Recent Submissions

  • Motalava Come to Me 

    Sunderland, Naomi; Graham, Phil; Firewind, Joseph; Woleg, Edgar Howard (2020)
    Research background: This research builds on three years of arts based community development activity in Vanuatu with local musicians and cultural leaders. The research was funded by the Queensland Conservatorium Research ...
  • Ascendance 

    Harvey, Louise; Moyes, Peter (2021)
    Research Background: The interpretation and representation of music via colour, form, and movement has been central to abstract animation since the invention of cinema. Inspired by 20th C abstract animation giants Oskar ...
  • White Rabbit Obscura 

    Bayes, Chantelle (Meniscus, 2018)
    An experimental narrative which adapts elements of Surrealist and German Expressionist film to a written piece about creation, persistence and sacrifice. The intention is for the reader to fill in the gaps and decide how ...
  • Kosciuszko Revisited 

    Tuffley, David (Kosciuszko Revisited, 2021)
    In the field of Applied Ethics, this text recounts the metaphorical journey to the mountains, there to climb the highest peak. It requires physical toughness, but also mental toughness. It reflects the inner journey that ...
  • Charleville Revisited: Outback Odyssey 

    Tuffley, David (2021)
    As a researcher of Applied Ethics, I was interested to explore the savage underlying nature that resides in all humans. Civilised life obscures, but this Shadow Self as Carl Jung called it is everpresent. It needs to be ...
  • Puppet Plane Panic (Blue Pushmi-Pullyu); Puppet Pool 

    Platz, William (2020)
    Background:Since conducting an experiment with drawing-enabled puppets (draughtspuppets) during a residency in Tokyo in 2016, my drawing practice towards a long and in-depth study of the implications of draughtspuppets in ...
  • Griffith the Dantista 

    Schultz, Karen (2020)
    Background By invitation, I contributed research text to the SCLQ’s public Exhibition, The Many Hats of Sir Samuel Griffith. Marking the centenary of Griffith’s passing, this eponymous Exhibition is long-running, ...
  • Shadow of a Mouse: behind, beside and beyond the animated image 

    Moyes, Peter (2013)
    Research Background: Animation history attests to the many and varied interests and endeavours alongside and behind a pursuit of moving imagery. Moreover, the techniques of animation invite engagement with a diverse range ...
  • Max the Apple interactive picture book 

    Moyes, Peter (2013)
    Background: This research project considers and responds to the question: How can we best exploit the interactive possibilities presented by new media in stories for children? In designing an interactive, multimodal, ...
  • Buddy, his Beat-up Gibson and the Gods of Guitar 

    Moyes, Peter; Fisher, Darren (2014)
    The project is based on the proposal that education lies at the heart of working towards global peace, tolerance and mutual respect. It asserts that a common ground can be found across religion, culture and ideology via a ...
  • Wise Up, Kid!: talkin' peace, love and straight thinkin' 

    Moyes, Peter; Moyes, Gordon; Shek, Marianna; Fisher, Darren (2015)
    Background. A new media asset for ethics education for 10 -12 year old children, 'Wise Up, Kid! -talkin' peace, love and straight thinkin'' is a pilot for a children's comic book application for touch screen tablets. The ...
  • Don't Be A Bad Apple 

    Moyes, Peter; Pietsch, William (2017)
    Research Background: A collaboration between community group YFS’sR4Respectinitiative and Griffith Film School, Don’t be a Bad Appletargets young people in an effort to promote healthy and respectful relationships. Framed ...
  • Australian Festival of Chamber Music Animation Project 

    Moyes, Peter; Harvey, Louise (2018)
    Research Background: An area of intense investigation throughout animation history, the interpretation of music in colour, form and movement has been central to abstract animation since the advent of cinema. Animated Colour ...
  • Splendour in the Grass film programme 

    Moyes, P (2006)
    I curated a 3 screen film programme for Splendour in the Grass music festival. Programme included 24 shorts, 4 features: Screen 1: Nominated for a 2006 academy award with his The Mysterious Geographic Explorations ...
  • She's Not There: virtuality, animation and live music in performance 

    Moyes, Peter; Harvey, Louise (2016)
    Research Background: Featuring motion-captured 3D animation broadcast via a virtual camera, and accompanied by live music and vocal performance, The She’s Not There performance project challenged established relationships ...
  • Two Weeks 

    Fabb, Richard; Duong, Mary; Steffensen, Rhiannon (2018)
    Two Weeks is a 9-part LGBT web series, created by students in the Masters of Screen Production at Griffith Film School. The series was the first major web series at GFS and won a string of awards on the festival circuit, ...
  • Tether 

    Mulder, Annelize; Giles, Jacinta; Anderson, Adam; Wareham, Victoria; Wellisch, Rachael (2019)
    Research Background: The group exhibition Tether interconnects the diverse art practices of Griffith University arts researchers through underlying themes and approaches. The participating artists, Mulder, Giles, Anderson, ...
  • Exhibition section for the WWII Secret Base museum in Charleville (QLD) 

    Dupre, Karine; Abreu Novais, Margarida; yang, elaine; Wales, sasha (2020)
    Research Background The exhibition displayed at the WWII Secret Base museum in Charleville (QLD), is the result of archival research and interviews with the community, aiming at unveiling what was the life of the base ...
  • The Bushfire Memories Exhibition 

    Dupre, Karine; Wales, Sasha; Abreu Novais, Margarida; Castley, Guy; Gardiner, Sarah; Smart, Jim (2021)
    Research Background The Fire Memories research project, funded by the State and Commonwealth governments, aims to build community resilience to disasters by gathering and sharing first-hand experiences of the community ...
  • The Phoenix Pavilion 

    Dupre, Karine; Wales, sasha; Gilbert, benoit; Underhill, Ian; McDonald, Andrew (2021)
    Research Background The Fire Memories research project, funded by the State and Commonwealth governments, aims to build community resilience to disasters by gathering and sharing first-hand experiences of the community ...

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