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    • A hermeneutic phenomenological study of pre-service teachers’ sense of belonging on their professional experience placements 

      Ronksley-Pavia, Michelle; Dewhurst, Yvonne; Pendergast, Donna (Australian Association for Research in Education Conference 2018, 2018)
      This paper presents findings from an international hermeneutical phenomenological investigation of six pre-service teachers’ sense of belonging during their professional experience school placements. Our findings from a ...
    • Start by Piloting: Planning a Survey of How Obstetricians are Affected by Traumatic Births 

      Walker, AL; Gamble, J; Creedy, DK; Ellwood, DA (Annual Scientific Meeting of the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RANZCOG), 2019)
      ntroduction: Obstetricians, GP obstetricians, and trainees are among those exposed to traumatic births, such as unexpected intrapartum stillbirth. There is little information about the effect of trauma on the Australian ...
    • From Concept to Reality: Sharing Insights and Pathways for Enabling Experiential Learning in Real-time Sensing 

      Aghdamy, Sanam; Desha, Cheryl; Ong, dominic; Gunalan, Shanmuganathan; Guan, Hong; Nguyen, Andy; Rowlands, David (Proceedings of the AAEE2019 Conference, 2019)
      CONTEXT: 21st Century engineering demands competency in data retrieval, storage and management, where possible in real or near-real time. From design through to operation, maintenance and disassembly, it is critical for ...
    • Impact of Lecture Recording in Undergraduate Engineering Classes: Students’ Perception and Academic Attainment 

      Aghdamy, Sanam; Doh, Jeung-Hwan; Guan, Hong (30th Annual Conference of the Australasian Association for Engineering Education, 2019)
      CONTEXT: In many higher education institutions, it has become routine to digitally capture traditional classroom lectures and automatically make those recordings available to enrolled students after the classes to view ...
    • 'One size does not fit all': Towards cultural adaptivity in learning management systems 

      Galaige, J; Torrisi-Steele, G (34th International Conference of Innovation, Practice and Research in the Use of Educational Technologies in Tertiary Education (ASCILITE 2017), 2019)
      Online learning is immensely popular and attracts learners from diverse cultural backgrounds. Given learning is situated in culture, the diversity of online students presents a great challenge to course designers, but ...
    • Key success factors to implementing an active learning platform 

      Duffy, M; James, J; Campbell, C; Williams, JC (ASCILITE 2017, 2017)
      This study reports on the key success factors when introducing a new lecture capture platform, Echo360 Active Learning Platform (ALP), at an Australian University. This is an interactive platform, designed to actively ...
    • The perception of air pollution exposure from commuting in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam 

      Leung, Abraham; Le, Thi Phuong Linh (World Conference on Transport Research - WCTR 2019, 2019)
      With rapid industrialisation and motorisation, air pollution is a serious problem for many emerging economies in the Global South. Studies of air pollution are limited in Vietnam, especially studies about the perception ...
    • Bearing behaviour of aluminium sub-heads in façade systems 

      Akbari, Masomeh; Gunalan, Shanmuganathan; Gilbert, Benoit; Guan, HONG; BALESHAN, BALESH (Eighth International Conference on Thin Walled Structures (ICTWS 2018), 2018)
      As an advanced structural material used in façade systems, aluminium alloys provide many superior characteristics such as strength and ductility, along with good corrosion resistance and recyclability. The window walls ...
    • Narratives of bullying: Schooling experiences of eight twice-exceptional students 

      Ronksley-Pavia, Michelle; Pendergast, Donna (Australian Association for Research in Education 2018, 2018)
      Educators are increasingly attuned to the relationship between behavioural and academic outcomes recognising that to be successful at school students benefit from a safe and supportive environment. A specific concern is ...
    • Brand Sustainability factors: Service stations 

      Boonnark, Kittisorn; Thaichon, Park; Ross, Mitchell; Surachartkumtonkun, Jiraporn (Australian and New Zealand Marketing Academy Conference (ANZMAC 2017), 2017)
      Marketers extend their branding interest from building a brand to a sustaining brand. It has been questioning for decades if a brand can last forever. According to the massive business growth rate, service stations of PTT ...
    • Physiological responses in relation to glare: A case study in office setting 

      Hamedani, Zahra; Solgi, Ebrahim; Skates, Henry; Hine, Trevor; Isoardi, Gillian (CIE Expert Workshop on Research Methods for Human Factors in Lighting, 2018)
      The modern work setting is tailored to productivity, health, satisfaction, and comfort. A recognized factor that reduces productivity in workplaces is discomfort glare. While perception of objects may not necessarily be ...
    • Steel-concrete-steel composite columns subjected to lateral impact 

      Aghdamy, S; Thambiratnam, DP; Dahanasekar, M (International Conference on Advances and Trends in Engineering Materials and their Applications, 2016)
      Concrete-filled double skin tube (CFDST) is a creative innovation of steel-concrete-steel composite construction, formed by two concentric steel tubes separated by a concrete filler. Over the recent years, this column form ...
    • Experimental Investigation on Long-term Axial Creep Performance of Pine, Spotted Gum and Laminated Veneer Lumber 

      Aghdamy, Sanam; Cowled, Craig JL; Fawzia, Sabrina (5th Pacific Timber Engineering Conference, 2019)
      Recent changes to the Building Code of Australia (2016), which allow timber buildings up to 25 meters (approximately eight storeys), have effectively opened a market for mid-rise timber construction of the light timber ...
    • Estimating the prevalence of creaky voice: a fundamental frequency-based approach 

      Dallaston, Katherine; Docherty, Gerard (19th International Congress of Phonetic Sciences, 2019)
      Anecdotal claims of increasing prevalence of creaky voice in varieties of English, particularly among younger female speakers, have piqued the interest of sociophonetic researchers, speech pathologists, and public commentators ...
    • The New Australian Concrete Structures Standard AS 3600:2018 – Aspects of its Complexity and Effectiveness 

      Chowdhury, Sanaul; Loo, Yew-Chaye (Athens Journal of Technology and Engineering, 2019)
      Australian Standard for Concrete Structures AS 3600-1988, the first of the AS 3600 series, was published in March 1988. Since then, AS 3600 has been revised four times and published consecutively at between six to nine-year ...
    • A Comparative Study on Perception of Foreign-accented Japanese by L2 Japanese Listeners Having Different L1 Backgrounds: English, Chinese and Indonesian 

      Ishihara, Shunichi; Fan, Yiran; Jalil, Dia; Tsurutani, Chiharu (The 17th International Congress of Phonetic Sciences (ICPhS2011), 2011)
      This study concerns good pronunciation from the L2 Japanese listeners' point of view. More precisely, focusing on prosodic variations, this study investigates whether L2 Japanese listeners from different L1 backgrounds ...
    • Static vs Dynamic Perspectives on the Realization of Vowel Nucleii in West Australian English 

      Docherty, Gerry; Gonzalez, Simon; Mitchell, Nathaniel (ICPhS 2015, 2015)
      This paper reports on an exploratory study of the application of different types of analysis method to the characterization of the acoustic properties of vowel realization in the performance of speakers of West Australian ...
    • Perceiving and adapting to regional accent differences among vowel subsystems 

      Best, Catherine T.; Shaw, Jason A.; Mulak, Karen; Docherty, Gerry; Evans, Bronwen G.; Foulkes, Paul; Hay, Jennifer; Al-Tamimi, Jalal; Mair, Katharine; Wood, Sophie (ICPhS 2015, 2015)
      Listeners perceptually assimilate nonnative phones to native phonemes, but do they do so with unfam-iliar accents of their own language? We assessed Australian (Aus) listeners’ assimilation of vowels in two unfamiliar ...
    • The effects of ISA adoption and its interaction with IFRS on capital flows: A cross country study 

      Boolaky Doorgakunt, Lakshi; Singh, Tarlok; Su, Jen Je (Tenth EARNet Symposium, 2019)
      This paper investigates the effects of the adoption of International Standards on Auditing (ISAs) and its interaction with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRSs) on capital flows (foreign direct investment) ...
    • An acoustic analysis of short front vowel realizations in the conversational style of young English speakers from Western Australia. 

      Docherty, Gerard J; Gonzalez, Simon; Mitchell, Nathaniel; Foulkes, Paul (19th International Congress of Phonetic Sciences (ICPhS 2019), 2019)
      This study presents the findings of an analysis of short front vowel (SFV) realisations in a corpus of unscripted conversational speech generated by 40 young speakers from Perth. As well as providing the first comparative ...