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    • 'We're not just listening to the radio': Australian radio listeners as fans 

      Ames, Kate; Ewart, Jacqueline (Aussie Fans: Uniquely Placed in Global Popular Culture, 2019)
      What is a radio fan? Are radio fans fans of artists, hosts, or the genre more broadly? Do radio programs construct fandom? Does it matter whether one is a fan or simply a listener? What is the fan object when it comes to ...
    • Framing the field of popular music history and heritage studies 

      Cantillon, Zelmarie; Strong, Catherine; Istvandity, Lauren; Baker, Sarah (The Routledge Companion to Popular Music History and Heritage, 2018)
      Popular music plays a significant role in individual, community and national identity. Subsequently, there is a growing international trend of incorporating popular music into discourses and practices of history and heritage. ...
    • Development of a Raised Rail-Road Crossing 

      Zhang, Z; Aghdamy, S; Dhanasekar, M; Thambiratnam, DP (Lecture Notes in Civil Engineering, 2020)
      When a road and rail intersect, a level crossing (LC) is a cheaper alternative to over or under pass infrastructure. Australia currently has approximately 20,000 LCs; annually 37 deaths on average occur mainly as a result ...
    • Embedding Employability into an Information TechnologyCurriculum Using PebblePad: A Practice Report 

      Tuffley, David; Brent, Galyle (Blended Learning Designs in STEM Higher Education, 2019)
      Commencing their university studies, students benefit from having clear career goals. A vision of their ideal future career can help an otherwise insecure student to cultivate the resilience and determination that endows ...
    • Information security and privacy in e-HRM 

      Subramaniyan, Shankar; Thite, Mohan; Sampathkumar, S (e-HRM: Digital Approaches, Directions & Applications, 2019)
      Fast changing technologies and increased sophistication in cyberattacks have heightened the information security and privacy risks for all contemporary organizations. Research shows that security breaches are mainly internal ...
    • Challenges of Student Equity and Engagement in a HyFlex Course 

      Binnewies, Sebastian; Wang, Zhe (Blended Learning Designs in STEM Higher Education, 2019)
      HyFlex courses are characterised by a mixture of online and face-to-face learning components. In particular, students are allowed to choose to complete any part of the course in online and/or face-to-face mode. Such courses ...
    • Soft systems thinking approach to e-HRM project management 

      Thite, Mohan; Bhatta, NMK (e-HRM: Digital Approaches, Directions & Applications, 2019)
      Organisations spend enormous amount of money, time and effort to leverage technology to deliver faster, cheaper and better HR services; however, the majority of IT projects fail to finish on time, within budget and satisfy ...
    • Language Sampling 

      Westerveld, Marleen (The SAGE Encyclopedia of Human Communication Sciences and Disorders, 2019)
      Language sampling, also referred to as spontaneous language sampling, refers to eliciting a sample of an individual’s spoken language in a naturalistic setting and is considered one of the most ecologically valid ways of ...
    • Deep Critique: Critical Pedagogy, Marxism, and Feminist Standpoint Theory in the Corporate Classroom 

      Ardill, Allan (Teaching Marx & Critical Theory in the 21st Century, 2019)
      This chapter relates the experience of teaching Marxism and Feminist Standpoint Theory in a compulsory law course to produce graduates with a propensity for deep critique. Deep critique is my version of what Marx called ...
    • Use of PebblePad to develop scaffolded critical reflection in scientific practice 

      Gregory, Mary Sarah-Jane; Johnston, Peter (Blended Learning Designs in STEM Higher Education Putting Learning First, 2019)
      This chapter will discuss the implementation of a suite of PebblePad activities and assessment tasks across the Bachelor of Science Advanced (Honours) undergraduate degree program. Enrolled in this program are students who ...
    • Regulation, Deregulation or Re-regulation? The Changing Regulative Framework for HRM 

      Barry, Michael; Wilkinson, Adrian (The SAGE Handbook of Human Resource Management, 2019)
      This chapter draws on insights from different fields of study to explain how the regulatory context informs the development and application of employer HRM choices within organisations. In considering the contribution of ...
    • Influence of Sales Force Training Primary Healthcare 

      Deshpande, Sameer; Bhanot, Anurudra (Strategic Marketing Management in Asia, 2017)
      Sales training is considered critical in a marketing organization because it improves “sales competencies such as creativity in the sales process, problem solving, ethical decision making, and effective listening skills.”1 ...
    • Use of Social Marketing to Improve Science Teaching in Maharashtra, India: 2014–18 

      Deshpande, Sameer (Social Marketing in Action, 2019)
      This case study narrates a story of an India-based educator, Mr. Hemant Lagvankar, whose team trained teachers of grades nine and ten in the public schools of the western state of Maharashtra to improve their science ...
    • From representation to affect: beyond postmodern identity politics in feminist art 

      Best, Susan (A Companion to Feminist Art, 2019)
      This chapter utilizes queer theorist Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick's ideas about affect to consider the recent work of Cindy Sherman. Sedgwick's ideas about affect theory developed around her rejection of two common critical ...
    • ‘Fishing’ for Mitochondrial DNA in The Egyptian Sacred Ibis Mummies 

      Wasef, Sally; Huynen, Leon; Millar, Craig Donald; Subramanian, Sankar; Ikram, Salima; Holland, Barbra; Willerslev, Eske; Lambert, David Martin (Creatures of Earth, Water and Sky: Essays on Animals in Ancient Egypt and Nubia, 2019)
      Ancient Egyptians mummified many kinds of animals for a range of purposes, these included their beloved pets, animals that were sacred representations of specific gods, and ‘votive offerings’  – animal gifts presented to ...
    • Policy issues 

      DeKeseredy, WS; Dragiewicz, M (Routledge Handbook of Critical Criminology [2nd edition], 2018)
      We need … to develop ways of fostering a criminology that is more than a relatively passive witness to the destruction wrought by contemporary global forces - much less an accomplice - and instead vigorously steps up to ...
    • Spirit Trade 

      Presley, Ryan (Ryan Presley Prosperity, 2018)
      The Royal Australian Mint and commercial banks such as Macquarie Bank delight in trumpeting their origins to the genius of Governor Macquarie's introduction of the 'holey dollar', a defaced Spanish silver coin that became ...
    • Fishes of Moreton Bay: Ecology, human impacts, and conservation 

      Olds, Andrew; Gilby, Ben; Connolly, Roderick; Tibbetts, Ian R; Henderson, Christopher; Stevens, Timothy; Thackway, Sarah K; Schlacher, Thomas A (Moreton Bay Quandamooka & Catchment: Past, present, and future, 2019)
      Moreton Bay is a heterogeneous seascape containing a mosaic of habitats that support a diversity of fish. The fish fauna includes many species that are harvested by recreational and commercial fishers as well as numerous ...
    • Performance of marine reserves for fish and associated ecological functions in the Moreton Bay Marine Park 

      Gilby, Ben L; Olds, Andrew; Rissik, David; Henderson, Christopher; Connolly, Roderick; Stevens, Timothy; Schlacher, Thomas (Moreton Bay Quandamooka & Catchment: Past, present, and future, 2019)
      No-take marine reserves in Moreton Bay were established to conserve and restore the structure and function of marine ecosystems and ensure sustainable social-ecological systems (Ross et al. 2019, this volume). Here, we ...
    • Beyond Reykjavík 101: Iceland’s popular music mainstream and the Eurovision song contest 

      Baker, Sarah (Sounds Icelandic: Essays on Icelandic Music in the 20th and 21st Centuries, 2019)
      ‘Everything changes in Iceland when Eurovision is on, and you don’t understand it but that’s the way it is’ (music documentary producer, 2010). Taking the above comment as a starting point, this chapter explores the place ...