Recent Submissions

  • Performing Arts in Prisons: Creative Perspectives 

    Balfour, Michael; Bartleet, Brydie-Leigh; Davey, Linda; Rynne, John; Schippers, Huib (2019)
    Across the world, performing arts programmes are increasing in number, scope and professionalism. They attract increasing academic and media attention. Theoretical and applied research, organizational evaluation reports, ...
  • Contemporary International Business in the Asia-Pacific Region 

    Verbeke, Alain; Roberts, Robin E; Delaney, Deborah; Zámborský, Peter; Enderwick, Peter; Nagar, Swati (2019)
    The increasing dominance of the Asia–Pacific region as a source of international business growth has created a dynamic and complex business environment. For this reason, a sound understanding of regional economies, communities ...
  • Adoption and Multiculturalism: Europe, the Americas, and the Pacific 

    Wills, Jenny Heijun; Hubinette, Tobias; Willing, Indigo (2020)
    Adoption and Multiculturalism features the voices of international scholars reflecting transnational and transracial adoption and its relationship to notions of multiculturalism. The essays trouble common understandings ...
  • Doing Research within Communities Stories and lessons from language and education field research 

    Taylor-Leech, Kerry; Starks, Donna (2016)
    Doing Research within Communities provides real-life examples of field research projects in language and education, offering an overview of research processes and solutions to the common challenges faced by researchers in ...
  • Commonwealth Responsibility and Cold War Solidarity: Australia in Asia, 1944-74 

    Halvorson, Dan (2019)
    Australia’s engagement with Asia from 1944 until the late 1960s was based on a sense of responsibility to the United Kingdom and its Southeast Asian colonies as they navigated a turbulent independence into the British ...
  • Politics and Emotions in Romantic Periodicals 

    Macleod, Jock; Christie, William; Denney, Peter (2019)
    This book comprises eleven essays by leading scholars of early nineteenth-century British literature and periodical culture. The collection addresses the many and varied links between politics and the emotions in Romantic ...
  • China’s Challenges and International Order Transition Beyond “Thucydides's Trap” 

    Feng, Huiyun; He, Kai (2020)
    China's Challenges and International Order Transition introduces an integrated conceptual framework of "international order" categorized by three levels (power, rules, and norms) and three issue-areas (security, political, ...
  • How China Sees the World Insights From China’s International Relations Scholars 

    Feng, Huiyun; He, Kai; Li, Xiaojun (2019)
    This book intends to make sense of how Chinese leaders perceive China’s rise in the world through the eyes of China’s international relations (IR) scholars. Drawing on a unique, four-year opinion survey of these scholars ...
  • The Art of Politics the Politics of Art The Place of Indigenous Contemporary Art 

    Foley, Fiona (2006)
    In October 2005 the Centre for Public Culture and Ideas hosted The Art of Politics/The Politics of Art conference in Brisbane. An impressive array of local and international Indigenous and non-Indigenous academics, art ...
  • Courting Blakness Recalibrating Knowledge in the Sandstone University 

    Foley, Fiona; Martin-Chew, Louise; Nicoll, Fiona (2015)
    A celebration of ‘Courting Blakness’, a groundbreaking exhibition of contemporary Indigenous art In September 2014, Adjunct Professor Fiona Foley and a team of eight Aboriginal artists delivered a cutting-edge installation ...
  • Here and Now: Artistic Research in Music 

    Tomlinson, Vanessa; Wren, Toby (2016)
    Here and Now is a snapshot of the artistic process, taken from a particular time and place; musicians based in Brisbane, Australia in 2013-14. Vanessa Tomlinson writes: “It is not a singular story, but an entry point ...
  • The Local and the Digital in Environmental Communication 

    Díaz-Pont, Joana; Maeseele, Pieter; Sjolander, Annika Egan; Mishra, Maitreyee; Foxwell-Norton, Kerrie (2020)
    This volume interrogates the intertwining of the local and the digital in environmental communication. It starts by introducing a wave metaphor to tease out major shifts in the field, and situates the intersections of local ...
  • Health Care Practice in Australia: Policy, Context and Innovations 

    Taylor, Sandra; Foster, Michele; Fleming, Jennifer (2008)
    Health Care Practice and Policy in Australia explores and analyses the challenges faced by contemporary Australian health professionals, proposes principles for contemporary health care practice, and provides examples of ...
  • My mum is a parasite scientist. That’s RAD! 

    Andrews, Katherine; Doyle, Brian; Azzuri, Brittney (2017)
    This book is about the amazing and sometimes weird world of parasites and about the jobs of scientists who study them. Topics include parasites that can be found in poo, head-lice and malaria parasites. The book includes ...
  • Our mum is a nanotech scientist. That’s RAD! 

    Li, Qin; Doyle, Brian; Walker, Maylen (2018)
    In this engaging, fun and educational book, children will learn about the amazing world of nanoparticles and nanotechnology. From medicines to brilliant colours on butterfly wings, nanoparticles are all around us! The book ...
  • Our mum is a forensic scientist. That’s RAD! 

    Stewart, Donna; Doyle, Brian; Walker, Maylen (2018)
    Imagine all the cool things you could learn if your mum was a police forensic scientist! In this educational and fun book, children will learn how forensic science can be used to gather evidence to help solve crimes. From ...
  • My aunt is a protein crystal scientist. That’s RAD! 

    Martin, Jenny; Doyle, Brian; Andrews, Rachele (2019)
    Crystals are all around us! From our food, to our jewellery, even in our digital devices; they are everywhere. Scientists can also use protein crystals to help understand disease and discover new medicines. In this colourful ...
  • Cultural History of the Bushranger Legend in Theatres and Cinemas, 1828-2017 

    Couzens, AJ (2019)
    The bushranger legend is an important component of Australia’s cultural history, with names like Ned Kelly and Ben Hall still provoking strong, if ambivalent, responses. Storytellers mobilize this legend in unique and ...
  • The Humble Cosmopolitan: Rights, Diversity, and Trans-State Democracy 

    Cabrera, Luis (2020)
    Is a strong cosmopolitan stance irretrievably arrogant? Cosmopolitanism, which affirms universal moral principles and grants no fundamental moral significance to the state, has become increasingly central to normative ...
  • Optional Choice of Court Agreements in Private International Law 

    Keyes, Mary (2019)
    This book highlights the importance of optional choice of court agreements, and the need for future research and legal development in this area. The law relating to choice of court agreements has developed significantly ...

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