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dc.contributor.authorQueiroz, Nuno
dc.contributor.authorHumphries, Nicolas E
dc.contributor.authorCouto, Ana
dc.contributor.authorVedor, Marisa
dc.contributor.authorda Costa, Ivo
dc.contributor.authorSequeira, Ana MM
dc.contributor.authorMucientes, Gonzalo
dc.contributor.authorSantos, António M
dc.contributor.authorAbascal, Francisco J
dc.contributor.authorAbercrombie, Debra L
dc.contributor.authorAbrantes, Katya
dc.contributor.authorAcuña-Marrero, David
dc.contributor.authorGustafson, Johan A
dc.contributor.authorSims, David W
dc.contributor.authoret. al.
dc.description.abstractREPLYING TO H. Murua et al. Nature (2021) Our previously published paper1 provided global fine-scale spatiotemporal estimates (1° × 1°; monthly) of overlap and fishing exposure risk (FEI) between satellite-tracked shark space use and automatic identification system (AIS) longline fishing effort. We did not assess shark mortality directly, but in addition to replying to the Comment by Murua et al.2, we confirm—using regression analysis of spatially matched data—that fishing-induced pelagic shark mortality (catch per unit effort (CPUE)) is greater where FEI is higher. We focused on assessing shark horizontal spatiotemporal overlap and exposure risk with fisheries because spatial overlap is a major driver of fishing capture susceptibility and previous shark ecological risk assessments (ERAs) assumed a homogenous shark density within species-range distributions3,4,5 or used coarse-scale modelled occurrence data, rather than more ecologically realistic risk estimates in heterogeneous habitats that were selected by sharks over time. Furthermore, our shark spatial exposure risk implicitly accounts for other susceptibility factors with equal or similar probabilities to those commonly used in shark ERAs3,5.
dc.publisherSpringer Science and Business Media LLC
dc.subject.fieldofresearchEnvironmental Science and Management
dc.subject.fieldofresearchEcological Applications
dc.titleReply to: Shark mortality cannot be assessed by fishery overlap alone.
dc.typeJournal article
dc.type.descriptionC3 - Articles (Letter/ Note)
dcterms.bibliographicCitationQueiroz, N; Humphries, NE; Couto, A; Vedor, M; da Costa, I; Sequeira, AMM; Mucientes, G; Santos, AM; Abascal, FJ; Abercrombie, DL; Abrantes, K; Acuña-Marrero, D; Afonso, AS; Afonso, P; Anders, D; Araujo, G; Arauz, R; Bach, P; Barnett, A; Bernal, D; Berumen, ML; Lion, SB; Bezerra, NPA; Blaison, AV; Block, BA; Bond, ME; Bonfil, R; Bradford, RW; Braun, CD; Brooks, EJ; Brooks, A; Brown, J; Bruce, BD; Byrne, ME; Campana, SE; Carlisle, AB; Chapman, DD; Chapple, TK; Chisholm, J; Clarke, CR; Clua, EG; Cochran, JEM; Crochelet, EC; Dagorn, L; Daly, R; Cortés, DD; Doyle, TK; Drew, M; Duffy, CAJ; Erikson, T; Espinoza, E; Ferreira, LC; Ferretti, F; Filmalter, JD; Fischer, GC; Fitzpatrick, R; Fontes, J; Forget, F; Fowler, M; Francis, MP; Gallagher, AJ; Gennari, E; Goldsworthy, SD; Gollock, MJ; Green, JR; Gustafson, JA; Guttridge, TL; Guzman, HM; Hammerschlag, N; Harman, L; Hazin, FHV; Heard, M; Hearn, AR; Holdsworth, JC; Holmes, BJ; Howey, LA; Hoyos, M; Hueter, RE; Hussey, NE; Huveneers, C; Irion, DT; Jacoby, DMP; Jewell, OJD; Johnson, R; Jordan, LKB; Joyce, W; Keating Daly, CA; Ketchum, JT; Klimley, AP; Kock, AA; Koen, P; Ladino, F; Lana, FO; Lea, JSE; Llewellyn, F; Lyon, WS; MacDonnell, A; Macena, BCL; Marshall, H; McAllister, JD; Meÿer, MA; Morris, JJ; Nelson, ER; Papastamatiou, YP; Peñaherrera-Palma, C; Pierce, SJ; Poisson, F; Quintero, LM; Richardson, AJ; Rogers, PJ; Rohner, CA; Rowat, DRL; Samoilys, M; Semmens, JM; Sheaves, M; Shillinger, G; Shivji, M; Singh, S; Skomal, GB; Smale, MJ; Snyders, LB; Soler, G; Soria, M; Stehfest, KM; Thorrold, SR; Tolotti, MT; Towner, A; Travassos, P; Tyminski, JP; Vandeperre, F; Vaudo, JJ; Watanabe, YY; Weber, SB; Wetherbee, BM; White, TD; Williams, S; Zárate, PM; Harcourt, R; Hays, GC; Meekan, MG; Thums, M; Irigoien, X; Eguiluz, VM; Duarte, CM; Sousa, LL; Simpson, SJ; Southall, EJ; Sims, DW, Reply to: Shark mortality cannot be assessed by fishery overlap alone., Nature, 2021, 595 (7866), pp. E8-E16. DOI:
gro.rights.copyright© 2021 YEAR Nature Publishing Group. This is the author-manuscript version of this paper. Reproduced in accordance with the copyright policy of the publisher. Please refer to the journal website for access to the definitive, published version.
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gro.griffith.authorGustafson, Johan A.

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