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dc.contributor.authorDatry, T
dc.contributor.authorFoulquier, A
dc.contributor.authorCorti, R
dc.contributor.authorvon Schiller, D
dc.contributor.authorTockner, K
dc.contributor.authorMendoza-Lera, C
dc.contributor.authorClement, JC
dc.contributor.authorGessner, MO
dc.contributor.authorMoleon, M
dc.contributor.authorStubbington, R
dc.contributor.authorGucker, B
dc.contributor.authorAlbarino, R
dc.contributor.authorAllen, DC
dc.contributor.authorAltermatt, F
dc.contributor.authorArce, MI
dc.contributor.authorArnon, S
dc.contributor.authorBanas, D
dc.contributor.authorBanegas-Medina, A
dc.contributor.authorBeller, E
dc.contributor.authorBlanchette, ML
dc.contributor.authorBlanco-Libreros, JF
dc.contributor.authorBlessing, JJ
dc.contributor.authorBoechat, IG
dc.contributor.authorBoersma, KS
dc.contributor.authorBogan, MT
dc.contributor.authorBonada, N
dc.contributor.authorBond, NR
dc.contributor.authorBarria, KC Brintrup
dc.contributor.authorBruder, A
dc.contributor.authorBurrows, RM
dc.contributor.authorCancellario, T
dc.contributor.authorCanhoto, C
dc.contributor.authorCarlson, SM
dc.contributor.authorCauvy-Fraunie, S
dc.contributor.authorCid, N
dc.contributor.authorDanger, M
dc.contributor.authorTerra, Bianca de Freitas
dc.contributor.authorDe Girolamo, AM
dc.contributor.authorDe La Barra, Evans
dc.contributor.authorDel Campo, R
dc.contributor.authorDiaz-Villanueva, VD
dc.contributor.authorDyer, F
dc.contributor.authorElosegi, A
dc.contributor.authorFaye, E
dc.contributor.authorFebria, C
dc.contributor.authorFour, B
dc.contributor.authorGafny, S
dc.contributor.authorGhate, SD
dc.contributor.authorGomez, R
dc.contributor.authorGomez-Gener, L
dc.contributor.authorGraca, MAS
dc.contributor.authorGuareschi, S
dc.contributor.authorHoppeler, F
dc.contributor.authorHwan, JL
dc.contributor.authorJones, JI
dc.contributor.authorKubheka, S
dc.contributor.authorLaini, A
dc.contributor.authorLanghans, SD
dc.contributor.authorLeigh, C
dc.contributor.authorLittle, CJ
dc.contributor.authorLorenz, S
dc.contributor.authorMarshall, JC
dc.contributor.authorMartin, E
dc.contributor.authorMcIntosh, AR
dc.contributor.authorMeyer, EI
dc.contributor.authorMilisa, M
dc.contributor.authorMlambo, MC
dc.contributor.authorMorais, M
dc.contributor.authorMoya, N
dc.contributor.authorNegus, PM
dc.contributor.authorNiyogi, DK
dc.contributor.authorPapatheodoulou, A
dc.contributor.authorPardo, I
dc.contributor.authorParil, P
dc.contributor.authorPauls, SU
dc.contributor.authorPesic, V
dc.contributor.authorPolasek, M
dc.contributor.authorRobinson, CT
dc.contributor.authorRodriguez-Lozano, P
dc.contributor.authorRolls, RJ
dc.contributor.authorSanchez-Montoya, MM
dc.contributor.authorSavic, A
dc.contributor.authorShumilova, O
dc.contributor.authorSridhar, KR
dc.contributor.authorSteward, AL
dc.contributor.authorStorey, R
dc.contributor.authorTaleb, A
dc.contributor.authorUzan, A
dc.contributor.authorVorste, Ross Vander
dc.contributor.authorWaltham, NJ
dc.contributor.authorWoelfle-Erskine, C
dc.contributor.authorZak, D
dc.contributor.authorZarfl, C
dc.contributor.authorZoppini, A
dc.description.abstractCorrection to: Nature Geoscience, published online 21 May 2018. In the version of this Article originally published, the affiliation for M. I. Arce was incorrect; it should have been: 5Leibniz Institute of Freshwater Ecology and Inland Fisheries (IGB), Berlin, Germany. This has now been corrected in the online versions of the Article.
dc.publisherNature Publishing Group
dc.relation.ispartofjournalNature Geoscience
dc.subject.keywordsScience & Technology
dc.subject.keywordsPhysical Sciences
dc.subject.keywordsGeosciences, Multidisciplinary
dc.titleAuthor Correction: A global analysis of terrestrial plant litter dynamics in non-perennial waterways
dc.typeJournal article
dc.type.descriptionC3 - Articles (Letter/ Note)
dcterms.bibliographicCitationDatry, T; Foulquier, A; Corti, R; von Schiller, D; Tockner, K; Mendoza-Lera, C; Clement, JC; Gessner, MO; Moleon, M; Stubbington, R; Gucker, B; Albarino, R; Allen, DC; Altermatt, F; Arce, MI; Arnon, S; Banas, D; Banegas-Medina, A; Beller, E; Blanchette, ML; Blanco-Libreros, JF; Blessing, JJ; Boechat, IG; Boersma, KS; Bogan, MT; Bonada, N; Bond, NR; Barria, KCB; Bruder, A; Burrows, RM; Cancellario, T; Canhoto, C; Carlson, SM; Cauvy-Fraunie, S; Cid, N; Danger, M; Terra, BDF; De Girolamo, AM; De La Barra, E; Del Campo, R; Diaz-Villanueva, VD; Dyer, F; Elosegi, A; Faye, E; Febria, C; Four, B; Gafny, S; Ghate, SD; Gomez, R; Gomez-Gener, L; Graca, MAS; Guareschi, S; Hoppeler, F; Hwan, JL; Jones, JI; Kubheka, S; Laini, A; Langhans, SD; Leigh, C; Little, CJ; Lorenz, S; Marshall, JC; Martin, E; McIntosh, AR; Meyer, EI; Milisa, M; Mlambo, MC; Morais, M; Moya, N; Negus, PM; Niyogi, DK; Papatheodoulou, A; Pardo, I; Paril, P; Pauls, SU; Pesic, V; Polasek, M; Robinson, CT; Rodriguez-Lozano, P; Rolls, RJ; Sanchez-Montoya, MM; Savic, A; Shumilova, O; Sridhar, KR; Steward, AL; Storey, R; Taleb, A; Uzan, A; Vorste, RV; Waltham, NJ; Woelfle-Erskine, C; Zak, D; Zarfl, C; Zoppini, A, A global analysis of terrestrial plant litter dynamics in non-perennial waterways (vol 11, pg 497, 2018), Nature Geoscience , 2018, 11 (7), pp. 542-542
gro.hasfulltextNo Full Text
gro.griffith.authorLeigh, Catherine
gro.griffith.authorBond, Nick R.
gro.griffith.authorBurrows, Ryan M.
gro.griffith.authorRolls, Rob J.
gro.griffith.authorSteward, Alisha L.
gro.griffith.authorMarshall, Jonathan C.

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