Recent Submissions

  • Asia-Pacific perspectives on teacher self-efficacy 

    Garvis, S; Pendergast, D (2016)
    In this book the editors have been able to provide a snapshot of current research being undertaken in the Asia-Pacific region in regards to teacher self-efficacy beliefs. This includes specific focuses on inclusive teaching, ...
  • The politics of surveillance and response to disease outbreaks: The new frontier for states and non-state actors 

    Davies, SE; Youde, JR (2016)
    The capacity to conduct international disease outbreak surveillance and share information about outbreaks quickly has empowered both State and Non-State Actors to take an active role in stopping the spread of disease by ...
  • Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition in Environmental Informatics 

    Zhou, Jun; Bai, Xiao; Caelli, Terry (2016)
    Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR) together play an important role in the processes involved in environmental informatics due to their pervasive, non-destructive, effective, and efficient natures. As a result, ...
  • Displaced Persons, Resettlement and the Legacies of War: From War Zones to New Homes 

    Stroja, Jessica (2022)
    This book provides a case study on the ongoing impact of displacement and encampment of refugees who do not have access to resettlement support services or are resettled in locations of low cultural and linguistic ...
  • What Future for the Arts in a Post-Pandemic World? 

    Meyrick, Julian; Parsons, Harriet; Bronk, Richard; Biggins, Jonathan; Quiggin, John; Jorgensen, Astrid; Maxwell, Ian; Brisbane, Katharine (2021)
    The arts are valued most when life is most perplexing. After two years of disruption Platform Papers, the industry journal for the performing arts in Australia, returns under new editors. The New Platform Papers are essays ...
  • What Matters?: Talking Value in Australian Culture 

    Meyrick, Julian; Phiddian, Robert; Barnett, Tully (2018)
    Too often, cultural leaders and policy makers want to chase the perfect metric for activities whose real worth lies in our own personal experience. The major problem facing Australian culture today is demonstrating its ...
  • Management 

    Schermerhorn, John R; Davidson, Paul; Woods, Peter; Aharon, Factor; Simon, Alan; Ellen, McBarron (2016)
    Management, 6th Edition (Schermerhorn et al.) provides an engaging, immersive and personalised learning experience for students.
  • Management 

    Schermerhorn, John R; Davidson, Paul; Woods, Peter; McBarron, Ellen; Factor, Aharon; Junaid, Fatima; Simon, Alan (2019)
    Schermerhorn’s Management is an introductory text that focuses on presenting content in an easy to understand way that encourages students to think critically and draw connections between theory and practice. The new seventh ...
  • Australian Theatre after the New Wave: Policy, Subsidy and the Alternative Artist 

    Meyrick, Julian (2017)
    In Australian Theatre after the New Wave, Julian Meyrick charts the history of three ground-breaking Australian theatre companies, the Paris Theatre (1978), the Hunter Valley Theatre (1976-94) and Anthill Theatre (1980-94). ...
  • Membuat rantai nilai lebih, berpihak pada kaum miskin buku pegangan bagi praktisi analisis rantai nilai 

    Unknown author (2012)
    ACIAR is committed to funding research into profitable agribusiness systems in eastern Indonesia. The methodologies outlined in this toolbook for practitioners of value-chain analysis were originally published in English ...
  • The Oxford Handbook of Hedge Funds 

    Cumming, D; Johan, S; Wood, G (2021)
    The Oxford Handbook of Hedge Funds provides a comprehensive look at the hedge fund industry from a global perspective. The chapters are organized into five main parts. After the introductory chapter in Part I, Part II ...
  • A Complete Guide to Maggot Therapy Clinical Practice, Therapeutic Principles, Production, Distribution, and Ethics 

    Stadler, Frank (2022)
    Since the revival of maggot therapy in Western wound care approximately thirty years ago, there has been no comprehensive synthesis of what is known about its clinical practice, supply chain management, and social dimensions. ...
  • Domestic and family violence: A critical introduction to knowledge and practice 

    Meyer, S; Frost, A (2019)
    Domestic and family violence (DFV) is an enduring social and public health issue of endemic proportions and global scale, with multiple and lasting consequences for those directly affected. This book tackles current debates ...
  • Bogimbah Creek Mission: The First Aboriginal Experiment 

    Foley, Fiona (2021)
    As the Inaugural Monica Clare Research Fellow, Dr Foley’s research project, Bogimbah Creek Mission: the First Aboriginal Experiment retells a significant yet forgotten aspect of Queensland’s history. From 1897 to 1904, ...
  • Music sociology: Value, technology, and identity 

    Nowak, R; Bennett, A (2022)
    Music Sociology critically evaluates current approaches to the study of music in sociology and presents a broad overview of how music is positioned and represented in existing sociological scholarship. It then goes on to ...
  • Banking on Growth Models: China's Troubled Pursuit of Financial Reform and Economic Rebalancing 

    Bell, Stephen; Feng, Hui (2022)
    Banking on Growth Models contends that China's rapid economic rise from the late 1970s to today has been built on and shaped by a highly politicized and inefficient bank-centric financial system. Stephen Bell and Hui Feng ...
  • A Quantitative Study of Chinese Learner's Garden Path Sentences 

    Du, Jiali; Yu, Pingfang; Li, Minglin (2018)
    In the context of globalization, how to better learn foreign languages ​​and achieve better communication between China and foreign countries is a very important practical issue. This book uses the current Chinese college ...
  • Satellite Remote Sensing of Terrestrial Hydrology 

    Ndehedehe, Christopher (2022)
    This book highlights several opportunities that exist in satellite remote sensing of large-scale terrestrial hydrology. It lays bare the novel concept of remote sensing hydrology and demonstrates key applications of advance ...
  • A People's Federation 

    Bruerton, Mark; Hollander, Robyn; Levy, Ron; Arklay, Tracey (2017)
    Federations are in a state of flux globally, and Australia’s federation is no exception. As policy demands change and funding pressures mount, federal reform is always on the agenda. Yet, as demonstrated by the failure of ...
  • Electoral Integrity in America: Securing Democracy 

    Norris, Pippa; Cameron, Sarah; Wynter, Thomas (2018)
    The contemporary era raises a series of red flags about electoral integrity in America. Problems include plummeting public trust, exacerbated by President Trump’s claims of massive electoral fraud. Confidence in the ...

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