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  • Independent Filmmaking in South East Asia: Conversations with Filmmakers on Building and Sustaining a Creative Career 

    Meissner, Nico (2021)
    Featuring interviews with 27 award-winning and emerging filmmakers, this book is the first comprehensive look at independent filmmaking careers in South East Asia with never-before published insights into the lives and ...
  • Containing Contagion: The Politics of Disease Outbreaks in Southeast Asia 

    Davies, Sara (2019)
    The fields of global health and international relations are increasingly concerned with the responsibilities of nations to respond to disease outbreaks in a way that safeguards their neighbors as well as the broader ...
  • Delivering Value with BIM: A whole-of-life approach 

    Sanchez, AX; Hampson, KD; Vaux, S (2016)
    Building Information Modelling (BIM) is a global phenomenon which is gaining significant momentum across the world. Currently there is little information on how to realise and monitor benefits from implementing BIM across ...
  • Polyphony: Listening to the Listeners of Community Radio 

    Backhaus, Bridget (2021)
    This book looks at the rich and complex history of broadcasting and community broadcasting in the multicultural and multilingual milieu in India. It explores the world of community radio and how community radio broadcasters ...
  • Occupational Therapy in Australia: Professional and Practice Issues 

    Bourke-Taylor, H; Brown, T; Isbel, S; Cordier, R; Gustafsson, L (2021)
    This ground-breaking text provides a comprehensive guide to occupational therapy in Australia, from its role in the healthcare system to the scope and nature of its practice. The authors begin with an overview of the history ...
  • Learning to teach in a new era 

    Allen, Jeanne; White, Simone (2021)
    Learning to Teach in a New Era prepares preservice teachers to embrace the opportunities and meet the challenges of teaching in the twenty-first century. Closely aligned with the Australian Professional Standards for ...
  • A Guide to Interviewing Children: Essential Skills for Counsellors, Police, Lawyers and Social Workers 

    Wilson, J Clare; Powell, Martine (2001)
    Children may be witnesses to crimes or accidents, or suspected victims of abuse or neglect, or they may be involved in some form of legal action such as custody cases. In these situations, they may need to be interviewed ...
  • The Convict's Daughter: The Scandal That Shocked a Colony 

    Lindsey, Kiera (2018)
    Through humiliation, heartache, bankruptcy, and betrayal, Mary Ann hung on to James' promise to marry her. This is a compelling biography of a currency lass born when convicts were still working the streets of Sydney.
  • The Palgrave Handbook of Management History 

    Bowden, Bradley; Muldoon, Jeffrey; Gould, Anthony M; McMurray, Adela J (2020)
    This Handbook is the definitive source and reference tool for academics, researchers and graduate students working in the field of Management History. Consisting of eleven sections, they will collectively cover management ...
  • Partners in Deterrence: US Nuclear Weapons and Alliances in Europe and Asia 

    O'Neil, Andrew; Frühling, Stephan (2021)
    From the dawn of the atomic age to today, nuclear weapons have been central to the internal dynamics of US alliances in Europe and Asia. But nuclear weapons cooperation in US alliances has varied significantly between ...
  • A Sociolinguistics of the South 

    Heugh, Kathleen; Stroud, Christopher; Taylor-Leech, Kerry; Costa, Peter De (2021)
    This book brings to life initiatives among scholars of the south and north to understand better the intelligences and pluralities of multilingualisms in southern communities and spaces of decoloniality. Chapters follow a ...
  • Being Creative: A User Guide for Creative People 

    Tuffley, David (2021)
    Creativity is an often misunderstood though perennially interesting topic. Misunderstood because some assume that one is either born creative or not at all. Being born with creative talent is undeniably helpful, but so is ...
  • Developing Digital Marketing: Relationship Perspectives 

    Thaichon, Park; Ratten, Vanessa (2021)
    Developing Digital Marketing: Relationship Perspectives provides a holistic perspective about the role of digital marketing in the global economy, helping readers to understand the shift from traditional marketing to more ...
  • Guarding the Periphery: The Australian Army in Papua New Guinea, 1951–75 

    Moss, Tristan (2017)
    Based around the Pacific Islands Regiment, the Australian Army's units in Papua New Guinea had a dual identity: integral to Australia's defence, but also part of its largest colony, and viewed as a foreign people. The ...
  • Multimodal Analytics for Next-Generation Big Data Technologies and Applications 

    Seng, Kah Phooi; Ang, Li-minn; Liew, Alan Wee-Chung; Gao, Junbin (2019)
    This edited book will serve as a source of reference for technologies and applications for multimodality data analytics in big data environments. After an introduction, the editors organize the book into four main parts ...
  • Respectable Citizens - Shady Practices: The Economic Morality of the Middle Classes 

    Farrall, Stephen; Karstedt, Susanne (2020)
    Drawing on survey data from a comparative study of England and Wales and the former East and West Germany, this book examines economic crimes of ‘everyday life’, such as overestimating losses in insurance claims, cheating ...
  • The Realities and Futures of Work 

    Peetz, David (2019)
    What do we know about the current realities of work and its likely futures? What choices must we make and how will they affect those futures? Many books about the future of work start by talking about the latest technology, ...
  • Celebrating the nation: A critical study of Australia's bicentenary 

    Bennett, T; Buckridge, P; Carter, D; Mercer, C (2020)
    Celebrating the Nation offers the first major critical retrospective on Australia's Bicentenary. The editors have collected a series of essays focusing on the different ways in which 1988 was celebrated. From the soccer ...
  • Rock Mechanics Through Project-Based Learning 

    Gratchev, Ivan (2019)
    Traditional textbooks on rock mechanics often fail to engage students in the learning process as such books are packed with theory that students are unlikely to use in their future employment. In contrast, this book delivers ...
  • Soil Mechanics Through Project-Based Learning 

    Gratchev, Ivan; Jeng, Dong Sheng; Oh, Yan-Nam (2019)
    The currently available soil mechanics textbooks explain theory and show some practical applications through solving abstract geotechnical problems. Unfortunately, they do not engage students in the learning process as ...

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