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dc.contributor.authorOberhuber, M
dc.contributor.authorHope, TMH
dc.contributor.authorSeghier, ML
dc.contributor.authorParker Jones, O
dc.contributor.authorPrejawa, S
dc.contributor.authorGreen, DW
dc.contributor.authorPrice, CJ
dc.description.abstractWe used fMRI in 85 healthy participants to investigate whether different parts of the left supramarginal gyrus (SMG) are involved in processing phonological inputs and outputs. The experiment involved 2 tasks (speech production (SP) and one-back (OB) matching) on 8 different types of stimuli that systematically varied the demands on sensory processing (visual vs. auditory), sublexical phonological input (words and pseudowords vs. nonverbal stimuli), and semantic content (words and objects vs. pseudowords and meaningless baseline stimuli). In ventral SMG, we found an anterior subregion associated with articulatory sequencing (for SP > OB matching) and a posterior subregion associated with auditory short-term memory (for all auditory > visual stimuli and written words and pseudowords > objects). In dorsal SMG, a posterior subregion was most highly activated by words, indicating a role in the integration of sublexical and lexical cues. In anterior dorsal SMG, activation was higher for both pseudoword reading and object naming compared with word reading, which is more consistent with executive demands than phonological processing. The dissociation of these four "functionally-distinct" regions, all within left SMG, has implications for differentiating between different types of phonological processing, understanding the functional anatomy of language and predicting the effect of brain damage.
dc.publisherOxford University Press
dc.relation.ispartofjournalCerebral Cortex
dc.subject.fieldofresearchCognitive and computational psychology
dc.subject.keywordsScience & Technology
dc.subject.keywordsLife Sciences & Biomedicine
dc.subject.keywordsNeurosciences & Neurology
dc.subject.keywordsfunctional MRI
dc.titleFour functionally distinct regions in the left supramarginal gyrus support word processing
dc.typeJournal article
dc.type.descriptionC1 - Articles
dcterms.bibliographicCitationOberhuber, M; Hope, TMH; Seghier, ML; Parker Jones, O; Prejawa, S; Green, DW; Price, CJ, Four functionally distinct regions in the left supramarginal gyrus support word processing, Cerebral Cortex, 2016, 26 (11), pp. 4212-4226
gro.hasfulltextNo Full Text
gro.griffith.authorGreen, David W.

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