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  • Ideas of Constitutions and Deliberative Democracy: A Conceptual Conclusion 

    Parkinson, John (Constitutional Deliberative Democracy in Europe, 2016)
    This volume is dedicated to the idea of specifically ‘constitutional’ deliberative democracy. What does that adjective add? For some of the contributors, the answer to that question is rather obvious – it is a deliberative ...
  • Innovating in First Year Pre-service Teacher Education: “Buddy Up” 

    Elsden-Clifton, Jennifer; Jordan, Kathy; Carr, Nicky (Teacher Education, 2016)
    In response to the changing regulatory climate of initial teacher education, coupled with first year students’ needs to effectively transition to higher education, the School of Education at RMIT University reconceptualised ...
  • The Archaeological Remains of Early Modern Spanish Colonialism on Guam and Their Implications 

    Dixon, Boyd; Jalandoni, Andrea; Craft, Cacilie (Historical Archaeology of Early Modern Colonialism in Asia-Pacific: The Southwest Pacific and Oceanian Regions, 2017)
    The period between Fernando de Magallanes’ initial landfall in Guam on March 6, 1521, and the establishment of a permanent Spanish presence in Hagåtña on June 16, 1668, is sometimes called the contact period in the ...
  • “Laid back” and “irreverent”: An ethnopragmatic analysis of two cultural themes in Australian English communication 

    Goddard, Cliff; Cramer, Rahel (Handbook of Communication in Cross-Cultural Perspective, 2017)
    Building on previous semantic and ethnopragmatic studies of Australian English (Wierzbicka 1997, 2001, 2002; Goddard 2006, 2009, 2012), this chapter focuses on two clusters of words and associated discourse practices, in ...
  • School Improvement and School Leadership: Key Factors for Sustaining Learning. The Impact of Change on Education 

    Townsend, Tony (School Development and School Effectiveness as a Research Field, 2014)
    When educating school leaders about how we might go about improving student learning, one simple way to open their eyes is to ask the question 'What can a 15 year old do or experience today that you could not do when you ...
  • Business leadership development in Iran 

    Hutchings, Kate; Mohannak, Kavoos; Sendjaya, Sen (Leadership Development in the Middle East, 2011)
  • Humanitarian Intervention 

    Bellamy, A. (Contemporary Security Studies, 2010)
  • Adaptation, Climate Change 

    Byrne, Jason (Green Cities: An A-Z Guide, 2010)
  • Class, Attitudes and the Climate Crisis 

    Peetz, David; Murray, Georgina (Public Opinion, Campaign Politics & Media Audiences: New Australian Perspectives, 2017)
    There is a widespread scientific consensus on the dangers posed by climate change to human societies and the role of humans in causing the great majority of those climatic changes. 1 Yet action on climate change has been ...
  • Epidemiology of oral problems in children and adolescents 

    Bonecker, Marcelo; Pordeus, Isabela Almeida; Aida, Jun; Peres, Marco Aurelio (Promoting the Oral health of children: Theory and Practice, 2014)
    Epidemiology and health promotion are closely associated when it comes to the health of the population. The study of the determinants and the distribution of a disease in specific populations provides relevant information ...
  • The Intervention, Stronger Futures and Racial Discrimination: Placing the Australian Government under Scrutiny 

    Bielefeld, Shelley ("And there'll be NO dancing": Perspectives on Policies Impacting Indigenous Australia since 2007, 2017)
    The Northern Territory Emergency Response (NTER/Intervention), instigated in 2007 by Australia's Federal Government, has led to prolonged human rights abuses for Australia's First Peoples living in the Northern Territory ...
  • Gerhard Richter and the Life of Images 

    Hawker, Rosemary (Gerhard Richter: The life of Images, 2017)
    Gerhard Richter is deeply committed to the exploration of the life of images in his practice and in the world at large. Even at its most abstract or minimal, his work examines how images are generated - their circulation ...
  • Assessment of pipe-jacking forces through direct shear tests on tunneling rock spoils 

    Choo, Chung Siung; Ong, Dominic Ek Leong (Computer Methods and Recent Advances in Geomechanics, 2015)
    The continued growth of urban environments has brought about the advent of trenchless technology as the ideal installation method for buried infrastructure in densely populated urban areas, such as the city of Kuching. ...
  • 澳中关系45周年(1972 -2017) 

    Mackerras, Colin (澳大利亚发展报告 (2016 栲017), 2017)
    1972 年, 澳大利亚与中国建立外交关系, 到 2017 年已经走过45 年历程。 中国现在是澳大利亚最大的货物贸易伙伴, 两国 投资关系不断加强, 人文合作涵盖旅游、 教育和移民等领域,同时两国防务合作也有所发展。 两国文化关系的发展也令人 瞩目。 政治 - 战略关系同样保持良好。 两国建交 45 年来澳中 关系发生了深刻变化, 各个方面不断向好。 各种交流在 1972年之前是难以想象的, 如今都已成为现实。 尽管 45 年来两国 ...
  • Learning the Active Way: Creating Interactive Lectures to Promote Student Learning 

    Campbell, Chris; Blair, Heidi (Handbook of Research on Pedagogical Models for Next-Generation Teaching and Learning, 2018)
    This chapter, by highlighting research project examples, reports on methods of active learning to promote student engagement in previously static classes. Through these examples, one can explore how increased lecture ...
  • Case study of institutional implementation of blended learning in five universities in China 

    Han, Xibin; Wang, Yuping; Li, Binfeng; Cheng, Jiangang (Blended Learning for Quality Higher Education: Selected Case Studies on Implementation from Asia-Pacific, 2016)
    This chapter contains a longitudinal study investigating institutional roles in the adoption and implementation of blended learning at five universities in China. These roles are examined based on the key components of the ...
  • Evolutionary Behavioral Economics 

    Burnham, Terence C.; Lea, Stephen E.G.; Bell, Adrian V.; Gintis, Herbert; Glimcher, Paul W.; Kurzban, Robert; Lades, Leonhard; McCabe, Kevin; Panchanathan, Karthik; Teschl, Miriam; Witt, Ulrich (Complexity and Evolution: Toward a New Synthesis for Economics, 2016)
    This chapter explores how the economic model of individual behavior can be improved by incorporating a number of insights from evolutionary theory and complex systems theory. Insights from psychology, the neurosciences, ...
  • Narrative, power and employee voice 

    Barry, Michael; Parry, Ken (Macht und Employment Relations: Festschrift fuer Werner Nienhueser, 2013)
    Professor Werner Nienhüser has had a distinguished career as a scholar in the fields of employment relations (ER) and human resource management (HRM). He has successfully worked across disciplinary boundaries and has ...
  • CEO promotion, relative performance measures, and institutions in an emerging market: Evidence from China's listed state-owned enterprise 

    Hu, Fang; Zhang, Yahua (The Political Economy of Chinese Finance, 2016)
    Purpose: This paper investigates CEO turnover and the usefulness of relative performance evaluation (RPE) as a management incentive in an emerging economy lacking market-based competition. Methodology/approach: In ...
  • L⩤entitࠤel microcredito 

    Hunt, Katherine Helen Mary; Ferraguti, di Daniele; Pellegrini, Francesca ( Lo sviluppo del potenziale del microcredito attraverso il social business in Italia [The Potential for Microcredit and Social Business in Italy], 2014)
    This chapter considers the different regulatory environments in key microfinance countries with a focus on the regulation which has the potential to impact MFI operations and more specifically MFI financial sustainability ...

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