Recent Submissions

  • Contemporary Police Practice 

    Drew, Jacqueline; Prenzler, Timothy (2015)
    Contemporary Police Practice is an introduction to policing in the Australian context. It explores the history of Australian policing for the purpose of understanding contemporary police practice; reviews the core functions ...
  • Intellectual Property Law 

    Bently, Lionel; Sherman, Brad (2004)
    This new edition of Bently & Sherman's Intellectual Property Law provides a balanced and readable treatment of the core areas of this subject, making it ideal for students at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. It ...
  • Alginates: Biology and Applications 

    Rehm, Bernd H.A. (2009)
    Alginates: Biology and Applications provides an overview of the state of art of alginate material properties, genetics and the molecular mechanisms underlying alginate biosynthesis as well as applications of tailor-made ...
  • Suicide Research: Selected Readings Volume 11 

    Novic, Adam; Barker, Emma; Kolves, Kairi; De Leo, Diego (2014)
    This volume contains quotations from internationally peer-reviewed suicide research published during the semester November 2013 – April 2014; it is the eleventh of a series produced biannually by our Institute with the ...
  • Suicide Research: Selected Readings Volume 10 

    Barker, Emma; Novic, Adam; Houweling, Haes; McPhedran, Samara; De Leo, Diego (2014)
    This volume contains quotations from internationally peer-reviewed suicide research published during the semester May 2013 – October 2013; it is the tenth of a series produced biannually by our Institute with the aim of ...
  • The Practice of Sustainable Tourism: Resolving the Paradox 

    Hughes, Michael; Weaver, David; Pforr, Christof (2015)
    Sustainable tourism is a widely used term that has accumulated considerable attention from researchers and policy makers over the past two decades. However, there is still an apparently wide gap between theory and practice ...
  • Alginates and Their Biomedical Applications 

    Rehm, Bernd; Moradali, M. Fata (2018)
    This book presents a comprehensive review of the latest advances in developing alginate-based biomaterials and derivatives as well as their biomedical and pharmaceutical applications. It covers the physiochemical properties ...
  • Planning in Indigenous Australia: From Imperial Foundations to Postcolonial Futures 

    Jackson, Sue; Porter, Libby; Johnson, Louise C. (2018)
    Planning in settler-colonial countries is always taking place on the lands of Indigenous peoples. While Indigenous rights, identity and cultural values are increasingly being discussed within planning, its mainstream ...
  • Fundamentals of Estuarine Physical Oceanography 

    de Miranda, Luiz Bruner; Pinheiro Andutta, Fernando; Kjerfve, Björn; de Castro Filho, Belmiro Mendes (2017)
    This book provides an introduction to the complex system functions, variability and human interference in ecosystem between the continent and the ocean. It focuses on circulation, transport and mixing of estuarine and ...
  • Danger, Development and Legitimacy in East Asian Maritime Politics: Securing the Seas, Securing the State 

    Wirth, Christian (2018)
    Grounded in extensive empirical research, Danger, Development and Legitimacy in East Asian Maritime Politics addresses the major issues of geopolitics in the region that have been and will continue to shape the international ...
  • Journalism and Climate Crisis: Public Engagement, Media Alternatives 

    Hackett, Robert A.; Forde, Susan; Gunster, Shane; Foxwell-Norton, Kerrie (2017)
  • The Imperatives of Progressive Islam 

    Duderija, Adis (2017)
  • Pseudomonas: Model Organism, Pathogen, Cell Factory 

    Rehm, Bernd H.A. (2008)
    Concise and up-to-date, this handy guide fills a gap in the literature by providing the essential knowledge for everyone with an interest in the topic. The result is a comprehensive overview of the most important model ...
  • South Asian Economic Developmernt 

    Hossain, Moazzem; Kathuria, Rajat; Islam, Iyanatul (2010)
    The first part of the book presents an analysis of how South Asia rated against Southeast and East Asia in recent decades in economic and social terms. The second part focuses on South Asia's economic development over the ...
  • Comparing Westminster 

    Rhodes, R. A. W.; Wanna, John; Weller, Patrick (2009)
    This book explores how the governmental elites in Australia, Britain, Canada, New Zealand, and South Africa understand their Westminster system. It examines in detail four interrelated features of Westminster systems: ...
  • The role of the wet tropics world heritage area in the life of the community. 

    Bentrupperbaumer, J.; Reser, Joseph (2006)
    The Wet Tropics World Heritage Area (WTWHA) experiences an estimated 4.4 million visits each year, and forty percent or 1.76 million of those visits are made by residents of the adjacent local communities. It is the residents ...
  • EDIT: A Guide to Layout, Design & Publication Instructor's Manual 

    Downman, Scott (2008)
    This manual provides a guide for instructors using the book EDIT: A guide to layout, design and publication. It features suggested tasks, exercises and activities that students can complete as they develop foundational ...
  • Emissions trading and the management accountant 

    Hill, Malcolm; McAulay, Laurie; Wilkinson, Adrian (2006)
    This report explores the costs and benefits of direct participation in the UK emissions trading scheme (UKETS). It outlines the role of management accountants and their systems in motivating reductions in emissions that ...
  • Erehwon: from nowhere to now here 

    Fitzpatrick, Donal; Hoffie, Patricia (2017)
  • Responding to climate change: lessons from an Australian hotspot 

    Burton, Paul (2014)
    South East Queensland has been one of the fastest growing regions of Australia, both in terms of its rapidly growing population and an ever-expanding built environment. It is also one of the most vulnerable regions likely ...

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