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    • A R Davis Memorial Lecture, 2007, China's Islamic Minorities--Contemporary Perspectives 

      Mackerras, Colin (The Journal of the Oriental Society of Australia, 2008)
      The article discusses the relationship between ethnicity and Islam in China, noting that the state gives religious or faith markers to almost all ethnic groups. The article gives a good deal of material about all the main ...
    • R v Leonboyer: The Role of Expert Witnesses in Psychological Blow Automatism Cases 

      Wells, Helene Anne; Wilson, Paul (Psychiatry, Psychology and Law, 2004)
      Automatism is a defence in criminal violence that raises some critical issues about the role of the expert witness in the determination of guilt and innocence. The recent Australian case of R V Leonboyer illustrates some ...
    • The R(evolution) of Restorative Justice through Researcher-practitioner Partnerships 

      Daly, Kathleen; Kitcher, J. (Ethics and Justice, 1999)
    • R-(–)-β-O-methylsynephrine, a natural product, inhibits VEGF-induced angiogenesis in vitro and in vivo 

      Kim, Nam Hee; Pham, Ngoc; Quinn, Ronald; Kwon, Ho Jeong (Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, 2010)
      R-(-)-߭O-methylsynephrine (OMe-Syn) is an active compound isolated from a plant of the Rutaceae family. We conducted cell proliferation assays on various cell lines and found that OMe-Syn more strongly inhibited the growth ...
    • R. A. W. Rhodes: A Select Bibliography 

      Rhodes, Rod (Public Administration, 2011)
      Rod Rhodes' main publications are authored and edited books. Many of the individual articles and chapters were conceived of as dress rehearsals for later inclusion in the books. To avoid duplication and overlap, items ...
    • R2P: From Idea to Norm—and Action? 

      Thakur, Ramesh; G. Weiss, Thomas (Global Responsibility to Protect, 2009)
      The most dramatic normative development of our time-comparable to the Nuremberg trials and the 1948 Convention on Genocide in the immediate aftermath of World War II-relates to the 'responsibility to protect', the title ...
    • Rabies in Henan Province, China, 2010-2012 

      Li, Guo-Wei; Qu, Zhen-Yu; Lam, Alfred; Wang, Jian-Guo; Gao, Feng-Lan; Deng, Tong-Xing; Lu, Jia-Hai (Emerging Infectious Diseases, 2014)
    • rac-3-exo-Ammonio-7-anti-carboxytricyclo[,6]heptane-3-endo-carboxylate monohydrate 

      Smith, Graham; Wermuth, Urs; Jenkins, Ian (Acta Crystallographica. Section E: Structure Reports Online, 2012)
    • Race Against Time: Extended Hours in Australia 

      Peetz, David; Townsend, Keith; Russell, Bob; Houghton, Chris; Allan, Cameron; Fox, Andrea (Australian Bulletin of Labour, 2003)
      Drawing on qualitative and survey research in a number of organisations, we report on some of the causes and effects of extended working hours. Extended hours were mostly employer-driven, where workplace regulation of hours ...
    • Race and justice in an Australian court: Prosecuting homicide in Western Australia, 1830-1954 

      Finnane, Mark; Kaladelfos, Andy (Australian Historical Studies, 2016)
      Contemporary rates of incarceration of Indigenous peoples in Australia are generally seen as quite recent in origin, an unwanted outcome of the emergence of Indigenous people into full citizenship from the 1960s. Yet for ...
    • Race Hysteria, Darwin, 1938 

      Paisley, Fiona Kerr (Australian Feminist Studies, 2001)
    • The Race That Stops a Nation: The Demand for the Melbourne Cup 

      Narayan, Paresh; Smyth, Russell (The Economic Record, 2004)
      This article uses the bounds testing procedure to cointegration, within an autoregressive distributed lag framework to estimate the determinants of attendance at the Melbourne Cup from its inception from 1861 to 2002. ...
    • Race, Punishment, and the Michael Vick Experience 

      Piquero, Alex; Piquero, Nicole Leeper; Gertz, Marc; Baker, Thomas; Batton, Jason; Barnes, J. (Social Science Quarterly, 2011)
      Objective. The relationship between race and crime has been contentious, focusing primarily on offending and incarceration patterns among minorities. There has been some limited work on public perceptions of criminal ...
    • Race, social identity, and perceptions of police bias 

      Oliveira, Alessandro; Murphy, Kristina (Race and Justice, 2015)
      Research consistently finds that people from ethnic or racial minority backgrounds tend to view police more negatively than those from nonminority backgrounds. Some studies, however, have questioned such findings by showing ...
    • Race/ethnicity and potential suicide misclassification: window on a minority suicide paradox? 

      H Rockett, Ian; Wang, Shuhui; Stack, Steven; De Leo, Diego; Frost, James; Ducatman, Alan; Walker, Rheeda; Kapusta, Nestor (BMC Psychiatry, 2010)
      Background: Suicide officially kills approximately 30,000 annually in the United States. Analysis of this leading public health problem is complicated by undercounting. Despite persisting socioeconomic and health disparities, ...
    • Racemic 6-exo-hydroxybicyclo[2.2.1]heptane-2-exo-carboxlyic acid 

      Smith, Graham; C. Bott, Raymond; Jenkins, Ian; Wermuth, Urs (ACTA Crystallographica Section E - Structure Reports Online, 2001)
      The crystal structure of the title cage hydroxy acid, C8H12O3, has confirmed the exo configuration for both the carboxyl� acid and hydroxy substituents, as previously determined from chemical and 13C NMR evidence. Both the ...
    • Racemic 7-oxabicyclo[2.2.1]heptane-5-exo-iodo-6-endo-hydroxy-2-endo-carboxylic acid-y-lactone 

      Smith, Graham; C. Bott, Raymond; Jenkins, Ian; Wermuth, Urs (ACTA Crystallographica Section E - Structure Reports Online, 2001)
      The crystal structure of the -lactone of racemic 7-oxabicyclo[2.2.1]heptane-5-exo-iodo-6-endo-hydroxy-2-endo-carboxylic acid has confirmed the position of the lactone bridge as 2-6 and the exo-iodo substituent configuration ...
    • Racial bias in baseball card collecting revisited 

      Primm, Eric; L. Piquero, Nicole; M. Regoli, Robert; R. Piquero, Alex (Social Science Journal, 2010)
      Although research examining the role of racial bias in the secondary sports card market has been an emerging area of inquiry, empirical knowledge on the question: "Does the race of the player on a sports card affect the ...
    • Racial Disparity and the Legitimacy of the Criminal Justice System: Exploring Consequences for Deterrence 

      TAXMAN, FAYE S.; Byrne, James; PATTAVINA, April (Journal of Health Care for the Poor and Underserved, 2006)
      Minority (over) representation in the criminal justice system remains a puzzle, both from a policy and an intervention perspective. Cross-sectional reviews of the policies and practices of the criminal justice system often ...
    • Racial/Ethnic Differentials in Sentencing to Incarceration 

      D. Bales, William; Piquero, Alex (Justice Quarterly, 2012)
      Few criminological topics are as controversial as the relationships between race, ethnicity, crime, and criminal justice outcomes-especially incarceration. This paper assesses whether Blacks and Hispanics are disadvantaged ...