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    • G protein coupled receptor 18: A potential role for endocannabinoid signaling in metabolic dysfunction 

      Rajaraman, Gayathri; Simcocks, Anna; Hryciw, Deanne; Hutchinson, Dana; McAinch, Andrew J. (Molecular Nutrition and Food Research, 2016)
      Endocannabinoids are products of dietary fatty acids that are modulated by an alteration in food intake levels. Overweight and obese individuals have substantially higher circulating levels of the arachidonic acid derived ...
    • G-CSF Immunotherapy for Treatment of Acute Disseminated Murine Melioidosis 

      Powell, Kellie; Ulett, Glen; Hirst, Robert; Norton, Robert (FEMS Microbiology Letters, 2003)
      Burkholderia pseudomallei, the causative agent of melioidosis, is an important pathogen in tropical regions of Australia and Southeast Asia. Antibiotic therapy can be ineffective in patients with acute septicaemic melioidosis. ...
    • G2/M cell cycle arrest by an N -acetyl-D-glucosamine specific lectin from Psathyrella asperospora 

      Rouf, Razina; Stephens, Alexandre; Spaan, Lina; Arndt, Nadia; Day, Christopher; W. May, Tom; Tiralongo, Evelin; Tiralongo, Joe (Glycoconjugate Journal, 2014)
      A new N-acetyl-D-glucosamine (GlcNAc) specific lectin was identified and purified from the fruiting body of the Australian indigenous mushroom Psathyrella asperospora. The functional lectin, named PAL, showed hemagglutination ...
    • G20 and Development 

      Callaghan, Mike; Carmignani, Fabrizio; Makin, Tony; Strube, Daniela (South Asian Journal of Macroeconomics and Public Finance, 2014)
      In May 2014, Griffith University and the Lowy Institute for International Policy jointly organized the conference 'G20 and Development'. This conference brought together academics, policymakers, representatives of the civil ...
    • G3BP and Breast Cancer Immunotherapy 

      Kenney, Kelly; French, Juliet; Stirling, Susan; J. Turtle, Cameron; N.J. Hart, Derek; Lopez, Alejandro; Kennedy, Derek (Recent Advances in Inflammation Research, 2002)
    • G9a Histone Methyltransferase Contributes to Imprinting in the Mouse Placenta 

      Wagschal, Alexandre; G. Sutherland, Heidi; Woodfine, Kathryn; Henckel, Amandine; Chebli, Karim; Schulz, Reiner; J. Oakey, Rebecca; A. Bickmore, Wendy; Feil, Robert (Molecular and Cellular Biology, 2008)
      Whereas DNA methylation is essential for genomic imprinting, the importance of histone methylation in the allelic expression of imprinted genes is unclear. Imprinting control regions (ICRs), however, are marked by histone ...
    • GABA is not elevated during neuroprotective neuronal depression in the hypoxic epaulette shark 

      M. Mulvey, Jamin; Renshaw, Gillian (Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology. Part A: Molecular & Integrative Physiology, 2009)
      Prolonged hypoxic exposure results in cell failure, glutamate excitotoxicity and apoptosis in the brain. The epaulette shark can withstand prolonged hypoxic exposure without brain injury, while maintaining normal function ...
    • GABA(A) receptors alpha-subunit proteins on human chronics alcoholics 

      M. Lewohl, Joanne; Huygens, Flavia; Crane, Denis; R. Dodd, Peter (Journal of Neurochemistry, 2001)
      Antibodies were raised against specific peptides from N-terminal regions of the a1 and a3 isoforms of the GABAA receptor, and used to assess the relative expression of these proteins in the superior frontal and primary ...
    • Gababala banma-li bumala-y gaalanha ngaawa-y guwaa-l: Healing through resistance and finding voice 

      Waters, Marcus (Journal of Indigenous Wellbeing, 2016)
      The article discusses strategies in ways that Aboriginal groups in Australia are overcoming censorship imposed via the hegemonic principals of Western education, neoliberal control of the media and government sanctions ...
    • Gabor Feature Constrained Statistical Model for Efficient Landmark Localization and Face Recognition 

      Zhao, Sanqiang; Gao, Yongsheng; Zhang, Baochang (Pattern Recognition Letters, 2009)
      Feature extraction and classification using Gabor wavelets have proven to be successful in computer vision and pattern recognition. Gabor feature-based Elastic Bunch Graph Matching (EBGM), which demonstrated excellent ...
    • Gaddafi and Grotius: Some Historical Roots of the Libyan Intervention 

      Glanville, Luke (Global Responsibility to Protect, 2013)
      It is increasingly well understood that concepts of 'humanitarian intervention' and the 'responsibility to protect' enjoy a long and rich history. Nevertheless, it is surprising how plainly the arguments offered by states ...
    • Gadolinium and nephrogenic systemic fibrosis: Association or causation 

      Kurtkoti, Jagadeesh; Snow, Thomas; Hiremagalur, Balaji (Nephrology, 2008)
    • GAEC1 and colorectal cancer: a study of the relationships between a novel oncogene and clinicopathologic features 

      Gopalan, Vinod; Smith, Robert; R. Nassiri, Mohammad; Yasuda, Koichi; Ariana, Armin; Y. Kim, Sang; Ho, Yik-Hong; Weinstein, Stephen; C.-O. Tang, Johnny; Lam, Alfred (Human Pathology, 2010)
      GAEC1 is a novel gene located at 7q22.1 that was detected in our previous work in esophageal cancer. The aims of the present study are to identify the copy number of GAEC1 in different colorectal tissues including carcinomas, ...
    • GAFATC says abuse is a public health issue 

      Nisbet, Ian (ACCNS Journal for Community Nurses, 2003)
    • Gaining a patient's perspective while becoming a doctor 

      Reeve-Johnson, Lloyd (The Medical Journal of Australia, 2013)
    • The Gains from the Microeconomic Reform of the Power Generation Industry in East-Coast Australia 

      Simhauser, Paul (Economic Analysis & Policy, 2005)
      Power generators in the east-Australian states of Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria comprise the dominant part of a 40,000 MW power system and operate at world benchmark efficient levels. But it has not always seem ...
    • Gait analysis in chronic heart failure: The calf as a locus of impaired walking capacity 

      Panizzolo, Fausto A.; Maiorana, Andrew J.; Naylor, Louise H.; Dembo, Lawrence; Lloyd, David; Green, Daniel J.; Rubenson, Jonas (Journal of Biomechanics, 2014)
      Reduced walking capacity, a hallmark of chronic heart failure (CHF), is strongly correlated with hospitalization and morbidity. The aim of this work was to perform a detailed biomechanical gait analysis to better identify ...
    • Gait and posture: Assessment in general practice 

      Sweeting, Kent; Mock, Michael (Australian Family Physician, 2007)
      BACKGROUND: A basic analysis of a patient's gait and posture provides information about the body and the capability of the musculoskeletal system to adjust to physical stressors. An understanding of normal gait and posture ...
    • Gait selection in the ostrich: mechanical and metabolic characteristics of walking and running with and without an aerial phase. 

      Rubenson, J.; Heliams, D.B.; Lloyd, David Gavin; Fournier, P.A (Proceedings of the Royal Society of London B: Biological Sciences, 2004)
      It has been argued that minimization of metabolic–energy costs is a primary determinant of gait selection in terrestrial animals. This view is based predominantly on data from humans and horses, which have been shown to ...
    • Gait speed as a measure in geriatric assessment in clinical settings: a systematic review 

      M. Peel, Nancye; Kuys, Suzanne; Klein, Kerenaftali (The Journals of Gerontology. Series A: Biological Sciences and Medical Sciences, 2013)
      Background. Gait speed is a quick, inexpensive, reliable measure of functional capacity with well-documented predictive value for major health-related outcomes. Numerous epidemiological studies have documented gait speed ...