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    • O Globalisation, Where Art Thou? [Book reviews] 

      Griffiths, Martin (Australian Journal of Political Science, 2001)
    • O-Acetylated N-acetylneuraminic acid as a novel target for therapy in human pre-B acute lymphoblastic leukemia 

      Parameswara, Reshmi; Lim, Min; Arutyunyan, Anna; Abdel-Azim, Hisham; Hurtz, Christian; Lau, Kam; Mueschen, Markus; K. Yu, Robert; von Itzstein, Mark; Heisterkamp, Nora; Groffen, John (Experimental Medicine, 2013)
      The development of resistance to chemotherapy is a major cause of relapse in acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL). Though several mechanisms associated with drug resistance have been studied in detail, the role of carbohydrate ...
    • O-Acetylation and de-O-acetylation of sialic acids in human colorectal carcinoma 

      Shen, Yanqin; Kohla, Guido; L. Lrhorfi, Aichia; Sipos, Bence; Kalthoff, Holger; J. Gerwig, Gerrit; P. Kamerling, Johannis; Schauer, Roland; Tiralongo, Joe (European Journal of Biochemistry, 2004)
      Adecrease in the level ofO-acetylated sialic acids observed in colorectal carcinoma may lead to an increase in the expression of sialyl LewisX, a tumor-associated antigen, which is related to progression of colorectal ...
    • o-Aminothiophenol in Reactions with Carbonyl Compounds and Isocyanides: A Word of Caution 

      Tsirulnikov, Sergey; Dmitriev, Dmitry; Krasavin, Mikhail (Synlett, 2010)
      The reaction of o-aminothiophenol with carbonyl compounds and t-BuNC was revisited and shown to provide 1-[1,3-benzothiazol-3(2H)-yl]methanimines (not described hitherto) and not the earlier reported 4H-benzo[1,4]thiazine. ...
    • O2 plasma treated polyimide-based humidity sensors 

      Suzuki, Takeharu; Tanner, Philip; Thiel, David (The Analyst, 2002)
      The effect of non-plasma and plasma treated polyimide-based humidity sensors is presented. Pure oxygen was used to etch polyimide in a plasma etcher. The sensor treated in a plasma exhibited higher sensitivity and faster ...
    • Oaxaca’s Indigenous Guelaguetza Festival: not all that glistens is gold 

      Whitford, Michelle (Event Management, 2009)
      Guelaguetza is one of Mexico's premiere celebrations of indigenous dance and music. The festival occurs every July in Oaxaca City where it is a premier tourist attraction providing opportunities for socioeconomic growth ...
    • Obesity and Impairment in Psychosocial Functioning in Women: The Mediating Role of Eating Disorder Features 

      M. Mond, Jonathan; Rodgers, Bryan; J. Hay, Phillipa; Darby, Anita; Owen, Cathy; T. Baune, Bernhard; Kennedy, R. (Obesity, 2007)
      Objective: The objective was to test the hypothesis that, in women, the association between obesity and impairment in psychosocial functioning is mediated by levels of weight and shape concerns and/or binge-eating frequency. ...
    • Obesity Bias Among Health and Non-Health Students Attending an Australian University and Their Perceived Obesity Education 

      Robinson, Emma; Ball, Lauren; D. Leveritt, Michael (Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior, 2014)
      Objective This study compared the level of prejudice against obese individuals (obesity bias) among final-year health and non-health students, and associated obesity education. Methods Cross-sectional online survey of 479 ...
    • The Obesity Epidemic in Sri Lanka Revisited 

      Jayawardena, Ranil; M. Byrne, Nuala; J. Soares, Mario; Katulanda, Prasad; Hills, Andrew (Asia Pacific Journal of Public Health, 2012)
      In Australia, research investigating Indigenous differences in sentencing is limited.This study examines the impact of offenders' Indigenous status on the decision to imprison and length of imprisonment in South Australia's ...
    • Obesity improves myocardial ischaemic tolerance and RISK signalling in insulin-insensitive rats 

      Donner, Dan; Headrick, John; Peart, Jason; Du Toit, Eugene (Disease Models & Mechanisms, 2013)
      Obesity with associated metabolic disturbances worsens ischaemic heart disease outcomes, and rodent studies confirm that obesity with insulin-resistance impairs myocardial resistance to ischemia-reperfusion (I-R) injury. ...
    • Obesity in adolescents with intellectual disability: Prevalence and associated characteristics 

      Krause, Sharon; Ware, Robert S.; McPherson, Lyn; Lennox, Nicholas G.; O'Callaghan, Michael (Obesity Research and Clinical Practice, 2016)
      Objective: Studies from a number of countries have indicated an increased risk of obesity in adolescents with intellectual disability. Whether risk factors for adults with intellectual disability apply to adolescents however ...
    • Obesity management in Australian primary care: where has the general practitioner gone? 

      Sturgiss, Elizabeth Ann; van Weel, Chris; Ball, Lauren; Jansen, Sarah; Douglas, Kirsty (Australian Journal of Primary Health, 2016)
      Obesity is a chronic condition with significant health and economic consequences that requires more effective management in Australia. General practitioners (GPs) currently act as care co-ordinators in line with national ...
    • Obesity, Inflammation, and the gut microbiota 

      Cox, Amanda; West, Nic; Cripps, Allan (The Lancet Diabetes & Endocrinology, 2014)
      As the prevalence of obesity and associated disease continues to rise and concerns for the spiralling economic and social costs also escalate, innovative management strategies beyond primary prevention and traditional ...
    • Obeying Signals and Predicting Future Offending 

      Piquero, Alex (Criminology & Public Policy, 2012)
    • Obituary - Professor Norman Farnsworth Dies at 81 

      Cock, Ian (Pharmacognosy Communications, 2011)
    • The Object and the Subject of Accounting Budgets: Evidence of Early Use by British Colonial Houses 

      Alagiah, Ratnam (The Journal of Applied Management Accounting Research, 2006)
      Foucault's name is synonymous with the human sciences. The human sciences are active in the creation of knowledge that is used for the purposes of power and control. This study draws a link between ownership and control ...
    • Object classification via feature fusion based marginalized Kernels 

      Bai, Xiao; Liu, Chuntian; Ren, Peng; Zhou, Jun; Zhao, Huijie; Su, Yun (IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Letters, 2015)
      Various types of features can be extracted from very high resolution remote sensing images for object classification. It has been widely acknowledged that the classification performance can benefit from proper feature ...
    • An object cue is more effective than a word in ERP-based detection of deception 

      Cutmore, Timothy; Djakovic, Tatjana; Kebbell, Mark; Shum, David (International Journal of Psychophysiology, 2009)
      Recent studies of deception have used a form of the guilty knowledge test along with the oddball P300 event-related potential (ERP) to uncover hidden memories. These studies typically have used words as the cuing stimuli. ...
    • Object Detection via Structural Feature Selection and Shape Model 

      Zhang, Huigang; Bai, Xiao; Zhou, Jun; Cheng, Jian; Zhao, Huijie (IEEE Transactions on Image Processing, 2013)
      In this paper, we propose an approach for object detection via structural feature selection and part-based shape model. It automatically learns a shape model from cluttered training images without need to explicitly use ...
    • Objective 1 in Wales: RECHAR redux? 

      Kay, Adrian (Regional Studies, 2000)