Splendour in the Grass film programme

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Moyes, P
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I curated a 3 screen film programme for Splendour in the Grass music festival. Programme included 24 shorts, 4 features: Screen 1: Nominated for a 2006 academy award with his The Mysterious Geographic Explorations of Jasper Morello, Anthony Lucas' animations spin gothic horror adventures alongside outback dramas, in silhouette and clay. Screen 1 presents a collection from this Australia's auteur animator, accompanied by local gems as curated by the Byron Film Club. Screen 2 features Trips through Animated Space: a dynamic selection of international animations that explore the moving camera -includes Adriaan Lokman's Barcode: a road-movie through an abstract virtual world. Also screening is the Australian premiere of the much anticipated loudQUIETloud -feature doco of the influential and innovative Boston band the Pixies reunited for a world tour 12 years after their acrimonious split. Filmmakers Steven Cantor and Matthew Galkin went along for the ride and emerged with this film packed with dazzling concert footage and backstage insight. Screen 3: Wong Kar Wai trilogy 3 features by cinema's reigning romantic, Wong Kar Wai, the most respected and imitated writer-director in Hong Kong, grace the third screen: ¬ His second feature Days of Being Wild, a dreamy vision of the 1960s revolves around six characters, all desperately seeking or shying away from love. 'The first one of his movies I saw was Days of Being Wild, and it just blew me away.' -Quentin Tarantino. ¬ In the Mood For Love, surely the most beautiful almost-affair in cinema, introduced Wong to a wider audience, achieving box-office success on a par with Amélie or Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. ¬ and 2046, the film that brings it all together, the third part of a loose trilogy with Days of Being Wild and In the Mood For Love, a sumptuous, breathtakingly sublime romance marrying cutting-edge cinematic style with exquisite old-fashioned romanticism. All 3 features are stunningly shot by

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Moyes, P, Splendour in the Grass film programme, 2006