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  • Gender and The Victorian Periodical 

    Fraser, Hilary; Green, Stephanie; Johnston, Judith (2003)
    Examining the important role played by the Victorian periodical in defining and refining gender roles during the second half of the nineteenth century, this study analyzes the periodical press in nineteenth-century culture. ...
  • The Piano Mill 

    Wolfe, Bruce; Wolfe, Jocelyn; Griswold, Erik; Tomlinson, V. (2018)
    Situated in the remote highlands between Stanthorpe and Tenterfield, The Piano Mill is a unique architectural feature, homage to the musical history of outback Australia, and outrageous musical instrument all in one. The ...
  • 第二言語としての日本語の発音とリズム /渓水社(広島)/鶴谷千春 

    Tsurutani, Chiharu (2008)
    Pronunciation and rhythm are particularly important aspects of acquiring a new language, even if language teaching often fails to acknowledge this. In this book I examine key issues concerning pronunciation and rhythm of ...
  • The beauty and the abuse: A handbook on relationships and emotions in academia 

    Munar, Ana Maria; Caton, Kellee; Eger, Claudia; Jeffrey, Heather; Khoo-Lattimore, Catheryn; Lynch, Paul; Morgan, Nigel; Yang, Elaine (2017)
    This handbook encourages dialogue and reflexivity on human relationships and emotions in academic environments. Fifteen vignettes inspired by real stories are presented. These narratives explore the light and shade of how ...
  • Att leda från mitten - lärare som driver professionell utveckling 

    Ronnerman, Karin; Edwards-Groves, Christine; Grootenboer, Peter (2018)
    Mellanledare är ett vanligt inslag i skolan idag. Det handlar om lärare med ledande roller, till exempel handledare, mentorer, förebilder, förhandlare, professionella utvecklare och ledare. Genom sin nyckelroll och sitt ...
  • Emerging Technologies and Work-Integrated Learning Experiences in Allied Health Education 

    Singh, Indu; Raghuvanshi, Karun (2018)
    The Internet serves as an essential tool in promoting health awareness through the circulation of important research among the medical professional community. While digital tools and technologies have greatly improved ...
  • Positioning the Gold Coast in Domestic Tourist Markets 

    Harrison-Hill, Tracey; Fairley, Sheranne; Chalip, Laurence (2002)
    The Gold Coast Tourism Visioning project articulates a set of core values and principles that underpin a preferred future for the sustainable prosperity of Australia's leading tourism destination in the medium to longer ...
  • 中国入世与司法审查承诺 

    Hou, Shumei (2011)
    This book examines the legal reforms that the Chinese government has been undertaking in order to fulfil its commitment to the WTO's requirement of independent judicial review. As a new member of the WTO China has moved ...
  • Just Interests: Victims, Citizens and the Potential for Justice 

    Holder, Robyn (2018)
    Just Interests: Victims, Citizens and the Potential for Justice contributes to extended conversations about the idea of justice – who has it, who doesn’t and what it means in the everyday setting of criminal justice. It ...
  • Accounting in China in Transition: 1949-2000 

    Huang, Allen; Ma, Ronald (2001)
  • Richard Bell: Uz vs. Them 

    Reilly, Maura; Bell, Richard; Mundine, Djon (2011)
    Richard Bell, one of Australia's most collectable leading contemporary artists, has established a significant reputation as a political commentator and an "enfant terrible" in Indigenous art over the past two decades. This ...
  • 戲中探貧窮:以戲劇手法進行世界公民教育 

    Chan, Yuk-Lan (2012)
    This book is a documentation of a 4-year project in training teachers, social workers and NGO workers in the use of drama in global citizenship education. The author explains the relationship between drama and global ...
  • Desistance from Sexual Offending: Narratives of Retirement, Regulation and Recovery 

    Harris, Danielle (2017)
    This book describes the complex process of desistance from sexual crime as told by 74 men incarcerated for sexual offenses and released back into the community. Unlike much of the research on this topic, Harris places ...
  • A Project-Based Introduction to Computational Statics 

    Oechsner, Andreas (2018)
    This book uses a novel concept to teach the finite element method, applying it to solid mechanics. This major conceptual shift takes away lengthy theoretical derivations in the face-to-face interactions with students and ...
  • Brisbane Chorale - Our Journey 

    Roennfeldt, Peter (2017)
  • A Very Short, Fairly Interesting and Reasonably Cheap Book About Employment Relations 

    Dundon, Tony; Cullinane, Niall; Wilkinson, Adrian (2017)
    In Employment Relations the authors translate years of experience, with the help of interesting vignettes, real life examples and connections with popular culture, into a critical understanding of the topic that brings the ...
  • 啟死回生 

    Chan, Kwong (2012)
  • Aboriginal Perspectives in the Teaching and Learning of Science 

    Sammel, Alison (2012)
    This book emerged from a research project aimed at fostering collaboration among a diverse group of Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal educators and Elders. The purpose was to begin the conversations to envision, discuss, and ...
  • Accommodating Australians: Commonwealth Government Involvement in Housing 

    Troy, Patrick (2012)
    Accommodating Australians explores the rise and fall of public housing during a prolonged period of generous Government support for home ownership while forcing the poor to pay more for their accommodation. The book ...
  • 1949 Nian Yilai de Ao Zhong Guanxi 60 Nian Maoyi yu Zhengzhi 

    Wang, Yi; named as translator, Changsen (2014)
    This book is the only Chinese-language account of Australia's policy towards the People's Republic of China, covering more than six decades of interactions between the two countries, dating from the founding of contemporary ...

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