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dc.contributor.authorAbegg, Bruno
dc.contributor.authorAgrawala, Shardul
dc.contributor.authorCrick, Florence
dc.contributor.authorMontfalcon, Anne
dc.contributor.editorS. Agrawala
dc.description.abstractThe winter tourism industry provides a significant contribution to the economy of Alpine countries. This chapter analyses the snow-reliability of the Alpine areas of Austria, France, Germany, Italy and Switzerland, and also provides a comprehensive discussion of adaptation measures and their limits. Under a warmer climate, the number of naturally snow-reliable areas would drop significantly. Sensitivity to climate change varies markedly within the Alpine regions. The winter tourism industry has responded to the implications of observed climatic changes, and a range of technological and behavioural adaptation measures have been put into practice. Artificial snow-making remains the dominant adaptation strategy. However, if warming trends continue, snow-making and other technical measures may not suffice to prevent reductions in snow-reliability. In some regions a transition towards non-snow dependent economic activities might be needed. Governments can play a key role in the adaptation process by overseeing what is, to a large extent, autonomous adaptation driven by market forces, and also by facilitating transition for those at the "losing" end of the adaptation equation. This chapter covers developments in Austria, France, Germany, Italy and Switzerland.
dc.publisherOECD Publishing
dc.publisher.placeParis, France
dc.relation.ispartofbooktitleClimate change in the European Alps: Adapting winter tourism and natural hazards management
dc.subject.fieldofresearchEnvironmental Sciences not elsewhere classified
dc.titleClimate change impacts and adaptation in winter tourism
dc.typeBook chapter
dc.type.descriptionB1 - Chapters
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gro.griffith.authorCrick, Florence

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