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  • Phyto-cover of landfill sites: a sustainable alternative to conventional clay cover 

    Ghadiri, H; Benaud, P; Greenway, M; Yuen, S; Zhu, G (Environmental Pollution and Public Health (EPPH 2011), 2011)
    A large scale field research was carried out in five active landfill locations across Australia to investigate the viability and sustainability of a new phyto-capping system of landfill final cover as a replacement for the ...
  • Effect of Coupling on Software Faults: An Empirical Study 

    Anwer, Sajid; Adbellatif, Ahmad; Alshayeb, Mohammad; Anjum, Muhammad Shakeel (International Conference on Communication, Computing and Digital Systems (C-CODE), 2017)
    Software product's quality is one of the important aspects that affect the user, the developer, and the product. Measuring quality in the early phases of the project life cycle is a major goal of project planning. Accordingly, ...
  • Outliers Classification for Mining Evolutionary Community using Support Vector Machine and Logistic Regression on Azure ML 

    Dost, Shahi; Anwer, Sajid; Saud, Faryal; Shabbir, Maham (International Conference on Communication, Computing and Digital Systems (C-CODE), 2017)
    Evolutionary Community Outliers (ECO) is a type of outlier group in which the average evolutionary behavior of certain objects is different from the same community by some measures. The detection, classification and removal ...
  • An Evaluation of the Statechart Diagrams Visual Syntax 

    Anwer, Sajid; El-Attar, Mohamed (5th International Conference on Information Science and Applications (ICISA), 2014)
    Statechart diagrams are a popular modeling tool amongst designers as it provides the capabilities to model the behavior of a state-dependent system or system component. Statechart diagrams are one of the pillar diagram ...
  • Identifying the factors that influence task allocation in global software development 

    Mahmood, S; Anwer, S; Niazi, M; Alshayeb, M; Richardson, I (19th International Conference on Evaluation and Assessment in Software Engineering, 2015)
    Over the last decade, an increasing number of organizations have started software development in a globally distributed environment. One of the major challenges is that many organizations endorse the process of global ...
  • Supporting transition for mathematics and science students under an assumed knowledge approach 

    Johnston, Peter; Loughlin, Wendy; Brown, Christopher; Williams, Michael; Watters, Dianne (The Mathematics Education for the Future Project, Proceedings of the 15th International Conference, Theory and Practice: An Interface or a Great Divide, 2019)
    In Australia there is concern over the poor mathematical skills of students entering University STEM degrees (King & Cattlin, 2015). Challenged by the introduction of an assumed knowledge approach for mathematics dependent ...
  • Discrepancies and Deficits in Nursing Handover of Trauma Patients From the ICU to the Ward - We Can Improve 

    Powell, Madeleine; Mitchell, Marion; Brown, Duncan; Davis, Chelsea; Nielsen, Susan; Calleja, Pauline; Walsham, James (2019)
    Introduction: Clinical handover is an Australian National Standard and patient safety priority. Incomplete and inaccurate clinical handover leads to reduced continuity of care and adverse events. Risks are exacerbated ...
  • A weekend in-service program led by clinicians in the Emergency Department 

    Xu, Hui; Calleja, Pauline (16th International Conference for Emergency Nursing, 2018)
    Background: In-service training is an indispensable strategy for maintaining and increasing emergency nurses’ competency to deliver safe patient care (1, 2). In-service training is traditionally run by a nurse education ...
  • Colour Analysis of Strawberries on a Real Time Production Line 

    Eaton, G; Busch, A; Bartels, R; Gao, Y (2018 Digital Image Computing: Techniques and Applications (DICTA), 2019)
    A novel system has been designed where colour analysis algorithms facilitate grading ripeness of packed strawberries on a fast-paced production line. The Strawberry quality system acquires images at the rate of 2punnets/s, ...
  • Web Crippling Behaviour and Design of Aluminium Lipped Channel Sections Under Two Flange Load Cases 

    Alsanat, Husam; Gunalan, Shanmuganathan; Guan, Hong (8th International Conference on THIN-WALLED STRUCTURES, ICTWS 2018, 2018)
    During recent decades, the use of aluminium alloy members instead of steel members in building construction has substantially increased especially in the areas with high corrosion risks. However, these aluminium members ...
  • Numerical Study on Aluminium Lipped Channel Sections Subjected to Web Crippling Under Two-Flange Load Cases 

    Alsanat, Husam; Gunalan, Shanmuganathan; Guan, hong (25th Australasian Conference on Mechanics of Structures and Materials, 2020)
    The use of thin-walled aluminium alloy members in construction has significantly increased during the recent years due to its appealing characteristics. However, they are highly susceptible to web crippling failure due to ...
  • Web Crippling Behaviour of Fastened Aluminium Lipped Channel Sections 

    Alsanat, Husam; Gunalan, Shanmuganathan; Keerthan, Poologanathan; Guan, Hong; Baniotopoulosc, Charalampos (9th International Conference on Steel and Aluminium Structures ICSAS19, 2019)
    Web crippling is a form of localized failure that thin-walled members are susceptible to in structural systems. The available literature shows limited experimental studies conducted to investigate the web crippling behaviour ...
  • Discovering Prerequisite Relationships Among Learning Objects: A Coursera-Driven Approach 

    De Medio, Carlo; Gasparetti, Fabio; Limongelli, Carla; Lombardi, Matteo; Marani, Alessandro; Sciarrone, Filippo; Temperini, Marco (ICWL 2016, 2016)
    In this work we address the problem of automatically finding prerequisite relations among learning materials in order to help instructional designers to speed up the course building process. Ours is a data-driven approach, ...
  • Gender Equity in Universities: Should we be worried? 

    Strachan, Glenda; Peetz, David; Bailey, Janis; Broadbent, Kaye; Whitehouse, Gillian (Workers, Corporations and Community: Facing Choices for a Sustainable Future, 2008)
    In the past decade universities have experienced profound long-term changes. Operating with increased ‘business’ orientation and measurement of operations, they are distinctly different places of work compared with ten ...
  • Using technology-based devices to boost motivation when lettering by hand 

    Reed, Elizabeth (Create World, 2017)
    An auto-ethnographic perspective on using technology-based devices to boost motivation when lettering by hand. To learn or to improve skills surrounding cursive handwriting, one needs to practice the letterforms. To produce ...
  • Design and implementation of a hierarchical hybrid communication platform for multi-microgrid applications 

    Jamborsalamati, P; Moghimi, M; Hossain, J; Lu, J (Proceedings of the 10th International Conference in Sustainability on Energy and Buildings (SEB’18), 2019)
    This paper presents a hierarchical hybrid communication platform for Multi-Microgrid (MMG) optimization applications. The main purpose of the implemented platform is to attach multiple Microgrids (MGs) to each other by ...
  • Improving performance of intrusion detection system using ensemble methods and feature selection 

    Pham, NT; Foo, E; Suriadi, S; Jeffrey, H; Lahza, HFM (Australasian Computer Science Week Multiconference (ACSW), 2018)
    The main task of an intrusion detection system (IDS) is to detect anomalous behaviors from both within and outside the network system, and there have been increasing studies applying machine learning in this area. The ...
  • Geographical Proximity Boosted Recommendation Algorithms for Real Estate 

    Yu, Y; Wang, C; Zhang, L; Gao, R; Wang, H (WISE 2018, 2018)
    China’s real estate sector has become the major force for the rapid growth of China’s economy. There is a great demand for the real estate applications to provide users with their personalized property recommendations to ...
  • Climate change adaptation case studies: Impacts of drought and floods on local farming 

    Davey, P; Kabir, E; Tjoe, Y (1st International Conference on Global Issue for Infrastructure, Environment and Socio-Economic Development, 2019)
    It's not easy; the current local community really is that climate change and associated disasters are becoming more intense, unpredictable, frequent and costly impacting on rural and urban areas. How can we help communities? ...
  • Avocadoes and Chinese cuisine 

    Gomez, E; Roberts, RE (APS 2014, 2018)
    This paper presents the results of qualitative research undertaken in Singapore with consumers from various Asian ethnic backgrounds, with emphasis on Chinese-ethnic consumers. The study provides an understanding of ...

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