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  • Case study of an environmental noise and health assessment in the City of Dusseldorf, Germany 

    Schrekenberg, Dirk; van Kamp, Irene; Kulhmann, Julia; Benz, Sarah; Grossarth, Stephen; van Kempen, Elise; Basner, Mathias; Brown, Alan; Clark, Charlotte; Houthuijs, Danny; Breuglemans, Oscar; Van Beek, Anemarie; Janssen-Stelder, Brigit (23rd International Congress on Acoustics (ICA 2019), 2019)
    In their recent Environmental Noise Guidelines (ENG) the World Health Organization (WHO) identified several critical health outcomes of environmental noise, among them are cardiovascular diseases, annoyance, effects on ...
  • Comparing noise policies of eight European cities using a noise intervention classification scheme 

    van Renterghem, Timothy; HERNALSTEEN, Hannelore; Brown, Alan (23rd International Congress on Acoustics (ICA 2019), 2019)
    Over the last decades, cities have been developing noise policies. Comparing such efforts, however, is not a simple task. For this purpose, a previously proposed noise intervention classification scheme is used as a ...
  • Response to a reduction in traffic noise exposure 

    Brown, Alan; Kyle-Little, Julie (Australian Acoustical Society Annual Conference, 1981)
    Current criteria for road traffic noise have been based on studies of response (annoyance) measured under relatively steady-state tions. The paper examines various mechanisms which may operate conditions to alter the ...
  • Modelling traffic noise in high-density development 

    Brown, Alan (Institute of Acoustics, Spring Conference, 1985)
  • Environmental assessment of development assistance projects should include all crosscutting issues 

    Brown, Alan (Impact Assessment in the Development Process: Advances in Integrating Environmental Assessment with Economic and Social Appraisal, 1998)
    This paper concerns international development assistance, or international cooperation, and the desire amongst countries and agencies providing this assistance to ensure that its outcomes are sustainable, that activities ...
  • Review of the effect of transport noise interventions on human health: policy implications and future research 

    Brown, Alan; van Kamp, Irene (12th ICBEN Conference on Noise as a Public Health Problem, 2017)
    A systematic literature review (1980-2014) of evidence on the effects of transport noise interventions on human health was performed in the framework of preparation of the WHO Environmental noise guidelines for the European ...
  • Effects of traffic Noise: South-East Freeway, Brisbane 

    Brown, Alan; Law, HG (8th Australian Road Research Board (ARRB) Conference, 1976)
    A survey was conducted of 288 residents living within 100m of the South east freeway, Brisbane, to determine the magnitude and distribution of the effects of the freeway traffic noise. Respondents were asked to self report ...
  • Prediction of freeway noise levels (L10): an evaluation of the U.K. dept of the environment procedure 

    Brown, Alan; Hollingworth, Greg (9th Australian Road Research Board (ARRB) Conference, 1878)
    The United Kingdom Department of the Environment has published a method of predicting road traffic noise levels (l 10) from traffic parameters and roadway geometry. To test this prediction procedure, l 10 (half hour) and ...
  • The noise-response relationship near a freeway 

    Brown, Alan (10th Australian Road Research Board (ARRB) Conference, 1980)
    A correlation analysis is reported relating the noise annoyance of 142 respondents near the south east freeway in Brisbane to noise levels measured at 17 locations. No relationship was found between individuals' annoyance ...
  • Road Noise Barriers: Experience on Western Arterial in Brisbane 

    Golding, S; Hall, A; Brown, Alan (13th Australian Road Research Board (ARRB) Conference, 1986)
    In order to reduce the impact of traffic noise on the suburban infrastructure, noise barriers have been constructed on the russell terrace - jerrang street section of the Western Arterial in Brisbane. This section of the ...
  • Measuring dose response relationships for environmental factors 

    Brown, Alan (Seminar on Measuring Social Behaviour in Road Research, 1980)
    Using an investigaton of the dose-reponse relationship for road traffic noise as an exanrple, this paper examines some of the methodological issues involved in studies which attempt to relate human response to some aspects, ...
  • Event based indicators for road traffic noise exposure assessment 

    De Coensel, Bert; Brown, Alan (11th European Congress and Exposition on Noise Control Engineering (Euronoise 2018), 2018)
    Prediction of human response to road traffic noise might be improved by accounting for the occurrence of noise events in addition to using indicators solely based on energy equivalent or percentile measures of noise exposure. ...
  • Defining AR: Public perceptions of an evolving landscape 

    Thompson, A; Potter, LE (Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI'20), 2020)
    This paper presents findings from an ongoing investigation into the public understanding of augmented reality (AR) technologies. Despite AR technologies becoming increasingly available to the general public, perceptions ...
  • Longshore Sediment Interruption and Bypassing of a Multipurpose Artificial Reef - Preliminary Results 

    Vieira da Silva, Guilherme; Strauss, Darrell; Shaeri, Saeed; Murray, Thomas; Tomlinson, Rodger; Hamilton, Daniel (9th International Conference on Coastal Sediments 2019, 2019)
    Nearshore morphological changes and sand bypassing of multipurpose artificial reefs (MAPR) are still under reported in the literature. This research aims to further understand the bypassing of a MPAR to inform maintenance ...
  • Spatial Variability in Beach Morphology with Respect to Wave Exposure Along a Zeta-shaped Coastline 

    Murray, Thomas; Strauss, Darrell; Vieira da Silva, Guilherme; Wharton, Courtney (9th International Conference on Coastal Sediments 2019, 2019)
    Regular, high spatial resolution survey datasets from dune to depth of closure are rare in the literature. These type of datasets have the ability to provide critical information about changing beach morphodynamics in both ...
  • A Simple and Efficient CCA-Secure Lattice KEM in the Standard Model 

    Li, Qinyi (12th International Conference on Security and Cryptography for Networks, 2020)
    We present, to date, the most efficient public-key encapsulation mechanism from integer lattices in the standard model. Our construction achieves adaptive CCA security through a “direct” chosen-ciphertext security technique ...
  • Carbon Emissions Assessment of Urban Transport - A New Approach for 10 Major Vietnamese cities 

    Leung, Abraham Chik-Keung; Le, Thi Phuong Linh (Cities and Climate Change Science Conference 2018 (IPCC), 2018)
    With rapid economic development, Vietnam is experiencing substantial growth in vehicle numbers and motorized mobility. This is causing rapid increase in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and air pollution. There is a need to ...
  • Investigating the role of residual food waste recycling in closing the loop: Case study from the 2018 Commonwealth Games, Australia 

    Caldera, Helessage; Desha, Chery (19th European Roundtable for Sustainable Consumption and Production (ERSCP 2019), 2019)
    Every year in Australia, household, commercial and industry sectors generate more than 5 million tonnes of food waste, with the majority of it ending up in landfills that are costly to run and diminishing in availability. ...
  • How much transport is shared? Current and new ways to measure shared mobility for Australian cities – the case of South East Queensland 

    Leung, Abraham Chik-Keung (9th State of Australian Cities National Conference, 2019)
    New forms of shared mobility, such as ride-hailing, car-sharing, bike- and scooter-sharing, are all touted as promising means to address car dependence and mass car ownership. Most Australian cities and their policymakers ...
  • Selection factors determining the Hybrid Approach: A Benchmark Study 

    Tuxworth, Gervase; Brown, Mason; Dey, Sharmistha (Americas Conference on Information Systems (AMCIS), 2020)
    The choice of methodology for information system development (ISD) is a significant question faced by information systems (IS) professionals. A sizable body of research details the agile and traditional approaches ...

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