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  • Unions' Last Stand 

    Bowden, Bradley (Institute of Public Affairs Review, 2020)
    Conservative Governments are not to blame for the collapse of mass unionism everywhere except the public sector, argues labour and management historian, Bradley Bowden.
  • Corporate governance in Australia: Share repurchases under an imputation tax system 

    Abedi Shamsabadi, Hussein; Min, Byung; Tebourbi, Imen; Nourani, Mohammad (Capital Markets Review, 2020)
    Research Question: Whether the mitigating effect of corporate governance on investor perceptions of corporate agency problems affects corporate financial dividend decisions is a question, especially under an imputation tax ...
  • Robotic service quality – Scale development and validation 

    Prentice, C; Nguyen, M (Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services, 2021)
    Viewing robots as service agents that provide services to customers for value exchange, the study developed a scale to measure robotic service quality. The scale underwent several stages of development including item ...
  • Self-reported mental health of children known to child protection services: an Australian population-based record linkage study 

    O'Hare, Kirstie; Hussain, Aniqa; Laurens, Kristin R; Hindmarsh, Gabrielle; Carr, Vaughan J; Tzoumakis, Stacy; Harris, Felicity; Green, Melissa J (European Child & Adolescent Psychiatry, 2021)
    Maltreated children are vulnerable to adverse mental health outcomes. Information about how children's mental health needs vary according to different levels of child protection contact (potentially culminating in out-of-home ...
  • Postoperative outcomes after bariatric surgery in patients on chronic dialysis: A systematic review and meta-analysis 

    Palamuthusingam, D; Singh, A; Palamuthusingam, P; Hawley, CM; Pascoe, EM; Johnson, DW; Fahim, M (Obesity Research and Clinical Practice, 2021)
    Background: Obesity is a barrier to kidney transplantation for patients with kidney failure. Consequently, bariatric surgery is often considered as a bridge to transplantation, even though its risks and benefits are poorly ...
  • Biocrust islands enhance infiltration, and reduce runoff and sediment yield on a heavily salinized dryland soil 

    Kakeh, J; Gorji, M; Mohammadi, MH; Asadi, H; Khormali, F; Sohrabi, M; Eldridge, DJ (Geoderma, 2021)
    Salinity and sodicity are major forms of land degradation in drylands worldwide, reducing soil function, and threatening pastoral livelihoods. Dryland soils are often dominated by biocrusts, surface aggregations of lichens, ...
  • BRAF V600E Status Sharply Differentiates Lymph Node Metastasis-associated Mortality Risk in Papillary Thyroid Cancer 

    Tao, Yubing; Wang, Fei; Shen, Xiaopei; Zhu, Guangwu; Liu, Rengyun; Viola, David; Elisei, Rossella; Puxeddu, Efisio; Fugazzola, Laura; Colombo, Carla; Jarzab, Barbara; Czarniecka, Agnieszka; Lam, Alfred K; Mian, Caterina; et al. (The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism, 2021)
    CONTEXT: How lymph node metastasis (LNM)-associated mortality risk is affected by BRAF V600E in papillary thyroid cancer (PTC) remains undefined. OBJECTIVE: To study whether BRAF V600E affected LNM-associated mortality in ...
  • Mobile advertising: A systematic literature review and future research agenda 

    Jebarajakirthy, Charles; Maseeh, Haroon Iqbal; Morshed, Zakir; Shankar, Amit; Arli, Denni; Pentecost, Robin (International Journal of Consumer Studies, 2021)
    The purpose of this research is to review the extant literature on mobile advertising systematically and to carry out a comprehensive analysis of research in this emerging field. Accordingly, this paper synthesises the ...
  • Survival disparities among recently diagnosed Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cancer patients in Australia remain 

    Peng, Yang; Baade, Peter (Cancer Causes & Control, 2021)
    PURPOSE: Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander diagnosed with cancer are known to experience poorer survival, with these survival disparities mainly restricted to the first 2 years after diagnosis. With improved ...
  • Alcohol and Breast Cancer: Results From the Women's Wellness After Cancer Program Randomized Controlled Trial 

    Balaam, Sarah; Bailey, Tom G; Anderson, Debra; Retell, James; McCarthy, Alexandra L (Cancer Nursing, 2021)
    BACKGROUND: There is evidence that drinking alcohol increases the risk of recurrent breast cancer. It is unclear whether Australian women with breast cancer are aware of this evidence or modify their alcohol intake ...
  • The maternal health-related issues that matter most to women in Ireland as they transition to motherhood - A qualitative study 

    Daly, D; Moran, P; Wuytack, F; Hannon, S; Hannon, K; Martin, Y; Peoples, M; Begley, C; Newnham, E (Women and Birth, 2021)
    Background: Many studies on women's maternity care experiences reveal recurring issues that are poor or less than optimal. Women's opinions on the maternal health-related issues that matter most to them are essential if ...
  • Examining cooperation with the police in a national security environment 

    Williamson, Harley (Journal of Policing, Intelligence and Counter Terrorism, 2016)
    Threats of terrorism on a national and global level have catalysed the introduction of a series of national security measures within Australia. The nature of these measures has put pressure on the role of police and the ...
  • Frataxin and the molecular mechanism of mitochondrial iron-loading in Friedreich's ataxia 

    Chiang, Shannon; Kovacevic, Zaklina; Sahni, Sumit; Lane, Darius JR; Merlot, Angelica M; Kalinowski, Danuta S; Huang, Michael L-H; Richardson, Des R (Clinical Science, 2016)
    The mitochondrion is a major site for the metabolism of the transition metal, iron, which is necessary for metabolic processes critical for cell vitality. The enigmatic mitochondrial protein, frataxin, is known to play a ...
  • Value co-creation: a review of literature and future research agenda 

    Saha, Victor; Goyal, Praveen; Jebarajakirthy, Charles (Journal of Business & Industrial Marketing, 2021)
    Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to present a systematic review of the available literature on value co-creation (VCC) and provide insightful future directions for research in this domain. Design/methodology/app ...
  • Early compared to later commencement of vasopressors in the management of Emergency Department patients with sepsis and hypotension, a multi-centre observational study 

    Kusakabe, Ayano; Sweeny, Amy; Keijzers, Gerben; Steering Committee of the ARISE FLUIDS observational study group (see acknowledgement) (Archives of Medical Research, 2021)
    AIM: To describe and compare early with late vasopressor commencement in emergency department (ED) patients with sepsis and hypotension. METHODS: This is a sub-study of the ARISE FLUIDS observational study conducted in 70 ...
  • Mimicking the mimics: problematizing cover performance of Filipino local music on social media 

    Anacin, Carljohnson; Baker, David; Bennett, Andy (Media, Culture & Society, 2021)
    The performance of cover songs in popular music has long been a subject of critical discussion and debate due to the artistic, social, cultural, and commercial issues that covers raise. In non-Western societies, most popular ...
  • Mortality in acute non-invasive ventilation 

    Smith, Dugal B; Tay, George TP; Hay, Karen; Antony, Jijo; Bell, Brendan; Kinnear, Frances B; Curtin, Deanne L; Douglas, James (Internal Medicine Journal, 2017)
    A prospective study of non-invasive ventilation at The Prince Charles Hospital outside of the intensive care unit from March 2015 to March 2016 was performed. Overall 69 patients were included. Acute hypercapnic respiratory ...
  • Renewable Energy Zones in Australia's National Electricity Market 

    Simshauser, Paul (Energy Economics, 2021)
    Australia's National Electricity Market (NEM) operates in one of the world's longest and stringiest transmission networks. The 2016–2020 investment supercycle, in which 13,000 MW of renewables were committed, produced a ...
  • Effects of acupuncture in anesthesia for craniotomy: A meta-analysis 

    Asmussen, S; Maybauer, DM; Chen, JD; Fraser, JF; Toon, MH; Przkora, R; Jennings, K; Maybauer, MO (Journal of Neurosurgical Anesthesiology, 2017)
    Background: Acupuncture treatment has been used in China for >2500 years, and at present it is used worldwide as a form of analgesia in patients with acute and chronic pain. Furthermore, acupuncture is regularly used not ...
  • Polysialic Acid Regulates Sympathetic Outflow by Facilitating Information Transfer within the Nucleus of the Solitary Tract 

    Bokiniec, Phillip; Shahbazian, Shila; McDougall, Stuart J; Berning, Britt A; Cheng, Delfine; Llewellyn-Smith, Ida J; Burke, Peter GR; McMullan, Simon; Muehlenhoff, Martina; Hildebrandt, Herbert; Braet, Flip; Connor, Mark; Packer, Nicolle H; Goodchild, Ann K (The Journal of Neuroscience, 2017)
    Expression of the large extracellular glycan, polysialic acid (polySia), is restricted in the adult, to brain regions exhibiting high levels of plasticity or remodeling, including the hippocampus, prefrontal cortex, and ...

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