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dc.contributor.authordu Plessis, AE
dc.description.abstractSociety perceives the role of school leaders as ‘fixers’. Yet the author poses some confronting questions: can they fix or manage the out-of-field phenomenon without having in-depth knowledge and understanding? Can educators teach the next generation of teachers and school leaders without appreciating the realities of the workplace? Can policymakers develop effective policies without a deeper understanding of the workforce issues that influence quality education beyond the obvious issues? Many dilemmas face today’s teaching workforce and workplaces. The book takes the reader on a journey as experienced in real life by teachers and school leaders. It aims an extreme global focus on the quality of education and on governments’ achievements in providing opportunities to prepare the next generation of students for their future. The author’s assessment exposes more concerns than assurances. Anna du Plessis’ academic career includes more than 25 years of classroom experience across three countries. Her journey in leadership positions started during her fourth year of teaching. Her compassion for teachers, school leaders and students stimulated a search for a deeper understanding of the lifeworld and challenges facing educational practitioners. The objective in this book is to share information that will improve education systems, strategies, decisions, policies and actions. Readers of this book might be parents, student teachers, prospective school leaders, educational directors, policymakers or teacher educators. Only knowing and understanding can inform well-directed decisions.
dc.publisherSense Publishers
dc.titleOut-of-field teaching practices: What educational leaders need to know
dc.type.descriptionA1 - Books
dcterms.bibliographicCitationdu Plessis, AE, Out-of-field teaching practices: What educational leaders need to know, 2017, pp. 1-192
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gro.griffith.authorDu Plessis, Anna E E.

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