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    • (E)-O-Ethyl N-(4-nitrophenyl)thiocarbamate 

      E. Benson, Ronald; A. Broker, Grant; Daniels, Lee M.; R. T. Tiekink, Edward; L. Wardell, James; Young, David (Acta crystallographica. Section E, Structure reports online, 2006)
      The title compound, C9H10N2O3S, is effectively planar, adopts an E conformation about the central C-N bond and exists in the thione form. N-H...S and C-H...O hydrogen bonds link the molecules into ribbons. Layers of ribbons ...
    • (e,2e) measurements using a magnetic angle changer 

      Stevenson, Mark; Lohmann, Birgit (Journal of Electron Spectroscopy and Related Phenomena, 2007)
    • E-business internal audit: The elephant is still in the room! 

      Kotb, Amr; Sangster, Alan; Henderson, David (Journal of Applied Accounting Research, 2014)
      urpose - The purpose of this paper is to explore the impact of technological change on the internal audit practices and skills requirements for internal auditors in an e-business environment. Design/methodology/approach ...
    • E-cadherin expression and bromodeoxyuridine incorporation during development of ovarian inclusion cysts in age-matched breeder and incessantly ovulated CD-1 mice 

      Fleming, Jean; McQuillan, H James; Millier, Melanie; Beaugié, Clare; Livingstone, Vicki (Reproductive Biology and Endocrinology, 2007)
      Background: Epithelial ovarian cancer risk increases in women who have experienced high lifetime ovulation numbers. We have shown female CD-1/Swiss Webster mice subjected to incessant ovulation for 8 months develop ovarian ...
    • E-cadherin expression is commonly downregulated by CpG island hypermethylation in esophageal carcinoma cells. 

      HX, Si; SW, Tsao; Lam, Alfred; Srivastava, G; Liu, Y; YC, Wong; ZY, Shen; ALM, Cheung (Cancer Letters, 2001)
      E-cadherin, a cell adhesion molecule, is regarded as an invasion-suppressor molecule and a prognostic marker in many types of human cancers. Downregulation of E-cadherin is common in esophageal carcinoma and is associated ...
    • E-commerce adoption by non-profit organisations: key dimensions of facilitators 

      Ndubisi, Nelson Oly (International Journal of Services Technology and Management, 2007)
      E-commerce for the non-profit organisations is a relatively new research niche in the general e-commerce stream. It denotes the use of e-commerce by not-for-profit organisations to reduce their expenses or to improve their ...
    • E-consumer behaviour 

      Dennis, Charles; Merrilees, Bill; Jayawardhena, Chanaka; Wright, Len Tiu (European Journal of Marketing, 2009)
      The primary purpose of this paper is to bring together apparently disparate and yet interconnected strands of research and present an integrated model of e-consumer behaviour. It has a secondary objective of stimulating ...
    • E-conveyancing in Australia: An important step along the journey to E-government 

      Clark, Eugene (Journal of Law, Information and Science, 2011)
      This article has two broad objectives. First, it reports on progress towards achieving the Australian National Electronic Conveyancing System (NECS). Secondly, the article analyses the significance of the NECS in the general ...
    • E-Democracy: Technological challenges to Democratic Theory 

      Bishop, Patrick; Kane, John; Patapan, Haig (Australasian Parliamentary Review, 2002)
    • E-Entrepreneurs: Marketing driven or technologically driven? 

      Fry, Marie-Louise; Merrilees, Bill (Small Enterprise Research, 2000)
      E-entrepreneurs, the newest wave of entrepreneurs have revolutionised the business landscape. By e-entrepreneurs we are referring, in particular, to the entrepreneurial activity which has spawned electronic commerce ventures ...
    • An e-Government Capability Model for Government Employees 

      Zarei, Behrouz; Saghafi, Fatemeh; Zarrin, Leila; Ghapanchi, Amir Hossein (International Journal of Business Information Systems, 2014)
      Stakeholder involvement in e-government projects is a critical success factor in creating e-government. Technology-based natures of e-government and current technological changes have brought about a change in the needs ...
    • E-government principles: implementation, advantages and challenges 

      Alshehri, Mohammed; Drew, Steven (International Journal of Electronic Business, 2011)
      The objective of this paper is to review the available literature about e-government implementation stages, its challenges and benefits. It gathers and consolidates several relevant issues regarding e-government such ...
    • E-Health Knowledge Management by Australian University Students 

      Usher, Wayne; Too, Lay San Tiffany (International Journal of Reliable and Quality E-Healthcare, 2012)
      This study is the first research project to investigate Australian university students' e-health knowledge management trends. An online survey was developed( to collect both quantitative and ...
    • E-Learning for ICT Group Work in a Blended Learning Environment 

      Soon, Lisa; Fraser, Campbell (International journal of Quality Assurance in Engineering and Technology education, 2011)
    • E-Professionalism: The Global Reach of the Lawyer's Duty to Use Social Media Ethically 

      Burns, Kylie; Corbin, Lillian (Journal of the Professional Lawyer, 2016)
    • E-Research: An Imperative for Strengthening Institutional Partnerships 

      O'Brien, Linda (EDUCAUSE Review, 2005)
      Whether it's e-research in Australia, cyberinfrastructure in the United States, the grid in Europe, or e-science in the United Kingdom, a transformation is clearly occurring in research practice, a transformation that will ...
    • E-retailing by banks: e-service quality and its importance to customer satisfaction 

      Herington, Carmel; Weaven, Scott (European Journal of Marketing, 2009)
      The purpose of this paper is to explore the measurement of e-service quality for e-retail banking, the importance of e-service quality dimensions to e-retail bank customers, and the relationship between e-service quality ...
    • E-service Quality Management of a Hotel Website: A Scale and Implications for Management 

      Hahn, Song Ee; Sparks, Beverley; Wilkins, Hugh; Jin, Xin (Journal of Hospitality Marketing and Management, 2017)
      This study conceptualizes e-service quality with respect to a hotel website and develops a corresponding measurement scale. Using a mixed methodology research design, 29 semi-structured interviews first defined customers’ ...
    • E-shopping: the role of experience on security perceptions 

      Merrilees, Bill; Fry, Marie-Louise (International Quarterly Journal of Marketing, 2001)
    • E-trust: the influence of perceived interactivity on e-retailing users 

      Merrilees, Bill; Fry, Marie-Louise (Marketing Intelligence & Planning, 2003)
      E-retailing has received considerable attention in recent years, especially with the help of consumer behaviour concepts and tools. This particular paper focuses on e-trust and its antecedents. Special attention is given ...