Women on the Wall - A revealing journey into the world of street art of women

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Fleischmann, Katja
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Digital artwork (1440 x 1080 pixel, Mp4 video file, Length 6:40 min) “Women on the Wall” visualises a journey made when interviewing influential wall artists who challenge male stereotypes of women subjects of wall art. Themes such as the increasing commercialism of wall art and its uneasy coexistence with a rebellious past going back to Roman bath houses and villas are examined. The wide variety of approaches by wall artists–from the cheeky political puns on crowded Berlin walls, to wildly futuristic women in the surf city of Huanchaco in Peru, to the monumental building size murals of women found in Paris showing the artistic sophistication of the wall art of women.

This creative artwork was part of the group exhibition “Designing Culture” from the Queensland College of Art (QCA) design faculty. This exhibit in the POP Gallery, Brisbane (25 May – 5 June) featured the works of QCA’s multi-talented design faculty who are exploring unique facets of design that will shape our futures. Designing Culture showcased QCA's world class design researchers’ humanistic and innovative approaches which go well beyond the common concepts of design’s influence in our daily lives. By necessity, the Covid pandemic has re-shaped the way designers approach their discipline, which encompasses how we experience public spaces and engage with technology to how we can better use our natural resources and stop becoming a wasteful culture of consumers. While many of us have been sleep walking through this seemingly intractable global problem, QCA’s design faculty has been re-inventing and re-invigorating their visions through critical self-examination which will be on display in this exhibit. QCA's design researchers continue crossing the artificial boundary of "what if" to the stage of practicality by reimagining the possible.

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Fleischmann, K, Women on the Wall - A revealing journey into the world of street art of women, 2021