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  • Sino-Afghan Relations in the Twenty-First Century: From Uncertainty to Engagement? 

    Ludwig, Jonathan (Griffith Asia Quarterly, 2015)
    While the People's Republic of China (PRC) has worked to expand cultural and economic ties throughout it's near abroad and beyond in the last decade with great alacrity, the same cannot be said for its relationship with ...
  • See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil: Middle Eastern Reactions to Rising China's Uyghur Crackdown 

    Shichor, Yitzhak (Griffith Asia Quarterly, 2015)
    This paper addresses the issue of China's rise in the Middle East through the prism of the Uyghur and Xinjiang issues. Given the Middle East's contemporary and vociferous denunciations of the perceived 'persecution' of ...
  • The Rise of China: Pakistani Perspectives 

    Sangit Dwivedi (Griffith Asia Quarterly, 2015)
    Pakistan and China friendship, described by the leadership of both countries as higher than mountains, deeper than oceans and sweeter than honey is a unique case in the international system. The relationship is based on ...
  • Sources of Conflict in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region: History, Power, and Uyghur Identity Flux? 

    Glen, Samuel (Griffith Asia Quarterly, 2015)
    This commentary discusses the historical and contemporary conditions, underlying causes and future trajectories of the Uyghur conflict in the XUAR, China, and deals with issues of ethnicity, identity, religion, and nationalism ...
  • Reforming Sexual Offences in India: Lessons in Human Rights and Comparative Law 

    Misra, Ashutosh; Bronitt, Simon (Griffith Asia Quarterly, 2014)
    This paper scrutinizes India's outmoded laws governing sexual offences, how they impact on women and how they deny access to justice for members of vulnerable groups in society. The authors posit that public concern over ...
  • Mapping the Political Terrain of Justice Reform in China 

    Trevaskes, Susan (Griffith Asia Quarterly, 2014)
    This article argues that it is the national imperative of 'social stability' and not the yearning to establish a socialist version of the 'rule of law', that has been the main catalyst for reforms to the system of law and ...
  • From 'Asian Century' to 'America's Pacific Century' and Evolving Contours of the Indo-Pacific Reality: An Indian Perspective 

    Behuria, Ashok; Gupta, Arvind (Griffith Asia Quarterly, 2014)
    The post-cold war international strategic landscape is constantly evolving and there is no consensus on the nature as well as nomenclature of the emerging global order. However, a new concept of 'Asian Century' has gained ...
  • Transnational Organized Crime: Police Cooperation in China and the EU 

    Hufnagel, Saskia (Griffith Asia Quarterly, 2014)
    This article outlines police cooperation strategies that have developed to fight organized crime in both the EU and Greater China. It explores the broadly similar organized crime problems faced within both systems while ...
  • Prison Gangs and Prison Governance in the Philippines 

    Jones, Clarke (Griffith Asia Quarterly, 2014)
    In the large, overcrowded, out-dated and under-funded prisons of the Philippines, the essential task of maintaining prison order is complex and often problematic. To carry out this crucial (albeit usually elusive) task, ...
  • The Bear and the Dragon: Considering Russia-China Strategic Relations after the Ukraine Crisis 

    Alexey Muraviev (Griffith Asia Quarterly, 2015)
    Recent events in Ukraine have once more prompted debates about Russia's changing role and place in contemporary international relations. The imposition of sanctions on Moscow by the United States, EU and some Asian states, ...
  • The Paradox of China in the Asia-Pacific Theatre 

    Kondapalli, Srikanth (Griffith Asia Quarterly, 2014)
    In the Asia-Pacific region, China has emerged as the largest performer in many critical indices second only to the United States. Today China has become the second largest economy in the world, displacing Japan in 2010. ...
  • The Waterscape of Asia: No Escaping from the Reality of Water 

    Sinha, Uttam Kumar (Griffith Asia Quarterly, 2014)
    It is being fast established that the Himalayan hydrology will be one of the critical frontlines in the global battle against climate change and water issues. The Himalayan mountain system is of crucial importance to the ...
  • Editor's Introduction 

    Misra, Ashutosh; Bronitt, Simon (Griffith Asia Quarterly, 2014)
  • A Tale of Two Middle Easts: Change and Stasis in the Arab World 

    Gray, Matthew (Griffith Asia Quarterly, 2013)
    This paper argues that the past two decades or so has witnessed a dramatic rise in the wealth and economic power of some parts of the Middle East, especially the Arab monarchies of the Gulf, while the non-energy exporting ...
  • Playing with Fire: Understanding the Sunni-Shi'a 'Sectarian Lifecycle' 

    Newby, Vanessa (Griffith Asia Quarterly, 2013)
    The Sunni-Shi'a sectarian split has in recent years been accused of being the primary cause of the on-going violence in the Middle East. Here I describe the complex relationship this schism has with politics in the region. ...
  • Pakistan: The Odd Man Out in Its Own Region 

    Rakisits, Claude (Griffith Asia Quarterly, 2013)
    One can identify three clusters of factors which have constrained Pakistan's capacity to integrate with South and Southwest Asia: the violent partition of the sub-continent and the unresolved issue of Pakistan's identity ...
  • Strategic Player, Economic Outlier: Regional Integration and North Korea's Place in Northeast Asia 

    Habib, Benjamin (Griffith Asia Quarterly, 2013)
    North Korea is an outlier on the periphery of the East Asian economic miracle and simultaneously a key strategic actor amid the dance of regional great power competition. This article investigates the factors constraining ...
  • Editor's Introduction 

    Clarke, Michael Edmund; Vivoda, Vlado (Griffith Asia Quarterly, 2013)
  • The Asian/Chinese Century from the Chinese Perspective 

    Pan, Chengxin (Griffith Asia Quarterly, 2013)
    Front and centre in Australia's contemporary discourse about Asia is no longer the 'Yellow Peril', but the Asian Century. Nowhere is this new Asia discourse more prominent than in the recently released White Paper titled ...
  • Will the Emerging India Ever Arrive? 

    Misra, Ashutosh (Griffith Asia Quarterly, 2013)
    This article discusses the ingrained impediments which are likely to stifle India's rise and growth - a phenomenon which has figured prominently in scholarly and official assessments, in India and outside, for over a decade ...

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