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  • Inclusive Language, Pedagogy, and Motivation in Early Childhood Education 

    Ackah-Jnr, Francis R; Appiah, John; Kwao, Alex (Current Research in Language, Literature and Education Vol. 5, 2022)
    In this chapter we explore language use in early childhood education settings, identify impacts of non-inclusive language, and make proposals to enhance the use of inclusive language in teaching and learning. We used a ...
  • Parental involvement in early childhood education in Ghana 

    Ackah-Jnr, Francis R (Parental Engagement and Early Childhood Education Around the World, 2021)
    Parents traditionally play important roles in their children’s early learning, education, and socialisation. As children’s first and continuing teachers, parents’ involvement in Early Childhood Education (ECE) is linked ...
  • Employees’ Behavioural Response to Organisational Change: Effect of Psychological Contract and Change Readiness 

    Jamil, Aditi; O'Donohue, Wayne; Xerri, Matt; Radford, Katrina (Challenges and Trendsin OrganizationalManagement and Industry, 2022)
    The purpose of this study is to understand the effect of employees’ psychological contract and change readiness on employees’ behavioural responses towards organisational change. This research uses a theoretical framework ...
  • ‘A Dangerous Place to Be’? Rengger, the English School, and International Disorder 

    Hall, Christopher (The Civil Condition in World Politics: Beyond Tragedy and Utopianism, 2022)
    Nicholas J. Rengger was never a member of the English school of international relations. But throughout his career he carried on a conversation with its members, past and present, and that dialogue shaped his own thought. ...
  • Blurred Minds Parent Program: Applying Marketing to Start Teenage Conversations 

    Hurley, E; Dietrich, T; Rundle-Thiele, S (Ethical Approaches to Marketing: Positive Contributions to Society, 2021)
    Parents play a key role in preventing and reducing alcohol related risks in adolescents.Literature demonstrates a strong link between parenting specific behaviours and ado-lescent alcohol attitudes, expectations and drinking ...
  • What People Actually Know about Posthumous Organ Donation 

    Alsalem, A; Thaichon, P; Scott, W (Ethical Approaches to Marketing: Positive Contributions to Society, 2021)
    Despite the societal value of organ donation behaviour rates remain low worldwide(Theodosopoulou et al. 2018). Organ shortage is a global problem and the demandfor organ transplants has reached a critical stage whereby ...
  • Building confidence about the academic journey 

    Cook, M (The Doctoral Experience: Student Stories from the Creative Arts and Humanities, 2020)
    While many research students may think they know the skills they need to develop to complete a doctoral degree, these may be entirely focused on the mechanical part of the process. For example, the need to read, research, ...
  • Interspecific, Intraspecific Cross 

    Ford, R (Brenner's Encyclopedia of Genetics: Second Edition, 2013)
    Interspecific hybrids are progeny from the mating of individuals from different species and intraspecific hybrids are hybrids from the mating of individuals within a species. Both involve the exchange of genetic material, ...
  • The Roles of Biotechnology in Agriculture to Sustain Food Security under Climate Change 

    Ford, Rebecca; Mehmood, Yasir; Nantawan, usana; Kanchana-udomkan, Chutchamas (Food Security and Climate Change, 2018)
    This chapter reviews significant biotechnology advances towards improving the resilience of food production systems to major climate impacts. It discusses specific examples of the gains already made or yet to be proven ...
  • 'Reformers No Rioters': British Radicalism and Mob Identity in the 1790s 

    Davis, MT (Crowd Actions in Britain and France from the Middle Ages to the Modern World, 2015)
    On 27 August 1794, Lydia Hardy — the wife of the founder of the London Corresponding Society (LCS), Thomas Hardy — died within hours of giving birth to a stillborn baby. Two days later, when the impending funeral of Mrs ...
  • The Noise and Emotions of Political Trials in Britain during the 1790s 

    Davis, Michael (Political Trials in an Age of Revolutions: Britain and the North Atlantic, 1793-1848, 2019)
    Noise and the expression of emotions were a frequent and acceptable part of criminal trial proceedings during the eighteenth century. In this way, political trials were normalised and were qualitatively indistinguishable ...
  • Introduction: Political Trials in an Age of Revolutions: Britain and the North Atlantic, 1793–1848 

    Davis, Michael; Macleod, Emma; Pentland, Gordon (Political Trials in an Age of Revolutions: Britain and the North Atlantic, 1793-1848, 2019)
    The defendants in many of the political trials of the “age of revolutions”, whether speaking for themselves or through professional counsel, were confident that they would appear as protagonists in later histories. They ...
  • Exploring the Transition Between Doctoral Student and Early Career Academic: A New Perspective on Activity Systems 

    Larkin, Kevin (Traversing the Doctorate: Reflections and Strategies from Students, Supervisors and Administrators, 2019)
    This chapter explores how the completion of a doctorate can be seen as a journey where similar landscapes, in terms of rules for completion, supervision and the like, are traversed in unique ways by individual doctoral ...
  • ‘It allowed me to deliver the biggest show of their national tour’: An examination of contemporary live music festivals in peripheral and geographically isolated locales 

    Ballico, Christina (Marginalisation and Events, 2019)
    Despite the popularity of music festivals as a way through which to stage contemporary live music activity, a range of challenges exist in being able to stage such events in locales which are peripheral in geographical and ...
  • You Get to Know the Scene Inside Out, but the Cost of Travel is a Burden: The Impacts of Isolation and Peripherality on the Contemporary Music Scene of Perth, Western Australia 

    Ballico, Christina (Geographically Isolated and Peripheral Music Scenes: Global Insights and Perspectives, 2021)
    This chapter explores the impacts and influences of geographical isolation and peripherality on the functioning of the contemporary music scene in Perth, Western Australia. Drawing on interviews with musicians and industry ...
  • The search for high power in China: State grid corporation of China 

    Xu, YC (Policy, Regulation and Innovation in China’s Electricity and Telecom Industries, 2019)
    There are long-held assumptions that Chinese firms, especially state-owned enterprises (SOEs), cannot innovate because distorted incentive structures discourage them from taking risks. This paper disputes this assumption. ...
  • Death in Second Life: Lost and missing lives 

    Gibson, Margaret (Residues of Death: Disposal Refigured, 2019)
    This chapter is based on ethnographic research in the virtual, 3D social world of Second Life. Identities and social relationships are constructed through avatars in social and game worlds that are part of this larger, ...
  • Airport choice 

    Ryley, T (Air Transport - A Tourism Perspective, 2019)
    This chapter discusses the factors influencing the tourist choice of airport. The initial section introduces the concepts associated with leisure travel, life stage, tourism trip type, and aviation choices. The airport ...
  • Gender Participation in Decision Making Positions of Sport Federations 

    Drakou, Amalia; Sotiriadou, Kalliopi; Gargalianos, Dimitris (The Routledge Handbook of Gender Politics in Sport and Physical Activity, 2022)
    Gender equality contributes to economic prosperity as it improves organizational effectiveness and strengthens employee organizational commitment. Over the last decades, considerable progress has been made, predominately ...
  • Rolling up our sleeves and pulling up our socks: A critical review of safety culture definitions and measures, and innovative ways to move the field forward 

    Casey, TW; Hu, X; Reid, C; Tran, PA; Guldenmund, FW (Handbook of Research Methods for Organisational Culture, 2022)
    No other concept in safety science is as studied, yet poorly understood (or measured) as safety culture. In this chapter, we aim to bring conceptual and methodological clarity to this field. Our proposition is that to ...

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