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  • Australian Intellectual Property Law 

    Davison, Mark; Monotti, Ann; Wiseman, Leanne (2020)
    The fourth edition of Australian Intellectual Property Law provides a detailed and comprehensive, yet concise and accessible discussion of intellectual property law in Australia. This edition has been thoroughly revised ...
  • Facilitating Student Learning and Engagement in Higher Education Through Assessment Rubrics 

    Grainger, Peter; Weir, Katie (2020)
    Despite significant reforms in the past decade in relation to criteria- and standards-based assessment in tertiary education contexts, assessment remains the most significantly criticised aspect of the student tertiary ...
  • Leading Integrated Teams in Virtual Environments: The Definitive Guide to Process-driven Leadership 

    Tuffley, David (2020)
    This Guide is derived wholly from the author's PhD thesis, originally published in 2010. This book is aimed at managers across all disciplines and industries wanting to become more effective in their role by being perceived ...
  • Badtjala - English English - Badtjala Word List 

    Foley, Fiona (2019)
    Australian Aboriginal language known as Badtjala from Hervey Bay, Fraser Island (K'gari) region. Produced by Shirley Foley through Wondunna Aboriginal Corporation originally in 1996 and this being the fourth iteration in 2019.
  • Environmental, Planning and Climate Law in Queensland 

    Maguire, Rowena; Hamman, Evan; Bell-James, Justine; Kennedy, Amanda; England, Philippa (2020)
    Queensland has many sites of significant ecological and cultural value, some requiring specialised regulation, and is home to many thousands of native species of animals, plants and insects found nowhere else on the planet. ...
  • Planning in Queensland Law, Policy and Practice 

    England, Philippa; McInerney, Amy (2019)
    Planning in Queensland: Law, Policy and Practice takes a fresh look at the operation of planning law in Queensland, incorporating insights based on current debates and reforms to the relevant law. As with its predecessors, ...
  • Women, Labor Segmentation and Regulation: Varieties of Gender Gaps 

    Murray, G; Peetz, D (2017)
    This book re-shapes thinking on ‘gender gaps’—differences between men and women in their incomes, their employment and their conditions of work. It shows how the interaction between regulation distance and content, labor ...
  • London Dispersion Forces in Molecules, Solids and Nano-Structures 

    Angyan, Janos; Dobson, John; Gould, Tim; Jansen, Georg (2019)
    London dispersion interactions are responsible for numerous phenomena in physics, chemistry and biology. Recent years have seen the development of new, physically well-founded models, and dispersion-corrected density ...
  • Law, Lawyers and Justice Through Australian Lenses 

    Weinert, Kim D; Crawley, Karen; Tranter, Kieran (2020)
    This book engages with the place of law and legality within Australia’s distinctive contribution to global televisual culture. Australian popular culture has created a lasting legacy – for good or bad – of representations ...
  • LexisNexis Questions and Answers: Medical Law 

    Smith, Malcolm (2020)
    LexisNexis Questions and Answers: Medical Law is designed to facilitate both continuous review and preparation for assignments and examinations. This book provides a clear and concise revision guide for each of the major ...
  • Dramatic Encounters Artistry, Community and Scholarship in Drama Teaching 

    Stinson, Madonna (2020)
    This book provides examples of outstanding quality drama teaching and community engagement. Each chapter describes and shares work that is characterized by artistry, with creativity and the aesthetic of the art form of ...
  • Indigenizing Education: Discussions and Case Studies from Australia and Canada 

    Sammel, Alison; Whatman, Susan; Blue, Levon (2020)
    This book provides invaluable guidance for community, school and university-based educators who are evaluating their educational philosophies and practices to support Indigenizing education. The examples from Australia and ...
  • Nancy Fraser and Participatory Parity Reframing Social Justice in South African Higher Education 

    Bozalek, Vivienne; Hölscher, Dorothee; Zembylas, Michalinos (2020)
    Nancy Fraser and Participatory Parity provides a philosophical framework based on the work of Nancy Fraser, examining how her ideas can be used to analyse contemporary issues in higher education and reimagine higher education ...
  • Out-of-field teaching practices: What educational leaders need to know 

    du Plessis, AE (2017)
    Society perceives the role of school leaders as ‘fixers’. Yet the author poses some confronting questions: can they fix or manage the out-of-field phenomenon without having in-depth knowledge and understanding? Can educators ...
  • The Safety Anarchist Relying on human expertise and innovation, reducing bureaucracy and compliance 

    Dekker, Sidney (2018)
    Work has never been as safe as it seems today. Safety has also never been as bureaucratized as it is today. Over the past two decades, the number of safety rules and statutes has exploded, and organizations themselves are ...
  • Foundations of Safety Science A Century of Understanding Accidents and Disasters 

    Dekker, Sidney (2019)
    How are today’s ‘hearts and minds’ programs linked to a late-19th century definition of human factors as people’s moral and mental deficits? What do Heinrich’s ‘unsafe acts’ from the 1930’s have in common with the Swiss ...
  • Indigenous Courts, Culture and Partner Violence 

    Marchetti, Elena (2019)
    This book examines the use and impact of Australian Indigenous sentencing courts in response to Indigenous partner violence. In operation in Australia since 1999, these courts were first established by a magistrate in ...
  • Advanced Computational Methods for Biocomputing and Bioimaging 

    D. Pham, Tuan; Yan, Hong; Crane, Denis (2007)
    Computational models have been playing a significant role for the computer-based analysis of biological and biomedical data. Given the recent availability of genomic sequences and microarray gene expression data, there is ...
  • Foreign Direct Investment in Korea: The Role of the State 

    Bishop, B (1997)
    This book traces the history of foreign investment policy in South Korea from 1961 until the present. It shows how Korea adopted a highly successful interventionist strategy towards foreign direct investment channeling it ...
  • Middle Leadership in Schools: A Practical Guide for Leading Learning 

    Grootenboer, Peter; Edwards-Groves, Christine; Rönnerman, Karin (2020)
    Middle leading refers to those teachers that both teach and have leadership roles, and thus can bridge the gap between the practices of learning and the managemant of schooling. Focusing on the practices of middle leaders, ...

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