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dc.contributor.authorTrenberth, Linda
dc.contributor.editorSean Hamil & Simon Chadwick
dc.description.abstractHuman resource management (HRM) has been written about extensively in a range of settings and contexts, including more recently in sport settings and in particular Olympic Sport Organisations (Chelladurai and Madella, 2006). It is not the intention here to replicate unnecessarily what has been done before (see Hoye et al., 2006), and there must be a case made for why the core concepts that make up HRM should be treated any differently in sport organisations than in any other organisation. As Hoye and colleagues point out, the sheer size of some organisations and the difficulties in managing unusual organisations in the sport industry make human resource management a complex issue in practice. This chapter discusses HRM as a key management and organising tool in the context of sport, with particular reference to the football industry. Rather than focusing on the key functions of HRM, such as selection, training, induction, performance, and management, as other texts have done (see Wendell Braithwaite in Beech and Chadwick, 2002; Whitrod Brown and Green, 2001; Wolsey and Whitrod Brown, 2003), this chapter concentrates on the link between HRM and organisational performance (Becker and Huselid, 1998) and its relevance for sport. Ultimately, if managers and boards of directors are not convinced that HRM will enhance outcomes such as organisational and employee performance, they are unlikely to invest in it.
dc.publisher.placeUnited Kingdom
dc.relation.ispartofbooktitleManaging Football: An International Perspective
dc.subject.fieldofresearchOrganisation and Management Theory
dc.titleOrganising and Human Resource Management
dc.typeBook chapter
dc.type.descriptionB2 - Chapters (Other)
dc.type.codeB - Book Chapters
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gro.griffith.authorTrenberth, Linda

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