Recent Submissions

  • Lead Safety: A Practical Handbook for Frontline Supervisors and Safety Practitioners 

    Casey, Tristan William; Griffin, Mark (2020)
    LEAD Safety concentrates on self-development and education in safety leadership. It takes safety leadership in an exciting new direction, with practical tools that will give organisations the skills they need to make a ...
  • Injalak Hill Rock Art: Our Rock Art, Our Story, Shared Our Way 

    Injalak Arts Crafts Association (2018)
    Injalak Arts, our Aboriginal owned artists' Association, was given the role of Djunkay (custodian) for the safekeeping and sharing of the rock art sites on Injalak Hill. This is our story.
  • Scratch Music Projects 

    Brown, Andrew R; Ruthmann, S Alex (2020)
    This book introduces readers to concepts in computational thinking and coding alongside parallel concepts in music, creative sound, and interaction. The book begins with a gentle introduction to the Scratch 3.0 programming ...
  • Contested Multilateralism 2.0 and Asian Security Dynamics 

    He, Kai (2020)
    In the 1990s there was a wave of multilateralism in the Asia Pacific, led primarily by ASEAN. Since the Global Financial Crisis of 2008, however, many non-ASEAN states have attempted to seize the initiative, including the ...
  • Augmenting Health and Social Care Students’ Clinical Learning Experiences 

    Billett, Stephen; Newton, Jennifer; Rogers, Gary; Noble, Christy (2019)
    This edited volume offers a range of insights about, practices of and findings associated with enrichening health and social care students’ learning by their engagement in educational processes during and after the completion ...
  • The Contentious Politics of Statebuilding: Strategies and Dynamics 

    Keränen, Outi (2017)
    While the dynamics between "local" and "international" statebuilding actors have been previously theorised through concepts such as hybridity and friction, there have been few attempts to develop conceptual tools for the ...
  • British Progressive Pop 1970-1980 

    Bennett, Andy (2020)
    Positioned between the psychedelic and counter-cultural music of the late 1960s and the punk and new wave styles of the late 1970s, early 1970s British popular music is often overlooked in pop music studies of the late ...
  • US-China Competition and the South China Sea Disputes 

    Feng, Huiyun; He, Kai (2018)
    Traditionally, the South China Sea (SCS) issue was not on the negotiation table between the United States and China. However, the tensions between the United States and China over the SCS have gradually simmered up to a ...
  • Chinese Scholars and Foreign Policy Debating International Relations 

    Feng, Huiyun; He, Kai; Xuetong, Yan (2019)
    How does China see the rest of the world? One way to answer this question is to look at the work of China’s scholars in the field of International Relations (IR). This leads to a second question – to what extent do Chinese ...
  • Advanced Research Methods for Applied Psychology: Design, Analysis and Reporting 

    Brough, Paula (2019)
    This is the first comprehensive guide to the range of research methods available to applied psychologists. Ideally suited to students and researchers alike, and covering both quantitative and qualitative techniques, the ...
  • The Rise of Sophisticated Authoritarianism in Southeast Asia 

    Morgenbesser, Lee (2020)
    This Element offers a way to understand the evolution of authoritarian rule in Southeast Asia. The theoretical framework is based on a set of indicators (judged for their known advantages and mimicry of democratic attributes) ...
  • Reading Success in the Primary Years An Evidence-Based Interdisciplinary Approach to Guide Assessment and Intervention 

    Westerveld, MF; Armstrong, RM; Barton, GM (2020)
    This open access book describes the Reading Success project, in which a 5-step, assessment-to- intervention process, based on the Simple View of Reading, was used within a primary school setting in Australia to better ...
  • Australian Intellectual Property Law 

    Davison, Mark; Monotti, Ann; Wiseman, Leanne (2020)
    The fourth edition of Australian Intellectual Property Law provides a detailed and comprehensive, yet concise and accessible discussion of intellectual property law in Australia. This edition has been thoroughly revised ...
  • Facilitating Student Learning and Engagement in Higher Education Through Assessment Rubrics 

    Grainger, Peter; Weir, Katie (2020)
    Despite significant reforms in the past decade in relation to criteria- and standards-based assessment in tertiary education contexts, assessment remains the most significantly criticised aspect of the student tertiary ...
  • Leading Integrated Teams in Virtual Environments: The Definitive Guide to Process-driven Leadership 

    Tuffley, David (2020)
    This Guide is derived wholly from the author's PhD thesis, originally published in 2010. This book is aimed at managers across all disciplines and industries wanting to become more effective in their role by being perceived ...
  • Badtjala - English English - Badtjala Word List 

    Foley, Fiona (2019)
    Australian Aboriginal language known as Badtjala from Hervey Bay, Fraser Island (K'gari) region. Produced by Shirley Foley through Wondunna Aboriginal Corporation originally in 1996 and this being the fourth iteration in 2019.
  • Environmental, Planning and Climate Law in Queensland 

    Maguire, Rowena; Hamman, Evan; Bell-James, Justine; Kennedy, Amanda; England, Philippa (2020)
    Queensland has many sites of significant ecological and cultural value, some requiring specialised regulation, and is home to many thousands of native species of animals, plants and insects found nowhere else on the planet. ...
  • Planning in Queensland Law, Policy and Practice 

    England, Philippa; McInerney, Amy (2019)
    Planning in Queensland: Law, Policy and Practice takes a fresh look at the operation of planning law in Queensland, incorporating insights based on current debates and reforms to the relevant law. As with its predecessors, ...
  • Women, Labor Segmentation and Regulation: Varieties of Gender Gaps 

    Murray, G; Peetz, D (2017)
    This book re-shapes thinking on ‘gender gaps’—differences between men and women in their incomes, their employment and their conditions of work. It shows how the interaction between regulation distance and content, labor ...
  • London Dispersion Forces in Molecules, Solids and Nano-Structures 

    Angyan, Janos; Dobson, John; Gould, Tim; Jansen, Georg (2019)
    London dispersion interactions are responsible for numerous phenomena in physics, chemistry and biology. Recent years have seen the development of new, physically well-founded models, and dispersion-corrected density ...

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