Recent Submissions

  • Shape optimisation of cold-formed steel profiles with manufacturing constraints – Part I: Algorithm 

    Wang, Bin; Gilbert, Benoit; Molinier, Adrien; Guan, Hong; H. Teh, Lip (CCFSS 2014, 2014)
    This paper presents a Genetic Algorithm optimisation method with manufacturing constraints for shape optimisation of cold-formed steel (CFS) profiles. Previous studies on unconstrained shape optimisation of CFS crosssections, ...
  • Likelihood of buckling mode interaction in shape optimisation of manufacturable cold-formed steel columns 

    Wang, Bin; Gilbert, Benoit; Guan, Hong; H. Teh, Lip (11th World Congress on Structural and Multidisciplinary Optimisation, 2015)
  • Mobile Plant Leaf Identification using Smart-phones 

    Wang, Bin; Brown, Douglas; Gao, Yongsheng; Salle, John (ICIP 2013, 2013)
    A novel shape description method is proposed for mobile retrieval of leaf images to aid in plant recognition. In this method, traveling the shape contour, the convexity and concavity properties of the arches of various ...
  • Can Experiential Learning Help Students' Learning and Improve Course Satisfaction? 

    El Hanandeh, Ali (AAEE 2016, 2016)
    CONTEXT: Environmental Management Systems (7407ENG) is a postgraduate course taught at Griffith University. The course attracts a large student enrolment from a wide range of engineering and nonengineering programs. ...
  • Fast Bilateral Symmetry Detection Using Inverted Gradient Hash Maps 

    Gonzalez, Ruben; Lincoln, Luke (ICTCC 2016, 2016)
    This paper presents a fast and novel algorithm for bilateral symmetry detection based on inverted gradient hash maps (IGHMs). A hash map is an associative array that stores image gradient magnitudes and orientations in the ...
  • Hashing with non-linear manifold learning 

    Liu, Yanzhen; Bai, Xiao; Yan, Chen; Wang, Jing; Zhou, Jun (DICTA 2016, 2016)
    The amount of data is exploding with the development of Internet and multimedia technology. Rapid retrieval of mass data is becoming more and more important. To meet the demand of the rapid retrieval, many approximate ...
  • Boosting radial strings for 3D face recognition with expressions and occlusions 

    Yu, Xun; Gao, Yongsheng; Zhou, Jun (DICTA 2016, 2016)
    In this paper, we present a new radial string representation and matching approach for 3D face recognition under expression variations and partial occlusions. The radial strings are an indexed collection of strings emanating ...
  • The science and superstition of quantitative risk assessment 

    Rae, Andrew; McDermid, John A.; Alexander, Rob D. (PSAM11 2012 International Probabilistic Safety Assessment and Management Conference, 2012)
    In safety, environmental, and financial regulation the public are often asked to accept estimates of a concept, “risk”, that they cannot directly perceive. Faith in these estimates is supported by logical reasoning but ...
  • DE.FORM 

    Foster, Tyson (JCSG 2016, 2016)
    Breathing life into the digital void is the core goal of my practice. As a technical artist I use 3D software and interactive real-time graphics to generate responsive performance for stylized 3D characters in virtual ...
  • A Systematic Literature Review on Air Transport and Tourism: Analysis from 54 Journals During the Period 2000-2014 

    Spasojevic Sijacki, Bojana; Lohmann, Gui; Scott, Noel (CAUTHE 2016, 2016)
    Today's tourism industry is not possible without air transport, modern airports infrastructure, efficient and safe airline services and worldwide air transport networks. According to the WTO report (2006), 40% of the ...
  • Destination Competitiveness: Theoretical Gap, Practical Consequences 

    Queiroz Neto, Ambrozio; Lohmann, Gui; Scott, Noel (CAUTHE 2016, 2016)
    Most of the existing destination competitiveness models are exclusively derived from a suppliers perspective, even those that recognise demand as an important element of the competitiveness of a destination. A small number ...
  • Picosecond, ultraviolet fiber laser at 300MHz repetition rate: Resonant quantum logic gate source 

    Hussain, Mahmood; Petrasiunas, Matthew; Lobino, Mirko; Streed, Erik; Kielpinski, David (CLEO 2016: QELS_Fundamental Science, 2016)
    We engineered a fiber laser source capable to produce 2.5ps UV pulses at 300MHz repetition rate. Laser wavelength resonates with one of the strong transition in Yb+ ion, and it will enable us to coherently manipulate Yb+ ...
  • Measurement of photon-pair generation in waveguide arrays with specialized poling 

    Lenzini, Francesco; Titchener, James; Fisher, Paul; Boes, Andreas; Poddubny, Alexander N.; Kasture, Sachin; Haylock, Benjamin; Villa, Matteo; Mitchell, Arnan; Solntsev, Alexander S.; Sukhorukov, Andrey A.; Lobino, Mirko (FiO 2016, 2016)
    We present the realization of an inhomogeneously poled nonlinear waveguide array for the generation of photon pairs. The device is characterized by coincidence counting and a novel method based on reversed sum-frequency ...
  • Test Procedures for Investigating the Buckle Propagation of Pipe-in-Pipe Systems 

    Karampour, Hassan; Alrsai, Mahmoud; Guan, Hong; Albermani, Faris (SIF 2016, 2016)
    This paper investigates the collapse and propagation of buckling along the length of Pipe-in-Pipe system (PIPs). Experimental study has been performed inside a hyperbaric chamber on buckling of aluminum (Al-6060-T5) PIPs ...
  • Unconstrained Cross-Sectional Shape Optimisation of Cold-Formed Steel Beams and Beam-Columns 

    Wang, Bin; Gilbert, Benoit; Bosco, Guillaume; Guan, Hong; Teh, Lip H. (CCFSS 2016, 2016)
    This paper is focused on optimising the cross-sectional shapes of simply-supported, singly-symmetric and open-section cold-formed steel (CFS) beams and beam-columns without manufacturing or assembly constraints. A previously ...
  • Coming Through 

    Spark, Andi (JCSG 2016, 2016)
    Ever felt that the supermarket shelves were out to get you? Or that suddenly the silverware needs polishing at 2am? Or that every photograph is somehow sucking another gram of your energy? And you have a baby that is utterly ...
  • Arty Swirly Colourful 

    Hanley, Thomas (JCSG 2016, 2016)
    Arty Swirly Colourful (ASC) is an interactive relaxation experience. While most games focus on challenge, excitement, fear, or bombast, ASC seeks to provide the player with a calming, relaxing escape from everyday life. ...
  • Current Challenges and Proposed Software Improvement Process for VSEs in Developing Countries 

    Nonoyama, Tatsuya; Wen, Larry; Rout, Terry (SPICE 2016, 2016)
    Many software development organizations are classified as Very Small Entities (VSEs) with limited number of staff to implement full size of software development lifecycles standards (SDLC) such as ISO/IEC 12207 in their ...
  • Perth bands were all the rage, man! Routes, routines and routes of popular music, explored through the End of Fashion 

    Ballico, Christina (IASPM ANZ 2011, 2012)
    End of Fashion are a Platinum-selling, award-winning indie pop/rock band from Perth, Western Australia. The band's originating members - Justin Burford and Rodney Aravena - started the group in the early 2000s. They have ...
  • The people who watch the bands are the people who are in the bands: The influence of social networks and social capital on creative and business activity in local music scenes 

    Ballico, Christina (IASPM-ANZ 2014, 2015)
    The mix of creative activity which occurs in local music scenes and industries is undoubtedly influenced by the social networks and associated social capital that support their functioning. This is particularly the case ...

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