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  • Third places and social capital: case study community gardens 

    Dolley, Joanne (Third places and social capital: case study community gardens, 2019)
    This chapter explores the literature on community gardens and the author’s recent research which investigated community gardens against third place characteristics in a range of locations in Australia and Denmark. All of ...
  • Child-friendly third places 

    Woolcock, Geoffrey (Rethinking Third Places: Informal Public Spaces and Community Building, 2019)
    This chapter focuses on the notion of child-friendly third places where a variety of standout features attract children to play and inhabit. The critical scholarship on understanding child-friendly cities has increased in ...
  • Aviation security in Australia 

    Prenzler, T (Air Transport Security: Issues, Challenges and National Policies, 2018)
    Chapter 14 analyses air transport security in Australia. It begins by emphasizing that the provision of aviation security is a challenging task in the country given the number of airports and the quantity of passengers and ...
  • Art and Human Rights Law 

    Joseph, Sarah (Research Handbook on Art and Law, 2020)
    This chapter focuses on international case law regarding art and the human right to freedom of expression. The application of that right to art is discussed in relation to the following themes: national security, morality ...
  • Anti-politics and democratic innovation 

    Flinders, M; Wood, M; Corbett, J (Handbook of Democratic Innovation and Governance, 2019)
    This chapter offers a critical analysis of current research on anti-politics and links to forms of democratic innovation. We find that ‘anti-politics’ remains a ‘contested’ concept, which to some extent reflects a lack of ...
  • ‘I’m over it . . .’ 

    Jordan, Peter J (How to Keep Your Research Project on Track: Insights from When Things Go Wrong, 2018)
    Many research students and junior staff claim ‘they’re over it’. This is a common refrain and the author asks those who are ‘over it’ to think deeply about what it is that you are over. This is a career riddled with ...
  • ‘. . . Just one goat’: the importance of interpretation in qualitative data analysis 

    Townsend, Keith; Loudoun, Rebecca (How to Keep Your Research Project on Track: Insights from When Things Go Wrong, 2018)
    Events can be interpreted many ways, and sometimes we don’t always like the ways things are interpreted. This chapter tells of an attempt to design a longitudinal research project with qualitative data when the authors ...
  • An empirical examination of the dark side of relationship marketing within a business-tobusiness context 

    Baker, BL; Dant, RP; Weaven, SK (Handbook of Research on Distribution Channels, 2019)
    There is a preponderance of research documenting the benefits associated with adopting a relationship marketing (RM) strategy. However, there is a nascent stream of literature which suggests the adoption of an RM strategy ...
  • Oil in the Middle East: A critical resource for tourism 

    Becken, S; Friedl, HA (Routledge Handbook on Tourism in the Middle East and North Africa, 2019)
    Recent years have seen very high levels of oil price volatility. From a price of about US$151 per barrel in June 2008 to a low of US$47 per barrel in January 2009, with an increase back to US$120 in April 2011, and a ...
  • Air route development and transit tourism in the Middle East 

    Spasojevic, B; Lohmann, G (Routledge Handbook on Tourism in the Middle East and North Africa, 2019)
    Air route development is a key industry process and, in many respects, is related to transit tourism. The growing interest in the relationship between air transport and tourism is, in general, also supported in the academic ...
  • “Daisy in the Dirt”: Visualizing Women’s Historical Injustices of War and Violence 

    Simic, Olivera (Historical Dialogue and the Prevention of Mass Atrocities, 2020)
    This chapter analyses the role of memories in historical dialogues and transitional justice scholarship. It draws on memories of female survivors of WWII, visually represented in two series of artworks by Northern Ireland ...
  • An Ensemble Approach to Modelling the Combined Effect of Risk Factors on Age at Parkinson's Disease Onset 

    Thomas, Aleysha; Wu, Paul; White, Nicole M; Toms, Leisa; Mellick, George; Mengersen, Kerrie L (Case Studies in Applied Bayesian Data Science, 2020)
    Ensemble approaches to statistical modelling combine multiple statistical methods to form a comprehensive analysis. They are of increasing interest for problems that involve diverse data sources, complex systems and subtle ...
  • A Comparison of Bayesian Spatial Models for Cancer Incidence at a Small Area Level: Theory and Performance 

    Cramb, S; Duncan, E; Baade, P; Mengersen, KL (Case Studies in Applied Bayesian Data Science, 2020)
    The increase in Bayesian models available for disease mapping at a small area level can pose challenges to the researcher: which one to use? Models may assume a smooth spatial surface (termed global smoothing), or allow ...
  • Institutions, complementarity, human resource management, and performance 

    Singh, S; Darwish, TK; Wood, G; Fattaah Mohamed, PMA (Human Resource Management in an Emerging South Asian Economy: The Case of Brunei, 2020)
    This chapter presents research results on the rate and effect of various specific bundles of HR practices on organisational performance in Brunei. The literature available on the subject of comparative capitalism suggests ...
  • Resource cursed economies and HR practices 

    Darwish, TK; Fattaah Mohamed, PMA; Wood, G; Singh, S (Human Resource Management in an Emerging South Asian Economy: The Case of Brunei, 2020)
    This chapter explores HR practices in resource-cursed economies, with a particular focus on the context of Brunei. The literature available on the resource curse implies that organisations in non-oil and -gas sectors across ...
  • The role of HR directors in multinational and domestic enterprises 

    Singh, S; Wood, G; Darwish, TK; Fleming, J; Fattaah Mohamed, PMA (Human Resource Management in an Emerging South Asian Economy: The Case of Brunei, 2020)
    This chapter explores the comparative effect of context on the senior management role. A comparison is presented between HR directors of DEs and those working in MNEs in the case of a developing market setting, in the ...
  • A comparative perspective on HRM in Brunei 

    Wood, G (Human Resource Management in an Emerging South Asian Economy: The Case of Brunei, 2020)
    This chapter explores the challenges and opportunities in Brunei and the wider region. There has been a growing body of work on HRM in a wide cross section of emerging markets. There was initially a strong focus on ...
  • A study on the behavior of pile supported footings on sand 

    Balakumar, V; Huang, M; Oh, E; Balasubramaniam, AS (Geotechnics for Sustainable Infrastructure Development, 2020)
    When the bearing capacity is not adequate to provide isolated footings, columns are grouped and supported combined footing. However, if the settlement increases beyond the permissible limits, piles are provided below the ...
  • The promise, application and pitfalls of big data 

    Wilkinson, Adrian; Pedersen, John (Big Data Promise, Application and Pitfalls, 2019)
    Digital society is upon us (Lupton, 2015), and appears to have established a position in the zeitgeist of modern society. Digital society has emerged from and is expected to develop further via digitizing, big data, big ...
  • Adoption of Green Building Technologies in Ghana 

    Darko, Amos; Chan, Albert Ping Chuen; Owusu-Manu, De-Graft; Gou, Zhonghua; Man, Jeff Chap-Fu (Green Building in Developing Countries: Policy, Strategy and Technology, 2020)
    This chapter aims at fostering a crystal-clear understanding of how to promote GBTs adoption in Ghana, a developing country in West Africa. To this end, the primary drivers for GBTs adoption have been discussed, with a ...

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