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  • The European Image of the World as a Cosmos: notes towards an archaeology 

    Baker, Gideon (Perspectives on International Political Theory in Europe, 2021)
    This chapter argues that the European provenance of International Political Theory shapes the field in ways that go deeper than critical approaches can show. For the European image of the world underlies both affirmations ...
  • Children's health, physical activity, and nutrition 

    Morawska, A; Mitchell, AE (Handbook of Parenting and Child Development Across the Lifespan, 2018)
    Health, nutrition and physical activity are fundamental to children’s development and well-being, and the early lifestyle habits that children acquire lay the foundation for a lifetime of behaviors that promote or undermine ...
  • 'Transcending the limits of logic': Poetic inquiry as a qualitative research method for working with vulnerable communities 

    Van Luyn, A; Gair, S; Saunders, V (Sharing Qualitative Research: Showing Lived Experience and Community Narratives, 2017)
    In this chapter, we offer an overview of the diverse ways in which poetry is being used in qualitative inquiry. We seek to illuminate for readers how and why poetic inquiry has value for such researchers. Illustrative ...
  • Combining drama pedagogy with digital technologies to support the language learning needs of newly arrived refugee children: a classroom case study 

    Dunn, Julie; Bundy, Penny; Woodrow, Nina (Innovation, Technology and Converging Practices in Drama Education and Applied Theatre, 2015)
  • Exploding time past and time present 

    Foley, Fiona (Griffith Review: Hey, Utopia!, 2021)
    THE VERY IDEA of stepping back in time as a Badtjala woman is a utopian thought. Back in time the Badtjala people traversed to and from the mainland and the islands in the Great Sandy Strait with ease. What if I could be ...
  • Form and Function of Exosome-Associated Long Non-coding RNAs in Cancer 

    Hewson, Chris; Morris, Kevin V (Long Non-coding RNAs in Human Disease, 2016)
    The recent discovery that long non-coding RNAs (lncRNAs) are functional and are not merely "transcriptional noise" has spawned an entirely new arena of investigation. LncRNAs have been found to be functional in the regulation ...
  • Peptide-Protein Conjugation and Characterization to Develop Vaccines for Group A Streptococcus 

    Eskandari, Sharareh; Good, Michael F; Pandey, Manisha (Peptide Conjugation, 2021)
    Peptide conjugates have been widely used for developing vaccines that prevent common bacterial infections for which peptides alone are either ineffective or provide only short-term protection. Among several carrier proteins, ...
  • In-depth interviewing 

    Osborne, Natalie; Grant-Smith, Deanna (Methods in Urban Analysis, 2021)
    This chapter explores in-depth interviewing, a widely used method in qualitative research aimed at building a depth of understanding, rather than factual or abstract information. We give a brief account of structured ...
  • Implementation tips with hindsight 

    Linning, C; Sanchez, AX; Hampson, KD (Delivering Value with BIM: A Whole-of-Life Approach, 2016)
    As mentioned in Chapter 4, identifying and monitoring benefits that realise the value of Building Information Modelling (BIM) can be used as an overarching framework for the implementation strategy. However, there is a lot ...
  • Co-transplantation strategies and combination therapies for stroke 

    Popa-Wagner, A; Sandu, RE; Ciobanu, O (Bone Marrow Stem Cell Therapy for Stroke, 2016)
    Worldwide cerebrovascular disease (CVD) is increasing in parallel with modernization, changes in lifestyle, and the growing elderly population. The incidence of stroke increases significantly with age both in men and women ...
  • Coping Skills 

    Gardner, Alex; Zimmer-Gembeck, Melanie; Skinner, Ellen (The Encyclopedia of Child and Adolescent Health: Cognitive and Psychosocial Development, 2021)
    Coping skills include a range of actions and adaptations in response to stressful experiences, which can be critical for determining pathways of resilience and vulnerability in children and adolescents. This article describes ...
  • BIM, asset management and metrics 

    Sanchez, AX; Hampson, KD (Delivering Value with BIM: A Whole-of-Life Approach, 2016)
    The global financial recession… has highlighted the importance of improving productivity and finding new ways to do business in the industry, and BIM has contributed to that dialogue by supporting efforts to collaborate ...
  • Toward a strategic agenda for global action research: Reflections on alternative globalization 

    Rowell, LL; Balogh, R; Edwards-Groves, C; Zuber-Skerritt, O; Santos, D; Shosh, JM (The Palgrave International Handbook of Action Research, 2016)
    The concluding chapter of the Handbook was written and shared in the Rundbriefe (round letters) form circulated among six Handbook authors active in the leadership of key international action research organizations whose ...
  • Action learning and action research association (ALARA): History, culture, and sustainability 

    Zuber-Skerritt, O; Passfield, R (The Palgrave International Handbook of Action Research, 2016)
    In this chapter, we reflect on personal experience of the Action Learning and Action Research Association (ALARA) as it has evolved as an international network over 25 years and on newly collected and analysed data from ...
  • Australian Indigenous Ochres: Use, Sourcing, and Exchange 

    Huntley, Jillian (The Oxford Handbook of the Archaeology of Indigenous Australia and NewGuinea, 2021)
    Aboriginal Australians use ochre in varied cultural practices. It is found in the earliest to most recent archaeological sites and geographically across the wide-ranging geological and climatic contexts of the continent. ...
  • Energy Security and Economic Integration: A Comparative Analysis of Europe and Asia-Pacific 

    Taghizadeh-Hesary, Farhad; Sarker, Tapan; Mortha, Aline; Kim, Chul Ju (Economic Integration in Asia and Europe: Lessons and Policies, 2021)
    Rising concerns over climate change in the recent years have increased the importance of energy for policy makers, and energy security is a central concept in energy policy. In particular, Asia and the Pacific (hereafter ...
  • Neuroendocrine and Metabolic Regulation of Plasma Growth Hormone Secretory Profiles 

    Huang, Lili; Chen, Yang; Huang, Zhengxiang; Chen, Chen (Neurosecretion: Secretory Mechanisms, 2020)
    Like many other neuroendocrine hormones, growth hormone (GH; somatotropin) secretion is pulsatile with regular releasing bursts on a relatively low constitutive basal secretion. This chapter discusses current knowledge of ...
  • Occupational science in Australia 

    Stanley, M; Molineux, M; Whiteford, G (Occupational Therapy in Australia: Professional and Practice Issues, 2021)
    Upon completion of this chapter, the reader will be able to define occupational science, identify key concepts within occupational science, and describe the history of occupational science in Australia. The chapter also ...
  • Advocacy, promotion, leadership and entrepreneurship in the occupational therapy profession in Australia 

    Bissett, M; Rodger, S; Parsons, D; Buchanan, A; Berndt, A (Occupational Therapy in Australia: Professional and Practice Issues, 2021)
    Upon completion of this chapter, the reader will be able to define the terms advocacy, promotion leadership and entrepreneurship, and understand the relevance of these terms in the practice of occupational therapists. The ...
  • Looking forward: Occupational therapy in Australia's future 

    Brown, T; Bourke-Taylor, H; Isbel, S; Cordier, R; Gustafsson, L (Occupational Therapy in Australia: Professional and Practice Issues, 2021)
    Upon completion of this chapter, the reader will be able to review the accomplishments of Australian occupational therapists as an indicator and motivator to future success and outline potential future areas of occupational ...

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