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  • Tapping into classroom practice of the arts: from inside out 

    Klopper, Christopher; Garvis, Susie (2011)
    In response to the provocative statement made by Bamford surrounding the lack of Australian research in arts education (cited in Gibson and Anderson, 2008, p.103: 'While substantial studies into the benefits of arts education ...
  • Tourism and Oil: Preparing for the Challenge 

    Becken, Susanne (2015)
    This book is the first to examine oil constraints and tourism, and addresses one of the key challenges for the tourism industry in the future. It provides an estimate of how much oil tourism consumes globally and summarises ...
  • Creative Writing and the Radical: Teaching and Learning the Fiction of the Future 

    Krauth, Nigel (2016)
    The rise of digital publishing and the ebook has opened up an array of possibilities for the writer working with innovation in mind. Creative Writing and the Radical uses an examination of how experimental writers in the ...
  • Family Law Principles 

    Harland, Alexandra; Cooper, Donna; Rathus, Zoe; Alexander, Renata (2015)
    Family Law Principles is different from other family law texts written in Australia because it covers areas that are important in practice, such as family reports, how courts consider social science research, and also ...
  • Business Law for Managers 

    Turner, Clive; Gamble, Roger; French, Ben; Muurlink, Olav (2011)
    Business law for managers is a concise and focussed examination of the issues which need to be covered in an undergraduate business law unit
  • Business Law for Managers 

    Turner, Clive; Gamble, Roger; French, Ben; Muurlink, Olav (2012)
    Business law for managers 2nd edition is a concise and focussed examination of the issues which need to be covered in an undergraduate business law unit. This edition incorporates the entirety of Concise Australian commercial ...
  • Employment Relations: An Integrated Approach 

    McPhail, Ruth; Jerrard, Marjorie; Shaw, Amie (2014)
    McPhail, Jerrard and Southcombe address the key topics of Employment Relations. They offer an industrial relations focus on human resources, and a human resources focus on industrial relations – a uniquely comprehensive ...
  • Planning and Scheduling for Maritime Container Yards: Supporting and Facilitating the Global Supply Network 

    Li, Wenkai; Wu, Yong; Goh, Mark (2015)
    Maximizing reader insights into the challenges facing maritime supply chains and container port logistics service providers in Asia, this book highlights their innovative responses to these challenges through real-world ...
  • Animal Law in Australia 

    Cao, Deborah; Sharman, Katrina; White, Steven (2015)
    For most people outside Australia in other continents, Australia is best known for hopping kangaroos, fluffy koalas, laughing kookaburras, and other native animals. Australia's unique fauna and flora and its biodiversity ...
  • Health Assessment and Physical Examination 

    Zator Estes, Mary Ellen; Calleja, Pauline; Theobald, Karen; Harvey, Theresa (2013)
    This first Australia and New Zealand edition of the comprehensive Estes’ Health Assessment and Physical Examination is designed to teach students to assess a patient’s physical, psychological, cultural and emotional ...
  • Business Statistics: Complete Australia/New Zealand Edition 

    Selvanathan, Selva; Selvanathan, Saroja; Keller, Gerald (2010)
    This text emphasises applications over theory. It illustrates the importance of statistical methods and tools for today's managers and analysts, and how to apply them to business problems using real-world data. Using a ...
  • Harmonic Balance Finite Element Method - Application in Nonlinear Electromagnetics and Power System 

    Lu, Junwei; Zhao, Xiaojun; Yamada, Sotoshi (2016)
    The art of HBFEM is to use Computational Electromagnetics (CEMs) with harmonic balance theories, and CEM technologies (with IEEE Standard I597.1 and IEEE Standard 1597.2) to analyze or investigate nonlinear EM field and ...
  • Ensembles on Configuration Space: Classical, Quantum, and Beyond 

    Hall, Michael; Reginatto, Marcel (2016)
    This book describes a promising approach to problems in the foundations of quantum mechanics, including the measurement problem. The dynamics of ensembles on configuration space is shown here to be a valuable tool for ...
  • Fundamentals of Estuarine Physical Oceanography 

    Bruner de Miranda, Luiz; Pinheiro Andutta, Fernando; Kjerfve, Björn; de Castro Filho, Belmiro Mendes (2017)
    This book provides an introduction to the complex system functions, variability and human interference in ecosystem between the continent and the ocean. It focuses on circulation, transport and mixing of estuarine and ...
  • Clinical guide to helping new parents: The Couple CARE for Parents Program 

    Kim Halford, W.; F. Petch, Jemima; Creedy, Debra (2015)
    This accessible guide details an evidence-based educational program to help couples adapt to parenthood while minimizing the inevitable stress on the relationship. Complete with content, rationales, activities, and client ...
  • The Development of Coping: Stress, Neurophysiology, Social Relationships, and Resilience During Childhood and Adolescence 

    Skinner, Ellen A.; Zimmer-Gembeck, Melanie (2016)
    This book traces the development of coping from birth to emerging adulthood by building a conceptual and empirical bridge between coping and the development of regulation and resilience. It offers a comprehensive overview ...
  • Mathematics, affect and learning: Middle school students' beliefs and attitudes about mathematics education 

    Grootenboer, Peter; Marshman, Margaret (2016)
    This book examines the beliefs, attitudes, values and emotions of students in Years 5 to 8 (aged 10 to 14 years) about mathematics and mathematics education. Fundamentally, this book focuses on the development of affective ...
  • Stories of men and teaching: A new narrative approach to understanding masculinity and education 

    Davis, Ian (2015)
    This book investigates the dynamic relationship between masculinity, fiction and teaching answering one central question. How are male teachers influenced by fictional narratives in the construction of masculinities within ...
  • Communication and control for networked complex systems 

    Peng, Chen; Yue, Dong; Han, Qing-Long (2015)
    This book reports on the latest advances in the study of Networked Control Systems (NCSs). It highlights novel research concepts on NCSs; the analysis and synthesis of NCSs with special attention to their networked character; ...
  • Reinforced and Prestressed Concrete: Analysis and design with emphasis on the application of AS 3600-2009 

    Loo, Yew-Chaye; Chowdhury, Sanaul (2013)
    Reinforced and Prestressed Concrete remains the most comprehensive text for engineering students and instructors as well as practising engineers. This second edition has been updated to reflect recent amendments to the ...

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