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  • Positive Behaviour Support: An Overview of the Three-tiered Framework 

    Beamish, Wendi; Saggers, Beth (Developing Positive Classroom Environments: Strategies for nurturing adolescent learning, 2017)
    In Australia and globally, there is an increasing need for schools to create safe and supportive environments in order to promote positive, productive behaviour, social and emotional w wellbeing and academic outcomes ...
  • Learning Occupational Practice in the Absence of Expert Guidance: The Agentic Action of Australian Home Care Workers 

    Palesy, Debra; Billett, Stephen (Agency at Work: An Agentic Perspective on Professional Learning and Development, 2017)
    Many kinds of workers need to both work and learn in socially isolated circumstances (i.e. in the absence of others who can provide guidance and support). Such circumstances require particular kinds of agency and agentic ...
  • Vocational Education in the Netherlands 

    ed Bruijn, Elly; Billett, Stephen; Onstenk, Jeroen (Enhancing Teaching and Learning in the Dutch Vocational Education System, 2017)
    This chapter introduces the Dutch vocational education system and aims to foster an understanding of how it currently works. It describes and discusses the features of this system and the foundational issues that underlie ...
  • Reflections and Future Perspectives on Action Research for Sustainable Development in a Turbulent World 

    Zuber-Skerritt, Ortrun; Wood, Lesley; Dick, Bob (Conferences as Sites of Learning and Development: Using Participatory Action Learning and Action Research Approaches, 2017)
    This chapter is about ALARA and how the 2010 ALARA Eighth World Congress in Melbourne worked as a site for learning and development through publications and reflections on (1) an edited book based on a plenary symposium ...
  • Revisiting Cultural and Linguistic Diversity in Speech Pathology Programs in Australia: Listening to the Voices of Staff and International Students 

    Howells, Simone; Westerveld, Marleen; Garvis, Susanne (Professional Learning in the Work Place for International Students: Exploring Theory and Practice, 2017)
    Studying abroad continues to appeal to international students. Although undertaking university studies in another country may primarily seem like a big adventure, the challenges facing international students should not be ...
  • Personal Epistemologies and Disciplinarity in the Workplace: Implications for International Students in Higher Education 

    Barton, Georgina; Billett, Stephen (Professional Learning in the Work Place for International Students: Exploring Theory and Practice, 2017)
    Workplace experiences for international students undertaking higher education programmes are important aspects of their university experience. This is because many of the programmes in which they are enrolled are directed ...
  • The Study Abroad Programme: Experience and Benefits 

    Hartwig, Kay (Professional Learning in the Work Place for International Students: Exploring Theory and Practice, 2017)
    Many universities across Australia encourage their students to seek out an international experience during their programme of study (Griffith University, Global mobility: a student’s guide. Griffith University, Brisbane. ...
  • Practicum for International Students in Teacher Education Programmes: An Investigation of Three University Sites Through Multisocialisation, Interculturalisation and Reflection 

    Barton, Georgina; Hartwig, Kay; Joseph, Dawn; Podorova, Anna (Professional Learning in the Work Place for International Students: Exploring Theory and Practice, 2017)
    This chapter explores the practicum experience of international students undertaking education programmes at three different universities in Australia. International students were interviewed about their practicum experiences ...
  • Work Placement for International Student Programmes (WISP): A Model of Effective Practice 

    Barton, Georgina; Hartwig, Kay; Bennett, Dawn; Cain, Melissa; Campbell, Marilyn; Ferns, Sonia; Jones, Liz; Joseph, Dawn; Kavanagh, Marie; Kelly, Ann; Larkin, Ingrid; O'Connor, Erin; Podorova, Anna; Tangen, Donna; Westerveld, Marleen (Professional Learning in the Work Place for International Students: Exploring Theory and Practice, 2017)
    With a marked increase in the number of international students enrolling in university programmes across the globe, it is important that personal and professional experiences are positive. Of interest is the workplace ...
  • The Expression of Justice in China 

    Sapio, Flora; Trevaskes, Sue; Biddulph, Sarah; Nesossi, Elisa (Justice: The China Experience, 2017)
    Claims about a strident pursuit of justice weave through all of China’s modern history. The intellectual, political and social ferment that exploded on to China’s political stage on 4 May 1919 was motivated by a common ...
  • Aboriginal people and Australia's vegetation: Past and Current Interactions 

    Ens, Emilie; Walsh, Fiona; Clarke, Philip (Australian Vegetation, 2017)
    Plants have had significant and multiple roles in past and present Aboriginal people's lives. Aboriginal people extracted the food, medicine and material resources they needed from their immediate environment. Seasonal ...
  • The Virtual Schoolbag and Pedagogies of Engagement 

    McGregor, Glenda; Mills, Martin (Powers of curriculum: Sociological Perspectives on Education, 2017)
    This chapter explores ideas that offer explanations for inequality of schooling outcomes for different social groups in society and provides suggestions about how teachers may better disrupt this pattern through strategies ...
  • Creating high performing non-profit sport organisations 

    Sotiriadou, Popi; De Bosscher, Veerle (Understanding Sport Management: International perspectives, 2017)
    This chapter outlines the three principles of managing high performance (HP) sport. These principles are (1) the elite athlete development process, (2) the determinants of managing the HP sport environment, and (3) the ...
  • Transitional Justice and the Tensions 

    Jeffery, Renee (Transitional Justice in Practice: Conflict, Justice, and Reconciliation in the Solomon Islands, 2017)
    This chapter provides an overview of the conflict that gripped the Solomon Islands from 1998 to 2003 and introduces the transitional justice mechanisms employed in its aftermath. In doing so, it will situate the pursuit ...
  • Poverty, local services and austerity 

    Bramley, Glen; Besemer, Kirsten (Poverty and social exclusion in the UK: The dimensions of disadvantage, 2018)
    Good quality, accessible local services can provide significant benefits 'in kind' to households across the income spectrum and may help to compensate the poor for some material lacks as well as promoting a spirit and ...
  • Introduction: The China Business Model in Context - Setting the Scene 

    Paulet, Elisabeth; Rowley, Chris (The China Business Model: Originality and Limits, 2017)
    Since the 1980s, China has moved form a closed, centrally planned system to a more market-oriented one. Several reforms led to this situation in domains such as agriculture, fiscal decentralization, state-owned enterprises ...
  • Smartphone technological advancement and consumers 

    Gardiner, Sarah; Carlini, Joan; Scott, Noel (The Routledge Handbook of Consumer Behaviour in Hospitality and Tourism, 2017)
    Consumers around the world are increasingly reaching for their smartphone to research and book travel (Lu et al. 2016; Murphy et al. 2016). This technology can also be used to enhance the travel experience and share that ...
  • Conceptualizing destinations as a Vanua: The evolution and resilience of a Fijian social and ecological system 

    Movono, Api (Tourism Resilience and Adaptation to Environmental Change: Definitions and Frameworks, 2018)
    This chapter improves understanding of the complex and adaptive nature of indigenous Fijian society. It unpacks the components of an indigenous Fijian community or vanua as a social and ecological system (SES), drawing ...
  • Managing Business Sustainability in the Australian Mining Industry 

    Sarker, Tapan; Munro, Virginia (Responsible Mining: Case Studies in Managing Social & Environmental Risks in the Developed World, 2015)
    This chapter provides an overview of the Australian mining and minerals industry and explains how this industry and its advisory and regulatory body, the Minerals Council of Australia (MCA), addresses business sustainability. ...
  • Primary Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse: Applications, Effectiveness, and International Innovations 

    Cale, Jesse; Burton, Melanie; Leclerc, Benoit (Crime Prevention: International Perspectives, Issues, and Trends, 2017)
    One of the key debates in the sex offending literature involves the notion that incarcerated sex offenders/those in treatment for sexual offenses possibly represent only a minority of actual sex offenders. The basis for ...

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