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  • Mortality after release from prison 

    Kinner, Stuart; Binswanger, Ingrid (Encyclopedia of Criminology and Criminal Justice, 2014)
    Studies from Europe, Australia, the United States and Taiwan have shown that the rate of mortality in ex-prisoners is elevated in the weeks immediately following release, compared with subsequent weeks. These studies have ...
  • Gravitational Search Algorithm With Chaos 

    Mirjalili, Seyedali; Gandomi, Amir H. (Handbook of Neural Computation, 2017)
    The literature shows that the Gravitational Search Algorithm (GSA) is really competitive compared to Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) and Genetic Algorithm (GA) on benchmark functions. However, local optima entrapment and ...
  • The Rock Art of South and East Asia 

    Tacon, Paul (The Oxford Handbook of the Archaeology and Anthropology of Rock Art, 2017)
    This chapter discusses the rock art of South and East Asia, with particular emphasis on India, China, and Southeast Asia. It begins with an overview of early research and first discoveries of rock art in China, India, and ...
  • Evolving Radial Basis Function Networks Using Moth憬ame Optimizer 

    Faris, Hossam; Aljarah, Ibrahim; Mirjalili, Seyedali (Handbook of Neural Computation, 2017)
    This book chapter proposes a new training algorithms for Radial Basis Function (RBF) using a recently proposed optimization algorithm called Moth–Flame Optimizer (MFO). After formulating MFO as RBFN trainer, seven standard ...
  • Advocating Global Health Security 

    Davies, Sara (Global Insecurity: Futures of Global Chaos and Governance, 2017)
    For the last two decades, a recurring strategy employed by health professionals, scientists, and diplomats has been to play the ‘health security card’ to achieve particular trade, diplomatic, strategic, and development ...
  • Valorising Disability on Screen: When Did ቮspirational⠂ecome a Dirty Word? 

    Wain, Veronica (Documentary and Disability, 2017)
    This chapter examines autobiographical documentary in general and intellectual disability in particular. Wain reflects upon the creation of 18q- A Different Kind of Normal, a documentary feature, risks of self-representation ...
  • 㗥ⲥ serving the community, in whichever form it may be亠Muslim Community Building in Australia 

    Amath, Nora (Muslim Community Organizations in the West: History, Developments and Future Perspectives, 2017)
    We hear a great deal about Islam today but we know relatively little about how it has integrated itself into the societies and cultures of 1.7 billion people on six continents, including Australia. We tend to think of Islam ...
  • On the Identification of Correlated Differential Features for Supervised Classification of High-Dimensional Data 

    Ng, Shu-Kay Angus; McLachlan, Geoffrey John (Data Science: Innovative Developments in Data Analysis and Clustering, 2017)
    Many real problems in supervised classification involve high-dimensional feature data measured for individuals of known origin from two or more classes. When the dimension of the feature vector is very large relative to ...
  • Tourism Future: Towards Transformational Tourism 

    Dwyer, Larry; Ateljevic, Irena; Tomljenovic, Renata (Evolution of Destination Planning and Strategy: The Rise of Tourism in Croatia, 2017)
    This chapter ties together the main proposition of the book grounded in the tourism planning framework to dwell on the future of tourism and tourism research. It emphasises tourism’s power to transform society towards the ...
  • Photoelectrocatalytic Materials for Water Disinfection 

    Zhao, Huijun; Zhang, Haimin (Advances in Photocatalytic Disinfection, 2017)
    This chapter summarizes recent progress on semiconductor-based photoelectrocatalytic materials with UV and visible light activities that are applicable to bactericidal purpose. Semiconductor photocatalysis (e.g., TiO2, ...
  • Becoming performers: Creating participatory spaces collaboratively 

    Burnard, Pamela; Okuno, Emily; Boyack, Jenny; Howell, Gillian; Blair, Deborah; Giglio, Marcelo (Teaching Music Creatively, 2017)
    At the heart of collective and connected learning experiences, particularly in the performing arts, lies the role and nature of participation. As with the processes of group improvisation and composition, the principles ...
  • Projective Techniques 

    Kubacki, Krzysztof; Siemieniako, Dariusz (Formative Research in Social Marketing: Innovative Methods to Gain Consumer Insights, 2017)
    This chapter discusses projective techniques, an increasingly popular formative research method in social marketing. Projective techniques involve the provision of ambiguous and indirect stimuli such as images or stories ...
  • The Consumer Diaries Research Method 

    Siemieniako, Dariusz (Formative Research in Social Marketing: Innovative Methods to Gain Consumer Insights, 2017)
    The objective of this chapter is to explore the characteristics of the diary research method and its use in a social marketing context. First, the diary research method is discussed and presented, including justification ...
  • Arts-Based Service Learning with Indigenous Communities: Engendering Artistic Citizenship 

    Bartleet, Brydie-Leigh; Carfoot, Cavin (Artistic Citizenship: Artisty, Social Responsibility, and Ethical Praxis, 2016)
    This chapter looks at how arts-based service learning with First Peoples can engender intercultural understanding, reconciliation, social justice, and artistic citizenship more broadly. The chapter provides a definition ...
  • FASD Prevention Interventions Valued by Australian and Canadian Women 

    Rundle-Thiele, Sharyn; Thurmeier, Robin; Deshpande, Sameer; Cismaru, Magdalena; Lavack, Anne M.; Agrey, Noreen; Anibaldi, Renata (Innovations in Social Marketing and Public Health Communication: Improving the Quality of Life for Individuals and Communities, 2015)
    Clinical reports indicate a poor quality of life (QOL) among individuals with FASD. For example, women with FASD had poor QOL scores and high levels of mental health disorders and behavioral problems relative to other ...
  • Inferential Crime Mapping 

    Townsley, Michael (Encyclopedia of Criminology and Criminal Justice, 2014)
    Crime mapping has become extremely popular as an analytic technique in the last 20 years and is arguably the default mode of analysis for law enforcement officers. Spencer Chainey (this volume) explores the driving forces ...
  • Community case study research 

    Dredge, Dianne; Hales, Robert (Handbook of Research Methods in Tourism: Quantitative and Qualitative Approaches, 2012)
  • Women in policing 

    Brown, Jennifer; Prenzler, Timothy; van Ewijk, Anne R. (Encyclopedia of Criminology and Criminal Justice, 2014)
    Women rarely entered policing at the inception of a nation’s police force(s), rather their entry was delayed and then often marked by circumscribed roles and limited occupancy of all available ranks. Four broad phases can ...
  • The Fog of Law 

    Trevaskes, Sue; Nesossi, Elisa (Pollution: China Story Yearbook 2015, 2016)
    To understand what the rule of law actually means, we need to look closely at the October 2014 Resolution, because it states that Party leadership and the rule of law are identical. It also describes the rule of law as ...
  • Deprivation of Liberty under Scrutiny 

    Nesossi, Elisa; Biddulph, Sarah; Sapio, Flora; Trevaskes, Sue (Legal Reforms and Deprivation of Liberty in Contemporary China, 2016)
    Since the early 1980s, the People’s Republic of China (PRC) has embarked on a dramatic and ongoing experiment with legal and institutional reform (gaige). The aim has been the creation of an efficient and modern justice ...

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