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Griffith thesis
Twilight and The Shadow's Edge: Imaging the Medicalised End of Life Experience
Ruckli, Josef; Smith, Martin J; Olsen, Rebecca; Carkeek, Amy L (2024-06-25)

Twilight and The Shadow's Edge are two photographic series/exhibitions which seek to illuminate the unseen aspects of the medicalised end-of-life experience and the impacts of absent voluntary assisted dying laws in Queensland, Australia, through the agency of documentary practice. Coupled with an exegesis, the series are outcomes of a health-related, non-clinical, arts-based practice-led research project which attempt to deepen viewer's understandings of contemporary illness, death and dying in distinctly aesthetic and affective terms. The research also investigates the development of an appropriate visual language that deploys institutional attitude and a clinical aesthetic as rhetorical devices, co-opting and subsequently thwarting the clinical gaze of medicine to generate deferred and complex affects. These affects orbit themes of loss, mortality, uncertainty, liminality and fragmented or disrupted temporalities.

Central to this research is a qualification and emphasis on the profound entanglement between illness, photography, medicine and death. I situate the outcomes within the context of discourse and practice that have grappled with these intersections. The project acknowledges photography's capacity to cause further 'injury' in the representation of vulnerable subjects and discuss strategies to help its circumvention.

The research extrapolates the thinking of Michel Foucault who positions contemporary biomedicine as a hegemonic institution of care that not only restores health but also crucially reconfigures or 'governs' the body.1 Medicine has greatly extended our lives but also complicated and protracted the ways it draws to a close. The research explores what it means, and how it feels, to live in the long shadow of serious illness and medical management as diminishment and darkness nears.

Griffith thesis
Wireless Power Transfer For Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV)
De Melo Henriques, Elisa; Stegen, Sascha; Lu, Junwei (2024-06-28)

Autonomous Guided Vehicles (AGV) are computer controlled electric vehicles and robots that has been programmed to execute precise tasks, such as material handling and transport of goods. To maintain the work productivity, AGV requires fast charging methods while keeping the environment safety and products integrity. Popular charging methods are contact-based and wireless charging. Contact-based systems offers fast and efficient charging solutions, however, due contact friction, the constant maintenance and explosion hazard in dust environments made this solution be replaced with wireless power transfer (WPT) applications. Wireless charging are contactless approaches that assure the safety of living beings and environment security. Besides that, wireless systems are easy to install with low maintenance and long life, becoming a cost benefit solution.

This thesis investigates and develops novel WPT technologies for AGV. Firstly, an analysis of current WPT technologies defines the target AGV application. Small vehicles units are the focus of the wireless model's system due to the possibility of resizing pads designs for larger AGV applications. [...]

Journal article
A New Era for Coastal and Marine Tourism in the Blue Economy
Wilks, Jeff (Tourism in Marine Environments, 2023)

A recent report identifying the top 100 most loved travel destinations in the world is refreshingly based on empirical evidence, well at least empirical in the sense that the findings are derived from commercial mega-data rather than convenience surveys or marketing spin. The Tourism Sentiment Index (2023) includes more than 500,000 online, peer-to-peer communication platforms, including all major social networks and review sites.

Griffith thesis
Analysing Customer Opinion, Credibility, and Interaction in User-Generated Content Platforms
Chau, Xuan Truong Du; Jo, Jun Hyung; Nguyen, Quoc Viet Hung; Thaichon, Sara Q (2024-06-28)

Over the past two decades, the proliferation of user-generated content on digital platforms has led to unprecedented flows of data, commonly referred to as 'big data". Notably, a substantial majority of contemporary user-generated content is textual. In fact, user-generated content is estimated to be between 80% and 90% text. Extracting customer insights from this wealth of data has become a critical endeavour for businesses, particularly in the realm of marketing. One of the main goals in these applications is to extract and analyse the patterns and trends at play within these complex social media networks because they reflect valuable insights into structural properties, connectivity, and relationships between brands and customers.

This thesis addresses the signifi cant challenge posed by the exponential growth of textual user-generated content. The primary rationale for undertaking this research is the urgent need for scalable, effective, and reproducible methods for exploring customer insights locked in big data. Conventional methodologies struggle to handle the escalating size and complexity of the data, which creates computational constraints and practical limitations for researchers and marketers alike.

Our approach leverages state-of-the-art big data analytics to provide robust methods for extracting valuable customer insights without requiring specialized backgrounds in data science. The efficacy of our approach is showcased through applications for three specifi c data analytics tasks: sentiment analysis, fake online review detection, and rumour analysis. These tasks were chosen for their relevance to current industry challenges and their potential to provide actionable insights.

By proposing innovative solutions to these challenges, this thesis aims to provide a robust framework for understanding customer opinion, credibility, and interaction on user-generated content platforms. The signifi cant contributions of this research include scalable techniques for analysing large-scale graphs and ensuring reproducibility in results. The implications of this work extend to academia by advancing research methodologies in big data analytics, and to industry by enhancing marketing strategies and decision-making processes. Bene ficiaries of this research include online businesses, marketers, and researchers who will gain deeper insights into consumer behaviour and improved tools for data analysis. Ultimately, this thesis contributes to a deeper comprehension of online user opinion, credibility, and interaction, benefi ting both academic researchers and industry professionals.

Journal article
Valuation of Tourism to Protected Marine Environments
Moyle, BD; McLennan, CL; Bec, A (Tourism in Marine Environments, 2022)

The increasing impacts of climate change on our most vulnerable protected areas has brought into focus the need for a better understanding of human–environment interactions. While it is established that visitation and place attachment can lead to conservation, the literature calls for further research into the valuation of tourism to protected marine environments, which manifest through emotional stability and environmental worldviews, how these differ across key visitor groups. Such an understanding will assist with creating support among global markets to better protect our most vulnerable environmental visitor assets. Through a survey of Australia’s key visitor markets (n = 1,225), using the iconic Great Barrier Reef (GBR) as the vulnerable protected marine environment in question, this research establishes a clear positive relationship between emotional stability and environmental worldview and the greater valuation of the GBR. Moreover, the results reveal differences in social resilience and protected area valuation across the different markets, as well as between previous and potential visitors to the GBR.