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dc.contributor.authorLenzen, Manfred
dc.contributor.authorGeschke, Arne
dc.contributor.authorMalik, Arunima
dc.contributor.authorFry, Jacob
dc.contributor.authorLane, Joe
dc.contributor.authorWiedmann, Thomas
dc.contributor.authorKenway, Steven
dc.contributor.authorHoang, Khanh
dc.contributor.authorCadogan-Cowper, Andrew
dc.description.abstractDecision-making at regional scales requires timely information. Within four months of the release of official national statistics, we have produced a time-series (2008–2015) of balanced sub-national, multi-regional supply-and-use tables (MR-SUT), integrated with a set of socio-economic and environmental accounts. This was achieved using the Australian IELab, where data used in this study are available ( Four multi-regional, environmentally extended supply-use tables regionalised in different ways were produced to demonstrate the flexibility of tailoring input–output models to specific research or policy questions. Results for satellite coefficients are sensitive to the chosen regional grouping and method for regionalisation. We demonstrate the relevance of such purpose-built information to government and corporate decision-makers by analysing the indirect economic and employment consequences of a slowdown of the mining boom in Western Australia. The demonstrated innovations in flexibility and timeliness will help move past some of the limitations that have historically hindered the uptake and utility of applied input–output analysis.
dc.publisherTaylor & Francis
dc.relation.ispartofjournalEconomic Systems Research
dc.subject.fieldofresearchOther economics
dc.subject.keywordsSocial Sciences
dc.subject.keywordsBusiness & Economics
dc.subject.keywordsVirtual laboratory
dc.titleNew multi-regional input–output databases for Australia – enabling timely and flexible regional analysis
dc.typeJournal article
dc.type.descriptionC1 - Articles
dcterms.bibliographicCitationLenzen, M; Geschke, A; Malik, A; Fry, J; Lane, J; Wiedmann, T; Kenway, S; Hoang, K; Cadogan-Cowper, A, New multi-regional input–output databases for Australia – enabling timely and flexible regional analysis, Economic Systems Research, 2017, 29 (2), pp. 275-295
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gro.griffith.authorKenway, Steven

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