Impact and utility of follicular lymphoma GELF criteria in routine care: an Australasian Lymphoma Alliance study

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Barraclough, Allison
Agrawal, Shivam
Talaulikar, Dipti
Chong, Geoffrey
Yoo, Edward
Cheah, Chan Y
Franco, Nunzio
Nguyen, Bianca
Mutsando, Howard
Tahir, Fatima
Trotman, Judith
Huang, Jing
Keane, Colm
Lincoln, Mitchel
Cochrane, Tara
et al.
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Follicular Lymphoma (FL) treatment initiation is largely determined by tumor burden and symptoms. In the pre-rituximab era, the Group d'Etude des Lymphomes Folliculaires (GELF) developed widely adopted criteria to identify high tumor burden FL patients to harmonize clinical trial populations. The utilization of GELF criteria (GELFc) in routine therapeutic decision-making is poorly described. This multicenter retrospective study evaluated patterns of GELFc at presentation and GELFc utilization in therapeutic decision-making in newly diagnosed, advanced stage rituximab-era FL. Associations between GELFc, treatment given, and patient survival were analyzed in 300 eligible cases identified between 2002-2019. 163 (54%) had ≥1 GELFc at diagnosis. The presence or cumulative number of GELFc did not predict PFS in patients undergoing watch-and-wait (WW) or those receiving systemic treatment. Of interest, in patients with ≥1 GELFc, 16/163 (10%) underwent initial watch-and-wait (comprising 22% of the watchand- wait cohort). In those receiving systemic therapy +/- radiotherapy, 74/215 (34%) met no GELFc. Our data suggest clinicians are using adjunctive measures to make decisions regarding treatment initiation in a significant proportion of patients. By restricting FL clinical trial eligibility only to those meeting GELFc, reported outcomes may not be applicable to a significant proportion of patients treated in routine care settings.

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Barraclough, A; Agrawal, S; Talaulikar, D; Chong, G; Yoo, E; Cheah, CY; Franco, N; Nguyen, B; Mutsando, H; Tahir, F; Trotman, J; Huang, J; Keane, C; Lincoln, M; Cochrane, T; Johnston, AM; Dickinson, M; Opat, S; McQuilten, ZK; Wood, EM; St George, G; Hawkes, EA, Impact and utility of follicular lymphoma GELF criteria in routine care: an Australasian Lymphoma Alliance study., Haematologica, 2024