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dc.contributor.authorRadlinski, Andrzej P
dc.contributor.authorBusbridge, Tara L
dc.contributor.authorGray, Evan MacA
dc.contributor.authorBlach, Tomasz P
dc.contributor.authorCheng, Gang
dc.contributor.authorMelnichenko, Yuri B
dc.contributor.authorCookson, David J
dc.contributor.authorMastaterz, Maria
dc.contributor.authorEsterle, Joan
dc.description.abstractWe have applied X-ray and neutron small-angle scattering techniques (SAXS, SANS, and USANS) to study the interaction between fluids and porous media in the particular case of subcritical CO2 sorption in coal. These techniques are demonstrated to give unique, pore-size-specific insights into the kinetics of CO2 sorption in a wide range of coal pores (nano to meso) and to provide data that may be used to determine the density of the sorbed CO2. We observed densification of the adsorbed CO2 by a factor up to five compared to the free fluid at the same (p, T) conditions. Our results indicate that details of CO2 sorption into coal pores differ greatly between different coals and depend on the amount of mineral matter dispersed in the coal matrix: a purely organic matrix absorbs more CO2 per unit volume than one containing mineral matter, but mineral matter markedly accelerates the sorption kinetics. Small pores are filled preferentially by the invading CO2 fluid and the apparent diffusion coefficients have been estimated to vary in the range from 5 נ10-7 cm2/min to more than 10-4 cm2/min, depending on the CO2 pressure and location on the sample.
dc.publisherAmerican Chemical Society
dc.subject.fieldofresearchSurfaces and Structural Properties of Condensed Matter
dc.titleDynamic micromapping of CO2 sorption in coal
dc.typeJournal article
dc.type.descriptionC1 - Articles
dc.type.codeC - Journal Articles
gro.facultyGriffith Sciences, School of Natural Sciences
gro.rights.copyright© 2009 American Chemical Society. Self-archiving of the author-manuscript version is not yet supported by this publisher. Please refer to the journal link for access to the definitive, published version or contact the authors for more information.
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gro.griffith.authorGray, Evan M.
gro.griffith.authorBlach, Tomasz P.
gro.griffith.authorCongo, Tara L.
gro.griffith.authorRadlinski, Andrzej P.

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