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dc.contributor.authorBlaudez-Pratt, Fanny
dc.contributor.authorIvanovski, S
dc.contributor.authorHamlet, S
dc.contributor.authorVaquette, C
dc.description.abstractDecellularised tissues and organs have been successfully used in a variety of tissue engineering/regenerative medicine applications. Because of the complexity of each tissue (size, porosity, extracellular matrix (ECM) composition etc.), there is no standardised protocol and the decellularisation methods vary widely, thus leading to heterogeneous outcomes. Physical, chemical, and enzymatic methods have been developed and optimised for each specific application and this review describes the most common strategies utilised to achieve decellularisation of soft and hard tissues. While removal of the DNA is the primary goal of decellularisation, it is generally achieved at the expense of ECM preservation due to the harsh chemical or enzymatic processing conditions. As denaturation of the native ECM has been associated with undesired host responses, decellularisation conditions aimed at effectively achieving simultaneous DNA removal and minimal ECM damage will be highlighted. Additionally, the utilisation of decellularised matrices in regenerative medicine is explored, as are the most recent strategies implemented to circumvent challenges in this field. In summary, this review focusses on the latest advancements and future perspectives in the utilisation of natural ECM for the decoration of synthetic porous scaffolds.
dc.publisher.placeUnited States
dc.subject.fieldofresearchClinical sciences
dc.subject.keywordsExtracellular matrix
dc.titleAn overview of decellularisation techniques of native tissues and tissue engineered products for bone, ligament and tendon regeneration
dc.typeJournal article
dc.type.descriptionC1 - Articles
dcterms.bibliographicCitationBlaudez-Pratt, F; Ivanovski, S; Hamlet, S; Vaquette, C, An overview of decellularisation techniques of native tissues and tissue engineered products for bone, ligament and tendon regeneration, Methods, 2019
gro.description.notepublicThis publication has been entered into Griffith Research Online as an Advanced Online Version.
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gro.griffith.authorHamlet, Stephen

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