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dc.contributor.authorStuart, Jaimee
dc.contributor.authorJose, Paul E
dc.description.abstractThe present study examined whether discrepancies between adolescent and parent ratings of family dynamics predict adolescent well-being over time. Self-report data from 972 adolescent–parent dyads collected at two time points separated by one year were analyzed. Both adolescents and parents rated a variety of family dynamics (e.g., cohesion), and adolescents reported on their levels of well-being (confidence, purpose in life, and positive relations with others). Significant discrepancies between adolescents' and parents' perceptions of family functioning were found for all positive family dynamics, but not for family conflict. Furthermore, discrepancies increased over time and larger discrepancies were noted for older adolescents. Results from the residualized path model showed that discrepancies were bidirectionally related to adolescent well-being. In addition, age was found to moderate the predictive model. Specifically, 14–15 year olds (year 10) were found to be more stable in their well-being over time than younger adolescents. Also, results indicate that well-being is a significantly stronger negative predictor of discrepancies over time for the 14–15 year olds (year 10) than the for 10–11 year olds (year 6). The authors suggest that future research would benefit from investigations of the relationship between divergent perspectives of family members and adjustment outcomes of adolescents.
dc.publisherAmerican Psychological Association
dc.relation.ispartofjournalJournal of Family Psychology
dc.subject.fieldofresearchPsychology not elsewhere classified
dc.titleThe Influence of Discrepancies Between Adolescent and Parent Ratings of Family Dynamics on the Well-Being of Adolescents
dc.typeJournal article
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gro.griffith.authorStuart, Jaimee

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