Recent Submissions

  • Is Co-operative Housing a Creative Solution for Australia's Housing Affordability Crisis? 

    Perolini, Petra (AMPS Conference 10, 2017)
    Although cooperative housing today in Australia can still be linked to radicalism associated with the squatter movement of the 1970s, the model has come a long way. Despite there being over a billion members of co-operatives ...
  • Benchmarking Urban Transport Oil Vulnerability in 11 Asia-Pacific Cities 

    Leung, Abraham; Burke, Matthew; Yen, Barbara; Chiou, Yu-Chiun (12th EASTS Conference, 2017)
    Oil vulnerability emerged as a transport policy concern during the period of higher oil prices circa 2003 to 2014. This paper assesses and compares 11 Asian Pacific cities of different size regarding their level of oil ...
  • A typology of social media control in franchising 

    Kuhne, Sarah; Bodey, Kelli; Pentecost, Robin (ANZMAC 2015, 2015)
    Despite the fact that the majority of Australian franchise systems are utilising social media, no best practice guidelines exist to guide their use. This exploratory research seeks to understand how social media systems ...
  • The Effects of Website Quality on Adoption of E-Government Service: An Empirical Study Applying UTAUT Model Using SEM 

    Alshehri, Mohammed; Drew, Steve; Alhussain, Thamer; Alghamdi, Rayed (ACIS 2012, 2012)
    In today's global age, e government services have become the main channel for online communication between the government and its citizens. They aim to provide citizens with more accessible, accurate, real-time and high ...
  • Improved Building Detection Using Texture Information 

    Awrangjeb, Mohammad; Zhang, Chunsun; Fraser, Clive S. (PIA11, 2011)
    The performance of automatic building detection techniques can be significantly impeded due to the presence of same-height objects, for example, trees. Consequently, if a building detection technique cannot distinguish ...
  • Automated Reconstruction of Walls from Airborne LiDAR Data for Complete 3D Building Modelling 

    He, Yuxiang; Zhang, Chunsun; Awrangjeb, Mohammad; Fraser, Clive S. (XXII ISPRS Congress, Technical Commission III (Volume XXXIX-B3), 2012)
    Automated 3D building model generation continues to attract research interests in photogrammetry and computer vision. Airborne Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR) data with increasing point density and accuracy has been ...
  • LiDAR Segmentation Using Suitable Seed Points for 3D Building Extraction 

    Abdullah, S. M.; Awrangjeb, Mohammad; Lu, Guojun (ISPRS Technical Commission III Symposium, 2014)
    Effective building detection and roof reconstruction has an influential demand over the remote sensing research community. In this paper, we present a new automatic LiDAR point cloud segmentation method using suitable seed ...
  • Fusion of LiDAR Data and Multispectral Imagery for Effective Building Detection Based on Graph and Connected Component Analysis 

    Gilani, S.A.N.; Awrangjeb, Mohammad; Lu, Guojun (PIA15+HRIGI15, 2015)
    Building detection in complex scenes is a non-trivial exercise due to building shape variability, irregular terrain, shadows, and occlusion by highly dense vegetation. In this research, we present a graph based algorithm, ...
  • Automatic Reconstruction of Building Roofs through Effective Integration of LIDAR and Multispectral Imagery 

    Awrangjeb, Mohammad; Zhang, Chunsun; Fraser, Clive S. (XXII ISPRS Congress, Technical Commission III (Volume I-3), 2012)
    Automatic 3D reconstruction of building roofs from remotely sensed data is important for many applications including city modeling. This paper proposes a new method for automatic 3D roof reconstruction through an effective ...
  • Rule-based segmentation of LIDAR point cloud for automatic extraction of building roof planes 

    Awrangjeb, Mohammad; Fraser, Clive S. (CMRT13 (City Models, Roads and Traffic 2013), 2013)
    This paper presents a new segmentation technique for LIDAR point cloud data for automatic extraction of building roof planes. Using the ground height from a DEM (Digital Elevation Model), the raw LIDAR points are separated ...
  • Integrating Culture Awareness and Formalisation in Software Process Assessment and Improvement for Very Small Entities (VSEs) 

    Nonoyama, Tatsuya; Kabaale, Edward; Wen, Larry; Tuffley, David; Wang, Zhe (EuroSPI 2018, 2018)
    Software process assessment and process improvement are fundamentally essential if software companies are to improve their development processes and perform at best practice level. However, established software process ...
  • Forgetting and Unfolding for Existential Rules 

    Wang, Zhe; Wang, Kewen; Zhang, Xiaowang (AAAI-18, 2018)
    Existential rules, a family of expressive ontology languages, inherit desired expressive and reasoning properties from both description logics and logic programming. On the other hand, forgetting is a well studied operation ...
  • Scalable Rule Learning via Learning Representation 

    Ghiasnezhad Omran, Pouya; Wang, Kewen; Wang, Zhe (IJCAI-18, 2018)
    We study the problem of learning first-order rules from large Knowledge Graphs (KGs). With recent advancement in information extraction, vast data repositories in the KG format have been obtained such as Freebase and YAGO. ...
  • On the Satisfiability Problem of Patterns in SPARQL 1.1 

    Zhang, Xiaowang; den Bussche, Jan Van; Wang, Kewen; Wang, Zhe (AAAI-18, 2018)
    The pattern satisfiability is a fundamental problem for SPARQL. This paper provides a complete analysis of decidability/undecidability of satisfiability problems for SPARQL 1.1 patterns. A surprising result is the ...
  • Pink Noise: Queer Identity and musical performance in a Local Context 

    Taylor, Jodie (Music on the Edge: IASPM-ANZ 2007 Conference, 2008)
    It is widely accepted that music means something different to each of us. Musical compositions and performances are the product of particular times, places and people that manifest themselves in multiple styles and genres, ...
  • Lesbian Dissonance, Music Cultures and Mainstreams 

    Taylor, Jodie (2008 IASPM-ANZ Conference, 2009)
    Many same sex attracted people not only position themselves outside heteronormative culture but have, in recent times, become anathema to the mainstreaming of lesbian and gay culture. With an emphasis on lesbian and queer ...
  • Breaking down the barriers to collegial engagement at the program level 

    Venema, Sven; Carruthers, Samantha (HERDSA 2017, 2017)
    This article describes the experiences of an Australian university Information Technology school that embarked on a journey of cultural transformation aimed at breaking down the barriers to collegial engagement at the ...
  • Local Government Level Climate Change Adaptation and Disaster Resilience in Queensland 

    Dedekorkut, Aysin (SOAC 2017, 2018)
    As climate change is increasing the frequency and severity of natural disasters resilience is becoming more and more important. While the need for an intergovernmental approach to adapt to climate change impacts and ...
  • Geographical Proximity Boosted Recommendation Algorithms for Real Estate 

    Yu, Yonghong; Wang, Can; Zhang, Li; Gao, Rong; Wang, Hua (WISE 2018, 2018)
    China’s real estate sector has become the major force for the rapid growth of China’s economy. There is a great demand for the real estate applications to provide users with their personalized property recommendations to ...
  • The adaptation roller-coaster: Planning for climate change on the Gold Coast, Queensland 

    Howes, Michael; Dedekorkut, Aysin (SOAC 2017, 2018)
    Multimodal wearable sensor data classification plays an important role in ubiquitous computing and has a wide range of applications in scenarios from healthcare to entertainment. However, most existing work in this ...

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