Reduced colloidal phosphorus release from paddy soils: A synergistic effect of micro-/nano-sized biochars and intermittent anoxic condition

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Jin, Junwei
Fang, Yunying
Liu, Chunlong
Eltohamy, Kamel Mohamed
He, Shuang
Li, Fayong
Lu, Yuanyuan
Liang, Xinqiang
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Colloidal phosphorus (CP) has high mobility and great loss risk; their biogeochemical processes are influenced by agricultural management such as redox oscillation and biochar-amendment application. This study monitored CP concentration in pore-water, soil P species and P adsorption capacity, to investigate CP release from paddy soils as affected by the interactive effects of oxygen status (continuous anoxic/oxic for 12 days, CA/CO; intermittent anoxic for 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 days during the 12-day cycle, IA2–10) and management (soil only, CK; bulk/micro/nano-sized biochar with various properties: SBBulk, SBMicro, and SBNano). Compared to the control (0.25–0.84 mg L−1, CK-CA), the single intermittent anoxic treatment (CK-IA) reduced CP concentrations by 45 %, due to the rise of Eh and pH and the decline of the degree of P saturation along with the increased soil Fe/Al-P and organic-P. Longer anoxic duration under the CK-IA reduced CP release, probably donated from massive production of redox-stable amorphous Fe/Al-bound P. The single biochar treatment (SB-CA: SBBulk-CA > SBMicro-CA > SBNano-CA) decreased CP release by 37 % as compared to the CK-CA, ascribed to the increased soil pH, Eh, and P adsorption capacity. The combined treatment (SB-IA: SBBulk-IA2 > SBNano-IA10) synergistically reduced CP release by 68 % in comparison with the CK-CA, due to the increase of adsorption through interactions of soil Fe/Al/Ca- and organic-P. Therefore, nano-sized biochar and long intermittent anoxic duration are recommended for reducing CP release from paddy soils.

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Science of The Total Environment
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Soil sciences
Nanoparticle biochar
P adsorption capacity
Phosphorus species
Redox oscillation
Redox-stable amorphous Fe/Al-bound phosphorus
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Jin, J; Fang, Y; Liu, C; Eltohamy, KM; He, S; Li, F; Lu, Y; Liang, X, Reduced colloidal phosphorus release from paddy soils: A synergistic effect of micro-/nano-sized biochars and intermittent anoxic condition, Science of The Total Environment, 2023, 905, pp. 167104