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dc.contributor.authorFang, Y
dc.contributor.authorLv, Y
dc.contributor.authorGong, F
dc.contributor.authorElzatahry, AA
dc.contributor.authorZheng, G
dc.contributor.authorZhao, D
dc.description.abstractA two-step synthetic approach was studied to prepare an unprecedented type of vertically stacked ultrathin 2D single-layered ordered-mesoporous-carbon/2D MoS2 layered heteromaterials with well-defined interfaces. The formed 2D mesoporous-carbon layer is as thin as =1 nm (three carbon atoms thick), and can also be defined as a mesoporous carbon nanosheet (MCN). 2D mesoporous phenolic/amiphiphilic surfactant ultrathin nanosheets were firstly in situ grown by supermolecular self-assembly of monomicelles at the interface of 2D MoS2 nanosheets under hydrothermal treatment. Liquid exfoliated MoS2 nanosheets with a thickness of =1 nm are employed as the initial substrate for growth of the mesoporouscarbon layers. During the chemical exfoliation process, the atomic-level defects of the 2D MoS2 nanosheets are formed. After in situ growth, the ordered-mesoporous-carbon nanosheet/MoS2 heteromaterials retain the ultrathin 2D layered-nanosheet structure in large domains. Ordered mesopore arrays with a pore diameter of =9 nm on the surface of the ultrathin nanosheets are clearly observed by high-resolution scanning electron microscopy (HRSEM). The nanosheets exhibit ultrathin thickness, while they retain their mesoporous structure at such a tiny size. The entire nanosheets are quite uniform in thickness and homogeneous on the surface, indicating that the interfaces between the 2D MoS2 nanosheets and the mesoporous-carbon layers are precisely matched and well-defined. The uniform mesostructures can also be demonstrated by atomic force microscopy (AFM) tomography and phase images of the hetero-nanosheets. These results demonstrate the layered nature of both the initial MoS2 and the obtained MoS2/mesoporous-carbon nanosheets.
dc.relation.ispartofjournalAdvanced Materials
dc.subject.fieldofresearchPhysical sciences
dc.subject.fieldofresearchChemical sciences
dc.titleSynthesis of 2D‐Mesoporous‐Carbon/MoS2 Heterostructures with Well‐Defined Interfaces for High‐Performance Lithium‐Ion Batteries
dc.typeJournal article
dc.type.descriptionC1 - Articles
dcterms.bibliographicCitationFang, Y; Lv, Y; Gong, F; Elzatahry, AA; Zheng, G; Zhao, D, Synthesis of 2D-Mesoporous-Carbon/MoS<inf>2</inf>Heterostructures with Well-Defined Interfaces for High-Performance Lithium-Ion Batteries, Advanced Materials, 2016, 28 (42), pp. 9385-9390
gro.hasfulltextNo Full Text
gro.griffith.authorZhao, Dongyuan

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