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dc.contributor.authorLiu, PF
dc.contributor.authorWang, C
dc.contributor.authorWang, Y
dc.contributor.authorLi, Y
dc.contributor.authorZhang, B
dc.contributor.authorZheng, LR
dc.contributor.authorJiang, Z
dc.contributor.authorZhao, H
dc.contributor.authorYang, HG
dc.description.abstractPhotoelectrochemical (PEC) water splitting for solar energy conversion into chemical fuels has attracted intense research attention. The semiconductor hematite (α-Fe2O3), with its earth abundance, chemical stability, and efficient light harvesting, stands out as a promising photoanode material. Unfortunately, its electron affinity is too deep for overall water splitting, requiring additional bias. Interface engineering has been used to reduce the onset potential of hematite photoelectrode. Here we focus instead on energy band engineering hematite by shrinking the crystal lattice, and the water-splitting onset potential can be decreased from 1.14 to 0.61 V vs. the reversible hydrogen electrode. It is the lowest record reported for a pristine hematite photoanode without surface modification. X-ray absorption spectroscopy and magnetic properties suggest the redistribution of 3d electrons in the as-synthesized grey hematite electrode. Density function theory studies herein show that the smaller-lattice-constant hematite benefits from raised energy bands, which accounts for the reduced onset potential.
dc.publisherElsevier BV
dc.relation.ispartofjournalScience Bulletin
dc.subject.fieldofresearchChemical Sciences
dc.titleGrey hematite photoanodes decrease the onset potential in photoelectrochemical water oxidation
dc.typeJournal article
dc.type.descriptionC1 - Articles
dcterms.bibliographicCitationLiu, PF; Wang, C; Wang, Y; Li, Y; Zhang, B; Zheng, LR; Jiang, Z; Zhao, H; Yang, HG, Grey hematite photoanodes decrease the onset potential in photoelectrochemical water oxidation, Science Bulletin, 2021
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gro.griffith.authorWang, Yun
gro.griffith.authorZhao, Huijun
gro.griffith.authorYang, Huagui

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