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    • Do you know how to play? A "Beginners Guide" to the Vocabularies of Dramatic Play 

      Dunn, Julie (Playing with Possibilities, 2017)
      My childhood was characterised by the presence of play. It was a childhood to be treasured. Across weekends, holidays, and even as I wandered to and from school, unescorted by an adult, I played. This play was almost always ...
    • Mind–body relations 

      Fullagar, Simone (Routledge Handbook of Physical Cultural Studies, 2017)
      This chapter pursues a line of critical questioning concerning how we come to 'know' the embodied, discursive and biopolitical dimensions of mental health and illness in the context of physical cultures. It considers how ...
    • Writing Recovery from Depression Through a Creative Research Assemblage: Mindshackles, Digital Mental Health, and a Feminist Politics of Self-Care 

      Fullagar, Simone; Small, Iesha (Digital Dilemmas: Transforming Gender Identities and Power Relations in Everyday Life, 2019)
      In this chapter, we write through an academic-arts collaboration, or ‘creative research assemblage’, to explore the dilemmas surrounding cultural representations of women’s experiences of recovery from depression. We focus ...
    • Feminist perspectives on third places 

      Fullagar, Simone; O'Brien, Wendy; Lloyd, Kathy (Rethinking Third Places Informal Public Spaces and Community Building, 2019)
      In this chapter we question the assumption that third places are neutral or inherently ‘good’ spaces in contemporary urban life. Drawing upon different feminist perspectives we explore how third places are conceptualised ...
    • Afterword 

      Fullagar, Simone (Women in Action Sport Cultures: Identity, Politics and Experience, 2016)
      Each of the chapters in this book have offered a thought provoking exploration of the gender assumptions that shape sporting bodies, capacities, and relations of inclusion/exclusion. Importantly, the collection as a whole ...
    • Police interviewing of sexual assault victims: Current organizational responses and recommendations for improvement 

      Westera, Nina J; Powell, Martine B; Milne, Rebecca; Goodman-Delahunty, Jane (The Routledge International Handbook of Legal and Investigative Psychology, 2020)
      This chapter provides an overview of police organizational approaches to enhancing the quality of evidence obtained from adult and child victims of sexual assault, and reviews the degree to which actual organizational ...
    • Prosecutorial discretion about special measure use in australian cases of child sexual abuse 

      Goodman-Delahunty, J; Martschuk, N; Powell, M; Westera, N (The Evolving Role of the Public Prosecutor: Challenges and Innovations, 2019)
      A Prosecutorial Reform Index developed for the American Bar Association Rule of Law Initiative included discretionary functions among 28 factors that provide "an empirical basis for examining the status and role of prosecutors ...
    • Freshwater wetlands of Moreton Bay Quandamooka and catchments: Biodiversity, ecology, threats and management 

      Arthington, Angela; Kennard, Mark John; Mackay, Steven J; James, Cassandra; Ronan, Mike (Moreton Bay Quandamooka & Catchment: Past, present, and future., 2019)
      Freshwater wetlands of the Moreton Bay Region and Bay islands are prominent landscape features of high biodiversity performing essential ecological functions and providing ecosystem services. This paper reviews the types, ...
    • Anti-oppressive Community Work Practice and the Decolonization Debate: A Contribution from the Global South 

      Holscher, Dorothee; Chiumbu, Sarah (Community Practice and Social Development in Social Work, 2020)
      This chapter serves to contribute to an enlargement of contemporary, anti-oppressive social work theories and notions of community work practice. It is motivated by apparent gaps in existing discourses concerning the ...
    • Russian Industry Discourses on Climate Change 

      Martus, Ellen (Climate Change Discourse in Russia: Past and Present, 2019)
      How has Russian industry responded to climate change? Understanding industry narratives on climate change is an important element of Russia’s broader climate change discourse. This chapter focuses specifically on Russia’s ...
    • Citizens and Science: Media, Communication and Conservation 

      Foxwell-Norton, Kerrie; Lester, E (Conservation Research, Policy & Practice, 2020)
      Conservation research is essential for advancing knowledge but to make an impact scientific evidence must influence conservation policies, decision making and practice. This raises a multitude of challenges. How should ...
    • Environmental Communication in the intertwining of the local and the digital 

      Foxwell-Norton, Kerrie; Diaz-Pont, Joana; Maeseele, Pieter; Sjolander, Annika Egan; Mishra, Maitreyee (The Local and the Digital in Environmental Communication, 2020)
      This volume interrogates the intertwining of the local and the digital in environmental communication.
    • Contemporary health care practice 

      Fleming, Jennifer; Foster, Michele; Taylor, Sandra (Health Care Practice in Australia: Policy, Context and Innovations, 2008)
    • Injury and Disability Outcome Measurement 

      Kuipers, Pim; Foster, Michele; Sykes, Charlotte (The Scientific Basis of Injury Prevention and Control, 2004)
    • The policy context of health care practice 

      Foster, Michele; Fleming, Jennifer (Health Care Practice in Australia: Policy, Context and Innovations, 2008)
    • Fields of health service provision 

      Foster, Michele (Health Care Practice in Australia: Policy, Context and Innovations, 2008)
    • Community-Based Rehabilitation 

      Kuipers, Pim; Foster, Michele; Burridge, Letitia; Kendall, Elizabeth (Handbook of Rehabilitation Psychology, Third Edition, 2019)
    • The health care system in Australia 

      Foster, Michele; Fleming, Jennifer (Health Care Practice in Australia: Policy, Context and Innovations, 2008)
    • The Death Penalty and Human Rights in China 

      Trevaskes, Susan (Handbook on Human Rights in China, 2019)
      This Handbook gives a wide-ranging account of the theory and practice of human rights in China, viewed against international standards, and China’s international engagements around human rights. The Handbook is organised ...
    • Socialist Law 

      Trevaskes, Susan (Afterlives of Chinese Communism: political concepts from Mao to Xi, 2019)
      Socialist law, both in the Soviet Union and in Mao’s China, emerged as a system of legal principles based on the historical realities of socialist revolution. The role of the Communist Party in both nations was to lead ...