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dc.contributor.authorWang, Xiaoxiang
dc.contributor.authorZhou, Rusen
dc.contributor.authorZhang, Chunmei
dc.contributor.authorXi, Shibo
dc.contributor.authorJones, Michael WM
dc.contributor.authorTesfamichael, Tuquabo
dc.contributor.authorDu, Aijun
dc.contributor.authorGui, Ke
dc.contributor.authorOstrikov, Kostya Ken
dc.contributor.authorWang, Hongxia
dc.description.abstractVacancies have received considerable attention in energy storage materials since they are able to generate more active defects, leading to enhanced conductivity and thus higher capability. Here, we provide a facile strategy to rapidly achieve sufficient sulphur vacancies, lattice distortion and changed charge-states of Ni/Co on the material surface layer in NiCo2S4via low-temperature atmospheric pressure plasma. Both experimental results and DFT calculations have demonstrated that enhanced performances can be obtained with different amounts of sulphur vacancies (S-vacancies), with optimal performance obtained at 30% S-vacancy. Moreover, the same trend of enhanced energy storage performance effects is found in comparison groups of varied Ni/Co atomic ratios (1 : 1, 2 : 1, 1 : 4, 4 : 1), suggesting the serviceability of this facile strategy, which only requires 30 seconds of processing. This paves a path towards high-performance supercapatteries using the simple plasma-based method.
dc.publisherRoyal Society of Chemistry
dc.relation.ispartofjournalJournal of Materials Chemistry A
dc.subject.fieldofresearchMacromolecular and Materials Chemistry
dc.subject.fieldofresearchMaterials Engineering
dc.subject.fieldofresearchInterdisciplinary Engineering
dc.subject.keywordsScience & Technology
dc.subject.keywordsPhysical Sciences
dc.subject.keywordsChemistry, Physical
dc.subject.keywordsEnergy & Fuels
dc.titlePlasma-induced on-surface sulfur vacancies in NiCo2S4 enhance the energy storage performance of supercapatteries
dc.typeJournal article
dc.type.descriptionC1 - Articles
dcterms.bibliographicCitationWang, X; Zhou, R; Zhang, C; Xi, S; Jones, MWM; Tesfamichael, T; Du, A; Gui, K; Ostrikov, KK; Wang, H, Plasma-induced on-surface sulfur vacancies in NiCo2S4 enhance the energy storage performance of supercapatteries, Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 2020, 8 (18), pp. 9278-9291
gro.hasfulltextNo Full Text
gro.griffith.authorOstrikov, Kostya (Ken)

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