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  • Development of a domestic water end use consumption forecasting modelfor South-East Queensland, Australia 

    Makki, Anas; Stewart, Rodney; Panuwatwanich, Kriengsak; Beal, Cara (The Sixth IWA Specialist Conference on Efficient Use and Management of Water, 2011)
    The purpose of this paper is to explore the predominant determinants of shower end use consumption and the overarching approach to building a residential demand forecasting model using aligned socio-demographic and natural ...
  • Interval-valued Symbolic Representation based Method for Off-line Signature Verification 

    Pal, Srikanta; Alaei, Alireza; Pal, Umapada; Blumenstein, Michael (IJCNN 2015, 2015)
    The objective of this investigation is to present an interval-symbolic representation based method for offline signature verification. In the feature extraction stage, Connected Components (CC), Enclosed Regions (ER), Basic ...
  • Evaluation of Gist Operator for Document Image Retrieval 

    Alaei, Fahimeh; Alaei, Ali Reza; Pal, Umapada; Blumenstein, Michael (DAS 2018, 2018)
    As digitised documents normally contain a large variety of structures, a page segmentation- and layout-free method for document image retrieval is preferable. In this research work, therefore, wavelet transform as a ...
  • Reconstruction and transition driven by external captital: A case study of Simatai Village in Beijing suburbs 

    Dai, Linlin; Li, Dong; Yang, Ling; Dupre, Karine (XXVI FIG Congress, 2018)
    The issue of agriculture, countryside and farmers (tri-agricultural problems) is the fundamental problem related to China's national economy and the people's livelihood, and the revitalization of the countryside is one ...
  • Where are the electric cars and solar panels? The socio-spatial mismatch of mobility and energy transition in Australian capitals 

    Leung, Abraham; Burke, Matthew; Perl, Anthony (SOAC 2017, 2018)
    Two disruptive developments are happening in the private transport propulsion and power generation area. Electric vehicles (EVs) are poised to replace an increasing share of traditional ICE (internal combustion engine) ...
  • A Portfolio Solver for Answer Set Programming: Preliminary Report 

    Gebser, Martin; Kaminski, Roland; Kaufmann, Benjamin; Schaub, Torsten; Schneider, Marius Thomas; Ziller, Stefan (11th international conference, LPNMR 2011, 2011)
    We propose a portfolio-based solving approach to Answer Set Programming (ASP). Our approach is homogeneous in considering several configurations of the ASP solver clasp. The selection among the configurations is realized ...
  • Observations and Opportunities for Deploying Virtual Reality for Passenger Boats 

    Carter, Lewis; Paroz, Andrew; Potter, Leigh Ellen (CHI EA '18, 2018)
    We identify difficulties and opportunities in using virtual reality on passenger boats. As part of a larger ecotourism study, we experimented with the use of virtual reality (VR) on a boat using a head mounted display. ...
  • Interacting with Musebots 

    Brown, Andrew; Horrigan, Matthew; Eigenfeldt, Arne; Gifford, Toby; Field, Daniel; McCormack, Jon (NIME 2018, 2018)
    Musebots are autonomous musical agents that interact with other musebots to produce music. Inaugurated in 2015, musebots are now an established practice in the field of musical metacreation, which aims to automate aspects ...
  • Being 'in-there' not 'out-there': Urban planning and Aboriginal peoples 

    Kitson, Greg; Nicholson, Mandy; Low Choy, Darryl; Jones, David; Serrao-Neumann, Silvia; Schuch, Gemma (SOAC 2017, 2018)
    An Australian myth is that Aboriginals reside only in the far reaches of Northern Territory, Queensland and Western Australia. Such is far from the truth. 2016 Australian Bureau of Statistics census data evidences an ...
  • A case study involving an internship in biomedical science 

    Boulay, Rachel; Parisky, Alex; Campbell, Chris; Leong, Peter (ICICTE 2011, 2011)
    The purpose of this paper is to present a unique case study that combined online training with a biomedical laboratory internship for a secondary school student. This case study outlines the positive experience for one ...
  • Nurturing the budding ideas of STEM academics in a university-wide implementation of PebblePad 

    Allan, Christopher; Campbell, Chris; Green, David (ICICTE 2018, 2018)
    New technologies are often being implemented across universities from a topdown perspective, and often this prevents the nurturing of ideas and passions of academic staff. This paper explores a model to support STEM ...
  • Using mobile technology to develop the pre-service teacher practicum 

    Cameron, Leanne; Campbell, Chris; Sheridan, Lynn (ICICTE 2011, 2011)
    There is a perceived “disconnect” between university theory and the reality of the classroom which has led to criticism of the efficacy of pre-service teacher preparation. Additionally, it is now acknowledged that the ...
  • Supporting student learning through innovative technology in the aviation classroom 

    Campbell, Chris; Korf, Arie (ICICTE 2018, 2018)
    This paper reports on the implementation of the new Flight Procedures Laboratory at Griffith University, Brisbane, Australia. This computer lab has been outfitted with hardware and software to support the student learning ...
  • Applying fuzzy set method for solving mechanical engineering problems (Determining residual service life) 

    Al-waely, Waail Mahmod (EPC-IQ 2010, 2010)
    In this paper we use fuzzy set method to solve one of the important problems in mechanical engineering (the residual service life). The residual service life for rolling stock can change depending on it's using conditions. ...
  • An Information Systems PhD by Artefact and Exegesis? 

    Mackrell, Dale; McDonald, Craig; Gammack, John (ACIS 2017, 2017)
    In this conceptual paper, we speculate on the possibility that a PhD by Artefact and Exegesis (A&E) may be legitimate in the Information Systems (IS) discipline. Research, as creative process and product with the intention ...
  • An evaluation on the effect of osteoporosis on osseointegration around titanium implants in posterior maxilla following a tooth extraction 

    Doan, Nghiem; Du, Zhibin; Xiao, Jeffrey; Reher, Peter; Xia, W.; Crawford, Ross; Ivanovski, Saso; Yang, F.; Duong, Q. T.; Jiang, J.; Xiao, Yin (BREC 2016, 2018)
    Background: The surgical placement of implants into maxillary extraction sites in ovariectomized (OVX) rats could mimic implant placement in compromised bone in humans, such as is seen in osteoporosis. Purpose This study ...
  • Accelerometer Artefacts from Body Worn Sensors 

    McDonough, Elle; Hinton-Lewis, Chris; Espinosa, Hugo; Thiel, David (ICoSSEET 2016, 2018)
    Inertial sensors are commonly found in commercial products such as smart phones and sports bands. When these sensors are stationary, the variation in the recorded signal (noise level) is very small (approaching 0.1% of ...
  • Distributed quantum dot sensors for monitoring the integrity of protective aerospace coatings 

    Trinchi, Adrian; Muster, Tim H.; Hardin, Simon G.; Gomez, Daniel E.; Cole, Ivan S.; Corrigan, Penny A.; Bradbury, Angela; Nguyen, Tich Lam; Safai, Morteza; Georgeson, Gary E.; Followell, David A. (IEEE Aerospace Conference 2012, 2012)
    The development of a non-destructive health-monitoring system for painted metal structures is being pursued. The system is based on sensing the fluorescence emission intensity of quantum dot particles that have been ...
  • Amplifying Compositional Intelligence: Creating with a psychologically-inspired generative music system 

    Brown, Andrew; Gifford, Toby; Davidson, Robert (2013 ICMC | IDEA, 2013)
    We describe the Motivator, a newly developed Computer Assisted Composition (CAC) tool for generating variations of melodic motives. The motivator helps composers to make Gestalt switches in interpretation of multistable ...
  • Creative Design Cognition Differences between High School Students with and without Design Education 

    Gero, John S.; Yu, Rongrong; Wells, J. (ICDC 2018, 2018)
    This paper presents results from a study exploring the relationship between design education and creative design cognition in high school students. Data from coded protocols of high school students with and without design ...

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