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  • Aeronautica

    The seminal publication of the International Academy of Aeronautics. Published from 2011 to 2014, it focused on research undertaken by undergraduates, postgraduates and academic staff within the Academy.
  • GovNet eJournal

    The seminal publication of the ARC's Governance Research Network. Published from 2007 to 2008, it focused on institutional governance, from small firms to global institutions, maladministration, corruption and state failure.
  • Griffith Asia Quarterly

    The journal of the Griffith Asia Institute. Published from 2013 to 2015, it aimed to publish innovative, interdisciplinary research on key contemporary developments in the politics, economics, societies and cultures of Asia.
  • Griffith University Undergraduate Psychology Journal

    Published in 2009, the journal aimed to exhibit high-quality research being conducted by all members of the School of Psychology, including academic staff and undergraduate, honours, and postgraduate students.

Recent Submissions

  • A comparative study of the net profitability of airlines in global strategic alliances and a group of airlines not in an alliance 

    Perezgonzalez, Jose D (Aeronautica, 2011)
    This study examines the profitability of airlines pertaining to global airline strategic alliances for a period of eleven years, centred on the year airlines joined their alliances. Overall, the results obtained show that ...
  • Aviation Employees' Intentions to Report Safety Concerns 

    Tani, Kawtar; Gilbey, Andrew (Aeronautica, 2012)
    Following investigation of the Air Adventures accident in New Zealand, it was found that, prior to the accident occurring, a number of people had held concerns about the pilot in charge, but had not communicated their ...
  • What would you do if....? Improving pilot performance during unexpected events through in-flight scenario discussions. 

    Martin, Wayne L.; Murray, Patrick S.; Bates, Paul (Aeronautica, 2011)
    The ubiquitous reliability of the modern airliner has engendered a significant change in the traditional causes of aircraft accidents. Engine reliability in particular, coupled with sophisticated systems for flight path ...
  • A case for social constructionism in aviation safety and human performance research 

    Ferroff, Costa; Mavin, Timothy; Bates, Paul; Murray, Patrick S. (Aeronautica, 2012)
    This paper outlines the use of both quantitative and qualitative research methodologies in organisational research as applied in the aviation environment and argues the case for both approaches in such research. Aviation ...
  • Line Operations Safety Audit (LOSA) for the management of safety in single pilot operations (LOSA:SP) in Australia and New Zealand. 

    Earl, Laurie; Murray, Patrick S.; Bates, Paul (Aeronautica, 2011)
    This paper investigates the feasibility, effectiveness and benefits of implementing a single pilot operations variant of the multi-crew Line Operations Safety Audit (LOSA) methodology, in the management of safety in single ...
  • The Effect of Group Polarisation on Perceived Invulnerability in General Aviation Pilots 

    Lee, Seung Yong; Gilbey, Andrew (Aeronautica, 2012)
    People who perceive themselves as relatively invulnerable to negative events may be more likely to engage in the kinds of behaviours that make the negative events more probable, while group polarisation refers to a tendency ...
  • A problem of airport capacity definition 

    Marintseva, Kristina V.; Sharifov, Firdovci Achun-Ogly; Yun, Gennadiy N. (Aeronautica, 2013)
    The problem of determining the capacity of airports is formulated as a special integer programming problem, for solution of which an effective algorithm is proposed. The initial data of the problem of passenger traffic ...
  • Development of aviation in conflict countries: turbulent flight or steady climb? 

    de Haas, Sam Jochem (Aeronautica, 2013)
    A review of the development of commercial aviation in conflict countries, case studies: Iraq and Afghanistan 2000-2012.
  • The European business aviation industry - status quo and future projections 

    Linz, Marco; Ziegler, Yvonne; Lang, Kathrin (Aeronautica, 2011)
    The small number of scientific publications on business aviation identified by an intense literature review reveals that there is a lack of awareness among aviation researchers for this high-growth, high-yield segment. ...
  • The Impact of Technology-Based Self-Service on Airline Passengers 

    de Groot, Ron (Aeronautica, 2014)
    The provision of service in many industries is affected by the introduction of Self-Service Technology, none more so than in the airline industry. Many of the traditional service encounters have been changed from a position ...
  • Some Ethical Imperatives for the Computing Profession 

    Holmes, Neville (GovNet eJournal, 2008)
    Three aspects of computing ethics are explored, each to arrive at an imperative for the computing profession. The first argues that a distinction must be made between people and machinery and urges that the profession's ...
  • Leading with Integrity: ethical leadership - a fundamental principle of integrity and good 

    Shacklock, Arthur; Lewis, Melea (GovNet eJournal, 2007)
    The development and assessment of 'integrity systems', sometimes referred to as 'ethics regimes', has generally focused on whether the right institutions, policies and procedures exist to achieve a system with integrity. ...
  • The science of wisdom: An exploration of excellence in mind and virtue 

    Bundock, Anne (Griffith University Undergraduate Psychology Journal, 2009)
    In recent years, psychologists have begun to explore the rare and elusive human quality of wisdom. The challenges they face are many: wisdom is difficult to conceptualise, expensive and time-consuming to study, and no ...
  • Personality measures under focus: The NEO-PI-R and the MBTI 

    Frida Johnsson (Griffith University Undergraduate Psychology Journal, 2009)
    The concept of personality has for a long time attracted the interests of psychologists. As a result there are numerous theoretical approaches to the measurement of personality. This report will present two of these ...
  • Attachment theory predicts the formation of romantic relationships 

    Rob Pearce (Griffith University Undergraduate Psychology Journal, 2009)
    This essay reviews the literature on attachment theory. Attachment theory and the methods used to assess attachment systems are critiqued. The usefulness of attachment theory for predicting romantic relationships is also ...
  • The stability of personality over time as a function of personality trait dominance 

    Wilks, Leigh (Griffith University Undergraduate Psychology Journal, 2009)
    This essay examines alternative theories explaining the extent of personality change over time. Personality is initially conceptualized in terms of temperament and traits, which indicate overarching personality stability ...
  • Editor's note 

    Biggs, Amanda (Griffith University Undergraduate Psychology Journal, 2009)
    Welcome to the first issue of the Griffith University Undergraduate Psychology Journal.
  • List of Contributors 

    Biggs, Amanda (Griffith University Undergraduate Psychology Journal, 2009)
    The Editor would like to thank the people who have participated in the development of this issue, either by contributing their work, reviewing articles, or inviting students to submit their work.
  • Article Review: Personality assessment in organisational settings 

    Rob Pearce (Griffith University Undergraduate Psychology Journal, 2009)
    This review critiques a research paper entitled In Support of Personality Assessment in Organizational Settings (Ones, Dilchert, Viswesvaran, & Judge, 2007). The research paper reported a meta-analysis supporting the utility ...
  • Research Profile - Jennifer Barbour 

    Barbour, Jennifer (Griffith University Undergraduate Psychology Journal, 2009)

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