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dc.contributor.convenorSri Lanka Collage of Venereologists
dc.contributor.authorPerera, Roshnal
dc.description.abstractOral manifestations are used as diagnostic, therapeutic and prognostic markers of HIV: Some being characteristic while others are indicative. Oral presentation of HIV patients depends on many factors and varies with geographic location, demographics and culture: a fact not studied for Sri Lanka. Objective: To evaluate the oral presentation of HIV patients under care in Sri Lanka Methods: 129 known HIV cases presenting for treatment at ART clinic Colombo selected; consent obtained; interview and clinical examination conducted by a qualified & registered Dentist. Results: Sample- males-77(60%): females-52(40%), average age- 41.6 years, 80% ever married, 77.5% currently employed and 98.5% having formal education. On average sample was 4.9 years post diagnosis and 78% were on ART- average treatment duration 3.5 years. Majority of the sample presented with satisfactory oral hygiene (>85%). Average Decayed Missing Filled Teeth index (DMFT) was 9.4 teeth: D-3.0, M-5.8, F-0.6 with 13.5% having dental prosthesis. Many 57(44%) showed soft tissue lesions averaging 0.57 lesions per person: HIV Gingivitis and Necrotizing Periodontitis were low at- 3(2%) and 10(8%); 18(14%) Linear Gingival Erythema; 17(13%) Candidiasis; 17(13%) Angular Cheilitis; 5(4%) ulceration; 1(0.8%) Leukoplakia; and 5(4%) geographic tongue. Oral pigmentation was present among 31(24%) while 27(21%) presented with coated tongue. The mean CD4 count was significantly different (p<0.05) among cases with (mean= 398) and without (mean= 452) oral lesions. Conclusion: Oral soft tissue and hard tissue lesions are common among the sample thus, deserves more respect during patient management.
dc.relation.ispartofconferencenameAnnual Sessions of Sri Lanka College of Venereologists
dc.relation.ispartofconferencetitleProceedings. Annual Sessions of Sri Lanka College of Venereologists
dc.subject.fieldofresearchOral Medicine and Pathology
dc.titleHIV/AIDS and oral health: Sri Lankan context
dc.typeConference output
dc.type.descriptionE3 - Conferences (Extract Paper)
gro.facultyGriffith Health Faculty
gro.hasfulltextNo Full Text
gro.griffith.authorPerera, Roshnal

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