Novel therapeutics against breast cancer stem cells by targeting surface markers and signaling pathways

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Das, Plabon K
Rakib, Md A
Khanam, Jahan A
Pillai, Suja
Islam, Farhadul
Griffith University Author(s)
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Background: Breast cancer remains to be one of the deadliest forms of cancers, owing to the drug resistance and tumor relapse caused by breast cancer stem cells (BCSCs) despite notable advancements in radio-chemotherapies.

Objectives: To find out novel therapeutics against breast cancer stem cells by aiming surface markers and signaling pathways. Methods: A systematic literature search was conducted through various electronic databases including, Pubmed, Scopus, Google scholar using the keywords "BCSCs, surface markers, signaling pathways and therapeutic options against breast cancer stem cell. Articles selected for the purpose of this review were reviewed and extensively analyzed. Results: Novel therapeutic strategies include targeting BCSCs surface markers and aberrantly activated signaling pathways or targeting their components, which play critical roles in self-renewal and defense, have been shown to be significantly effective against breast cancer. In this review, we represent a number of ways against BCSCs surface markers and hyper-activated signaling pathways to target this highly malicious entity of breast cancer more effectively in order to make a feasible and useful strategy for successful breast cancer treatment. In addition, we discuss some characteristics of BCSCs in disease progression and therapy resistance. Conclusion: BCSCs involved in cancer pathogenesis, therapy resistance and cancer recurrence. Thus, it is suggested that a multi-dimensional therapeutic approach by targeting surface markers and aberrantly activated signaling pathways of BCSCs alone or in combination with each other could really be worthwhile in the treatment of breast cancer.

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Current Stem Cell Research & Therapy

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Das, PK; Abdur Rakib, M; Khanam, JA; Pillai, S; Islam, F, Novel therapeutics against breast cancer stem cells by targeting surface markers and signaling pathways, Current Stem Cell Research & Therapy, 2019, 14