer, Susan (Women and Gender Perspectives in the Military An International Comparison, 2019)
    This book brings a much-needed crossnational analysis of how militaries have or have not improved gender balance, what has worked and what has not, and who have been the agents for change.
  • Feminist approaches to global economic governance: the G20 as a platform for step-change? 

    Harris Rimmer, Susan; Byrne, Caitlin (The G20 and international relations theoryPerspectives on global summitry, 2019)
    This chapter considers the engagement of feminist ideas with the G20. It argues that the G20 deserves the attention of feminist scholarship because of its potential to progress women’s involvement on global economic ...
  • Women as makers of international law: towards feminist diplomacy 

    Harris Rimmer, Susan Gail (Research Handbook on Feminist Engagement with International Law, 2019)
    Feminist international law scholarship has always insisted on showing the human faces of the state. The sources of international law are learnt by heart from Article 38 of the International Court of Justice statute, namely ...
  • What does the new Australian Foreign Policy White Paper mean for MIKTA? 

    Harris Rimmer, Susan (MIKTA: Current Situation and The Way Forward, 2018)
    Australia has been a key proponent of 'active middle power' diplomacy for many decades, often in concert with Canada, New Zealand and South Korea. Australia now often terms itself a 'pivotal power' or 'top 20' power. 1 ...
  • Foreign Policy under the Coalition: Turbulent Times, Dwindling Investments 

    Harris Rimmer, Susan (From Turnbull to Morrison: The Trust Divide, 2019)
    When Malcolm Turnbull was sworn in as Prime Minister in late 2015, there were expectations of an increased cosmopolitanism in Australian foreign policy. Pundits expected a touch of Davos after Tony Abbott's insular term. ...
  • Wild West Shows and Wild Australia 

    Couzens, Andrew James (A Cultural History of the Bushranger Legend in Theatres and Cinemas, 1828–2017, 2019)
    Due to melodrama’s well- established narrative conventions the analysis of stage enactments of the bushranger legend in the previous two chapters focused on representational and narrative features. The impermanence of ...
  • Institutional Responses to Climate Change Adaptation: Flood Management at the Metropolitan Level in Accra, Ghana 

    Korah, Prosper; Cobbinah, Patrick Brandful (The Geography of Climate Change Adaptation in Urban Africa, 2019)
    Climate change and associated manifestations are creating significant stress in many parts of the world. Increased climate variability especially altered temperature and rainfall patterns, is predicted to be one of the ...
  • Australia’s Long History of Immigration, Policing and the Criminal Law 

    Finnane, Mark; Kaladelfos, Andy (Crimmigration in Australia, 2019)
    Modern immigration is a highly regulated procedure governing the mobility of peoples between sovereign jurisdictions. This procedure has been progressively refined since the late eighteenth century through mechanisms of ...
  • Case study 3: Monash University, a strategic approach 

    Beitz, Anthony; Groenewegen, David; Harboe-Ree, Cathrine; Macmillan, Wilna; Searle, Samantha (Delivering Research Data Management Services: Fundamentals of good practice, 2013)
    Monash University recognizes that if research data is better managed, more discoverable, available for reuse and exposed to relevant communities it will contribute to increased research impact, enhanced research practice ...
  • Entrepreneurial intentions of immigrant Chinese students in Ireland 

    Flynn, Antoinette; Birdthistle, Naomi; Boyu, Fang (Research Handbook on Entrepreneurship in Emerging Economies, 2020)
    International students, as a special group of immigrants, play an important role in entrepreneurial activities worldwide. Davey et al. (2011), found that international students from developing and emerging economies are ...
  • The sound of the spirit Auditory enthusiasm and the attack on Methodism in the eighteenth century 

    Denney, Peter (Sound, Space and Civility in the British World, 1700-1850, 2019)
    ‘The Importance of Sound and Noise in the Gospel of Methodism is truly great,’ proclaimed an anonymous author, probably William Combe, in a caustic satire on this popular religious movement. Published in 1778, Combe’s ...
  • Admitting and assessing medical and surgical clients 

    Needham, Judith; Anderson, Judith; Peddle, Monica; Deravin, Linda; Reisenhofer, Sonia (Acute Care Nursing, 2018)
  • Exploring intersections of technology, play, informality, and innovation 

    Howell, G (The Oxford Handbook of Technology and Music Education, 2017)
    The idea that “humans are the ones making the music” (Pignato, this volume) is the starting point for reflection upon the factors beyond new technologies that encourage musical innovation. In their core perspectives, ...
  • Getting in the way?: Limitations of technology in community music 

    Howell, G (The Oxford Handbook of Technology and Music Education, 2017)
    New music technologies are often promoted as tools that can enrich music learning experiences, in and out of the classroom. However, their success is context dependent rather than universally assured. This chapter examines ...
  • Music development and post-conflict reconciliation in Sri Lanka 

    Howell, Gillian (Kunst og Konflikt, 2019)
    Kan utviklingsprosjekter med musikk, kunst og kultur i form av offentlige festivaler bidra til å bearbeide de sosiokulturelle konsekvensene av krig og voldelige konflikter? I så fall, på hvilke måter kan man tilrettelegge ...

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