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  • Oxidative phosphorylation provides stress resistance in non-proliferating cells 

    Magalhaes Novais, Silvia; Blecha, Jan; Rohlenova, Katerina; Neuzil, Jiri; Rohlena, Jakub (20th Biennial Meeting for the Society for Free Radical Research International (SFRRI 2021), 2021)
    Mitochondrial oxidative phosphorylation (OXPHOS) generates ATP, but also has other important roles that are ATP-independent. In proliferating cells OXPHOS is required for pyrimidine synthesis, but in non-proliferating cells ...
  • An interesting case of clustered pregnancy-associated melanoma 

    Van Rooij, N (Australasian College of Dermatologists, 53rd Annual Scientific Meeting, The Art of Dermatology, 2021)
    Pregnancy–associated melanoma is increasingly gaining attention in the literature, however significant knowledge deficiencies exist. The case is presented of a 34-year-old woman with dysplastic naevi syndrome who developed ...
  • Smoke-free psychiatric wards: how can we sleep when the beds are burning? 

    Kisely, SR (RANZCP 2021 Congress, 2021)
    Background: There is a close relationship between smoking and psychiatric disorder: a high proportion of people with mental illness smoke, and conversely many adult smokers have a mental illness. Smoke-free policies in ...
  • Randomized trial of resistance testing for virologic failure in Sub-Saharan Africa 

    Siedner, Mark; Moosa, Mahomed-Yunus; McCluskey, Suzanne; Ard, Kevin; Muyindike, Winnie; Moodley, Pravikrishnen; Brijkumar, Jaysingh; Rautenberg, Tamlyn; George, Gavin; Ghandi, Rajesh; Johnson, Brent; Sunpath, Henry; Bwana, Mwebesa; Marconi, Vincent (Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections (CROI 2021), 2021)
    Genotypic resistance testing (GRT) is recommended after virologic failure in resource-rich settings. By contrast, guidelines in sub-Saharan Africa promote adherence support and repeat virologic monitoring, in the absence ...
  • Design and development of an automated fluid management system for endoscopy aided gynaecological surgeries 

    Hettiarachchi, SP; Pathirana, GCK; Perera, MR; Amarasinghe, YWR; Jayawardane, MAMM; Dau, VT (2020 9th International Conference on Mechatronics and Control Engineering (ICMCE), 2020)
    In this research, a novel Automated Fluid Management System (AFMS) was designed, analysed and fabricated for endoscopy aided gynaecological surgeries in order to prevent complications arise due to fluid overload. The ...
  • Event management education: The students' perspective 

    Junek, Olga; Lockstone-Binney, Leonie; Osti, Linda (4th International Event Research Conference, 2007)
    Events management courses at university level have gained in popularity and subsequent enrolments in the last decade, largely due to the phenomenal growth in the global events industry. The aim of the current research is ...
  • Recruitment and selection of festival volunteers 

    Smith, Karen; Lockstone-Binney, Leonie (4th International Event Research Conference, 2007)
    Volunteers are a vital human resource for events and this paper evaluates approaches to their recruitment and selection. Taking a comparative organisational methodology, data is presented from qualitative interviews with ...
  • Tracking students to identify 'at risk' attitudes and appropriate engagement practices 

    Ali, Shameem; Lockstone-Binney, Leonie (2006 ANZMAC Conference, 2006)
    Over recent years university funding has become an issue of primary concern and in many areas demand for courses has been eroding and competition increasing. Consequently, the identification of students “at risk” and the ...
  • The volunteering experience at the 2006 Melbourne Commonwealth Games: An outsider's perspective looking in 

    Lockstone-Binney, Leonie; Baum, Tom (Global Events Congress, 2006)
    Volunteers play a major role in mega and major events, both cultural and sporting, contributing invaluable human resources. Frequently described as the “unsung heroes” of such events, relatively little is known about this ...
  • Battlefield tourism in Turkey: An empirical analysis of British ex-colonial event attendance 

    Hall, John; Basarin, John; Shaw, Robin; Lockstone-Binney, Leonie (2008 Academy of Marketing Conference, 2008)
    This paper explores the influence of visitor satisfaction on intention to recommend event attendance. The Anzac Day commemoration at Gallipoli, Turkey, an event that has become increasingly popular in recent years and ...
  • Experiential learning in event management education: Do industry placements in degree courses complement jobs available in the events industry? 

    Lockstone-Binney, Leonie; Junek, Olga; Mair, Judith (2008 CAUTHE Conference, 2008)
    Faced with the emergence of event management education in Australia, the increasing number of graduates applying for event industry jobs and their often high expectations of the industry (Grafton 2004), it is vitally ...
  • Deep Contextualized Word Embedding for Text-based Online User Profiling to Detect Social Bots on Twitter 

    Heidari, Maryam; Jones, James H Jr Jr; Uzuner, Ozlem (20th IEEE International Conference on Data Mining (ICDM), 2020)
    Social media platforms can expose influential trends in many aspects of everyday life. However, the trends they represent can be contaminated by disinformation. Social bots are one of the significant sources of disinformation ...
  • Volunteers and the 2006 Commonwealth Games in Melbourne: An inlooker perspective 

    Lockstone-Binney, Leonie; Baum, Tom (2006 Joint Conference of APTA & APacCHRIE, 2006)
    Volunteers play a major role in mega and major events, both cultural and sporting, contributing invaluable human resources. Frequently described as the “unsung heroes” of such events, relatively little is known about this ...
  • Flexibility in the Tourism Sector: Do Organisations and Events Need to Be Flexible in Order to Recruit and Retain Volunteers? 

    Lockstone-Binney, Leonie; Smith, Karen; Baum, Tom (2007 CAUTHE Conference, 2007)
    The concept of flexibility has received widespread attention beyond its theoretical roots in manufacturing. It has been applied to the services sector, including tourism and hospitality; however, little work has investigated ...
  • Volunteers and volunteering in tourism: Social science perspectives 

    Holmes, Kirsten; Lockstone-Binney, Leonie; Smith, Karen; Baum, Tom (2007 CAUTHE Conference, 2007)
    Tourism has been examined within the context of social science theory, however, little work has considered the range of social science disciplines and applied them to specific phenomena located within the field. This paper ...
  • Identifying potential volunteers: Introducing the convertibles 

    Lockstone-Binney, Leonie; Holmes, Kirsten; Haski-Leventhal, Debbie; Meijs, Lucas; Oppenheimer, Melanie (ARNOVA Conference, 2015)
    This paper reports on a study which seeks to identify how to increase volunteer participation by converting non-volunteers to the benefits of volunteering. The project uses the concept of volunteerability – an individual’s ...
  • Secure Hybrid Encryption in the Standard Model from Hard Learning Problems 

    Boyen, Xavier; Izabachène, Malika; Li, Qinyi (12th International Conference on Post-Quantum Cryptography, 2021)
    We present chosen-ciphertext secure hybrid encryption systems in the standard model from the learning with errors problem and low-noise learning parity with noise problem. The systems consist of public-key key encapsulation ...
  • Linking leadership and innovation: A qualitative study of climate for innovation in tourism SMEs 

    Hoang, Giang; Wilson-Evered, Elisabeth; Lockstone-Binney, Leonie (British Academy of Management Conference, 2017)
    Innovation is ever more critical for sustainable business performance in a globally changing economic and social context. Small to medium enterprises (SMEs) are arguably enabled to innovate through their potential for rapid ...
  • ‘Face-to Face vs. Flipped’: A Comparative Study on Academic Outcomes and Learning Preferences in First Year Allied Health Students Undertaking Anatomy and Physiology 

    Wendt, Lauren; Du Toit, Eugene; Naug, Helen (Seventh International Conference on Higher Education Advances, 2021)
    A mixed-mode or ‘‘flipped’’ model of learning focusses on supporting a high level of student engagement, student motivation, and the transferability of specific course content. A blend of online resources and face-to-face ...
  • A Multi-UAV System for Exploration and Target Finding in Cluttered and GPS-Denied Environments 

    Zhu, Xiaolong; Gonzalez, Felipe; Vanegas, Fernando; Sanderson, Conrad (International Conference on Unmanned Aircraft Systems, 2021)
    The use of multi-rotor Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) for Search and Rescue (SAR) and Remote Sensing is rapidly increasing. Multi-rotor UAVs, however, have limited endurance. The range of UAV applications can be widened ...

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