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  • Encouraging Indigenous Self-Employment in Franchising 

    Weaven, Scott; Frazer, Lorelle; Brimble, Mark; Bodle, Kerry; Roussety, Antoine; Thaichon, Paramaporn (Subsistence Entrepreneurship The Interplay of Collaborative Innovation, Sustainability and Social Goals, 2019)
    Although originally touted as a business mechanism to encourage self-employment for minorities, franchising has not lived up to initial expectations. While minority ownership in franchising in the USA has shown considerable ...
  • Benefits of translanguaging and transculturation exchanges between international Higher Degree Research students and English medium research supervisors 

    Li, Minglin; Exley, Beryl (Multilingual Education Yearbook 2019 Media of Instruction & Multilingual Settings, 2019)
    Discussions around internationalisation in Higher Degree Research (HDR) supervision have advocated a “deparochialising” (Lingard in Globalisation, Societies and Education 4(2):287–302, 2006, p. 187) of research education ...
  • Mathematics Apps—Stormy with the Weather Clearing: Using Cluster Analysis to Enhance App Use in Mathematics Classrooms 

    Larkin, Kevin; Milford, Todd (Using Mobile Technologies in the Teaching and Learning of Mathematics, 2018)
    Mathematical apps are now used in many school settings. To support teachers in making appropriate pedagogical decisions regarding their increased use, empirical, quantitative analyses of apps are required. This chapter ...
  • Mobile Technologies: How Might Using Mobile Technologies Reshape the Learning and Teaching of Mathematics? 

    Calder, Nigel; Larkin, Kevin; Sinclair, Nathalie (Using Mobile Technologies in the Teaching and Learning of Mathematics, 2018)
    As our attention moves to the opportunities and constraints that mobile technologies (MT) might afford, app developers, teachers and researchers have become more adept at identifying and enacting opportunities for enhancing ...
  • Implementing PebblePad into Forensic Chemistry—A Whole of Program Approach 

    Cresswell, Sarah; Forrest, Alexander S (Blended Learning Designs in STEM Higher Education Putting Learning First, 2019)
    Forensic chemistry at Griffith is undertaken as part of a 3- or 4-year program and students study both mainstream chemistry courses and specialised forensic science courses. We have introduced reflective learning tasks, ...
  • On the Sensorial of Imagination 

    Coessens, Kathleen; Tomlinson, Vanessa (Sensorial Aesthetics in Music Practices, 2019)
    The senses appear on the boundary between the inside and the outside of human experience. They are like an open door through which light, impres-sions, and air enter, are exchanged, and merge with the light, impressions, ...
  • Self-Compassion Interventions in Body Image: A Review of the Literature 

    Seekis, Veya; Bradley, Graham L; Duffy, Amanda L (The Power of Compassion, 2019)
    There has been increasing interest in the potential benefits of self-compassion as an approach to promoting a positive body image and preventing risks associated with disordered eating behaviours. This chapter provides a ...
  • Orphanages as sites of Modern Slavery 

    van Doore, Kathryn (Modern Day Slavery and Orphanage Tourism, 2019)
  • Peer rejection and victimization 

    Duffy, Amanda; Gardner, Alex; Zimmer-Gembeck, Melanie (The Encyclopedia of Child and Adolescent Development: Emotion in Childhood, 2019)
  • Women, peace, and security: A transformative agenda? 

    Davies, SE; True, J (The Oxford Handbook of Women, Peace, and Security, 2019)
    The Women, Peace, and Security agenda (WPS) stands at a juncture with significant potential to prevent conflicts, protect human rights, and promote recovery from conflict but inadequate progress and institutional resistance ...
  • Women’s roles in CVE 

    Eddyono, SW; Davies, SE (The Oxford Handbook of Women, Peace, and Security, 2019)
    This chapter examines recent attempts to apply evolving ideas regarding women’s empowerment, leadership, and participation to the issue of preventing and countering violence extremism (P/CVE). Incorporation of the central ...
  • In Defence of the Total Filmmaker 

    Meissner, Nico (The 21st Century Film, TV & Media School: Directing the Future, 2019)
    In a 1970 interview, Argentinian filmmaker Fernando Solanas described his attempt to build a filmmaking career as: ‘the solution that we found was to make a few commercials in order to be able to make another cinema’ (1970: ...
  • Ethnopragmatics of Hāzer Javābi, a Valued Speech Practice in Persian 

    Arab, Reza (Studies in Ethnopragmatics, Cultural Semantics, and Intercultural Communication Ethnopragmatics and Semantic Analysis, 2019)
    This study examines the speech practice designated as hazer javabi (literally, 'ready response' in Persian (Farsi) using an ethnopragmatic approach; that is, it attempts to capture the 'insider' understandings of the ...
  • A Modification in the Subject of Right: Deleuze, Jurisprudence and the Diagram of Bees in Roman Law 

    Mussawir, Edward (Posthuman Ecologies: Complexity and Process After Deleuze, 2019)
    Deleuze’s work is sometimes acknowledged for its affinity both for certain kinds of animals or ‘becomings-animal’ as well as for jurisprudence as a mode of thought in relation to law. This paper explores the close connection ...
  • Beyond the Canberra Bubble: Rebuilding Trust in Federal Australia 

    Deem, Jacob; Tiernan, Anne (From Turnbull to Morrison: Understanding the Trust Divide, 2019)
    In the wake of Scott Morrison’s unexpected victory on 18 May 2019, issues that scarcely featured during the federal election campaign came to sudden and dramatic prominence. The Coalition’s defiantly narrow, small-target ...
  • The State of the Step-Up: Australia's Engagement with the Pacific 

    Newton Cain, Tess (State of the Neighbourhood, 2019)
    Since winning the election in May 2019, Scott Morrison has maintained his categorical statement that the Pacific islands region is ‘front and centre of Australia’s strategic outlook, our foreign policy, our personal ...
  • The contemporary cultural significance of Gallery Rock, a petroglyph complex recently found in Wollemi National Park, New South Wales, Australia 

    Tacon, Paul; Brennan, Wayne; King, Graham; Pross, Dave; Kelleher, Matthew (Aesthetics, Applications, Artistry and Anarchy: Essays in Prehistoric andContemporary Art. A Festschrift in honour of John Kay Clegg11 January 1935 – 1 March 2015, 2019)
    In 2001 we began The Landscape of Blue Mountain Rock Art research project. Since then, over 250 rock art sites have been recorded in Wollemi National Park, consisting of engravings, drawings, stencils and some paintings. ...
  • Being flexible in interviews: Make sure that you account for power imbalance 

    Lee, Qian Yi (How to Keep Your Research Project on Track: Insights from When Things Go Wrong, 2018)
    Like all PhD candidates going through the adventure of qualitative inter-views, I struggled with a multitude of issues (yes, the consent forms need to be signed; yes, all information will be de-identified and anonymous). ...
  • 'We're not just listening to the radio': Australian radio listeners as fans 

    Ames, Kate; Ewart, Jacqueline (Aussie Fans: Uniquely Placed in Global Popular Culture, 2019)
    What is a radio fan? Are radio fans fans of artists, hosts, or the genre more broadly? Do radio programs construct fandom? Does it matter whether one is a fan or simply a listener? What is the fan object when it comes to ...
  • Framing the field of popular music history and heritage studies 

    Cantillon, Zelmarie; Strong, Catherine; Istvandity, Lauren; Baker, Sarah (The Routledge Companion to Popular Music History and Heritage, 2018)
    Popular music plays a significant role in individual, community and national identity. Subsequently, there is a growing international trend of incorporating popular music into discourses and practices of history and heritage. ...

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